Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 15

I have to admit last week’s cliffhanger left me really anxious and I rushed back home yesterday to watch Episode 15. A few events left me teary-eyed in this episode but they don’t involve both SY and SR. In fact, there’s a serious drought of OTP moments in this episode as the politics take center stage.

Episode 15
There’s no rewind this week and we begin where we left off. SR is shot and falls into the arms of a shell-shocked SY. She raises her tied hands to his face slowly to the narration of her speech about her willingness to sacrifice her life if it would lessen his suffering (refer to the dialogue when she hugs him in previous episode). She loses consciousness and SY could do nothing but hold on to her in shock and sorrow. Two masked figures, Jo and Nohgul appear suddenly and drag a reluctant SY away.
Myeon who has recovered from his shock rushes over to the scene and shakes SR ( I don’t know why but it amuses me to hear Myeon addressing SR as Miss….they almost married and he’s still not on first name basis with her). GPSuyang is the last to respond and takes over from Myeon. For all his ambitions, we get to see a display of his fatherly side as he holds SR tenderly and cry.
Jo and Nohgul manage to hide from JaBun and the guards. SY is no help at all as all he does is keep glancing behind.
SR is alive but still unconscious with Lady Yoon and Yeori watching over her. Myeon waits outside wallowing in guilt. GP Suyang allays his guilt (what?? He disobeyed your order, shot your daughter and you comfort him?? I so wanted to see Myeon get his ass mauled by GP…) and Myeon vows to catch the culprit. Jabun shows up reporting the suspicious find of a wedding dress in the area of Mabu.
Myeon shows the dress to Lady Yoon who is overcome by emotion. She confirms the dress belongs to SR and regrets that Myeon was unable to see her beautiful SR wearing the dress.
Myeon joins up with JaBun who is waiting outside of GP Suyang’s house. Jo who was spying on them overhears him saying that SR will recover soon and that they should be heading to Mabu.
Jo finds SY drowning his sorrows alone with liquor.
Jo: What are you so upset about? Failing to take your revenge?  Or is it because the girl that was shot died?
SY is silent. Jo sighs and tells him that the girl is not dead. SY, still in denial, claims her life or death had nothing to do with him.
Jo: Did you really kidnap her for the purpose of your revenge? Or is it because you did not want her to belong to another man?
This riles SY who tries to rough Jo up. But Jo easily shoves off the drunken SY.
Jo: Get a hold of yourself. Someone who doesn’t even know what he wants….and you’re still talking about revenge??!
JaBun leads Myeon to the dumpster where they found the dress. JaBun reports that their lead ends there because there are numerous Gibangs and taverns in the area. Myeon instructs him to look for the leader of the thugs who lords over the area for it will be easier to hunt for someone through him.
Myeon is summoned to join a meeting with GP Suyang and his cronies. This time, the devious Han suggests that they pin the blame on Prince GeunSung and Jeong. Myeon is surprised and asked that Jeong be spared only to be told that his supposedly good friend was betraying him all along.
At the Princess’ Residence, Eun Geum updates KH and Jeong that SR’s was shot. Just then, Myeon arrives with his men to apprehend Jeong for the crime of kidnapping the Grand Prince’s daughter with the intention of harming the GP. KH is furious but Jeong is surprisingly calm. Jeong demands for some time with KH.
Inside the room, Jeong forces a smile and asks that KH remains there. KH is insistent that she would not let them take him away. He holds her hand and pleads that she listens to him and promises to return soon. He wants to spare her from seeing him arrested. Next, Jeong instructs EunGeum to attend to KH all night long. Jeong gazes at the teary-eyed KH and turns to leave. But KH grabs his sleeve…stopping him in his track. This is the first real initiative she has ever taken and it’s so heartbreakingly sweet to watch. Jeong turns back to her and they stare wordlessly at each other. Her tears start to fall in earnest and Jeong lovingly wipes them before steeling himself and leaves. OMG this is such an emotionally powerful scene. No words were uttered and yet I’m so touched by the wealth of emotion between the two.

Jeong proudly refuses to be treated like a common criminal and declares he’ll follow them to HanSeungGwan (Capital Bureau). Myeon lets him be.

M: You being my best man…is it because you wanted to help Prince GeumSung in his plan? Say something! Did you not become my best man because you sincerely wanted to congratulate me on my wedding?
J: Only this extent….and you’re already feeling betrayed? What of SeungYoo who lost his family and his life? Compared to him, you are so much better off…
M: I thought you understood me…I guess it’s not so after all…even to you, I’m only a beast…
J: Aren’t you the one who wanted to be a beast?
M: From now on, you are no longer my friend…
J: What of you?! How could you arrest me?? You knew very well, I have nothing to do with the kidnapping. You knew very well, GP Suyang is defaming us as an excuse to eliminate me and Prince GeumSung. Yet, you my friend, are arresting me. Threatening each other’s lives…how can we be considered  friends?
Myeon could not argue with that (of course! You selfish, sorry excuse of a friend).

Prince Geum Sung is surprised to find Jeong locked up as well. They realize that GP Suyang has finally taken action against them and worries about KH’S predicament.

KH is in Jeong’s room for the first time and marvels desolately that he’s actually rather tidy. She could not sleep and EunGeum accompanies her.

Morning. SR is awakened by her dreams of SY and immediately asks Yeori if SY is alright. Yeori announces the good news to GP Suyang and Lady Yoon. Yeori reports that SR is fine now despite speaking incoherently earlier (I have a feeling this bit of information will be important in future). GP Suyang is elated and wants to see her.
SR is reminded of SY’s words about her father’s deceit. She acts indifferent to her father’s concern. When GP questions her about her captor, she denies seeing his face and claims to not know anything as she was blindfolded. She enquires about her captor and was told that his accomplices rescued him. GP thinks she’s still traumatized by her abduction and reassures her that the perpetrator will be captured soon. He expresses his fear at almost losing her, claiming all the wealth in the world is meaningless if he is to lose his child. Only after he left, SR exhales in relief, terrified of disclosing SY’s existence.
Myeon hears from JaBun that SR has regained consciousness but have no memory of previous events. Instead of visiting her, Myeon wants to channel his energy in arresting the culprit. JaBun’s investigation leads to Kong ChilGoo, the thug who controls the Gibangs and taverns in Mabu. Myeon wants him to arrange a meeting.'
Sooyoung sneaks into SY’s room where he’s dreaming and asks him to demonstrate his writing skills. When she sees him asleep, she raises a hand to touch his face. Only SY wakes up instinctively and holds her hand…which triggers the memory of similar scene with SR (where SR attempts to stab him in the storage room)…Sooyoung misunderstands the reason for his attention and places his hand on her chest. Unfortunately, trapped between reality and his dream, SY does not resist…Mistaking his unseeing eyes as encouragement, Sooyoung throws herself to him in a hug…triggering yet another memory in SJ (SR hugging him). Finally, SY rouses completely and pushes her away. Undeterred, Sooyoung gleefully declares that she’s now his woman.

Downstairs, Kong ChilGoo has captured ChuHee and Mooyoung as hostage to bait Jo to show himself. NohGul, the coward, hides himself from view. When Chilgoo makes a move on ChuHee, Jo shows himself. They exchange barbed pleasantries whereby Jo likens Kong to a dog returning to his master. Angered, Kong sets his men upon Jo who is holding up well on his own when one of Chilgoo’s underlings plays dirty and threw some powder into his eyes, blinding him.
 Just as Kong prepares to strike, SY jumps off from first floor and in several cool moves, manages to dispose of them quickly. Chilgoo and his men run off with their tails between their legs. NohGul shows himself then and claims credit in playing a part to oust the thugs. Jo pats SY’s shoulder acknowledging his effort.
Chilgoo runs into Myeon who was looking for him. Myeon strikes him a deal. Kong is to deliver to him, people who oppose GP Suyang. In return, Myeon will allow him to lord over his territory. Although skeptical, Chilgoo agrees to find out but insists that he further clarifies what he meant by being in charge of the territory.
In the Gibang, the girls are in awe with the heroic SY. Mooyoung is curious of his identity and asks if he was a general. NohGul, in typical fashion brags that he is the son of a general, Kim JongSeo. Irritated, SY leaves but stops when he hears Mooyoung relating the rumor that the Princess’ husband is accused of kidnapping the Grand Prince’s daughter. Jo observes his expression speculatively. (I’m thinking Jo should figure out his identity already or at least close to).
In prison, Prince GeumSung and Jeong is brought before an Official from an agency tasked with interrogating prisoners of heavy crimes, which is authorized by GP Suyang. He summons a witness who turns out to be one of Prince GeumSung’s men who defected to the dark side. Jeong recognizes him and despairs.
KH sends EunGeum into the Capital Bureau to check on the status of Jeong and is shocked to find out that Jeong and Prince GS are being tortured. SY overhears.
In the palace, the King queries GP Suyang over the use of torture on Prince GS and Jeong. GP Suyang justifies his action by claiming they deserve some punishment. The King tries to stand firm but he is no match for the wily Suyang. Sensing defeat, the King meekly implores Suyang to spare Prince GS and Jeong. Suyang threatens to bring in Princess KH as well. The King names all the people Suyang has dealt with thus far and asks if he’s next.
King: Uncle, why can't you assist me in being a good King? Even though I’m young, I have the confidence to rule this country well. Why won’t you give me a chance?
GP: I could’ve done that. But being a King is a heavy responsibility…and just by being confident is not enough.
SR waits for her father to return. But Princess KH has been waiting for GP Suyang in the yard. When GP Suyang dismisses KH for being here at such late hour, she drops to her knees. She begs him to save Prince GS and Jeong. She further humbles herself by apologizing for her insolence previously. She promises to stay away from him if he spares them. GP Suyang is unmoved, telling her it’s out of his hands. SR leads a sobbing KH to her room.
Later, SR meets her father in his room. She accuses him of using her kidnapping as an excuse to frame Prince GS and Jeong. GP maintains that she could not know for sure that they are not involved. She explains the kidnapper is someone with a personal vendetta against him. He asks if she knows who it was. She vaguely deflects by insisting that there are countless people who bear a grudge against him. Her insolence infuriates him. She boldly asks why he sank the ship to Kwangwadou and expresses disappointment at having been deceived by him again. He denies involvement but SR no longer believes him. SR also refuses to go through with the marriage to ShinMyeon, threatening suicide if he forces her. She takes her leave, leaving behind a bewildered GP Suyang.

On the way back to her room, SR bumps into Myeon who blocks her way when she intended to ignore him. He asks her about the kidnapper but she answers vaguely. He is unable to understand why she is protecting the identity of the kidnapper and vows to find him. She informs him coldly that their wedding is off no matter what he does.
SR finds a dejected KH on the steps to her room. KH asks half-heartedly how the meeting went but accepts that it was hopeless. She turns to leave. SR apologizes. KH asserts that SR’s father will be punished for his deeds but hopes that SR will not be implicated. SR promises to help KH and the King but is speechless when asked if she is willing to go against her father. KH thanks her for the thought, understanding that it is impossible for SR to oppose her own father.

In the palace, King DanJong stares desolately at the moon in the cold night. He orders the eunuch to call for a meeting with Suyang.

The next morning, King DanJong announces that he will abdicate the throne but requests that GP Suyang cease the killings. Suyang (the HYPOCRITE!) feigns extreme shock and begs the King to reconsider. News travel fast. Jeong and Prince GS wails regretfully on hearing that the King plans to abdicate. KH is hysterical upon receiving the news and fainted.

On Shin Suk Joo’s advice, Suyang pretends to refuse the throne vehemently because it might mar his image if he agrees too easily (and be regarded publicly as seizing the throne). His cronies are worried that the King might really retract his abdication but Han is confident because the lives of Prince GS and Jeong are still in their hands.

Alone, King DanJong cries softly, begging forgiveness from the late King MunJong for his helplessness.

SY watches from afar as Jeong is released back to his home. He sneaks in unnoticed from the backyard.
Jeong finds a weary KH alone, her eyes red. He tells her that he understands her even if she says nothing because his heart can hear her unspoken words. His gentle words crumbles her emotional wall and she cries in despair. Jeong comforts her, apologizing for being such a useless husband.

Later, Jeong drinks alone but is alerted by suspicious rustlings. He demands aloud that the intruder shows himself. SY calls out to him softly in the shadows. Jeong asks him to show himself and drops to the ground in shock when he sees SY’s face.

SY: Jeong’s me…Seongyoo.
J: Are you really Seongyoo? Have I died or are you
SY: I…. am back
J: Really….it’s really you …I thought I had to bury memories of you in my heart. This is great.

They continue their reunion in the room.
SY: Sorry for putting you in this situation
J: Nah...Even though it was you who kidnap SR, the situation will not be any different. They would only link us together, that dastard Suyang. This is better. The people who killed you…knows not of your existence. They will be anxious. There’s no scarier an opponent than one who is not visible. The fear and suffering of the dead…they deserve to experience this.
GP Suyang celebrates with his cronies in the Gibang of their imminent victory. At the same time, SY is mulling over the words of Jeong and his father. He decides to be………… a vigilante???
Next we see Prince On-Nyung makes his way home drunkenly from the celebratory party. SY stalks him. On-Nyung waves his servants away on reaching his room and undresses. SY appears suddenly from behind the screen (ok this is turning out to be his favorite hiding spot) and places his sword on On-Nyung neck. SY reveals his face to a terrified On-Nyung….
The next Iljimae?

* The stars of this episode for me are King Dan Jong, Princess KeongHye and Jeong. They were the ones I shed tears for...


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  2. Thank you very much for the recap!

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  4. I hated Myun, then pitied him when he came to jeong's house and asked Jeong to be his best man. The face when he said " i'll wait for you to come to my wedding" made me feel bad for him since he had no one.
    But to get all pissy at Jeong for "betraying" him is the most absurd bs I've heard. HELLO. Myun Betrayed Seungyoo which caused Seungyoo to LOSE everything. Although Myun didn't harm Jeong, he did betray Jeong by 1) using jeong to give the horse to Seungyoo so they could find jongseo. 2) killing all the guards at Kyunghye's place.
    I'm glad Jeong remains loyal to Seungyoo. Because Seungyoo isn't a pile of shit friend like Myun.
    Even if Jeong didn't betray Myun, Myun would have arrested jeong anyways since he's a coward and takes orders.

  5. thanks for the recap swui :)oh goodness, I missed seeing SY and SR together :(

  6. lilkiwi,
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  7. I agree about KH/J and DJ. That kid had me bawling watching him. And what I know of history makes me wince at his future...I LOVE this character and the actor. and KH and J. Seriously that romance is as captivating as SR/SY.

    This episode really rounded out SR's daddio for me. He really is a loving dad and husband. This makes him an even BETTER bad guy. He has a soul and yet he still does what he does. And if I was Suyang, I'd beat Myeon silly. I wouldn't kill him because that would foil the political plottings; but a good beating would've made me feel better.

    Jo: Get a hold of yourself. Someone who doesn’t even know what he wants….and you’re still talking about revenge??!

    I didn't understand this the first time around, but reading it I finally get it. Recaps are gooood! I was like...what do you mean not know what he wants...and he's referring to it romantically. I love her; I don't; I'll choke her; I'll hold her as she gets shot by an arrow.... Do you think its more than romantically though?

    And I'm a huge KH/J fan. The couple is so achingly sweet. It's not a huge song and dance. Just two people growing closer and brining comfort to each other. Not every love is so dramatic that you choke and take arrows for each other... KH/J will have a happy life together...if they stay alive.

    Now for more OTP action...pweez...