Liebster Award - reflection of a lazy blogger

This award has been circulating within the blogsphere of drama reviewers/recappers/viewers for a while now and although I haven't been the most committed of recappers, it is nevertheless quite moving to still be nominated once a while. I dare say it's pretty happening now in the world of drama bloggers that I sometimes wonder if I should even continue. In truth, with a lackadaisical attitude like mine, it's quite a miracle I've managed to last as long as I have.
Most readers would know I started blogging due to the frustratingly low interest in the gem that was The Princess Man then. And when I stumbled upon Queen In Hyun's Man, the site fairly exploded. The fact is drama viewers are spoilt for choice now, and subtitles even for cable shows are readily available. As a fellow avid drama watcher, I understand the urge to share our thoughts, enthusiasm or fangirling over everything drama related with people who could relate (something sorely lacking in real life sadly). And that is pretty much the reason I still maintain this site, however infrequent I might post.

Crazy over In A Good Way (我的青春年代)

I wanted to reserve my opinion until later but I just couldn't help myself. It's not often that a drama manages to capture my heart so thoroughly that I'm more than willing to spread the love around. The better to spazz together I say. I think most drama viewers share my apprehension of Taiwanese dramas. It's generic and mostly tackles cute and fluffy love stories with exaggerated humour. That's not necessarily a bad thing because it's what they do best and it really depends on the audience's taste. I mostly stay away unless a good one comes along to see if it's worth checking out. Upon another blogger's recommendation, I found In A Good Way and boy am I hooked. Probably obsessed is a better word.