Mini-recap: The Great Seer Episode 6

Ban-ya's life continues to suck while Ji-sang has contracted the dreaded amnesia.

Episode 6

Ji-sang mourns for dad in the darkness. He recalls dad's last words and promises to find the ring back and by default, his mum. With new resolve, he cuts the ropes on his wrist and sets out.

Ryun-gae is injured (oh so Seong-gye did manage to cut her...) but all In-nim cares about is whether Dong-ryun and Ji-sang is dead and whether she's got the Purple Forbidden Enclosure. She shows him the ring she confiscated and vows to kill the boy for his precious revenge. But that's not all he's concerned about. If Lee Seong-gye finds the boy, he'd be linked to the King's assassination. Even though the boy only knew of her, there's no guarantee that she won't sell him out. Oof. Even though I hate her guts, he's pretty mean to the mother of his only child. In-nim keeps the ring and leaves her, without the slightest concern for her wound. She swallows her hurt for now. She will bide her time for payback - though the target would be Yeong-ji. Beats me why she thinks Yeong-ji is the source of all her pain. Me thinks her anger is totally misdirected.

Anyhow, In-nim returns home to find Yeong-ji hard at work on her desk and somehow that triggers his fury anew. He instructs Sourface to find and kill Ji-sang at all cost.

In-nim is having tea at Yeong-ji's place. Their relationship remains strained. She's quiet in his presence and when prompted, she usually speaks of Jung-geun. In-nim asks if she takes care of Jung-geun because he reminds her of the son she abandoned. She takes offense at that, insisting that Jung-geun is her son. If that's the case, then he would be her man. How long must he wait until she accepts him? ( still haven't consummate your marriage? My my you have the patience of a saint for a scumbag.)

Yeong-ji gets uncomfortable with the topic and tries to send him off. But he pins her to the bed, asking how long must he wait for her heart. Yeong-ji explains matters of the heart cannot be erased so easily. But what if that man is dead? Yeong-ji frowns in worry but he doesn't elaborate more, believing that she's his sooner or later.

In-nim is looking at the ring in his study when Jung-geun comes by. He admonishes him for the use of compass but the reason he's angry is different. He doesn't disapprove of him using the compass. Only that he's used it for such a trivial matter. He's only allowed to study at SeoWoonGuan because In-nim thinks he might be successful in that. So if his results does not reflect that, he will be stopped from attending further lessons. With such parental advice, no wonder the kid will grow up wrong. Sigh.

Ryun-gae pays a visit to Coldfeet in jail. Ah, he's still alive. She assures him she'll try to get him exiled instead of executed. But he wants to be released and threatens to out everyone. She snickers at his lame threats - has he forgotten his family? If he's executed, his family dies with him but if he's exiled, at least they get to stay alive. She warns him to keep his mouth shut if he wants to protect his bloodline.

The doctor tells Seong-gye he's been exposed to some sort of sedative, which is why he's weak and drowsy. All he needs is some rest. No-suk laughs at his expense. Heh. Seong-gye is disappointed he did get to see the woman's face and asks about Ji-sang. His somber-faced lieutenant (Somberface) thinks he must have gone into hiding. Seong-gye wants him found.

Ji-sang wanders back to to Gibang. He remembers how ahjumma used to call out to him who likes to keep a lookout for dad by climbing on the roof. His memory flashback ends but he still hear cries of his name. Thinking it's dad, he runs towards the cries eagerly. But it's only Hyo-myung....and closeby, Sourface and his men. Crap, he turns around and runs but Sourface already noticed him and goes after him. They catch up to him in no time and Sourface throws a dagger which stabs him right in the chest. Crap crap crap.

Thinking he's dead, they dig a grave and prepare to bury him. Sourface removes his dagger from Ji-sang's chest and cuts a lock of his hair as proof. He doesn't see Ji-sang's finger twitches and kicks him into the grave. His men bury the body while he reports back to In-nim.

The heavens must favour him because some mythical white smoke envelopes Ji-sang underground and he seems to hear his mother speaking to him. He wakes and claws his way out.

Ryun-gae performs a divination ceremony for the Queen. She declares that the Northern Dipper Seven Star (indicates the birth of a new life) has fallen on the Queen's palace. The Queen is due for a baby. But she cautions against any bloodshed. Bad for baby. You sly witch.

The King refuses to spare Coldfeet's life. He could not forgive him for threatening the Queen's life, for the humiliation of being forced into hiding. But the Queen beseeches him to reconsider. She wants the baby badly and they can always punish him after the baby is born.

Seong-gye questions Hyo-myung about the people after Dong-ryun and Ji-sang. He maintains that he has no idea who those people are. He's not a very good liar and his explanation is full of loopholes. Seong-gye asks if this is related to the Purple Forbidden Enclosure. Hyo-myung is rattled but remains quiet on the subject. He does however warns Seong-gye to forget about it, to learn more would put him in anger. They are interrupted when one of the soldiers reports about Coldfeet's exile.

He stops by just before Coldfeet is escorted away and tries to find out more about the Purple Forbidden Enclosure. But he clearly knows zip. Seong-gye thinks he's just small fry and there are bigger fish to catch. The people after Dong-ryun are most definitely the main culprits.

Jung-geun is putting extra efforts in grooming for his "date" with Hae-in. The maid teases him but he doesn't seems to mind. He even asks her for dating tips. LOL. She reminds him to get a gift and he thinks back to the ring he saw In-nim fiddling with in the study the other day. He sneaks into the study and voila - the ring is right where In-nim's left it.

Hae-in is out in the woods looking for herbs when a mud-covered Ji-sang collapses at her feet. Her fear immediately switches to concern and she drags him to a nearby hut.

Jung-geun tries to get the maid to pawn the ring for money but she refuses because it looks expensive. She doesn't want to be mistaken for a thief. Well, that's smart of her. In their struggle the ring falls to the ground just as Yeong-ji arrives at the scene. Jung-geun quickly picks it up but she demands to see what he's hiding. She immediately recognizes her ring and demands to know how he got it. He confesses to have taken it from dad's pen holder.

Meanwhile, Hae-in is back home to grab some medicinal herbs. She needs to consult the books though. Her maid reminds her not to taste the herbs out of curiosity.

Ryun-gae congratulates In-nim for killing both father and son. Now he'd surely have the princess's heart. She laments sarcastically about that the things he'd do over jealousy. He wonders why she still follows him even though she knew he loves Yeong-ji. She denies she loves him. She only loves the future he represents - he'd be someone important and she'd like that spot next to him. They're interrupted by Yeong-ji who tries to barge in.

She cuts straight to the point. Where is her child? Why does he have the ring in his room? While In-nim considers his reply, Ryun-gae admits to killing them both. A crushed Yeong-ji trembles at the news. She thought he'd keep his promise and spare them if she treats Jung-geun like her own. Since he's broken his promise, there's no point in upholding her end of the bargain. She declares her relationship with In-nim over and refuses to be Jung-geun's mother anymore. In-nim is furious at Ryun-gae but she defends her decision. Now Yeong-ji would definitely transfer her affection to Jung-geun. Oh lady, I'm not sure your logic is going to work.

Meanwhile, Ji-sang finally wakes up but finds himself in a foreign room. Hae-in is ecstatic he's awake and checks his temperature. He's still feverish. She feeds him a medicinal drink which should alleviate his pain. He asks who she is. Hae-in: "Can't you tell? Your saviour. Be sure to repay me later." He's not much better though. He collapses in cold sweat and when he drinks water, complains of stomachache. Oh dear, now I worry about Hae-in's medicinal knowledge. She rushes out in panic.

Hyo-myung is explaining to Moo-hak about Dong-ryun's decision to die. He even tells him about the map. But since they both do not possess the Heavenly Eye, the map is useless because they won't be able to see it. But there will still be another great seer who can find it - Ji-sang.

Hae-in barges into the room, calling Hyo-mung dad. Oh? She's his daughter??! Anyway, she tries to explain about the herb, "cho-wool" (used as painkiller, but because the effect is too strong, it's usually used after fermentation). Hyo-myung finally pays attention when she says someone else ate it and he's breaking out in cold sweats. Oh dear, I hope you didn't poison him.

Ji-sang twists in pain and hallucinates about dad's dying moments. He comes to suddenly, seemingly better and walks out of the room. When Hae-in and dad reach the place, he's already gone. But since he can still move, it means the medicine worked. Dad goes in search of him while Hae-in cleans up. She's relieved he's better but grumbles that he's an ingrate for leaving without a word. But wait, she's forgotten her "date" with Jung-geun!

Poor Jung-geun's still waiting even though it's already dark. Hae-in apologizes to a glum Jung-geun but he's not upset with her. She did forget her books though so they might as well call it a day. A servant comes looking for Jung-geun with bad news - his mum is packing. She's going back to the palace.

In-nim finds her first. Since he broke their promise, she sees no reason to stay. But he insists that she never honored her promise neither. She never gave him her heart. He didn't marry her just because she was royalty, he wanted her heart. Dong-ryun and that boy was in the way. She's had enough of his twisted logic. She'll never forgive him and Ryun-gae.

Jung-geun is back right before she leaves. It's so sad how he thinks it's his fault mum is leaving. He apologizes and promises to do well. But Yeong-ji has made up her mind. She hugs him tight and says she's sorry. She knows it's not his fault but she wills herself not to soften. Hae-in tries to comfort him after Yeong-ji has left but he insists that nothing's happen. Mum has just gone back for a short stay. She'll be back once she sees that he's doing well in studies.

Meanwhile, Jong-dae has his wife clean up Ban-ya real well. Ban-ya is worried for Ji-sang but the wife tells her to forget about him and prepare to live as an adopted daughter of a well-to-do family. She's brought before this stern looking rich couple who's satisfied with her looks and background (Jong-dae passes her of as the daughter of noble family who has fallen on hard times).

The rich man's wife leads her to this room...but then an ominous music plays in the background and I fear that this is not such a simple exchange after all. Sure enough, an old gramps enters the room and starts groping her. She runs for it but is soon cornered by the servants.

The rich lord is alarmed by the commotion. Ban-ya explains that this is not part of the deal - she's only here because she thought she was going to be their adopted daughter. The rich lord appears genuinely confused (damn that Jong-dae!) but he doesn't really care. Ban-ya struggles free then strides purposefully before the lord. She takes off her upper clothing and declares that if this is the case, she'd rather be the lord's concubine than an old man's concubine. I don't like the idea but I do love the fire in her eyes.

Too bad it doesn't go as she plans because there's no way the lord's wife will agree to that. The evil wife locks her up in the storage room. And instructs the servants to send her to the mountains as soon as day breaks. She cries to herself but I thought that's not such a bad solution. Best to escape these lecherous men.

The irritating envoy is back and takes issues with Ryun-gae for her failure in carrying out the Emperor's order (to kill the King). She explains that she's biding her time since security is higher since the last assassination attempt. But he hints that they are other ways to "kill" a man than with a knife. Prevent the Queen from conceiving. With no apparent heir, the matter of succession will create a power imbalance. Ryun-gae explains how she'd received a divination about the Queen's pregnancy. Mr.Envoy reminds her to choose her side well.

She immediately orders Eun-bei to get in touch with the maid from the Queen's chamber. It's not the first time she's taken bribe to betray the Queen. She's in charge of preparing firewood in the Queen's room. So she conveniently sprinkles some unknown substance into the pot of firewood before sending it to her room. Meanwhile, the Queen overrides the orders from SeoWoonGuan to change her diet - from this soup to enhance her conceiving rate to another which warms her body. She'd rather drink the same soup for years if it would help her purpose.

Ryun-gae meets someone in secret in the woods - it's No Young-so! Aha...I thought he looked a little evil. He explains how this piece of land is the ley line (spiritual and mystical theories about alignments of land forms, drawing on the Chinese concept of  fengshui) between the mountains and the palace. If this line is disrupted, the King would have no heir. They set a fire to the place. Cut to the Queen who sleeps uneasily, no doubt due to the poison.

Ban-ya is carried to the mountains where she's handed over to a group of bandits (ex-soldiers). The bandit leader thinks she's rather pretty to be sold to prostitution. ( Oh dear, it gets worse for her at every turn.) She puts up a fight but he shows her a girl strung up high, subjected to the bright sun for three days. After that, he doubts she'd be as feisty. She pleads for mercy but he just throws her into a makeshift prison, along with other girls.

Jong-dae gets a good thrashing (hah. Serves you right!) for sending a temptress to her. He begs for forgiveness but she doesn't want to see him ever again. Later, he's dumped outside where his anxious wife is waiting. 

He's the stingy sort that he wouldn't even spare a dime to see the doctor. Opting instead to have his wife apply dwenjang on his buttocks. Does that even work? Heh. Outside, someone is calling out "father" repeatedly. It's Ji-sang and he seems to to think he is Jong-dae's son. Oh dear, it's amnesia now? Wife thinks Ji-sang's the product of all his fooling around but he denies it. Jong-dae does recognize Ji-sang but claims he can't afford to take him in.

They kick him out but he continues to tag along Jong-dae like a lost puppy. Jong-dae finds it queer that he's calling him dad but doesn't think much of it. Jong-dae is off to the gibang to sell some cosmetics. Everything is going great until one of this ex-customer  complains that his product has side effects. He couldn't bluff his way out so he decides to hightail out of there. But the girl won't let him off easy and a struggle ensues. Ji-sang who has been observing quietly all these while suddenly shouts, "Wait!" He approaches the girl and examines her closely.

End. Well, that's a strange ending.


It looks like amnesia, sounds like amnesia and will most probably be amnesia. I'm not sure why must our tortured heroes always suffer from this dreaded condition. Can't they grow up with revenge in mind? Would that twist their soul so much they're not hero-material anymore? Granted, being buried alive is damn traumatic but he did appear still sane, though weak, when Hae-in treated him. Did Hae-in's medication tamper with his brain as well? Then again, maybe the fever did. He was burning up when she left him alone.

It seems Lee Moon-shik might be playing daddy to our hero from now on. He was adorable with Jun-ki in Iljimae that I'm having a tough time accepting this version of him. At one point, I even thought Hyo-myung might be raising him. Heck, i even preferred it. Then, he might get to rival Jung-geun for Hae-in's affection as well. And grow up fulfilling his Seer potential. But that'd be too easy. And heavens forbid that our heroes have an easy life. Though Heavens did play a hand in determining that Ji-sang lives. How else could he have survived the dagger and then being buried?

Anyway, please tell me the adult casts will appear tomorrow.Yeah, I'm late with the recaps :) It's been six episodes already! I anticipate a little more focus on Ban-ya's fate and we should be able to transition nicely to adulthood.


  1. Thanks for the recap. I enjoy reading how others see the same episode. On Ji Sang...I never thought he has amnesia (never cross my mind about that). For me the scene where Ji Sang calls Jong Dae ”father” is logical. He wants to be adopted by him. He is alone, hurt, he is desperate. He wants to survive so Jong Dae was the person from whom he learned to cheat, the ”street survival”, he is familiar to him.
    The adult cast will appear on Thursday, 1st November.

  2. thank u 4 te recap. i dont think he has amnesia. adult cast appeared in 8th ep.