Mini-recap : The Great Seer Episode 15-16

Ah...back after a long hiatus, still the ratings for this drama is rather low and with all the problems plaguing the production, I feel kinda bad for TGS. Since I'm way off the live schedule, I'mma just gonna summarize as I go, and maybe linger on the good parts.

Episode 15

Jung-geun throws the ring into the river. Ji-sang punches him and starts searching but to no avail.
Jung-geun later finds himself at Hae-in's place, to treat his cut lip, or rather his broken heart. He tells her cryptically that he's hurting because he has just realized that he is not the most precious person in the heart of the person he treasures most. And no amount of medication can fix that. He refers to Yeong-ji but I guess Hae-in is quickly falling under that category too - she mistakenly thinks so too.

Noguk calls for Yeong-ji and Ryun-gae to meet Banya. Yeong-ji is to find a suitable residence for Banya while Ryun-gae is to pray for Banya to better conceive. Yeong-ji is concerned but Noguk believes Banya's incompatibility is no biggie since her mum occupies the LoK (Land of Kings). Moreover, it's possible for Yeong-ji to take the necessary steps to prevent any misfortune. Ryun-gae recognises Banya but could say nothing without implicating herself. Noguk orders everyone but Yeong-ji out.

Ryun-gae pretends to congratulate Banya while finding out how she acquired the LoK. Banya explains how a friend found the land for her and someone had tried to steal it. She's appealed to the King to exhume that other grave. Ryun-gae fumes inside. Later she orders Eun-bei to run a background check on Banya.

Noguk admits to Yeong-ji that her pregnancy isn't going well and she's likely unable to conceive again. She only needs Banya for the baby. Banya would be kicked out after that and so her incompatibility with the King shouldn't be of any concern.

Hae-in brings medication for Jung-geun at SWG (SeoWoonGuan). Jung-geun has calmed down somewhat and smiles at her. She starts to explain but Ji-sang turns up, which is a surprise to her since he's supposed to have been kicked out.

Apparently he came with the envoy. Ah I see. He passive-aggressively request to be made a permanent disciple (he was previously on prbation, thus Yeong-ji's test). Young-suk is keen to avoid stirring any trouble and agrees readily. Not even Yeong-ji could object. News reach the other disciples but only Hae-in is genuinely happy about it.

Jung-geun addresses Yeong-ji as mother on purpose before Ji-sang. It's a childish and possessive gesture, but kinda pointless since Ji-sang still doesn't know Yeong-ji is mum. Yeong-ji responds and Ji-sang looks on in confusion.

Seong-gye has made up his mind to abandon the King who treats him like a hunting dog and then, feeds him to the wolves.

In-nim's been keeping track of Seong-gye's camp. It's been so quiet that it's actually kinda suspicious. The arrest itself is a hush hush affair since no one actually knows about it - Choi-young in particular is worried about Seong-gye being missing in action.

Yeong-ji instructs SWG's disciples to assist in the setting up of the residence in which Banya is to receive the king for the baby making sessions....but all Ji-sang could think of is Yeong-ji's strange reaction the previous day.

Hyo-myung tells Yeong-ji what she already knows by now - Ji-sang is Dong-ryun's son. She would not acknowledge him as her son because that would put him in danger. She appeals to Hyo-myung to keep her secret too.

But it's too late coz Ji-sang has sort of figured it out on his own and confronts her about it. She continues to lie but Ji-sang sees through her easily. Still, she denies and denies even as Ji-sang lists proof after proof that she's his mother. Yeong-ji struggles to maintain her composure and they're interrupted by Hae-in. Ji-sang leaves without saying more - he knows that he's found mum. Hae-in peeks from a pillar, has she heard too?

Jong-dae pesters wife to persuade Ji-sang to return to them. They followed Ji-sang right up to Banya's new residence.

Meanwhile, the Head of SWG learns of the library break-in. The guard on duty declares he can identify the SWG disciples he saw that night. Crap.

Shin-don and Bong-chun arrives at Banya's new residence. Jung-geun recognises Shin-don. At the same time, Jong-dae and wife also recognizes Banya. Jong-dae is still pissed at her for the suffering he went through because of her.

Shin-don calls Jung-geun out for lying to him. He does however forgives him this time since Jung-geun could be useful in future. But he warns that he'd not be fooled again.

Jong-dae asks Jung-geun about Banya. Jung-geun is surprised that he knows her.

Ji-sang also recognises her but before he gets in a word, the maid reproaches him for his lack of propriety. Banya looks at him in tears - just as she'd predicted, when they meet again, he'd have to bow to her. Hae-in appologizes on his behalf and he's left off the hook. When Hae-in asks if he knew Banya, he denies.

Too bad, Jong-dae is already spilling the beans to Jung-geun. Jung-geun muses over this new finding - a woman who's about to receive the King's favour is previously Ji-sang's lover.

Yeong-ji explains the preparations to Banya who's pretty excited about her union. She visits Bong-chun, a scene which is witnessed by the spying Eun-bei. While Ryun-gae processes this, Bong-chun pays her a visit. Bong-chun offers her a chance to step down while she can, lording over Ryun-gae now that's she's got the better card.

Hae-in is quickly identified as one of the intruders. Jung-geun and Ji-sang manage to slip away but their absence is immediately noticed. Jung-egun threatens to expose the fact that Banya was the one who'd forced him to steal the King's date of birth.  Unless...Ji-sang surrenders. Ji-sang asks for more time.

Ji-sang uses the opportunity to find Yeong-ji. He tells her a little more about his life, how he heard his mother's voice when he was almost buried alive. But now he doesn't think she's his mum after all. He also tells her his real name - Muk Ji-sang. It's farewell, since he could no longer protect mum. He's looking out for Banya of course and chooses to surrender himself.

Yeong-ji learns about the manhunt belatedly. She tries to cover up for Jung-geun and Ji-sang but both boys stick to their version resolutely - Ji-sang was the one sneaking in, Jung-geun was only trying to stop him. Ji-sang is arrested while Yeong-ji looks on, anxious.

Noguk reluctantly sends her King to Banya. So it's pretty bad timing when Yeong-ji goes to her for help. She's understandably not in the mood for any visitors.

Yeong-ji broods alone but Jung-geun surprises her by asking why she'd never told him that she's not his mum. Yeong-ji reassures him that he's her son no matter what others say. Both pretty much break down in tears.

After all the grooming and nervous expectation, Banya is quickly given a dose of reality as the King says in no uncertain terms that she is only to produce an heir for the throne. Even as she reaches to assist him in undressing, he coldly rejects her help. In the rainy night, the lights go off.

At the LoK, where Shin-don and Moo-hak now stand, a dragon literally dives into Banya's mother's grave. Moo-hak congratulates Shin-don - it's his era now, thought it wouldn't be for long. Shin-don is confident the future is bright.

Hae-in chases after Ji-sang, who still has the mood the tease her about the lost opportunity to teach her about the birds and the bees. She thinks back to his uneasy exchange with Banya.

Ji-sang is thrown into prison, right next to Seong-gye. Ji-sang recognizes him as dad's old acquaintance. He could tell that they're trying to escape and wants in. He does however advise them to change their plans since the spy that sneaked in is probably captured by now. (Ji-sang saw another guard following the spy out). And he is quite right - In-nim and his men is waiting outside.

Jung-geun visits his real mum - asking for a favour. He wants Yeong-ji's real son, who is still very much alive, dead.

Next morning, the King leaves Banya without so much of a glance. Only the eunuch informs her that she will be notified when to receive the King. Hae-in forces her way into Banya's residence. Hae-in pleads for her to save Ji-sang but she denies knowing him.

Seong-gye starts to believe Ji-sang when their spy/ messenger fail to show. Seong-gye eyes Ji-sang with narrowed eyes.

Episode 16

Stuck in prison, Ji-sang easily deduces that Seong-gye was framed. His astuteness piques Seong-gye's curiousity but he remains wary even as Ji-sang appeals to him to include him in his escape plans. Too bad, Seong-gye hasn't got much of a plan at the moment now that his messenger is caught.

Ryun-gae updates In-nim that Dong-ryun's son, aka Ji-sang is still alive and currently imprisoned. Jung-geun helps with the details while Scarface bears the brunt of In-nim's fury for botching his job. Anyway, the family of baddies now hatch a plan to kill Ji-sang. Bloodthirsty family this is.
Yeong-ji tries her luck with In-nim, but of course now that he knows of Ji-sang, he's only too glad to make sure Ji-sang dies painlessly (instead of saving him).

King continues to be distant to Banya while still performing his husbandly duties. Banya tries to appeal for Ji-sang's release, but with her unfavourable situation, it's no wonder she's quickly turned down.

Yeong-ji considers telling the King about Ji-sang's identity as Dong-ryun's son and hopes that the King's desire for the Purple Enclosure would ensure that Ji-sang remains alive. Hyo-myung is doubtful but Moo-hak knows her motherly instinct has taken over and there's no convincing her it's not a good idea (what with Dong-ryun dying to protect the Purple Enclosure from the current King).

The King is informed and Ji-sang is summoned. But before that, the baddies family has already planted an assassin in Ji-sang's cell. As night falls, and everyone's asleep, the assassin tries to strangle Ji-sang. Fortunately, Seong-gye is quickly alert and saves him. Ji-sang finds a key on the assassin's body and manages to escape. Seong-gye and gang are stuck without keys. Seong-gye tells him to escape on his own but to find General Choi Young for help.

Ji-sang escapes and finds Hae-in. Meanwhile, Yeong-ji is disappointted to learn that Ji-sang's escape. She's a step too late. The baddies also learn of his escape and Jung-geun immediately heads to Hae-in's home to sniff him out. Hae-in feigns illness and denies any knowledge of Ji-sang's escape. Jung-geun warns her against getting involved and Hae-in lies that she would of course report Ji-sang if she sees him.

Once Jung-geun leaves, we see that Ji-sang's been hiding under her blanket. Hah. Ji-sang is amazed Jung-geun actually searched for him in her home and teases that Jung-geun might have known Hae-in likes him. Hah. Ever the rascal. Hae-in gets even more flustered when  he suggests giving her lessons in the ways of the man and woman. Hehe. She frets for his safety and he assures her he'd be alright. Then he thanks her nicely just before he leaves.

Ji-sang manages to get through to Choi-young who immediately stops Seong-gye's deportation. He convinces the King that it's a bad idea to sell out his royal general and thus, Seong-gye is spared. Although, a rational King would have known that for a fact. Oh well, at least Seong-gye knows who his enemies are and is no longer quite as naive. A few days in prison seems to open up his eyes.

Ji-sang sneaks into Banya's residence next. Woah, suicidal choice. He's been worried but is much relieved to learn she's doing quite fine. As he leaves, the King suddenly shows and he's recaptured. Sigh. He does however made sure the King learns Banya's name, something the King hadn't bothered with.

Ryun-gae approaches the Queen Mother and not so subtly reports the King's unacceptable liaison with an unsuitable woman. Ok, nice move on her part.

Yeong-ji is notified of Ji-sang's arrest. She implies that Ji-sang possess the ability to find the Purple Enclosure, blessed with the Heavenly Eye, just like his father Dong-ryun. The King is wary of entrusting the task to him, since Dong-ryun would rather die than give him the Purple Enclosure. Yeong-ji confesses that she's his mother, and offers to remain hostage as Ji-sang finds the Purple Enclosure. The King relents and gives him 5 years to find it.

Yeong-ji bids a tearful goodbye to Ji-sang. Her intention was for him to escape forever but he's adamant that he's going to find the Purple Enclosure and reunite with mum. Jung-geun sees their exchange from afar and vows to find it that mum remains his, and his alone.

Seong-gye is grateful to Ji-sang and offers to escort him safely out of Gaesung. Through a chance encounter, they meet with Moo-hak. Seong-gye starts begrudging him about his dad's resting ground. What kind of myungdang would put his descendant's live in so much trouble? Moo-hak waves his complains away. He reintroduce Ji-sang to Seong-gye, as Dong-ryun's son. It's news to Seong-gye and Ji-sang is similarly surprised to know that Seong-gye buried his dad.

Anyway, Moo-hak wants Seong-gye to let Ji-sang pay his respects to Dong-ryun (Ya-suk and Da-ran buried dad). He knows of Ji-sang's quest for the Purple Enclosure and tells him to follow him. He also hints to Seong-gye that he should consider accepting the Purple Enclosure - finish with the killings, and starts saving lives.

Moo-hak stops by Hyo-myung's place. When Hyo-myung learns that Ji-sang knows of his past he considers telling Ji-sang his part in dad's death. Moo-had thinks it's not the right time and tells him to banish that thought, for now. As Moo-hak and Ji-sang leave, Hae-in follows close behind.

In the palace, the Queen Mother is displeased with the King and Noguk and wants to put a stop with the unusual arrangement. If they want a heir, they should just find another suitable woman from the people. A decree to gather all girls of marriageable age.

Jong-dae tags along with Ji-sang and Moo-hak. (Jung-geun had instructed him to follow Ji-sang and report to him if they find the Purple Enclosure). Well, they have another uninvited tagger - Hae-in! She lies that Hyo-myung has already consented and she's used to roughing it up. Moo-hak agrees reluctantly.

Banya is left in the lurch now that the Queen Mother has intervened. Bong-chun and Shin-don is aware that Ryun-gae has a hand in this. Banya seeks Run-gae out and offers a deal - Ryun-gae is to help her conceive the King's baby and she'd grant her wishes. A pact with the devil.

Our foursome - Ji-sang, Moo-hak, Jong-dae, Hae-in - finds themselves in a quiet village. It's kind of creepy and women dressed in white are spying on them, or more specifically on Ji-sang. That night, Ji-sang is literally kidnap in his sleep by these women!


I'll be honest and say that I am on the verge of giving up on this drama, especially right after spending the last few weeks with ILICDD, which is by the way...LOVE. But, this cliffhanger sort of pique my interest. Heh. I'm actually quite into this part of our hero's journey, but I'm wary of getting my hopes too high. Well, I'll summarize as long as I keep watching...though there's no telling how long that is. I really hope I can last the distance but there are several more dramas I'm quite looking forward to. Sigh.


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