Mini-recap: The Great Seer Episode 8

Yay.....The adult cast has arrived!

Episode 8

Jung-geun doesn't believe mum is guilty and vows to find the truth. Instead of replying, Yeong-ji just tells him to leave. Ryun-gae agrees that it's best that he leaves since the Yeong-ji is still in shock. Once alone, Yeong-ji asks her why she brought Jung-geun here. Well, it's best he gets acquainted since he'd be here once the truth is out. Yeong-ji sees through her intention and scoffs, "Did you think my heart would soften at the sight of Jung-geun? Don't worry, I'd definitely reveal everything."

Seong-gye is unhappy that Hyo-myung wants to inspect his father's grave after having gone through his Gaesong home and his old home in the North. Hyo-myung insists he's only acting on the King's order - if his father is buried on Land of the Kings, he will be prosecuted. Seong-gye blames Hyo-myung for getting him into trouble, cause he wouldn't explain about Purple Land. Well, Hyo-myung did warn him earlier. But Seong-gye argues that all that mystery would raise anyone's curiosity. Like a stubborn child, he still wants to unravel the mystery. Hyo-myung doesn't comment but takes his leave. He'd rather stay at the inn than Seong-gye's home coz it's not appropriate to receive any favors from the one he's inspecting.

Seong-gye is insulted. Haha. And disappointed that he return to his hometown in such humiliating circumstances. Dad would cry in his grave. Ji-ran reminds him that his father is buried on a sacred ground. Seong-gye is not too worried- the purpose of that was to bring fortune to his son, surely it wouldn't bring harm to him. Speaking of which, Seong-gye decides to visit dad, since he hasn't been home for quite some time.

Seong-gye and gang finds Moo-hak digging around his father's grave. He asks Moo-hak what he's doing. Moo-hak continues digging without sparing him a glance. Seong-gye almost chops him but Ji-ran advises him to wait. Moo-hak finally turns around and asks if this was Seong-gye's dad's grave. He orders Moo-hak arrested but they find a stone plate where Moo-hak was digging. On seeing the plate, Moo-hak is immediately on his knees.

Seems that Moo-hak's master, a Buddhist Monk called Na-woong (once King Gong-min's royal advisor) left the plate there for him. Moo-hak gripes about his master's roundabout way of leaving him a message. Heh. Seong-gye recognizes Na-woong as the man who found the place for dad. He's suddenly very interested in the content. The plate left instruction for him to convert the existing grave to a flat grave (instead of the mound) and create a fake grave (with no body). Purpose of all that is to present a fake front. (Great timing since Hyo-myung is going to inspect his dad's grave!) Seong-gye wants Moo-hak to find the site for the fake grave. Moo-hak agrees reluctantly. Not that he has a choice, since Seong-gye threatens to cut him up.

Hyo-myung hears that Seong-gye's found a good burial ground for dad from his ex-long time servant. A guard reports that Seong-gye has gone to his father's grave. Err..guess this paints him in a bad light.

Yeong-ji is brought before the King who's greatly disappointed in her for tricking him with a false Purple Land. Does she think he does not deserve the Purple Land? She tries to explain that the Land will find its owner but that's like the wrong answer. He accuses her of giving him false hope, giving Goryeo false hope. She admits her mistakes and asks to be killed. But that's not enough for the heartbroken King. He wants to "kill" her over and over again by locking her up in the dungeons, just like Dong-ryun. Yeong-ji accepts her sentence, but just as she is dragged away, she pleads that he does not trust the Royal Shaman. Ryun-gae betrays just the slightest nerves as Yeong-ji explains that Ryun-gae used her body to-- The tensed atmosphere builds as the King awaits her explanation. But none is forthcoming so he orders her taken away.

Hyo-myung finds Seong-gye following through on Moo-hak's orders by flattening the grave. He orders them arrested. No-suk and Ji-ran raise their swords and the two sides are in a standoff. Seong-gye agrees to be arrested but tries to buy some time. Sure enough, Moo-hak pops up moments later declaring he's found it. He's arrested as well but thankfully Hyo-myung recognizes him.

This place is apparently the Land of the Kings (Fengshui language: Five dragons fighting for the pearl). They don't get why their master told Seong-gye of this spot but thinks it's most likely fated or something like that. They do wonder if he could carry the burden of the place. During all this, Seong-gye is drinking with No-suk like it's the norms. He even offers the drink to Moo-hak who accepts greedily. Once again, a curious Seong-gye wants to know what the big deal is with his dad's grave.  Moo-hak gives vague descriptions with the conclusion that this is a precious land; for prosperity, longevity and long bloodline.

Seong-gye is like, "That's it?!!" Moo-hak tries to gauge his response by asking if Seong-gye is disappointed that this is not the Land of the King's. Seong-gye catches himself. Hah, he's not falling for that. Treason, no way. And he tells Hyo-myung to report to the King exactly that. That he has no rebellious intention whatsoever. Once alone, Hyo-myung wonders why Moo-hak didn't tell Seong-gye the truth. He doesn't want him to entertain any thoughts of rebellion, which would be the case had he known the truth. Anyhow, Moo-hak is more interested why their master gave the sacred ground to Seong-gye.

Ji-sang is released. On the way out, he noticed a familiar motif on one of the buildings, which is similar to the motif on the ring. He begs General Geol-ryun to tell him what it means but the general just chucks him outside the palace. All his pleas fall on deaf ears.

Ryun-gae shows up to gloat as Yeong-ji is being escorted to the prison. Yeong-ji tells her that other loyal officials will reveal her wrong-doings. To Ryun-gae, there's no wrong/right, only strong/weak. She is however, touched by her affection for Jung-geun. Yeong-ji says that even if she dies, Jung-geun only knows her as his mother. There's no place for Ryun-gae. That strikes a raw nerve and she retaliates by instructing the guards to remove all her accessories - no prisoner are allowed to wear them. Ryun-gae offers to safeguard her ring but she says no thanks.

 She goes to the SeoWoonGuan library (a closed off area reserved for royalty). There she unlocks a hidden door which leads to an underground room. Though I guess it's pretty well-maintained judging by the amount of candles. She places the ring alongside a royal seal? in a box.

As they continue on their way, Yeong-ji asks about Ji-sang. The general says that he kicked up a bit of a ruckus, saying that he had a ring with that motif (Black tortoise) and desperate to find it again. Yeong-ji remembers how Ji-sang said he was abandoned and immediately put two and two together. She's desperate to find him but the Imperial Guards are here for her, and they're not as flexible as General Geol-ryun.

Jung-geun finds the general to ask for mum's whereabouts. The general admits he doesn't know, since she's placed under the jurisdiction of the Imperial guards. But he does know one thing, his mum was investigating SungSukCheong when all this happened. Hae-in wonders about that, since Ryun-gae helped Jung-geun meet his mum. Jung-geun thinks there must be some reason, if mum was investigating them.

Yeong-ji is led into the lockup. Suddenly she feels an unusual breeze and flower blossoms rain down around her. She rises in confusion but sees Dong-ryun.

DR: It will be scary. You won't be able to distinguish between night or day. You won't know how many days or years have passed. Moreover, you'd be lonely. 
YJ: No. I'm not afraid. Not lonely. Because you're here with me, I'll persevere. Just like how you stayed alive and gifted me with that child, I'll get out of here alive and find that child

His apparition disappears as she tries to touch him, but her resolve remains strong.

Jung-geun and Hae-in are playing detective.  He wants to look for evidence in the Royal Shaman's residence but he doesn't have a concrete plan yet. He sees an unlikely way in but needs a diversion. Hae-in offers to do it. She runs back home? to grab something- firecrackers?

Night. Ji-sang is being followed. Jung-geun and Hae-in is back at the shaman's residence, ready to put their plans into action. Hae-in throws the lit firecrackers and as expected, the guards immediately leave their post to check it out. Jung-geun takes the opportunity to slip down this trapdoor. Hope they have an exit plan as well.

Ji-sang finds Jong-dae's's home unnaturally empty. Suddenly a figure jumps out of nowhere and drags him aside for cover. It's Jong-dae (and wife), telling him that they're being targeted. Ji-sang thinks he's struck a deal but Jong-dae is wiser. He knows too much. Too much knowledge is useful to people in power, but for people like them,  knowledge spells death. Ji-sang refuses. My dear, listen to the one with impeccable survival instinct. A group of sword-wielding assassins appear but thankfully they're hidden from view. Ji-sang finally leaves with Jong-dae.

Jung-geun manages to enter the compound through the other exit of the trapdoor. After avoiding the patrolling guards, he slips into one of the building and starts searching blindly. He realizes soon enough of his futile efforts and slips out again. But he sees his father, here to find his lover. Sourface stands guard so he can't approach closer.

Ryun-gae is expecting him, already in her half-dressed state. She knows he's bound to find her now that Yeong-ji is out of the picture. But he remains stoic and unresponsive. When she embraces him, he eventually pushes her away. To him, she's just plain scary. He tells her to find another man for her great ambition, obviously no longer wants to have anything to do with her.

Outside, Jung-geun again with his diversion tactic, manages to enter the building where dad went. In-nim is telling Ryun-gae that he regrets keeping her by his side, since she'd destroyed her family. Well she can go find herself another man, since she claims to love power, not him. A shaken Ryun-gae keeps a smiling front and embraces him again. And this is how Jung-geun finds them. Dun dun dun. He understandably jumps to the conclusion that mum left home because of dad's affair. Similarly she was framed because of Ryun-gae.

Ryun-gae tries to be hospitable, err inappropriate in current situation, and Jung-geun just says that she's despicable, blaming her for mum's plight. Ouch. Dad tells him to go home but he declares he will no longer listen to him, having lost all respect for dad. Dad strikes him. Jung-geun glares at him angrily and says that he will reveal everything! He stomps off. Ryun-gae panics, asking In-nim to stop Jung-geun. In-nim is disgusted, thinks she's only concerned of her own safety. Double ouch. A shell-shocked Jung-geun ignores a waiting Hae-in on his way out.

The next day, he marches towards the palace, intent on revealing everything. Sourface drags him back on In-nim's orders. He's brought before dad on the army's training grounds. Dad instructs Sourface to spar with Jung-geun, with wooden swords, without mercy. As expected, Jung-geun is no match for him and gets hit quite a few times. Then dad signals for a halt. Ok I'm waiting for your big moral-behind-story. But no, dad knows Sourface is holding back. Damn. Jung-geun is still defiant. He hurts more now that Sourface is serious. He swings blindly and eventually falls in a heap after a few strokes by Sourface.

Dad throws him the sword. "If you're in another country, you must know how to protect yourself." Dad turns away, leaving Jung-geun who goes after him. He demands to know if this is that woman's orders. To sent him away if he wants to expose them. What happened to mum? Dad: "Even if I tell you where she is or what happened, what can you do with that weak body of yours?" Jung-geun: "What of you ,dad? What can you do for mum? Is having affair all you can do?" In-nim leaves him without replying. Jung-geun knows he can't fight dad now. He will leave, but vows that he will be different when he returns.

Ban-ya is stuffing her face with food. Shin-don marvels at her features - she bears the features of someone who would carry the son of a King. He's almost crazy hysterical with this discovery which confuses the hell out of Banya (and creeps me out a lot).

Hyo-myung sneaks into No Young-soo's office to check Seong-gye's records. Whatever he read (Seong-gye horoscope) startles him. Young-soo is back and suspicious of his presence. Hyo-myung explains he's just here to wrap up a few details of his investigation of Seong-gye. But Young-soo remains suspicious. He checks the book racks after Hyo-myung leaves and finds an out-of-place book. He's curious why Hyo-myung is checking out Seong-gye's horoscope.

Seong-gye requests an audience with the King. The King is no longer suspicious but sends him to DongPoongMyung. Seong-gye is upset, thinking he's being sidelined again. But that's not the case, the King just wants him away from all the baddies in Gaesung, so that he remains not corrupted. Seong-gye lights up adorably when he realizes he's being trusted.

Hyo-myung shares his findings with Moo-hak and together they interpret his horoscope. Basically it means he's favored by the heavens and destined for greatness. Hyo-myung is unconvinced, judging from his rude and frivolous character (you and me both). But it's early days yet and a great tree doesn't grow overnight. Does that mean it would be a Lee (Yi) Dynasty?

Moo-hak chides him for being loud. He doesn't want to die yet. LOL. He even swallows the paper to destroy the evidence. Hyo-myung offers to volunteer himself to DongPoongMyung to observe him closely.
Moo-hak declares they need to find Ji-sang. They wonder if he's still alive. Moo-hak hopes he is, or else, Goryeo's people will die

Ji-sang is on the run with Jong-dae and wife. Surviving on his fortune-telling talent. Cut to an all grown up Jisang (yay Ji-sung takes over!). Now much more charming (totally chanelling Jong-dae's vibe) and still scamming the gullible ladies. He's working his magic at a Gibang now.

Hae-in (Kim So-yeon!!) is waiting for a Prof  Lee Han-baek at the jetty. A fellow SeoWoonGuan member alerts her that the Prof is at the Gibang, WoonYangLou. The naive Hae-in wants to find him immediately, ecstatic to be able to meet the great man.

The girls wonder who Ji-sang is, with his Yang-ban attire. He tells them he's the famous MyungPoongSoo, Lee Han-baek! Whut? LOL. This should be fun. Hae-in finds her way to the Gibang where's she's led to Ji-sang, who's still cavorting with the ladies. Her smile falters just a little but she tells the lady that she's got the wrong person. That person she's looking for should be someone more...decent. LOL.

But it is...and she looks disappointed as the lady announces her presence to Ji-sang (or should I call him many names). He ignores her and continue his merry-making right before her. Hae-in suppresses her discomfiture and introduces herself as a disciple from SeoWoonGuan. He's not so impressed they sent a small fry like her for him. He tells her to foot the bill and then come for him tomorrow afternoon. Hae-in watches him leave with a gisaeng on his arm, unable to reconcile the great reputable man with this lecherous man before her eyes. Ji-sang only betrays the slightest emotion as he turns away from her.

A pouty Hae-in leaves the Gibang, frustrated. A stranger is demanding to meet Lee Han-baek at the door. She doesn't pay him much attention and sulks off.

That night, Ji-sang stares at a drawing of the Black Tortoise motif wistfully.

"Dad, I'm entering the palace tomorrow. Only the palace has the Black Tortoise, like the one on Mum's ring. Therefore, I shall be able to find her there."


It's only a meager ten minutes but they're here!!! Yes yes yes.

All the leads are separated in the time skip - Ji-sang with Jong-dae, Ban-ya with Shin-don, Jung-geun off to some other country and Hae-in in SeoWoonGuan. Ah yes, Seong-gye somewhere far away as well. I'm quite okay with everyone's trajectory which I'm certain will converge again from now on.

The most satisfying moment in this episode for me was when Jung-geun discovered dad's affair with Ryun-gae. Every sentence he uttered must have cut Ryun-gae to the core. She never gave any indication that she wants him back, but I'm sure it still hurts like hell to have your son hurl abuse at you. She lost everything but her position with this one move. In-nim cuts her loose after losing his object of obsession. Jung-geun hates her guts for Yeong-ji's plight. I'm sorry to say I wasn't the least sorry for her. Her brow lifting is particularly annoying too. Definitely makes me wanna smack that smirk off her face.

I'm sort of glad that Yeong-ji learns about Ji-sang right before she's thrown into the dungeons. It might be cruel but at least she has something to hold on to. Sigh. First Dong-ryun, now Yeong-ji. What is it about SeoWoonGuan that all its elite seers get imprisoned for years. No wonder everyone's loyalty is questionable. It's pretty funny that Hyo-myung and Moo-hak do not seem to endorse the current King. I guess for them, all that geomancy thingy is more reliable. Heh.

Hae-in seems pretty impressionable though. It feels a little queer seeing Kim So-yeon acting all girly when she's already passed her thirties but I'm hoping it'd get less awkward after this. Ji-sung already embodies his role but I can't wait to see the two of them hit it off. And with Song Chang-ui thrown in the mix soon too. I love all the guys when they appeared as guests on running man. And Kim So-yeon is one my girl-favs. Let's hope that the drama fares even better now that the adult cast is here!


  1. I'm looking forward to Lee Yoon Ji (future Banya). She's so pretty :p

    1. Yeah, I found her really beautiful and unique (not like the average Korean actresses I know).
      Hae-In is quite pretty too.

    2. Yeah, I found her really beautiful and unique (not like the average Korean actresses I know).
      Hae-In is quite pretty too.

  2. Finally they are here and thanks for these wonderful recaps!