Review: Boss and Me 杉杉來了

It’s been ages since I’ve blogged on anything but in no way does it mean that I have stopped watching dramas. To be honest, nothing much really made me crazy for the past few months and as usual real life always take precedence. That’s that but my interest have been revived the past weeks with goodies like Joseon Gunman and Fated to Love You being utterly winning in different ways. Everyone who started reading this site knew of The Princess Man’s recaps so there’s no way in hell I would have missed out on Joseon Gunman – I have that much faith in the production. And with names like Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi thrown into the mix, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’m one of many who saw the original FTLY but admittedly I lost interest in that one midway and had to force myself to complete it then. Jang Hyuk’s maniac laugh takes some getting used to but I would say the show as a whole totally channels a different vibe, and in a good way. Jang Na-ra is so endearing that it’s not hard to connect with her Kim Mi-young right off the bat.

I also took some time to check out offerings from other countries since I have the time at present and hola – Boss and Me is my latest favourite drama from China. To date, I have only completed one modern drama from China (and not for lack of trying) and that is Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year. But as of now, Boss and Me would totally replace that drama as the best cdrama yet, for me of course. This 33-episode drama was adapted from a web novel and stars Zhao Li Ying and Hans Zhang. I have never read the novel so I have no expectation whatsoever but I really really adore this drama as a standalone.

Liebster Award - reflection of a lazy blogger

This award has been circulating within the blogsphere of drama reviewers/recappers/viewers for a while now and although I haven't been the most committed of recappers, it is nevertheless quite moving to still be nominated once a while. I dare say it's pretty happening now in the world of drama bloggers that I sometimes wonder if I should even continue. In truth, with a lackadaisical attitude like mine, it's quite a miracle I've managed to last as long as I have.
Most readers would know I started blogging due to the frustratingly low interest in the gem that was The Princess Man then. And when I stumbled upon Queen In Hyun's Man, the site fairly exploded. The fact is drama viewers are spoilt for choice now, and subtitles even for cable shows are readily available. As a fellow avid drama watcher, I understand the urge to share our thoughts, enthusiasm or fangirling over everything drama related with people who could relate (something sorely lacking in real life sadly). And that is pretty much the reason I still maintain this site, however infrequent I might post.