I love watching dramas be it KDramas, J-Doramas, Tw-Dramas, HK-Dramas and recently I've even branched out to C-Dramas. I'm not a professional critic, just your regular average viewer. So don't expect sophisticated, in-depth reviews and what nots. I judge a drama on how much I enjoyed it, not how good the production is - I'm usually too engrossed to care.

Because I'm working and studying, at the moment I'm most likely gonna undertake one recapping project at a time. So when I find something I really like, I will recap it especially if no one else is doing it. I'm weird like that. I feel bad for underrated dramas. The popular ones would have received enough love by many others.

I'm not korean nor do I speak Korean  [of course I understand some through my drama-watching experience :)], so my recaps will be based on chinese subbed videos, which I find pretty serviceable and fast. I'm also not particularly eloquent in english, for it's not exactly my first language. So feel free to point out any mistakes, no offense will be taken. After all, the purpose of this blog is to share my love for dramas with everyone.

The Princess Man was my first project and and I'm still relatively new to drama-blogging. Here's to hoping there's more great dramas to come !

I am generally known as :
Dramatalk - used when I reply in the comments section in my blog (to avoid confusion)
Maymay - that's my real life nickname. LOL.

I can be contacted at may2dramatalk@gmail.com


  1. Love ur blog :)

  2. Opps, I 4got to add that I enjoy your Queen Inhyun's man recaps... Thanks a bunch. :)

  3. love your blog very much esp queen inhyun's man

  4. Love that there are like minded people. I am not Korean nor do I speak Chinese. I have watched tw drama "In time with you" all. I enjoy watching. Thank u again for the recaps. Love them. You can check my blog, it is nothing related to drama recaps but thought u could give it a go right! It is undraasmind.blogspot.be

  5. I love your blog!!! Thank you so much for all the recaps. I found your blog accidentally while searching for "The Princess Man" and totally love all detailed scene and your funny comments... and you said that was your first??? Its a BIG WOOOWWW!!! You do a GREAT JOB d(^^)b
    Can't wait to read all of the recaps. Thank you again and keep recapping ^^

  6. Thanks Maymay.. I love reading your recaps on dramas especially korean drama.. It is hard for me to keep up with show time of the dramas on TV as working has taken most of my time.. However your recaps have helped me to keep up with the drama.. Thanks so much.. Love it :)

  7. To tell the truth, I usually read DramaBeans drama recaps but she only recapped the first episode of Ad Genius. I am finding your blog a very satisfactory substitute to read the Ad Genius recaps. Although English is not your first language and you make a few mistakes in grammar, your recaps are very good. I'm glad I stumbled upon your site. Thanks for posting Im Ju Hwan's photo on your banner! I adore him and he was awesome playing Park Kyu in Tamra Island! I have promoted your website on my K-drama Facebook page.

    1. Ah yes, sorry for the mistakes, sometimes I'm too lazy to do a proper spellcheck before I post. And I'm on Team Park Kyu as well :) Waiting patiently till he picks a project...

  8. Hi! Just want to inform you that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Come check it out here: http://thetalkingcupboard.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/mein-liebster-my-dearest/
    Congratulations and looking forward to your response ;)

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  10. Hi MayMay! You are one of the recappers who inspired me to start blogging back in the early QIHM days. And I just wrote a Liebster Award post and I have nominated you for an award. No worries about making a whole new post...feel free to just read and comment in the comments section ^^ I look forward to hearing from you. http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2014/02/getting-to-know-neighbours-second-round.html

  11. Hey Maymay, I just discoverd your blog a few days ago and I really like it! ♥
    I'm just curious and want to know where you are from. You mentioned that you watch Chinese subbed dramas and that English is not your first language, so are you Chinese? But the url of your blog ends with .de which indicates that you live in Germany. That's really interesting and I would be delighted if you could tell me your heritage/background. :)

    1. sorry for the late reply. I am Chinese, just not from China. And definitely not from Germany, I am not IT savvy enough to explain the thing about urls but I'm very much an Asian. :)

  12. hi maymay..do you stil do recap korean drama..any new blog..