Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 3

Ok. I have a confession to make. I love our hero, Kim Boong-do already. Patient, gentle, chivalrous and CLEVER - what's not to like. Plus he's so cute when he smiles. Lost Boong-do spends the better part of the episode in modern Seoul. It's foreign - but he doesn't panic. So that's how a clever, rational scholar behaves if we time-travels him 300 years later. It's kind of refreshing and I luv him for it!

Episode 3

Hee-jin wakes up at the hospital with everyone thinking she's fainted due to stress. Still disorientated, she asks Jo for the sword-wielding man, describing the events in the woods. Jo thinks it's a dream, not buying her story and Hee-jin can't prove it, since the blood stains on her skirt have vanished. Was it a dream? And where's Boong-do?

The press conference ends and Dong-min is updated on Hee-jin's condition. He's not buying the general consensus that Hee-jin fainted due to stress. Na-yung passes by, sending not-so-subtle coy glances at him. He asks if she's taken, his exasperated assistant pleads that he leaves both Queen In-hyun and Jang Hui-bin alone. Heh. Poor boy claims he can't help it ...but a thought occurred to him. He calls Jo - confirming that Na-jung said something mean to Hee-jin and concludes presumptuously that Hee-jin fainted because of that. He had wanted to make Hee-jin famous at the press conference and since that did not quite work out, he plans to make her the number one searched news on the internet. Laud his intention, but not his tactic. :)

At the hospital, Hee-jin could not find her handphone. Instead she finds a yellow envelope - Boong-do's amulet. Not that both ladies can read it.

Using Jo's handphone, Hee Jin calls her own, thinking that someone may have taken it. The phone rings.....on a wooden floorboard and a hand picks it up. It's Boong-do, hiding in the empty library again, obviously still very much in this part of the universe. Boong-do stares at the handphone, fascinated. LOL.

Satellite tracing reveals her phone to be at the palace...which is exactly where Boong-do is. Flashbacks show that his amulet has fallen out when he was reaching over to hold Hee-jin and he had hid himself when the staff came looking for Hee-jin. When everyone had left, he reached for his amulet but found it gone, searched the place but found Hee-jin's handphone instead.

Back in Joseon, Min-am calls for Yoon-wol. He expresses him admiration for the vanished Boong-do, he who had done nothing when his entire family were slaughtered. Yoon-wol defends Boong-do's honor, explaining that he remained at the borders on the King's orders. Min-am is surprised he hasn't come for her, hinting at their dubious relationship. Yoon-wol is indignant, unwilling to have Min-am debase her master. She's just a lowly maid, taking care of her master on behalf of her mistress. Min-am astutely reads her one-sided feelings and insults her sacrifice, since the recipient is nowhere to be found.

The band of assassins puzzles over the whereabouts of Boong-do and their friend. Someone suggests that Boong-do may have already killed their comrade and buried him somewhere. Ja-soo looks deep in thought.

Boong-do spends the night in the library but decides to explore this foreign world the next day. From the words on the amulet, he quickly deduces that he's in the same space but a different time. He roams the palace grounds, satisfied that the same buildings are in place but wonders how much time has passed. Finally, he makes his way to the palace gate but finds a completely foreign sight. This time, he faces the city of Seoul - cars, skyscrapers, oddly dressed people. He shuts his eyes, imagining the streets of the old Joseon but the view before him remains the same. He staggered a step back in shock, still trying to process this new discovery.

Some of the filming crew passes by and grumbles about the change in filming schedule due to the hospitalization of Queen In-hyun. Boong-do's ears immediately perk up, as he recognizes the term "filming" from his previous conversation with Hee-jin, plus Hee-jin introduced herself as Queen In-hyun in their first meeting. He's so smart!

Dong-min is called to prepare for shooting. One actor is surprised to find his clothes missing, Dong-Min also realizes his bag has also gone missing. Haha. How clever is our lost scholar! He observes the dressings of the filming crew, and concludes that the clothes, bag, beanie and staff tag will allow him to blend into the crowd. And I love how the music changes from a period instrumental to rap as Boong-do hesitatntly changes his attire.

Jo watches an interview on TV where Na-jung and Dong-min flirts with each other, creating a buzz already for their compatibility in the absence of Hee-jin. It's rather cute and reminds me of the variety shows where they add captions and blushing cheeks. Jo is upset Na-jung is grabbing all the headlines with Dong-min but Hee-jin is happy not to be linked to him. Hee-jin feels apologetic for creating trouble for everyone and wants to visit the set with gifts. Jo reminds her she's supposed to be ill.

Hee-jin flips through the channels and settles on news. In SamCheongDong, a well-bred horse was found wandering the streets and creating an uproar. It is suspected to be a stray horse from a filming set. Hee-jin looks at the screen in shock, recognizing the horse at once. Since it's not a dream, she's convinced that Boong-do must have her handphone. She quickly dressed up and asks for Jo's handphone and car keys - determined to look for him, a sword-wielding nobleman. Jo is understandably confused by all these strange talk.

At the palace, she disguises herself with a cap and sunglasses (not that helpful, imo) and tries to locate Boong-do through the satellite tracing function. She mistakes a Joseon-garbed man for him but Boong-do makes no such mistake, quickly dragging her aside. He smiles happily, glad to have found her so quickly. Hee-jin takes in his new look and the staff tag around his neck and asks if he's a staff. But he asks her back, what's a staff? Hee-jin drags him away to somewhere more isolated and asks who he is. She goes over the events and asks if he's in charge of special effects. She wants an explanation for scaring her.

The equally puzzled but considerate Boong-do tells her to believe what she will as long as she does not faint on him again. Haha. Hee-jin is even more confused but Boong-do admits he doesn't know how to explain what happened, but is hoping she can send him back. Hee-jin spies Dong-min and the director in the distance and hides in her car, telling Boong-do to get in. Boong-do only peers at her through the window, not making a move. When Hee-jin winds down the window, he tells her politely he has no idea how to open the door. LOL. His earnest, blank face! LOL. Hee-jin is incredulous but opens the door, worried that she'd be spotted by the director.

 Next, she tells him to buckle up. He tells HER to do it since he doesn't know how. Hee-jin is angry, thinking he's trying to take advantage of her. Boong-do couldn't understand her modern speech, smiles apologetically and explains gently that he did not mean to make her angry. Hee-jin stares at him in could he not understand Hangul? Is he an idiot? Boong-do tells her to assume he is an idiot and teach him one by one. Speechless, Hee-jin reaches over and fastens his seatbelt, which puts them in close proximity. He belatedly realizes how inappropriate his request is, finally getting why she's angry. Hihi. Hee-jin drives away quickly just as the director notices of her presence.

Hee-jin plans to bring him somewhere more private to talk but Boong-do explains he's running out of time. He asks for the yellow envelope -his amulet- which Hee-jin left in her bag at the hospital. He tells her to hurry, it's a matter of life and death. Just then, they were overtaken dangerously by another car. No to be taken lightly, Hee-jin catches up to the car and scolds the other party, her rather unladylike behaviour surprising our gentle scholar. She asks the staring Boong-do if he's not seen someone drive before, and he infuriates her more by asking what's driving. LOL. She's amazed he's actually asking her that but one look at his sweet earnest face, she sighs, speechless.

Na-jung learns that she's currently the subject of a gossip - she's been accused of violent behaviour against her co-star. No names were mentioned but it was clear who it refers to. Na-jung seethes with anger, thinking Hee-jin is behind this. She calls Dong-min who avoided her call, still pleased with himself for his little  "payback".

Hee-jin and Boong-do arrives at the hospital. Hee-jin gets out but Boong-do remains seated in the car. Taking in his innocent lost puppy look, she grudging opens the door and unbuckles his seatbelt. LOL. Love the role reversal.

Boong-do takes in the entirely different scene at the hospital and asks Hee-jin how long is it since HyeonJong's reign (predecessor of King SukJong), alarmed to learn it's been over 300 years. The lift opens, but Boong-do hesitates before eventually entering, at Hee-jin's insistence since they're headed for the 13th floor. In the lift, he again observes the set-up and movements intently. Hee-jin looks at him curiously, and asks if it's his first elevator ride. He confirms. What about car and handphones? Of course he's never had any experience with those too. Hee-jin pokes him with her finger - trying to decide if he's alive. So if it's not a dream, and he's no ghost or on the special effects team - who the heck is he?

He introduces himself - clan, ancestry, governmental position and name -  but understands that it's not what's she's after. He still doesn't believe it himself, but he thinks he's traveled 300 years from the past. I love that he's calm and collected, even mildly amused with his own predicament. And while Hee-jin is still shocked trying to absorb this piece of news, I love how he's the one to remind her that they should get off the lift. Aw...I love me a smart hero.

Hee-jin tries to laugh it off, finding the whole idea improbable. He understands her confusion, but the shock is even greater for him. She agrees and then caught herself when he thanks her for her understanding. LOL. She looks at his fashionable wear and declares it's impossible. He looks at her blankly again but she thinks he's pretending again. Boong-do smiles benignly and tells her it's fine if she doubts him. He just wants his envelope back and the truth will reveal itself in time.

She still wavers between believing him or not but sets about looking for the envelope. Boong-do searches in the attached bathroom while she searches the room. He finds her bag-purse but Na-jung choose that moment to show up, discarding niceties right away when she finds Hee-jin looking well. She hits her with the flowers, venting her anger and dissatisfaction with the rumors. Hee-jin tries to explain but she thinks Hee-jin went to Dong-min complaining about her. When she's about to hit her again, Boong-do restrains her from behind and bundles her out the door. He closes the door and ask Hee-jin if it can be locked. Hee-jin shows him, puzzled he does not even know that. He replies with a smile that he knows now.

Na-jung finds herself locked out, struggles to open the door but puts on her angel face and leaves quickly when a nurse recognizes her.

Hee-jin reprimands Boong-do weakly for interfering but he explains he can't allow the weak to be bullied. He notices her bleeding from the scratches on the face and asks if she's fine. Hee-jin cries out her frustration, not understanding why she's bullied, not understanding about him too. He shares a Confucious saying with her which roughly means that in facing a difficult problem, to leave it be and things will resolve itself later. And tells her not to give up. She doubts his word wondering how reliable can his words be - coming from someone who can't even open doors. True. LOL. He shows her the amulet and tells her hes going to change and disappear now, less he be taken as an idiot in his time.

Meanwhile, Na-jung freaks out- admitting she's gotten into trouble to her assistant. But wonders at the mysterious man who witness the exchange.

As Boong-do changes back into his Joseon garb, Hee-jin asks for the saying. She wants to write it down as reference, to be used in interviews. Boong-do asks for her name, and why she's Queen In-hyun. As she explains how she's playing the role of Queen In-hyun, Boong-do rummages through a basket in the bathroom and finds a lipstick. She checks the door, and declares that the coast is clear. He explains he won't be leaving through THAT door. When he's all set, he utters the words from the amulet like a mantra and closes his eyes. Hee-jin opens the door to find him missing, but his modern clothes nicely folded and his shoes and bag still present. On the mirror, he wrote down the saying for her...written in her lipstick.


I'm loving this clever rational hero. The drama continues to be sleek and pretty, and I love the understated humour. The fish out of the water funnies were low-key and adorable because of our level-headed hero but I like it all the same. I'm so glad they didn't make him a clown, and his reactions to everything so far is in keeping with his demeanor and personality. I like this drama already and hope it continues to be this winning in future episodes, and judging from the preview, I shouldn't be disappointed.

Note: Next recap will be later since I'd be busy for the next few days helping out with my cousin's wedding. Sorry.


  1. Ahh.. Thank-you so much. I watched the episode raw so wasn't able to make out half the stuff. I am so glad you are taking this up for recap. I couldn't find it recapped anywhere or subbed for that matter. But this series is a gem. I love our cool- headed scholar! :)

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  4. Thank you a bunch for recapping this drama!
    I agree with you, this drama is under the radar but the storyline is deliciously good. Awesome smart pants Kim Boong Do. That indeed is a remarkable characteristic of a scholar. Calm. Intuitive. Appropriately reactive. I was actually laughing when he was fascinated by the handphone ringing (and the writer/director was particular with the traditional type ringtone of Hee Jin too, that was impressive).

    I watched the raws 3 and 4. Now that I read your recap, Ill be watching the raw again. Oh this is so addicting.

  5. I decided to give this drama a try because of your recaps :) It exceeded my expectations. I just hope that there will be more quality English subtitles for this drama.

  6. Oh my, I love you for recapping this! I already love our hero and I wanna watch it real soon. I'm so busy that I'm only relying on your recaps. Thank you so much! <3

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  9. Thanks for the recap. Sounds like an interesting one! I am all excited now, since I can watch it raw (kinda) with the help of a recap. Hahahahahaha!!

    This is my first time commenting on any drama website. Love the smart hero, as you said. Can't wait to watch more now!

    Btw, can I know the Chinese name of this drama so that I can watch it in Chinese subs (alternatively)?

    1. Congrats on your first comment ever :)

      Chinese name of QIM is 仁显王后的男人
      Happy watching!

    2. Hahahaha yes I found it last nite after reading your recaps because I just couldn't wait. I watched Ep 3-4 with Csubs and then watched Ep 5 raw (I can understand most of it although I guess a lot, except when they speak really, really fast or when they go back to ancient times). And now I'm watching Ep 5 with Csubs again while waiting for Ep 6 to come out! ARGH, I'm so addicted~~

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