Recap: What's Up Episode 5

Initially, I’m afraid of watching this episode because I’m afraid of what might happen to Jae-hun. That’s how attached I am to the characters. I feel and hurt for them. Having said that, I’m super glad I watched this because I love how the issue was resolved. Hurray for friendship. That’s more like it! Give me more……
Episode 5
Jae-hun is still running….I went and checked again. He has to run 13 rounds for 22 people = 286 rounds for 13 nights. Is that even possible? He’s so exhausted that he collapses to the ground. At one point, he even sees the same “ghost” Tae-hee saw the other night? Huh? Is that hallucination or is it real?
Jae-hun sleeps through the night on the pavement, and wakes to the voice of someone counting aloud. It’s Sun and he correctly deduces that the strokes on the paper represent the amount of runs he’s made. The two of them are adorably mathematically-challenged – they have trouble figuring out how much is 13 x 22. LOL. Anyway, Jae-hun only made 112 rounds so he proceeds to cheat. When Sun points that out, he replies, “It’s ok. My motto is to do as much as I’m able to, so long as I do it.” It’s flawed, but as least he’s got principles eh. J

Sun is curious about the reason Jae-hun’s in musical, thinking perhaps he’s trying to please his mum. Jae-hun explains that he saw a lady sang on stage once and thought it was a sketch because he’s never seen a musical, which was why he had wanted to apply for acting classes initially. Sun then asks if he had seen the “emergency exit” that moment. Jae-hun is impatient and tries to avoid answering by declaring he’s got to get ready for the 7am assembly before someone else gets punished.
Sun asks the same question again, his tone not exactly pleasant, and implies that Jae-hun’s talking rubbish, that it’s all lies. Man, he’s got some serious trust issues. Jae-hun insists he plans to continue what he’s started to the very end regardless of what anyone says but Sun do not think he would persevere at all. Jae-hun gives up trying to convince him, not that he’s been meaning to, and excuses himself.

In a parting repartee that sounds suspiciously like reverse psychology, Sun remarks that it does not look like Jae-hun has considered winning their bet. In fact, Sun wonders if he knows what it means to win, because he’s not even trying. He advises Jae-hun to give up, supposedly in his mum’s best interest.

After Jae-hun leaves, he tells a certain “someone” to come out of hiding. Oh? It’s Yeon-joo. She leaves awkwardly having been found out.

Do-sung has completed his music composition – the girls and Tae-hee are impressed. Do-sung claims the music is done by an acquaintance of his uncle. Not exactly the greatest lie, but no one suspects. The twins come up with a louder player/speaker and everyone sings along with the twins performing an impromptu mime/dance.
Meanwhile, our barely awake resident bully, Tian-ji opens his door after some persistent banging to find a smug-looking Jae-hun thrusting the “evidence” of him completing his runs. Ha.
Do-sung and gang are still singing and dancing happily while Mr. Ahjussi guard sweeps the floor nearby. What? He doubles up as the cleaner? Ha. Anyway, he sees two very lonely figures in the windows – Jae-hun looking envious (aw…he totally wants to join them) and Chae-young looking err…grumpy/sulky.
Prof Yang is throwing a fit on the phone over a lecturer who backed out of his teaching responsibilities at the last minute. Miss Secretary and An Jung-tae decides to delay their reporting in view of her obviously foul mood. They stare gobsmacked at Doo-ri who enters the room casually. Ha. Doo-ri sees photos of Prof Yang in the room, figures she’s got the wrong room (she’s looking for Sun Woo-young’s room) and walks out again, leaving Prof Yang speechless over her nonchalance. LOL. The look of Yang’s face – priceless!
Doo-ri finds the right room this time and walks in on Sun who’s changing into his pajamas. She’s here to hand in Team A’s script on Chae-young’s request. Doo-ri stifles a smile at his flower-print bottoms.

Just then, Prof Yang also barges in and orders him to take over the voice classes. Sun refuses since he hasn’t exactly sung anything for more than 5 years. Uh-oh…touchy subject again. Prof Yang threatens to reveal the various reasons behind his reluctance to sing again – in the context of guilt, it could be psychological…in the context of conscience, it’s a matter of religion…Sun interrupts her, seemingly wary of her revealing more in the presence of Doo-ri, and agrees to do her bidding.
Doo-ri watches the exchange with wide-eyed interest. Haha. I love that she’s not the slightest bit concerned that she’s being intrusive. In fact, she’s totally ignoring his very obvious hint for her to leave – I need to strip…so I can wear this (pants)…Geddit? Doo-ri,“Please do.” LOL.

It’s some sort of gym class and the students are practicing somersaults. Do-sung impressively succeeds on his first try. Byung gun and Tae-hee fails to. Yeon-ju sidles up to Chae-young who sits and watches from the sidelines, apparently injured. But Yeon-ju knows better. She’s seen her practicing late at night and comments that she’s pitiful. Ouch.  
Jae-hun wants to talk. Yeon-ju obliges happily. But Jae-hun wants the truth, especially since he’s learned that the police came looking for his mum. Yeon-ju finally admits everything. Frustrated, Jae-hun wants Yeon-ju to explain his innocence to the cops. He grumbles that he has no intention of living as a fugitive for he wants to accomplish something in his life. In fact, he has found something he wants to do for life and there’s no way in hell he’s going down for this. He rummages his bag for his handphone but when he finally turns around – Yeon-ju is gone!
As if on cue, that persistent cop is here! And he’s asking Mr.Ahjussi guard for Jae-hun! Now, I’m worried. L

Sun is making a call when Chae young interrupts him, seeking his permission to enlist outside help for the musical. Sun gives her the green light, explaining that as the director she has the right to utilize every resources, scrupulous or not, including selling her husband if she so wishes. He even tells her to remove her shoulder pads. LOL.

Undeterred, Chae- young tells him there’d be reporters, coming because of her and that they might want to interview him, seeing that he used to be pretty famous because of that incident regarding his sudden retirement. Ooo….So that’s why she’s looking so smug. Sun drops the goofy attitude and demands to know why the reporters are here. Savoring her sweet revenge, she feigns surprise when he actually addresses her by her real name instead of the B-grade actress and tells him she’s got no control over the media.

Sun is looking murderous, and we see that Doo-ri has been filming their entire conversation.

The cop, Officer Jo and his sidekick bumps into Prof Yang.

Meanwhile, Jae-hun is still looking for Yeon-ju when a senior informs him that he’s wanted immediately at Prof Yang’s office. It’s amusing how the senior tries to act all macho but flinches when he thought Jae-hun is coming at him. Ha. Guess all that chair-slamming business was pretty badass.

Jae-hun hesitates when he reaches the office, sensing something is amiss and almost turns away before he’s called back by Tae-hee and Do-sung. His hand lingers on the door knob but the door opens and he’s face to face with Officer Jo. Oh no!

Tae-hee and Do-sung is shocked to see Jae-hun seized into the room and eavesdrops by the door. Officer Jo thinks he looks familiar and Jae-hun remembers him as the cop who was chasing him last year. He tries to feign ignorance but Officer Jo also remembers him posing as a cop. He restraints Jae-hun, accusing him of being involved in a robbery in HongDae on the 16th at 11pm.
Tae-hee thinks of something and looks for her handphone – which is left behind in the studio. She tells Do-sung to delay them and runs off to retrieve her handphone.
Jae-hun tries to resist but Officer Jo warns him not to try anything, unless he wishes to be taken away in cuffs, in full view of his friends. Prof Yang looks on in shock.

Do-sung, obedient as he is, tries adorably to stop them by rambling about Jae-hun being the director of their musical and that they have to practice. He’s not making any sense and the cops shove him aside easily. LOL. Meanwhile, Tae-hee is rushing back, bumping into Sun in the process. Close behind, Doo-ri is still stalking him with her camera. Ha. Byung-gun also sees Jae-hun being taken away by the cops and approaches cautiously.
Tae-hee explains hurriedly that she has a habit of writing diary and reads out the entry for the 16th when she and Jae-hun were talking and dancing in the park. Next Do-sung supports her claim by explaining that they’re roommates and he is certain that Jae-hun was with him because he was pulling an all-nighter. In fact, Byung-gun came by to borrow Jae-hun’s toothpaste. Byung-gun nervously describes the exact time he went to their room, which was 11pm, give or take 5 minutes. Officer Jo is skeptical and thinks that Jae-hun’s friends collaborated to create an alibi for him. Doo-ri provides the most convincing piece of evidence yet – a dated photo of Jae-hun and Tae-hee. Out of nowhere, Mr.Ahjussi Guard also swears he saw them that night and because the school’s curfew is at 11pm, he’s got records to prove that Jae-hun did not leave the campus.

Officer Jo looks at all their earnest faces, knows that he’s lost and releases Jae-hun. Resigned, he reminds Jae-hun that they still have some unfinished business with regards to him posing as a cop before he drives away.

Oh goodness, that was so much fun. That has to be the most water-tight alibi ever. Haha.
Everyone is exhilarated and fools around in celebration while Jae-hun smiles fondly at his friends. Aw…my heart is melting. They’ve bonded, these bunch of misfits and that is so satisfying to watch. My heart has been in knots till this moment too and I feel like celebrating with them. Woohoo!

Up above, Yeon-ju who has been observing the scene looks a little upset. She turns around to find Sun lounging against the wall, drinking soju but claiming it’s transparent juice. Ha.
Yeon-ju writes a note for Jae-hun:
“Your school is really weird. The teacher and students are funny(*as in weird). You were able to come to this school because of yourself. Didn’t you pick this school randomly…Then again, Jae-hun you are a funny person yourself. You and this funny school … are made for each other.

Jae-hun, did you know? No matter what games we played, you and Ha-gyu always lead and I always fall behind. However, do not think that you’re in the lead this time…whether it’s a game or life itself, who knows what will happen until the very end. I’m about to start afresh too…no matter what it is…something that will set my heart thumping…worth putting my life on the line for…just like that, I’d be in a corner somewhere in this world.

But now, I’m just unsure how to begin…
P.s. That Tae-hee girl. She’s not into you. It’s just you drooling over her. Poor you.”
While she’s narrating the letter, we see her smacking a random student in the cafeteria and making him the messenger. Ha. Then we see her in the hospital, apologizing to that the drunken victim they’d injured. And finally we see Jae-hun smiling in amusement.

He turns around to see Do-sung staring at him creepily. Do-sung reminds him to thank Tae-hee, but couldn’t help but feel the slightest bit jealous that they sang and danced together. Ahh,…cute. Jae-hun asks for Tae-hee’s whereabouts. Miffed, Do-sung denies any knowledge initially but reveals that she’s in the practicing room eventually.  Jae-hun ruffles his hair affectionately, marveling that he’s indeed the loyal, porn-watching boyfriend! ROFL.

Tae-hee is practicing her somersaults alone, errr…well not exactly since her angel-looking daddy’s spirit is with her, complete with wings. Daddy tries to correct her, reminding her that every motion has a rhythm. She tries again and succeeds, with daddy supporting her back mid-flip.
She turns around happily to find that it’s Jae-hun who helped her.

Jae-hun rises but loses his footing and comes into close proximity with Tae-hee (I don't know why but she looks a little cross-eyed in this scene - too much focus?). Cue awkward silence. Tae-hee recovers first and asks him why he’s here. Jae-hun stutters a little but manages to convey his gratitude properly. They talk a little more, but the awkwardness is pretty hard to ignore. Jae-hun excuses himself but changes his mind, turns back and asks, “Can I see that?”
Doo-ri is still stalking the unknowing Sun, determined to uncover his secrets. Well, this the first time I see a female stalker!
Meanwhile, Chae-young is uneasy when she learns that Team B has got a great music score. The sly woman tries to dig for more information and her star-struck roomie is only too happy to oblige. Initially worried, Chae-young feels more confident when she’s told that Jae-hun is totally clueless when it comes to musical.

Meanwhile, Jae-hun treats Tae-hee to pizza and they walk back to the campus. She also wants him to practice dancing for the musical. And we learn that these two conditions are set by Tae-hee because he wants to read the diary entries in her handphone. But Tae-hee is not done, Do-sung texted her about Jae-hun smiling while reading a paper airplane, a love letter – she’s curious about the letter.Jae-hun agrees to let her read the letter and she agrees to let him read her diary entry for the 16th. But Jae-hun remembers belatedly that the p.s. was about Tae-hee and makes her promise not to read it. Tae-hee is even more curious so he tries to wrestle back the letter, dropping his wallet in the process.

The yellow note falls out and Tae-hee reads it aloud, disappointed it’s just an address. But Jae-hun looks haunted….

It’s just like this show to torture me. Sigh. Every episode is littered with lighter moments interspersed with the darker ones, so that I’m alternately smiling with glee or frowning with dread. Although I’m enjoying Jae-hun’s character and his conflicts I can’t help but wish that the story focuses a little more on the other characters too. Actually we’re coming to that- it’s Doo-ri’s turn next (from the preview). Well, if I’m honest, I just want Jae-hun to have a break. Sigh. I think he deserves some happiness for just a little while more.
Actually after the preview, there’s some extra footage:
It’s the follow-up of the moment Jae-hun asks Tae-hee and Do-sung what’s a musical and they try their best to enlighten him – which actually confuses him more!


  1. The little tidbit at the end where they try to teach Jae Hun about musicals was cute :) The scene where everybody can provide an alibi was adorable. Before, I was so worried for Jae Hun and my heart was pounding. I love how Byung Gun knew the exact time because it was after he had finished watching a drama (at least I think that's what he said...). I think they're focusing on each character one by one, but I agree about wanting Jae Hun to be happy for a while. His crush on Tae Hee is adorable because she doesn't really seem interested in that way. Doo Ri and her hobby of recording everything will most likely play a major part later. Tae Hee and her habit of talking to her dad sort of freaks me out sometimes, but I think she does that because she didn't really get any closure with him. Jae Hun will probably play a role in that especially since he has the "mysterious" address from her dad.

    The mood shifts sometimes throws me off, and I'm still not used to that aspect of the drama. However, I am interested enough in the characters to continue.

  2. I agree with the comment above! I love the little end tidbits; it eases my heart that we get to see a little bit more of the drama. Apparently, the episodes were cut down a lot from the original script and episode run, to make these shorter episodes. Hence, we miss a lot of the background information and things that would/could potentially make this a tighter drama. That said, I still think it's amazing!

    Thank you very much OP for your summaries! I've been a silent reader but I figured that it's time for me to speak up haha.

    I also agree, in that they should focus on the other characters a bit. I mean, Jae Hun and Doori are my favorite characters at the moment, other than the teach, but I just want them to be happy and have them explore the good life just a bit longer. But, if the story focuses on them, I know it's not going to be all good.

    And, having seen Sandglass and Story of a Man (both by this author), I both love and hate how the author puts realism into all of the dramas. Like, it's not all happy go-lucky light stuff, this drama. Which hurts, really. Because, if anything, dramas have taught me that if you have a dream, you will always, ALWAYS, achieve.

    Not the case in this drama...