Recap: In Time with You我可能不會愛你 Episode 2

This drama is growing on me and I can totally understand why it’s been garnering rave reviews despite losing out to Office Girls in terms of ratings. While not necessarily addictive…yet, it’s a charming and sweet drama peppered with whimsical touches. Episode 1 was more introductory and the flash backs were necessary to explain the foundation and depth of the relationship between DR and YQ. Episode 2 however gives us an insight of their present relationship as they deal with attention from potential love interests.

Episode 2
This episode opens with DR helping Maggie trace a missing luggage. The scene switches to that of a lone luggage sitting on a baggage carousel with YQ narrating in the background.

“LDR, sometimes I feel that this is my life – continuously waiting for someone to claim me.”

YQ’s second day as a thirty year old begins bright enough – a newbie barista compliments her on her youthful looks and she gets hit on by a young cute guy. 
Before she could reciprocate, the moment is interrupted by a very loud Lala calling her “YQ jie”, repeatedly. LOL. 

As YQ turns around to face Lala with a forced smile, we are introduced to #2 sign of premature aging:

“When someone calls you jie/ge, you can’t help but wish they’d shut up!”

(Note: jie is equivalent to unni in korean and ge is oppa in korean, it sounds really weird if I were to translate it to English e.g. YQ sister.)

Lala enthusiastically shows YQ her designs and asks for her opinion, all the while annoying YQ no end by repeatedly calling her YQ jie. 

XiaoQi, YQ's outgoing assistant is showing Nic, her new incoming assistant the way around the office. It appears he will have three District Chiefs as bosses, two of which are rarely in the office so his main boss would be YQ, Chief of North District. 

When XiaoQi makes the formal introduction, YQ recognizes him as the pretty boy from this morning and gets all fluttery especially when he gazes unwaveringly at her with a hint of a smile. Seriously, the boy is insanely cute. As XiaoQi leads him away for the remainder of his tour, she checks out his resume pronto. She’s more than a little disappointed to learn that he’s only 25 years old…(at least he’s legal!)

During a briefing session at work, DR is embarrassed when Maggie keeps addressing him “DR ge”. Eww…she’s grossing me out here. Later, DR comes to her rescue again when she’s having trouble with a celebrity passenger attempting to jump queue. LOL The celebrity grandpa looks nothing like one to be honest. DR tries to comfort her but she surprises him by asking about their promised dinner date instead. Amused by her candidness, he assures her he’d make the arrangements.

DR assists the celebrity grandpa with the automated check-in machine and is surprised to learn that he is the grandfather of Lu Xing Di, his high school classmate.

That evening, DR treats all the staff to dinner. Dinner is a pleasant affair with all the guys taking turns regaling Maggie with job-related tales. During the taxi ride home, Maggie demands a proper dinner date, enunciating clearly that she means a dinner for two only, leaving no room for DR to wiggle out of it. After she leaves, the driver asks DR hypothetically if he would date her if he only has one last chance. Turns out it’s the same driver from before, the one with cancer and this is his last working day.

It’s late at night and YQ is still hard at work when her mum calls her to remind her about selling some trust funds – she needs her personal seal and identification card. Mum is talking out of a photo frame. Cute.

YQ searches high and low for her seal and who else but our pretty boy Nic shows up suddenly offering to help. He is definitely emitting lots of positive signals – staying back out of concern for her safety, offering to buy her coffee and even remembering her favorite coffee. YQ’s attitude towards him has cooled somewhat ever since she realized he is much younger, but even so she could not help but be moved by his relentless attention.

DR’s mum is a painter with a princess complex. She was very much pampered by her late husband and DR’s little sister, Tao Tao takes offense at that – believing she bullied her dad. To avoid being like her mum, Taotao is rebellious and constantly antagonizes her mother by intentionally adopting a completely opposite style. In what is likely a common occurrence, DR steps in and acts as a mediator when Taotao threatens to leave home after another quarrel with their mother. As he leaves her room, she remarks not unkindly that DR is more pitiful than their father – his life is being dictated by women: his colleagues, his mum, herself and Cheng You Qing.

DR places another postcard on his already much decorated wall and calls YQ. She asks him for a work-related favor and he brags about being a step ahead in their bet. I love this scene…

Their conversation is interrupted when Mummy Cheng barges in to berate her about losing her seal and rummages through her closet in search for it. Mummy is obviously on very good terms with DR. She hears about DR’s new love interest and asks to be introduced to her. Passing the phone to her mum, YQ gives up looking and heads to the living room to join her father.

Gradually, Daddy Cheng and YQ’s conversation veers towards men. Daddy’s theory is thus:
“Men are stupid. They thrive on being a hero. If they happen to marry a woman who’s older and more capable than themselves, they can never be a hero…which is why they tend to stray.”

Based on the same theory, Dad wants YQ to be successful because she would be able to eliminate the ineligible ones and only select the ones worthy of her. Smart Daddy. LOL. Mummy disagrees though, unhappy with her daughter’s current single status. Mummy rattles off the names of all YQ’s ex-boyfriends, grumbling how she never seems to make her relationships work. When Mum mentions how DR is much better than a certain Ding LiWei, over whom she was so heartbroken over, YQ loses her temper and announces firmly that DR is forever her friend only. It’s hard to tell what YQ is mad about – Ding LiWei or DR – but Mum thinks it’s more because of Ding.

YQ marches upstairs and watches DVD late into the wee hours of the morning before finally surrendering to sleep.

In what is likely another dream sequence, the present day YQ is awakened by DR of their University days reminding her she’s late for class. Her befuddled mind is confused but she believes him all the same and promptly looks for her school bag. She cries out desperately to DR when she’s unable to find it – in a voiceover DR calms her down and expresses his belief that she’d definitely find it. These dreams of YQ provides us an insight into the inner thoughts of YQ – it’s obvious DR plays an important role in her life, she trusts him and needs him and they complement each other perfectly even if her conscious self refuses to consider it.

She wakes up for real to voices from downstairs – her mum is pestering DR about his true feelings for YQ. They look away guiltily when YQ shows up. Apparently, it’s DR off-day too and he’s here to teach mum how to use Facebook. LOL. When they are left alone, he steals a look at her rumpled self and smiles to himself. She notices him staring at her but he deflects expertly. Aww…why so sweet.

They shop companionably in a neighborhood supermarket. They are so comfortable with each other he doesn’t even bat an eye as he watches her choose sanitary napkins. He even gets her favorite chocolate without any prompting.

She spies him texting and pesters him to disclose more information about the girl. He explains they are still in early stage yet and confides he’s confused because she calls him “DR Ge” – he’s unsure whether she’s trying to suck up to him or is really interested in him. YQ thinks it’s because she wants the world to know that she is young. He comes to her defense by arguing that perhaps it was just plain manners. She rebuts that manners are supposed to make the intended party feel at ease, not distress them. As though making a point, a young girl from the neighborhood calls out to her loudly – YQ jie! LOL.

Mum and Dad invite DR to stay for dinner but DR apologetically excuses himself. He doesn’t elaborate which leads to YQ jumping to the conclusion that he has a date. Alone, YQ gets restless after sometime and calls up the office. Nic answers and assures her that all is well and urges her to enjoy her day off. Hanging up the phone, she laments how he’s much too young for her.

She then proceeds to assess all the men in her life according to three criterias – age, occupation and looks. I love how the director turns her imagination into real life visions. When she considers DR, unsurprisingly he ticks every box. She chides herself for even considering him, clearly still hung up on his declaration that he would never love her. Shucks! I knew it!

An old man walks into a room full of expectant spectators, holding a box of letters. DR and his mum are in the audience, watching as the actor launches into an act without any preamble. The play is simple, with two characters and only a see-saw as the only prop, and tells the story about a pair of childhood sweethearts from their early innocent days to the period after she passes on. I appreciate how the acting is so powerful and emotional even in such a simple scene. Just like the audience, I was equally moved to tears in this scene. T.T

The actor is Uncle Bai and an old acquaintance of DR’s mum. DR opts to stay behind while his mum and Uncle Bai go for a drink. He looks at the see-saw pensively and rings up YQ – inviting himself for dinner leftovers.

At YQ’s place, Daddy Cheng takes it upon himself to offer DR advice on the art of courtship. The most important step is holding hands –
#1: If the girl doesn’t slap you when you hold her hands, she’s interested. (Risky…but true lol).
#2: If you feel an emotional connection akin to “electricity” when you hold hands, it’s just icing on the cake.
#3: Timing is everything, find a right opportunity and kiss her senseless. (haha! Dad is good)

Once they are alone, YQ teases him about not needing any advice, complaining that he always goes missing for long stretches of time whenever he dates. He reminds her that even so he still comes for her in her time of need. Even as they bicker, DR does not fail to notice her picking out the stuffs he doesn’t eat from the dishes.

They settle into a familiar rhythm as they clean up together. He remarks casually that they have to remain friends forever or else he’d be very lonely…but feels a little disappointed when she agrees readily. (What do you expect, my dear boy…)

The two of them chitchats over coffee – reminiscing about their friendship and pondering about the future.

Even when she’s in the toilet, they continue talking to one another through the door. It may sound yucky but I think the writer does a very good job including all these little details which allow us to better relate to them for they really do behave as though they have known each other for years. Anyway, she confides about the lack of choices in her quest for a boyfriend and worries she might end up alone after all. He asks her about her criteria. She tells him that she’s ok as long as the guy does not look too awful, with a salary similar or slightly lower than hers and is not a slacker. DR perks up when she adds that her boyfriend has to be someone with whom she can really talk with. He tries to hint that he fits all her criteria but she thinks he’s joking with her. Sigh.

They continue talking over beer by the pool. DR tries to alleviate her fears by promising to accompany her in old folks home if she ends up alone. She accepts but declines to do the same for him if the situation reverses. Haha.

The next day, she shows up at work startled by the changes in her office. Nic has tidied up her room and re-organized everything. Although she is displeased initially, she could hardly fault his meticulousness. Nic continues to turn on his charms and compliments her dress. To top it off, he calls her name directly instead of adding the affix- jie, which everyone else does. I love how she’s like this awkward schoolgirl unsure of how to respond to his attentiveness. She also notes that he remembers to buy her coffee too.

Nic accompanies her as she makes her rounds to the company’s outlets, impressed by her foresight and professionalism.

In the store room, he gallantly offers to climb the ladders in her place to retrieve stocks from high racks. She fidgets uncomfortably under his admiring gaze. (OMG. So bloody cute. Can I have him?)

They take a break when YQ is tired from walking around in her heels. He smiles and offers to get her a pair of comfortable shoes next time. She asks him why he takes on this job when he’s obviously very competent. He reveals his ambition to be Brand Manager and plans to strengthen his foundation by starting at the bottom. She’s impressed by his determination and again rues the fact that he’s much younger.

At the airport, DR is concerned to see Maggie suffering from menstruation pain. He considerately offers her a warm drink and chocolates (YQ’s favorite). Is it a wonder why she falls for him…the man is ridiculously perfect.

On their bus ride home, he sits next to her and enquires about her condition. She claims to be hungry and he promises to treat her to dinner. She asks him pointedly if it would be just the two of them and is pleased when he agrees. She boldly asks to rest her head on his shoulder. The other guys snicker and give him the thumbs up when they see her snuggling comfortably on his shoulder.

A little while later, DR receives a call from YQ who seeks his advice about Nic. The idiot actually encourages her to make a move. Oh god, this is so gonna hurt. Maggie who has been shamelessly listening in the conversation sensed that there’s more to their relationship. She asks him tentatively about YQ. He explains that they are just friends. Even though she doesn’t believe in platonic relationship between a man and a woman, she is optimistic and happy because in her opinion, even if he is lying, the point is he’s lying because of her. The girl is nothing but not direct. @@

On the other hand, YQ is still trying to figure out a way to ask Nic out. The decision is taken out of her hands when Nic asks to be excused early for the day.

Over dinner, DR’s attentiveness leads to Maggie making a comment that he’s too easy to fall in love with. She continues to be very candid about her interest. DR is amazed by her boldness and reflects on Daddy Cheng’s advice –timing is everything. He concludes that perhaps faster is good for a relationship as opposed to what he has with YQ.

Next we have another scene from the play. Only this time the theme is, “The moment you start to possess something is also the moment you begin to lose that precious something”. In the midst of the play, we see the characters acted by YQ and DR respectively. The play reflects the dilemma faced by DR who dares not confess for fear of losing her. As the audience I can understand that, but it remains to be seen if YQ gets it as well.

As the crowd disperses, Nic and YQ are surprised to see each other.
Nic has a more optimistic view on the subject, preferring to have possessed and lost than to have never possessed at all. They are about to grab a drink when Lala calls YQ – sobbing into the phone and requesting her company.

Turns out Lala is upset after a lover’s spat with Henry. She asks YQ the reason for their breakup. YQ refuses to answer. She asks YQ if Henry is worth her affection. She opines that as long as she treats every relationship earnestly, she’s bound to gain something from it be it sweet memories, a marriage or just getting to know yourself better.

The next day at work, YQ is greeted by her favorite coffee and a note from Nic. Upon her mum’s reminder, she rummages through her handbag in search of her elusive seal. She discovers a tear in the lining of her bag and finds her seal among a variety of trinkets/mementos from her previous boyfriends.

She thinks to herself:
“I’m not a luggage waiting to be claimed after all, but a bag which can store many stories…”
She’s brought out of her reverie when Henry turns up requesting for a favor. He needs her help choosing a handbag for Lala who is still mad at him and only trusts YQ whom he feels has the best taste among all his girlfriends. (LOL The nerve of this guy!)

YQ sees one she fancies and when Henry offers to pay for it, she refuses, insisting to buy her own bag so that she could store her own stories.

Principles of a mature lady – No.2: Only trust your own taste, never again be bribed by gifts.

This episode ends with Henry asking conspiratorially about Nic who he hears treats her quite well….

My thoughts:

This episode puts a smile on my face. I find myself liking it a lot. I also think Ariel looks very pretty here. I used to think she was just adorable from her ISWAK days but she’s really killing it with her portrayal as a strong-headed, sophisticated thirty year old. I’m not familiar with Bolin’s projects and this is the first time I see him in a drama. But I think he’s doing great as Da Ren too and he looks darn cute whenever he flashes those dimples. Yes, I confess I do have a soft spot for guys with dimples :P

The story just flows effortlessly and I like the inclusion of the play which features top-notched acting from veteran actor, Jin Shi Jye as Uncle Bai. Episode 3’s preview promises to be more happening as both our leads get romanced by their younger love interest…


  1. very good... very good recap. I love all your insights. Can you please continue on with recapping every episode? Thanks... appreciate it.

  2. I do plan to continue recapping worries :)