Highlights: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 7 and 8

Omo...I have to get this off of my chest asap. I'm loving FBRS, like a lot. And with episode 9 promising to be a great big parcel of daebakness, I figured I should share my love with everyone. This show is possibly the funniest kdrama, no, make that the funniest drama I've watched this year. Oh..ok maybe on par with Greatest Love / Best Love (who can forget Dokko Jin, Ding Dong and potatoes).

It has an awesome bipolar female lead, a super-duper adorable second male lead who is, surprise surprise, giving the main male lead a run for his money, a male lead who's a man-child (no, make that a teen-child) and a plethora of quirky characters, all of whom I love. Whether it's the jacuzzi-loving Daddy Cha who can't help being jealous of Pororo; the clueless but sincere Soo-i who genuinely sees no fault in dating two men; Ba-wool who worships Soo-i despite himself; hardworking but sissy Hyeon-woo or even Mr.Secretary.

And to top it all, my second lead shipping may not be so bad after all. More on that at the end of this post.

Episode 7

Hilarious. Honestly, I was laughing so hard for like three quarter of the show. The flower boys are such a riot. And the clash of personalities is enough to make sparks fly.

The FBRS has officially opened and business is brisk, what with Kang-hyeok's awesome cooking and the irresistable eye-candies.

It's simultaneously weird and funny how Chi-soo is regarding his obsession with a sportswear-clad Eun-bi as a "disease". Yup.
Symptom: he sees imaginary Eun-bis everywhere whenever he misses her.

Cure: he needs to see her asap.

This should be a disease to baffle doctors everywhere.

Meanwhile, cutie Kang-hyeok has decided to finally step up his act. Most memorable scene? Him tying Eun-bi's hair for her. Me can't help but swoon. Of course, a moment later Chi-soo repeats the same gesture. And some others may swoon too (I must remind myself I can't...I'm a Kang-hyeok camper!)

There's even a parody of Secret Garden and Autumn in my Heart in there. A little over the top imo but funny nevertheless.

The last part is a little more serious with a well-intentioned but misunderstood Chi-soo unable to comprehend why his actions get everyone so worked out.

He was just threatening to leave when Eun-bi's rotten ex, Jae-ho shows up unexpectedly. Eun-bi clings to Chi-soo, anxious to keep up their previous pretense of being a couple much to everyone's surprise. Kang-hyeok looks mighty surprised too.

Episode 8


Jae-ho returns to pester Eun-bi, trying to rekindle their relationship by reminding Eun-bi of their happier times through their song at every chance.

Chi-soo is happy to play pretend, in exchange, she has to meet him whenever he needs her. However, he soon gets jealous when he sees her wavering.

Kang-hyeok offers her support and advice in his own peculiar way, but can't help but gets jealous too. The cute dance (see clip!). Squeal. Oh how much I love thee.

When it's apparent that Jae-ho is only using Eun-bi to get back at his current girlfriend, Eun Bi's heart breaks. Chi-soo can't bear to see her in tears. Just as he leans in for a kiss, Kang hyeok turns up and punches him and leads  her away. OMG great cliffhanger. My Kang-hyeok is on fire now.


Oh dear, I love jealous Kang-hyeok. His laziness aside, I really think he's the better man for Eun-bi. He understands her, pushes her forward and is more mature, in age and mind. In fact, not much is revealed about his past, only hints here and there, which I suspect will explain why he calls Eun-bi his wife because he seems to have known her when they were young. I know very well that Jung Il-woo is the main lead but still I can't help thinking -"Why can't he get the girl?!" Can I hope for a twist, you know, Park Shi Hoo style, in which the second lead gets the girl??

I saw a spoiler picture for tonight's episode 9 where Kang-hyeok takes more initiative in fighting for Eun-bi's affections. Hurray for more screentime for my favourite pairing!

More spams on Kanghyeok's many faces.

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