Recap: What's Up Episode 17

Some sweet moments between the OTPs and What’s Up, the musical is slowly taking shape…I'm putting Do-sung's picture here...just cause he's been an absolute darling.

Episode 17

Doo-ri is shocked speechless when it hit her that whatever’s afflicting her beloved Sun is terminal. Byung-gun looks on worriedly as she takes off suddenly without another word. She’s off to Sun’s room, kicking the door in frustration when there is no response.

Meanwhile, Do-sung informs Tae-hee of Jae-hun’s sudden departure. He tells her to make him stay. To find out why he’s leaving. Only she can do that.

Doo-ri is still running about hunting for Sun while Jae-hun is waiting for the bus at the bus stop, whistling to himself.

Tae-hee goes from bewildered to upset. Why is everyone saying that? As if Jae-hun really likes her. If he does, this wouldn’t happen. He wouldn’t have left without a word. She’s feeling sorry for herself and upset that everyone’s making her into this pitiful figure. Do-sung stops her ranting mid-sentence and asks her if she’s fine with Jae-hun quiting school, if she’s fine with never seeing him ever again…

Doo-ri breathlessly asks the staff in the office for Sun’s whereabouts, demanding for his address when told he’s gone home. Ms. Secretary is concerned about Doo-ri but she’s hysterical now, screaming that she’s so afraid she’s dying.

Do-sung and Tae-hee are running now…with Do-sung offering her a hand when she’s tiring. But it’s much too late because Jae-hun has boarded the bus and left…L

Doo-ri shows up at Sun’s door, surprising Sun who thinks it’s her stalker-mode in action. Unable to tamp down her anxiety, Doo-ri punches him repeatedly in desperation, pleading that he tells her she’s made a mistake, that it’s no cancer, that she’s being crazy. He looks at her solemnly and asks how she knew. She tells him not to joke with her.

But Sun knows her better, would she believe it if he says it’s not and leave quietly. Put that way, Doo-ri knows it futile to pretend otherwise. Sun tells her casually that it’s liver cancer and it’s too late for surgery. She’s impatient with his jokey attitude and asks tentatively if he’d die. He answers her in the affirmative, still in that nonchalant tone. Doo-ri breaks down and cries, crumpling to the floor, ignoring his attempt to console her.

Life goes on in campus, but with Tae-hee a shadow of her old self. One day, Do-sung looks for Tae-hee, and shows her the message from Jae-hun excitedly. It’s his address, for Do-sung to courier the rest of his belongings. Do-sung has not hand in Jae-hun’s letter to the school so he’s only considered to be playing truant at the moment. Tae-hee is less enthusiastic, droning on and on about how busy she is – she won’t have time to look for him.

Do-sung will have none of it and scribbles Jae-hun’s address on her palm. Do-sung tells her to find Jae-hun and tell him this: “I’ve composed a song with Soo-bin sunbae and it’s a fantastic song…no worries. And Doo-ri has confirmed the script will be done by the weekend. So, as soon as the director turns up we can start. We still haven’t given up.” With that, Do-sung leaves her…with the final decision.

On the other hand, Jae-hun calls up Officer Jo, asking for some time. It’s not as though he plans on running away. He just needs some time to settle a few matters before he gets locked up. And no, the negotiation is kaput. *Sigh* (You didn’t even try!). Jae-hun has been walking in a rather affluent neighbourhood before he stops in front of a gate, consulting the address in his hand. He’s looking for Tae-hee’s mum?? A woman comes out from the house and Jae-hun walks up to her and asks if she’s acquainted with a certain Park Young-soo. He explains that Park was in possession of this address when he was involved in the accident so he wonders if she might know him. She asks tentatively about Park’s condition, overwhelmed by emotion when told that Park has passed away.

Byung-gun practices the What’s Up song with Soo-bin, who snatches the music sheet from him to make revisions. His confidence at a high now, he pays no heed to his roommate’s typical brusque behavior and waits patiently. He spots the red tracksuit ghost reclining at the door, smiling at him. He runs after the ghost, offering a soft heartfelt thank you as he watches the ghost disappear from his sight.

Jae-hun finds a lost Tae-hee in his neighbourhood. She’s been searching for his house for hours now. He wraps his shawl around her worriedly and hugs her despite himself. Weeeeeeeeeee…..!

They stop in a café where Jae-hun continues to be attentive and kind. He warms her hands, brings her hot cocoa and even remembers that she can’t take hot drinks.

Tae-hee looks at Jae-hun contemplatively. She’s confused by his change of attitude. One moment he’s kind and gentle, the next moment he’s mean. She asks about him quitting school and he doesn’t deny. She asks if he’s going into the army, he replies vaguely that it’s somewhere even further. She thinks he’s going to study overseas and avoided saying goodbye to her because he worries she’s going to be a nuisance. Still, she’d rather he said something. Jae-hun has no answer to that.

Jae-hun comments that she don’t look too well. Is she sick? She chides him for being mean again. Since she’d actually applied make-up for his sake, even though she’s not as adept without Doo-ri’s help. Jae-hun smiles tenderly at her and pushes her hair from her face, gently…a lover’s caress.

JH: Don’t be alone. There’s Doo-ri, Do-sung…Byung-gun. You have lots of friends.

TH: Yes, many…but if you are by my side, that’ll be even better…even if you are mean to me.

Jae-hun rises to leave but Tae-hee holds onto his sleeves.

TH: Can’t you stay until the semester is over? Can’t we work on the NYMF musical together? Soo-bin sunbae and Do-sung are working on the music. Doo-ri is working on the script. And you…you are the director. Prof Sun says so, that Jang Jae-hun is the director. He wants me to tell you that.

JH: Tae-hee ah…

TH: Do-sung wants you to know…that we haven’t given up. So –

JH: I made a huge mistake last time. Mistake…was what I thought it was then. But it turns out to be a big crime. That’s why I’m surrendering myself tomorrow.

TH: Surrender? As in to the cops?

JH: The cops have been lenient on me…which is why I’m allowed to surrender myself. That’s why, I can’t delay it any longer.

TH: What did you do?

JH: I can’t say. (Say it already!!!!!)

TH: Can’t we get them to forgive you? (Yes…you could!)

JH: It’s something unforgiveable… I can’t seek forgiveness.

TH: How can that be?

JH: That’s how it is…( Nooooooooo!)

TH: I’ll accompany you…can’t I? I’m good at that…that’s why my dad can never be angry at me for long. If I am to accompany you to beg for forgiveness –

Jae-hun grabs her close and hugs her, her words are like daggers to his heart. His guilt so great that he pleads for her to stop saying them. L

Sun wakes up in the night to find Doo-ri still in his home. She has gone and duplicated the keys she stole from his place. He’s overcome by a bout of pain and she feeds him his medicine. She wants to get him underwear and he’s aghast that she’d go to such lengths. He’s concerned about her reputation but she doesn’t give a damn. He wants to send her away but is powerless against her – him trying to rise from his bed and she pushing him back into bed – it makes a poignant but amusing scene.

Jae-hun accompanies Tae-hee to the bus stop, during which she unconsciously holds on to his sleeve. Her unconscious self unwilling to let go. Jae-hun stuffs her hand into his pocket, wary of her being cold. Jae-hun tells her he didn’t know her new number. Tae-hee thinks he’s upset and tries to explain it’s company’s policy. But that’s not the point. Jae-hun informs her that someone might be calling for her through Doo-ri’s cellphone in the next few days. She curious about whom he meant but he tells her to ask the caller, if she should call.

Jae-hun hails a cab, even shoving a wad of cash into her pocket, remarking offhandedly that he has no use for them anyway. When Tae-hee hesitates for the longest time, he tries to make it easier for her and excuses himself first. But before Tae-hee makes it into the cab, he makes a U-turn and kisses her. Kyaa! Tae-hee closes her eyes but when she opens them again, Jae-hun is already walking away… L that was a goodbye kiss. In the literal sense. I know why he did it but I’m sure Tae-hee will be so confused.

Doo-ri fares better with Sun. She wants to grant his wishes, just like a genie. Sun tells her off, it’s not like she’s a chaebol’s daughter (though I don’t think she’s that far off). Anyway, she wants to this for herself. She wants to have no regrets later. Sun finally takes her seriously. Pushing himself up, he tells her he wants to see their musical. They’re his first and likely last disciples, so he wants to see the musical they come up with.  And he wants Jae-hun to direct the musical – he’s curious about Jae-hun’s version of a musical. Soo-bin and Do-sung’s music composition. Byung-gun singing a solo onstage. He wants to see all that. And if they should win, he wants to be acknowledged in their prize acceptance speech. Heh. And during their celebratory dinner, he wants meat…Doo-ri finally interrupts him, claiming that’s too much wishes. Sun smiles and Doo-ri realizes belatedly it’s been his intention to make her smile. What he truly wishes for is for her to smile, for them to smile. T.T

Prof Yang’s musical continues to be a hot mess. The latest one to feel the heat is Ji-eun, who walks out of practice, upset that her character has been cancelled. She cries to Ms.Secretary seeking reassurance, her confidence taken a battering.

Chang-jin feels for her and tries to bring up the matter again with Prof Yang, remarking that it’s no longer a musical for the sake of a musical but rather a musical for the sake of stars. Yang’s rationale is if the public wants a star-based musical, that’s what they should get. Chang-jin disagrees, he wants to produce a true art, if possible original musicals his entire life.

PY: If that is the case, think of my advice as a graduation gift. Listen carefully. There’s no such thing as art in performing. Art? A load of crap. Imagine this – you produce a musical but there is no audience. First off, the investors lose money, your actors are downgraded and you just throw a portion of your career to the wolves. Art is a word reporters crown on your product when it is famous. Can you still not understand this? Jot it down first. One day, you’ll get it. That’s why if you want to be a director, you have to recruit stars or produce stars. Why? It’s what the public wants. Which means it’s what the investors want. Without investors, you can’t even produce your “art”. Jot this down too. Why? Should I get you pen and paper?

Amazingly, Chang-jin isn’t cowed by her skewed perception and asks her: “Does that make you happy?” Well, it’s about time someone tells it to her like it is.

Tae-hee is late for training. When she arrives, only Chae-young is left. She asks Chae-young if it’s possible for her to join Sun’s musical instead of Yang’s which is sponsored by the company. She asks Chae-young for help in persuading the company to let her join Sun’s musical. Chae-young declines her request coldly. Undeterred, Tae-hee asks Chae-young about the consequences of disobeying the company. Chae-young is annoyed by her innocence but reminds her she’ll need to pay a huge sum in compensation if she goes against her contract. Tae-hee asks if it’s possible to pay in installments. Chae-young reminds her that her career might be finished but Tae-hee is more optimistic – she’ll just continue practicing on her own while waiting for the matter to die down. There’s someone she’s waiting for.

Her vague explanation and curious insistence prompt Chae-young to ask reluctantly if she’s in any trouble. Tae-hee insists that she only wants to participate in Sun’s musical. Chae-young cannot understand why she’s giving up her contract for such an inconsequential reason. But for Tae-hee, the contract is making her life miserable – she no longer enjoy singing, dad no longer show up, she can’t join her friends’ musical, she can’t take supper anymore, and Jae-hun has left…Chae-young reminds her that being a musical star is her dream but Tae-hee corrects her. Her dream is to be happy…not to be a star or anything. J

Doo-ri sents messages to Soo-bin and Byung-gun requesting their presence. The script is done. The title is What’s Up. They are free to voice their dissatisfactions but if it’s something unreasonable, just remember she holds grudges. LOL. Byung-gun flips the script and finds his name as the only name in the list of appearance. Doo-ri asks impatiently: “So what, did you copyrighted your name?” LOL. Soo-bin tries more tactfully, asking why there are so many characters if there are only the three of them. Doo-ri explains that the characters are all necessary and there will be more people joining…Oooo? What have you got up your sleeves, Oh Doo-ri? *rubbing hands in glee*

Doo-ri has publicized the script! Genius! She sent the script to all the first years, believing that the story and the fact that the script incorporates the personal feelings of the students, in their own words are sure to garner interest among them. She’s confident that many will look for the author, which is her and she’d be more than happy to make amendments provided that the students are participants in the musical.

Byung-gun raises another issue – Jang Jae-hun is director of the musical according to the script. But he’s quitted school and left for home. Doo-ri explains that that was the reason she sent them an SOS in her message. The director of the musical has to be Jae-hun so, they have to get him back, by hook or by crook, definitely, without a doubt! Just then, Doo-ri’s phone rings. She answers smugly, thinking it’s the response from her script, but no…someone is looking for Tae-hee. Doo-ri informs the caller that Tae-hee is working part-time at the moment in a store in front of the school.

Tae-hee is daydreaming at work. Yoo-jin knows she’s tired out from many commitments but asks if it’s really Jae-hun who’s bothering her most. She has heard about Jae-hun quitting school and thinks it’s a case of reality vs dream for him. She tries to cheer her up by explaining that there have been many similar students who questioned the wisdom of continuing in the field when it’s hardly any guarantee for the future.

At the end of their conversation, Yoo-jin points out the curious presence of an ahjumma who’s been staring at them for some time now. The ahjumma is … Tae-hee’s mum?

When Tae-hee struggles to put up a notice, the ahjumma finally approaches her offering help. After a moment of awkward silence, the ahjumma asks tentatively if she’s Park Tae-hee…

Extra footage:

Chae-young is telling a woman off for taking her man. She even accuses her of using dirty tactics…trying to pass off her pregnancy as the man’s. Chae-young earns a slap and we hear a loud voice calling cut! It’s a scene from filming and it’s obvious that the other woman is the star…

p/s: Isn't that a cameo by Hwang Jeon-hee, the actress who plays Oh Man Seok’s wife in Wild Romance? LOL.


I’m a little upset that the Jae-hun and Tae-hee arc is being drawn out somemore…but that’s because I desperately want him to come back. Hopefully, by next episode. Especially since Sun’s secret will no longer be a secret any longer too. And the pesky reporter still hasn’t given up on Do-sung.

I’m happy to learn it’s not 18 episodes because I still can’t see how they can manage to wrap everything up by one more episode. And at the rate the musical is shaping up, I hope we get to watch the full musical in the last episode. I’m sure it’s going to be daebak!

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  1. Hey! You posted so fast. You rock.

    I'm actually glad they're prolonging it because it would feel rushed if they didn't IMHO.

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    Also, they NEED an OST...stat. All the music is amazing, background, the songs.