Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 2

Dreams and talents alone are sometimes not enough to succeed.

Episode 2

Rep Lo thinks the concept interesting and greenlights Addie's proposal. Meanwhile, JiYoon don't get the whys and hows but demands an explanation from TaeBaek, especially since she wrote the slogan.

Later, Addie excuses himself from the celebratory drinks with his staff, though he made sure to leave his credit card for the bills. AeRi receives a call from JiYoon, shows up to see TaeBaek too and asks for privacy. JiYoon refuses since she has as much right to know the truth as well. AeRi explains that there is no question of plagiarism since Addie submitted his proposal way earlier. Their proposal just happened to be similar. TaeBaek is doubtful since the slogan is exactly the same. And here, Addie gatecrashes their little party.

Addie admitted that he did used the slogan in TaeBaek's proposal - he apologizes to JiYoon. They can correct that by crediting JiYoon as the copyrighter. Problem is, when TaeBaek relinquished his right to the proposal to AeRi - that includes JiYoon's slogan as well. It's nobody's fault but TaeBaek's because he lied to JiYoon about the purpose of the slogan in the first place. He throws the ball back to JiYoon's court - if she insists, he can get a lwayer to sort oou the copyright issues. JiYoon is anxious to let the matter rests. Damn, this pretty much paints TaeBaek as the troublemaker.

Still TaeBaek is not convinced Addie did not plagiarize his work. Addie tells him bluntly that his proposal is unrefined. His idea is good but his design is crude and childish. An interesting proposal is merely a proposal, it does not constitute an advertisement. TaeBaek asks if repackaging someone else's idea is so-called advertisement? AeRi tells him off for acting childish with his persistent accusation but Addie is cool with it. He even offers a character analysis on TaeBaek based on his sketches (he minored in psychology). Basically, he says TaeBaek has a tendency to exaggerate  with low self-esteem, overly defensive and self-involved. Yow, harsh.

TaeBaek crumples his proposal in anger while the girls worry he might blow his top (yeah me too...). Addie adds that TaeBaek is offensive too. Oh stop provoking the poor boy already. JiYoon tries to be the peacekeeper and usher TaeBaek away but Addie is not done yet. He offers unsolicited advice as a senior : "Change your attitude, only then your crumpled life will spread out." Oy oy. TaeBaek throws the crumpled papers right by Addie and says,"Crumpled papers can fly further, remember that!" He leaves with JiYoon close behind. AeRi heaves a deep breath but Addie only smirks.

JiYoon tries to comfort TaeBaek but explains that Addie is not the kind to plagiarize another's work. That's not what's bugging him. Really? You had me fooled. Anyway, he claims he's upset that Addie belittled his hard work.

AeRi apologizes and expects to be punished but Addie actually praised her. He doesn't care much for her tactics but she should never waver in the face of victory. Her job is thus, and that's why she's highly paid.

Now that the drama is over, TaeBaek worries about causing trouble for JiYoon. She waves away his concerns. Suddenly, he declares aloud : "It might be Geum San Ad's world now but eventually it'd be his world. And he would overthrow every ad board and rule they make.Just wait till he conquers the ad world." JiYoon smiles at his bold challenge. Aw, you go boy!

Back home, TaeBaek removes the pictures of AeRi replacing it with a sticky note with his new motto : "Crumpled papers fly further." He's back to full-confidence and raring to prove himself. On the bus home, JiYoon takes a note of his motto.Curiously, she's ignoring a call from someone.

That new motto decorates his helmet as well. Alas, all is not well at work. The boss has run away leaving creditors at the door. Boss does make a call to TaeBaek, apologizing for his incompetence and it's kinda sweet that TaeBaek is the one who comforts him back and promises to figure something out. TaeBaek bows to the creditors asking for a chance - he vows to snap up all the ad board business in the neighbourhood and salvage the company.

It's a tiny bit awkward when JiYoon meets Addie and AeRi at work. She receives a call  from someone she calls chairman. It's daddy cum creepy ahjussi in Epi 1 and he doesn't get why his daughter need to do internship at a lowly company. They don't get to say much more because AeRi tells JiYoon off for making personal calls at work. Worse, she warns that she'd be paying attention to JiYoon from now on. ACK. She nurses grudges!

TaeBaek keeps the creditors at bay but the other remaining employees want out. It's a one man show now. He remains pretty optimistic and cheers himself up. Aw... Fighting from me too! He goes around searching for business and getting rejected until he comes across a shop with no ad board yet.

However, the boss is keen on someone else - Ma Jin Ga (Go Chang-suk, my favourite cuddly ahjussi), the ad King around these parts. Business booms for everyone who puts up his ads. Even beggars. Heh.

TaeBaek pays Ma Jin Ga a visit, all ready to challenge him for the throne. He comes to a shabby building and finds three people inside. A youngish girl who's more interested in her nails, Gong Sun-hye (Dal Shabet's Ah Young); a muscular young man, MaYi Cha (Jin Ga's son) and a foreigner called Hat San. He's directed to Jin Ga and promptly challenges him, offering his motorcycle if he loses.

Jin Ga shoos him away but Yi Cha goads him into accepting since he likes the bike. Jin Ga lays down the rules. They will have a PT (showdown) over the ad board for the fried chicken shop. Duration - 1 weeks. If he loses, Jin Ga gets the bike. If Jin Ga loses, he gets half of their businesses. TaeBaek starts off with his research.

JiYoon comes up with a good idea during a brainstorming session earning acknowledgement from Addie but death glares from AeRi. Anyway, they are to scout around for sky lounges overlooking the event location by today. But AeRi says that's not possible. Turns out she's expected to attend another event on Administrative Director Hwang's orders. Addies barges into Hwang's room and declares that AeRi would not be able to comply with his orders. That is not her duty. He takes full responsibility as her direct superior and that's pretty cool. AeRi seems to agree because she looks at him differently now.

TaeBaek is still working on his fired chicken ad accompanied by a grumbling SoRan. He somehow manages to rope in JiYoon to help as well. Hah. The girls get acquainted though JiYoon is quick to deny that she is TaeBaek's girlfriend. They huddle together trying to figure out a good slogan. SoRan totally sucks while TaeBaek and JiYoon are more in sync. They do tease each other towards the end and end up calling each other, JiYoon - Baek Copy (or literally Gabi aka Coffee since she makes them all day) and TaeBaek - Lee Board (coz that's what he boards)/

Addie gets told off for going against Hwang, who is the Chairman's nephew. Daddy Kang overrules him and AeRi has to attend that event anyway. Either way, AeRi appreciated his efforts and reveals how he was the reason she is in AE. He came to her college as a speaker and told her bluntly her idea was terrible. It made her mad then but she's thankful because it's why she's here now. She informs him that the sky lounge matter has been resolved and he comments that she's very much suited to her post.

Showdown day. SoRan gets her first look at Yi Cha and declares that he's totally her style. TaeBaek is first. His concept is simple but classy. It was okay.

But Ma Jin Ga's attracts way better response. It's childish and funny, complete with special light effects. Slogan: Delivery by bullets.

TaeBaek loses and there goes his bike. TaeBaek doesn't get why he lost and Ma Jin Ga was kind enough to shed some light - " You made a board,, I made an ad." He'd do well to figure out what's an add and he'd never have to starve.

At a roadside stall, JiYoon can't get over the fact that Ma JinGa looks familiar. She tries to cheer up TaeBaek but he's really down. She asks how he decided that advertising was for him. He shares a story on how he managed to help a sick friend in high school collect enough donations for a surgery via his posters. He was amazed that he managed to move hearts with his drawings and then his art teacher told him,"That's the power of ad." Talking about his dream raises his spirit somewhat and he pulls himself together.

JiYoon offers him a job - part time promoter for the Dae Sung Car. TaeBaek refuses but JiYoon coaxes him to reconsider - he needs the money, he won't be meeting Addie/ AeRi and he gets to witness first hand the result of the ad they came up with. He reluctantly agrees. Heh.

Public response is good and TaeBaek is mollified somewhat. Over at the sky lounge, the VVIP's responses are equally favorable. Chairman of BK Group, Chairman Baek aka JiYoon's dad makes an appearance (he's buddies with Rep Lo). He's quite impressed with Addie's credentials.

JiYoon is surprised to find daddy in the lounge She crashes into a waitress attracting everyone's attention. Chairman Baek pointedly ignored her and Rep Lo finds it weird since it's obvious he recognizes JiYoon. When she comes over to present the souvenirs, he even makes a seemingly innocent remark on how his daughter went against his wishes and switched courses (Finance to Advertising) when she studied in US. wonder daddy seems to be so disapproving. Only Addie picks up the awkward vibe.

Taebaek is  not too happy to see SoRan (who's also a promoter there) attracting (un)wanted attention with her short skirt. But she warns him not to cause trouble. One more hour and she's gonna get paid. He don't like to see her work but knows they need the money.

JiYoon catches up with TaeBaek and asks for a treat since he's gotten his pay. Their easygoing interaction is witnessed by AeRi who looks like she is about to play party pooper when Addie's car glides in view. He asks to send JiYoon home since there's something he wants to talk to her about. JiYoon is reluctant especially since she just made plans with TaeBaek. Surprisingly he cancels their plan so she’s got no choice but to accept Addie’s offer.

AeRi approaches TaeBaek and tells him that he’s not cut out for the ad industry in his current state. She advises him to widens his specs (background…connection) or consider giving up. She’s not being mean on purpose and you get the feeling she genuinely feels bad to see him struggling so. But of cos it sounds hurtful to TaeBaek who shuns her “advice”.

In the car, Addie asks her opinion on the saying “A crumpled paper flies further” from a copyrighter point of view. She thinks it’s touching. He argues that it doesn’t really qualify as an ad slogan, just a catchphrase, because it doesn’t reflect reality. A crumpled paper only travel as far as the paper bin but a slogan needs to be sincere and wise, like hers. Omo, is he…interested in her? But JiYoon muses that a catchphrase is just what people needs, especially those who struggle in life everyday.

On the bus ride home, SoRan informs TaeBaek that granny has gone back to the countryside and she’s decided to discontinue her studies. He tries to be upbeat and promises to settle her fees as usual but she shuts him up, not entertaining any objections.

AeRi receives a call from Hwang. Aik? She reports that Chairman Baek seems to be fond of Addie. Hwang is wary of the two’s connection and instructs her to keep an eye on them. Oh, she’s his spy?

Addie finds daddy Kang waiting for him at home. Daddy knows Chairman Baek is interested in Addie . BK Group will undergo a Corporate Identity (CI) change and CI Ads is a mmmmmmmajor upgrade from just product ads (talking about billions). Dad would rather he not jump ship. But Addie’s ambition is not confined to just a Director or Rep. Aha…so you’re aiming for the chairman’s daughter aren’t you?

JiYoon is looking over some old photos when she finds one of a woman (mum?), Daddy Kang? with Ma JinGa. Interesssting….

TaeBaek finds the creditors on his doorsteps again and they’re through with giving him second chances. As he mulls over Addie and Ma’s words, he receives a call from JiYoon who tells him that Ma Jin Ga used to be the ad designer for GeumSan Ad but has since lived in obscurity. TaeBaek runs over to Ma and appeals to be his disciple, on bended knees. Oh yeah!


I continue to love both TaeBaek and JiYoon and think they’re just awesome together. TaeBaek may be headstrong and prideful, but I think it’s nice that he CAN accept suggestions (at least by people he doesn’t hate) when he needs to. And I love that JiYoon is the one who can talk some sense into him. The way he agreed to her invitation to work as part time? That was so cute. I also adore the way he picks himself up every time he falls. It doesn’t feel so fake because you just know he hurts and when he’s motivating himself, I just feel like shouting “hwaiting” to him every single time. He’s no saint but he’s really a sturdy one and I’m rooting for him to succeed all the way.

I thought he was confident and talented already and just lacking the opportunity to shine so it’s nice to know that he’s actually still very much an unpolished jewel. And he gets a master in Ma Jin Ga – how cool is that! I can’t wait to see the two of them together. Go ChangSuk is beyond adorable and I’m loving his wacky persona already. But that also means that Addie wasn’t being mean in his appraisal of TaeBaek, though he was unapologetically blunt. I can’t quite decide whether Addie’s the good guy or the bad guy. One moment I think…hmm, he seems like a nice guy, the next moment I learn he’s targeting a rich girl. Gah. Even AeRi channels the same ambiguous vibe so I guess the both of them can lean either way. At the moment, they’re really suited for each other.

But I can see how things can get complicated in this sure to be love square. JiYoon being the secret “chaebol” out to prove herself in the drama is a really nice touch in my opinion. Especially since we’ve had loads of male leads with those character descriptions already. And I’m really looking forward to see AeRi gets her comeuppance when she learns of JiYoon’s identity.

To be honest, there’s very little action and a LOT of talking. Thankfully the dialogue are smart and zippy but it also means you need to pay attention to the dialogue, like really. I’m still in for recapping but next week’s will probably be late since I’m off on a holiday. Next weekend maybe.