Recap (text only): I Love Lee Tae-ri Episode 7

A touch of "incest". LOL.

Episode 7

Just inches away from each other, Min-soo says he has to confess something - "I think that a true mistake should not be concealed. All the more because Lee Tae-ri shi is the only friend I made after I grew up. I'm actually a kid. I mean a kid who has just been living for mere days in the adult world. I had wanted to protect Lee Tae-ri shi like a man. But now I'm losing confidence in myself. And I keep crying like this...I really feel useless. That's why I'm depressed."

Tae-ri commiserates with him. She's a child too (Not that kind of child!). There's so many things she doesn't know. Not unlike Min-soo. Even though she may appear confident and arrogant, she's pretty tired too. Min-soo points out that at least her life is real. And since we're in confessing mood, Tae-ri tells him she's adopted!  Oh? She found out on her 14th birthday from her uncle. And in her fear and confusion, she didn't even dare blow the candles on her cake. She reminds him how he once told her the happiest moments in his life was when he was 14 years old. That was what piqued her curiosity. In a way, it felt like he was sent to her side to compensate those lost days. Min-soo wraps her in a hug comfortingly and apologizes.

Tae-ri tells him not to waver and stay by her side. Her most depressing 14 year old days plus his happiest 14 year old days - they will be good friends. Reassured, Min-soo tells her he'd be spending the night at her place then. Tae-ri is caught off-guard and asks quizzically, "Here?" Hah. Min-soo doen't realize her discomfiture and excuses himself to wash up.

In the bathroom, Min-soo tells his reflection to buckle up. A man's tears are only shed once in a lifetime. From now on, he is Hwang Min-soo and he must protect this woman.

Meanwhile, Tae-ri is fretting over Min-soo's request to stay the night and considers kicking him out. She freezes and waves awkwardly when Min-soo opens the bathroom door with his boyish smile. Cue seductive music and Min-soo walking towards her looking for the world like a man about to join his lady love in bed. Muahaha.

MS: Why don't you lie down?
TR: No, it's fine. I can only fall asleep after counting some 500 plus sheep.
MS: With this bright light, it's no wonder the sheep wants to come out and play with you. Today, I'll make sure you get a good night rest. (Rawr...)

Min-soo tucks a flustered Tae-ri in bed. Tae-ri closes her eyes nervously...but as the lights goes off, Min-soo  settles himself on the floor by her bed. Tee-hee. He offers to hold her hands since his mum told him that insomniacs yearns for a human's warmth. His hands are warm so she should be able to sleep well. Tae-ri asks if he's comfortable on the floor. He replies that he's fine. Even if he sleeps on a cactus bed tonight, he'd feel comfortable because he's able to protect her. His fixation on protecting her makes her curious but he replies simply that she's a good person. Now at ease, Tae-ri falls asleep, and Min-soo too, with a big satisfied smile.

Not to spoil the mood, but man, that looks really uncomfortable.

Paul greets Seung-jae happily, pleased to see him after they parted in Milan. Seung-jae wastes no time in telling Paul to return to Milan. Paul is surprised Seung-jae is siding with Tae-ri's uncle. Seung-jae maintains that the best way to reconcile with Tae-ri is to gain power through VP. Paul thinks he will only suffer and regret his decision but Seung-jae is confident he can deal with it. (How stubborn can you be?!) Paul informs him he can't leave. He has to help Tae-ri - it's his last promise with the late president. Knowing that he can't convince Paul otherwise, he bows respectfully since it would be the last time he stands before him as his student. (Stupid stupid stupid)

Min-soo wakes up first the next morning and gazes affectionately at the sleeping Tae-ri. Hong-sil walks in on him caressing Tae-ri's hair. When Min-soo finally notices her presence, he shouts her name in recognition. Tae-ri is awakened by the commotion and Hong-sil points to Min-soo asking who he is. Min-soo introduces himself and she suddenly breaks down in tears.

Tae-ri explains anxiously that they were only holding hands and Min-soo parroted her explanation cheerfully. Hah.

Cut to Soon-sim trying to stop grandma from conducting a press conference to reveal that Eun-dong is her fiance. Soon-sim blurts out that he has a boyfriend already....

Eun-dong denies being anyone to Soon-sim. An uncomprehending Hong-sil demands to know who he is exactly and why does he dictates her life. She further explains how Soon-sim threatens to out her secret if she does not bring him to her. Tae-ri orders him to bring Soon-sim to her.

Min-soo arrives at Soon-sim's place just as she was being chased by grandma. Min-soo hugs grandma in recognition, totally forgetting his identity again. Soon-sim points to him and declares that he's her husband candidate. A stunned grandma stands rooted to the spot while Soon-sim drags Min-soo off.

In the car, Min-soo berates her for using him but Soon-sim retorts that it's his fault for showing up at that particular moment (yeah right). And since it's come to this, Soon-sim pleads for him to help her convince grandma to give up on Eun-dong. He refuses and she starts going all aegyo and promises to repay his efforts. Min-soo suddenly clasps her hands and agrees but with a condition. He wants the payment first since he needs to pay off some debts. Soon-sim's face falls. LOL. Is that an act?

Soon-sim thanks Tae-ri insincerely for letting Min-soo go to her. Tae-ri assures her it's nothing, since she's done much to promote the museum. Soon-sim reminds her bitterly she's got the short end of the deal having lost her leader spot and ordered to stay home for self-reflection. Tae-ri is sorry for the scandal but promises to help her solve her predicament - she would be her sponsor. The sharp Soon-sim realizes that Tae-ri is just making sure she stays away from Hong-sil and Min-soo. This way she'd be her puppet and has to follow her orders. Tae-ri tells her to lose the attitude and accept her conditions - news of her sponsorship will eclipse whatever scandal she had.

Min-soo gives her the thumbs-up and Tae-ri smiles right back. Unwilling to surrender quite so easily, Soon-sim demands a change to her previous contract. Instead of Seung-jae, she wants Min-soo. Oh uh. Catfight. Soon-sim implies annoyingly that she's got a date with Min-soo tonight and request to have him by her side the whole time, the better to "culture" their relationship. Tae-ri looks at him questioningly and he replies nervously that he's in charge of training her for the museum ambassador activities.

Min-soo drags Soon-sim to his work place (near the Sun Clock), unhappy she's creating misunderstandings between him and Tae-ri. Soon-sim admits she's unsure why she did it. She confesses to having confused feelings over him and he stresses that she cannot have feelings for him. Well, it's not like she wants to either.

Changing the subject, Soon-sim asks about the nature of his job. Min-soo proudly announces that he's a human CCTV. Hah. Isn't that a guard? He replies defensively that his job is the most important one in the museum. Soon-sim grumbles that he should be asking for money from Tae-ri. Min-soo maintains he never spends a woman's money. What of her? In his eyes, she's not a woman. Hah. Soon-sim threatens to destroy the clock but Min-soo stops her by lifting her off the ground. Tae-ri catches them in this position and starts in surprise. Soon-sim makes the situation worse by hugging him even more tightly. Tae-ri leaves quietly while Min-soo tries to free himself from Soon-sim's death grip.

Tae-ri later monitors the two through the CCTV. They appear to be rather cozy with each other to her, playing games and all. Tae-ri knows Soon-sim is trying to irritate her. She instructs Secretary Hong to book a restaurant, the better to send Soon-sim away after meal. Soon-sim is having a whale of a time having Min-soo at her service, by threatening to harm the clock at every chance. Her latest trick? Spitting gum in his hand...which is a pretty intimate action considering it involves saliva and all. And this is exactly what Tae-ri sees when she walks in asking Min-soo out for lunch. Min-soo explains that he can't leave his station and Soon-sim deliberately irritates her more by inviting her to join them. Feeling outcast, Tae-ri excuses herself.

Min-soo finally loses patience with Soon-sim and runs after Tae-ri. He tells her to pay no heed to Soon-sim who's just being a brat. Tae-ri assures him she believes in him. She looks a little unnaturally cheerful and he's not fully convinced.

Tae-ri sighs at the table-full of food and who else should show up but our stubborn Seung-jae. Here to spout the same nonsense. He warns her against trusting Min-soo - he who almost drown once but turns out to be a good swimmer, who claims he can't drink but can down a lot of soju. He's suspicious of his past but Tae-ri doesn't care. He reminds her that Min-soo could be his uncle's spy (and you're not?!). Tae-ri's trust in Min-soo in absolute but Seung-jae continues to plant doubts in her head, for instance the timing of Min-soo's appearance in her life. He leaves and Tae-ri heaves a sigh of frustration, her appetite totally ruined.

At home, Tae-ri couldn't help thinking back to Min-soo and Soon-sim, in particular how she spitted gum in his hand. She's definitely upset, more so because that reassuring hand she held turns out to be other people's dustbin. She flips on the TV where Marriage Scheme/ Wedding Plot (also from TVN) is being shown and mutters contemplatively that the ultimate romantic gesture is to win the heart of the lover's family.

Which is exactly what Min-soo is doing. Grandma is pretty much won over by Min-soo - from his good looks to his considerateness and sweet mouth. And Soon-sim is a goner too - judging from her bashful smile and stolen glances.

Meanwhile, Tae-ri is doing some homework of her own. She reads about Coach family background right up to his ideal woman - a glamorous woman. Just then, the doorbells rings.

Speak of the devil. It's Coach and he's here to own up about receiving her uncle's money. (Probably the reason Min-soo agrees to Soon-sim's ridiculous proposal - to return the money). Anyway, he's here to plead his brother's case and begs her not to sack him. And Tae-ri learns about her devious uncle's manipulations.

Min-soo successfully charms the socks of grandma, so much so that even Soon-sim couldn't help but be impressed. Soon-sim asks for his bank account number but he's changed his mind. He doesn't feel right accepting money for grandma's kindness. And he advises her to drop the fake husband-to-be nonsense. Grandma obviously cares a lot for her and she shouldn't be repaying her with lies. He pinches her cheek lightly and leaves. A smitten Soon-sim gripes that he shouldn't have touched her so and wonders if he might really end up as grandma's grandson-in-law.

Min-soo finds Coach who's now working at roadside stall, both missing each other terribly. Hah. Coach tells him how Tae-ri has forgiven him for accepting the money. Now all Min-soo has to do is to stay by her side and hug her when the Sun Clock is restored. But Min-soo is having doubts. Learning that she's adopted has strengthen his resolve to protect her, especially since he's the only person she trusts. Coach mocks his heroic instincts. What is he? Earth's defense team? He should focus on returning to his 14 year old life. On home!

Min-soo explains that he feels uneasy leaving her like this. Even if he successfully returns to his 14 year old self, he would not feel happy. He will worry over her and his heart will be all over the place like pop corns. It finally occurred to coach to ask where Min-soo slept the previous night. Min-soo informs him he slept at Tae-ri's but they only held hands. Coach declares ominously that hand holding is the beginning and end between a man and a woman. A semi-drunk Min-soo smiles affectionately at the image of Tae-ri in his drink. Heh.

Morning. Tae-ri puts on a necklace with a moon-shaped pendant and recalls her missing sun-shaped necklace. Oh? They are a pair?

Then she confronts her uncle, returning the money Coach took. And she's confident that she would not lose Min-soo to him over money. One Seung-jae is enough.

Min-soo calls her and they meet up at the park. Min-soo apologizes and thanks her for his brother's matter and she realizes that this was the betrayal he was referring to previously. She also felt that his attitude to Soon-sim was out of the ordinary and wonders if it's related to money as well. Min-soo admits he was just carrying out managerial duties in order to clear his debt and return to her side. Relieved, she assures him that their friendship is strong enough to withstand money problems.

Tae-ri brings him to a car showroom. She wants to buy him a car. Min-soo is affronted. Why does she insist on buying everything for him? Tae-ri chides his melodramatic defense of his bruised pride. She's just buying it for him as a friend. Min-soo is not satisfied. Is she so materialistic she won't hang out with a car-less guys?

She's not mad, believing that it's better to solve any misunderstandings between friends. And the second principle of friendship dictates that he shouldn't refuse a friend's earnest heart. He shouldn't feel burdened by the gift and just accept her well intentions. Defeated, he asks her to teach him how to drive. Tae-ri is surprised since she's seen his driving license. He admits sheepisly that he's never driven before.

And thus begins Min-soo's first driving lesson under the Tae-ri's tutelage. Ominously, the Sun clock turns again.

Meanwhile, VP is impressed with Seung-jae who had predicted Tae-ri would come to him with the money. She's got no one trustworthy by her side so she'd definitely protect Min-soo. VP implies that Tae-ri seems to cherish Min-soo a lot - she turns all serious when speaking of him. Seung-jae, still delusional, insists that it's just normal Tae-ri.

Paul informs Tae-ri and Min-soo that the Sun clock is slowly showing signs of recovery. The fact that it moved means that some unknown power is restoring it naturally. As long as there is no human intervention, complete restoration is imminent. And all the changes that came with it, will also be restored. Tae-ri is delighted but Min-soo looks a little conflicted. He excuses himself to the washroom. Alone, Paul asks Tae-ri if she's over Seung-jae. Tae-ri assures him she's fine, thanks to Min-soo.

In the washroom, Min-soo starts worrying about the restoration of the Sun clock. He really wants to remain as Min-soo. In fact, as long as he doesn't hug her before the clock, he wouldn't revert back to his 14 year old self, right? He worries intensifies when he notices that his mustache is not coming out as usual and thinks that he's getting less muscular as well. If the clock is fully restored, would he revert back to his old self at once?!!

Meanwhile, the despicable Seung-jae has taken to blackmailing Hong-sil next in his delusional operation get-back-Tae-ri. He implies that Hong-sil has a hand in his break-up with Tae-ri. But when Hong-sil tries to explain, he cuts straight to the point - Hwang Min-soo. She knows him right? Man, you need to see a psychiatrist already!

Min-soo rejoins Tae-ri asking tentatively if the clock needs to be repaired right away. He's uneasy of the changes it might bring. Tae-ri assures him nothing will change - she would not let him be kicked out from the museum. Somewhat reassured, he agrees to her suggestion to clock out early from work and get a bite, in order to "culture" their friendship. Hah. As she turns, her necklace falls with a loud clunk to the floor. Min-soo picks it up and inquires about it. The necklace is a gift from her grandpa - a talisman for her to meet her Mr.Right.

TR: He says fate has legs. Even if he is far away, if they are fated to be, he'd find a way to her side no matter what.

Min-soo remarks that the pendant looks familiar. Tae-ri explains that the pendant is designed based on the Sun Clock. Omg I just noticed - that clock looks like another moon embracing the sun analogy? LOL. Anyway, the Sun symbol on the clock jogs his memory of that other pendant he picked up and he takes off immediately in search of it.

Mum is going through Eun-dong's stuff, worried sick over his whereabouts when Min-soo calls out to her. He claims he's here on behalf of the Coach to get something Eun-dong is keeping. Then he tears off the button on his suit and request that she helps him sew it back. While she's distracted, he rummages stealthily through the traditional hanbok he was wearing on the day he picked up the pendant and finds it!

Min-soo is not the only one with a hidden agenda. Mum is trying to figure out how to examine his shoulder. The button all done, mum now insists that all the buttons on his shirt needs to be re-sewn. LOL. She practically tries to rip the shirt off him which is how dad finds them. LOL.

Only in dad eyes, Min-soo appears to be the devilish perpetrator making a move on his wife. Muahaha. The spell is broken when Min-soo calls him dad, which sounds insulting to dad. Cause it implies he's much younger. LOL. Mum shields Min-soo from dad's wrath and Min-soo barely manages to escape. At least, he got what he's here for! He recalls the moment he hugs Tae-ri and wonders about this real fate thingy.

Min-soo finds Seung-jae waiting for him outside Tae-ri's place. Seung-jae punches him without a word and he almost retaliates, only stopped by the pendant in his hand. Seung-jae is pissed with Min-soo for forcing Tae-ri to confront her uncle face to face because of him. And so he presents his twisted arguments again. He's been making Tae-ri suffer because he wants to prevent VP from dealing with her directly. He wants to prevent VP from cruelly stamping on all her weaknesses.

Min-soo tells him to stop VP then. Yay for reason. Seung-jae continues his crazed talk. The restoration of the Sun Clock needs to be stopped. And he expects Min-soo to do it. Only then will Tae-ri be spared from VP's wrath. Oh for heaven's sake, why is VP so bloody scary? Then again, this might be right up Min-soo's alley since he's been having doubts over the restoration as well, though for completely different reasons. I see him wavering and this is a potentially bad move.

Particularly since Seung-jae also has Hong-sil badmouthing Min-soo in front of Tae-ri, claiming he's her uncle's spy what with the timing of his appearance in her life and all. Jeez, don't you guys have anything new to add? Though if Min-soo is really tempted by Seung-jae's suggestion... Anyway, it's all within his plans. Hong-sil continues to convince Tae-ri that Min-soo is just biding his time. As soon as she announces that the restoration of the clock is complete, he would sabotage it, thus resulting in her being kicked out of the museum for good.

Meanwhile, Min-soo spends a sleepless night considering the matter (DON'T do it!). Coach finally asks what's bothering him. Min-soo confesses that the Sun clock is going to be restored soon but he has to destroy it. Coach is flabbergasted - that would mean him destroying his own life. Oh lordy, Min-soo actually bought that crap Seung-jae was preaching. He believes he's helping Tae-ri. Coach wonders if he's just using Tae-ri as an excuse. Is he reluctant to return to his 14 year old life now that he's "spend the night" with Tae-ri? Heh.

Min-soo shows him the Sun pendant necklace, which belongs to Tae-ri, something that came into his possession before his change. He further explains how it's a talisman to find true fate. Coach looks at him suspiciously, asking if he considers Tae-ri his destiny. Min-soo seems to be in a trance and coach worriedly tells him to snap out of it. It's just a plain accessory not some love bridge between him and Tae-ri. But Min-soo is past listening. He grabs the pendant and runs off. Coach is delayed in chasing after him since he's still in his boxers. Oh dear....don't do it!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Tae-ri is driving to work, unable to ignore Hong-sil's warning completely, especially when coupled with Min-soo's strange questioning about the timing of the restoration.

On the other hand, Min-soo has already reached the museum. Oh dear oh dear.

He walks purposefully towards the Clock exhibition room, hesitating for a moment at the door, before letting himself inside. Seung-jae's words and Coach's words occupies his thoughts and he approaches the Clock. Tae-ri is right behind him and calls out his name. Min-soo hides the pendant behind his back.

She walks to him and both pendants and the clock begin to glow as they stare at each other.


Right. This is like the first cliffhanger that got me truly anticipating the next episode. How will Min-soo decide? Thus far, his naivette and child-like innocence has ensured he avoided the mistakes normal adults make (case in point - Seung-jae). So it's interesting to see if he will continue in the same vein or commit the same don'ts in dramaland.

By the way, what's with the scary VP thing. I swear that every time Seung-jae spout that nonsense, I feel like throwing something. The way he's been talking about it, it'd better be something damn scary. At this point, Tae-ri's uncle just seems clownish but occasionally intimidating. How much hurt can he dump on Tae-ri? And with all Seung-jae cunning manipulation, I'm not even sure if it's a valid threat or just a ploy to get rid of Min-soo.


  1. Hi! Thanks for this recaps. I've been trying to watch the episodes at a streaming site but halfway through the first episode, the subs went all crazy on me that I'd rather see it raw. I just realized (due to the recent hoopla at Dramabeans) that there are a lot sites affected by DramaFever (and I hope they rot in hell or lose subscribers whichever comes first) and I do hope you'll continue on with your recaps as I find this drama interesting. My local source of kdrama dvds still does not have this on their available dvds so for now, I'm mostly relying on your recaps.

  2. Actually I've completed the recaps but because of the DMCA notice I've been wary of posting it again since I wasn't sure what was it about the content that seems to be the problem. Now that I do (due to the dramabean episode), I would try to repost the episodes again without any screencaps.