Drama Resume

These are the dramas I watched in full. Compiled since sometime in mid-2010 (because I've got nothing else better to do and because I suddenly wanna keep track of the hours I spend on dramas). I've dropped countless others mid-way...and might have forgotten a few... :P

HK- HongKong
C- China
K- Korea
TW -Taiwan
J -Japan
US-United States
UK-United Kingdom
  • When a snail falls in love (C)
  • Legend of Chusen (C)
  • Love 020 (C)
  • Moonlight drawn by clouds (K)
  • A girl and three sweethearts (J)
  • Koinaka (J)
  • Koe koi (J)
  • Task force 38 (K)
  • Signal (k)
  • Cheese in the trap (k) *Ended at episode 12 for me*
  • Descendants of the sun(K)
  • 請與廢柴的我談戀愛(拜託請愛我) Dame na Watashi ni koishite kudasai(J)
  • Reply 1988 (K)
  • Let's eat (K)
  • Sassy go go go (K)
  • Splash splash Love (K)
  • Nirvana in Fire  琅琊榜 (C)
  • The disguiser 伪装者 (C)
  • Reply 1997 (K)
  • Bottom of the 9th with 2 outs (K)
  • Twenty again (K)
  • Scholar who walks the night (K)
  • Naughty Princess 调皮王妃 (C)
  • Monster Killer 無心法師 (C)
  • The whirlwind girl 旋风少女 (C)
  • The journey of flower 花千骨 (C)
  • Angry Mom (K)
  • I Remember You/Hello Monster (K)
  • Nine (K)
  • Ex-girlfriends Club (K)
  • Liar Games (K)
  • God's gift -14 days (K)
  • My sunshine (C)
  • Kill Me Heal Me (K)
  • Healer (K)
  • Bad Guys (K)
  • Story of a Man /The Slingshot (K)
  • Legend of the ancient sword (C)
  • Liar Games Season 1, 2 & Final (J)
  • Fated to love you (K)
  • Joseon Gunman (K)
  • Litte Dorrit (UK)
  • Marriage not dating (K)
  • In a good way (T)
  • Empresses in the palace (C)
  • Boss and Me (C)
  • Border (J)
  • My Love from another Star (K)
  • Perfect couple (C)
  • Bride of the Century (K)
  • Emergency Romance (K)
  • I Need Romance 3 (K)
  • Heirs (K)
  • Unemployed Romance (K)
  • Ugly Alert (K)
  • The Master's Sun (K)
  • Two weeks (K)
  • I hear your voice (K)
  • You're the best, Lee Soon-Shin (K)
  • TEN 2 (K)
  • H2 (J)
  • Monstar (K)
  • Shark (K)
  • White Christmas (K)
  • CSI Las Vegas Season 13 (US)
  • Mandate of Heaven (K)
  • Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇 (C)
  • Itoshi kimi e (J)
  • Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek (K)
  • School 2013 (K)
  • I live in CheongDamDong (K)
  • Vampire Prosecutor 2 (K)
  • Nice Guy (K)
  • Faith (K)
  • Arang and the Magistrate (K)
  • Rich Man Poor Woman (J)
  • House Season 8 (US)
  • TEN (K)
  • Ghost (K)
  • I Love Lee Tae-ri (K)
  • JIN season 1 (J)
  • Tian Wai Fei Xian 天外飞仙 / Fairy from Wonderland / The Little Fairy / Seven of the Sky 2006 (C)
  • Fondant Garden (TW)
  • Queen In-hyun's Man (K)
  • Legend of Condor Heroes 2008  射雕英雄传 (C)
  • Sealed with a kiss (C)
  • Pillars of the Earth (US)
  • The moon that embrace the sun (K)
  • Wild Romance (K)
  • What’s Up (K)
  • Masked vigilantes/ Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei 怪侠一枝梅 (C)
  • Brain (K)
  • Segi no mikata (J)
  • Vampire prosecutor (K)
  • My daughter (C)
  • Waking Up Love (C)
  • Scent of a woman (K)
  • The princess’ man (K)
  • Zenkai Girl (Jap)
  • Boss season 2 (Jap)
  • Bu Bu Jing Xin (C)
  • The Other Truth (HK)
  • Baker King Kim Tak Gu (K)
  • 租个女友回家过年 / Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year (China)
  • Glee season 2 (US)
  • Ghetto justice (HK)
  • 古今大战秦俑情Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior (China)
  • Diao man gong zhu @ mischievious/bratty princess (China)
  • HuanZhugege1(Taiw –rewatch)
  • House season 7 (US)
  • Queen SeonDeok (K)
  • Best Love/Greatest Love (K)
  • Baby-faced beauty (K)
  • Can you hear my heart (K)
  • 49 Days (K)
  • Buzzer beat (Jap)
  • Yankee-kun to megane-san (Jap)
  • No Regrets (HK)
  • Nodame Cantabile Finale 1 and 2 (Jap)
  • Boss (Jap)
  • Nagareboshi (Jap)
  • Kiina (Jap)
  • Guilty Akuma to KeiyakushitaOnna (Jap)
  • Secret Garden (k)
  • Iris (k)
  • Personal taste (K)
  • Every Move You Make讀心神 (HK)
  • Tamra, the Island (K)
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal (k)
  • My name is kimsam soon (2nd time-K)
  • Hotaru no Hikari season 2 (J)
  • City hall (K)
  • Pasta (K)
  • Oh my lady (K)
  • Cinderella’s sister (K)
  • Prosecutor Princess (K)
  • You’re beautiful (K)
  • Black and White (TW)
  • Mysteries of Love談情說案 (HK)
  •  Ghost Writer 蒲松齡 (HK)
  •  Don Juan DeMercado情人眼裏高一D (HK)
  • A Fistful of Stances 鐵馬尋 (HK)

Dramas prior to the list above (to be added upon whenever I can remember):

  • Iljimae (K)
  • Mixed-Up Investigative Agency (K)
  • Painter of the Wind (K)
  • The Story of Hyang-dan (K)
  • Three dads,One mum (K)
  • Wonderful life (K)
  • All about Eve (K)


  1. Hey after going through your drama resume, I noticed that you don't watch Thai dramas. If you are up for it, I highly recommend 'Game Rai Game Ruk'. It will melt your heart away. Enjoy!

    1. My harddisk is full of dramas I wanted to watch but TQ for the recommendation, I might consider trying it when I have the time.

      p/s: I've only ever watched Thai ghost movies e.g Shutter

  2. NP...keep up the fantastic recaps of QIM!

  3. thanks for your QIHM recaps... i really love it...

  4. "Pillars of the Earth," is actually a Canadian miniseries.

    1. LOL. hmm...thanks for the tip off. I didn't check and just assumed.

  5. how come no eng sublitle for china drama

    1. Well because cdramas don't receive as much love from English speaking viewers I guess. But the very popular ones do get subbed sometimes.