Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 10

The family has grown.

Episode 10

Back to our big confrontation last week where everyone thinks JinGa is the one who leaked the rumours. Baek, BK's vice president and a group of god knows who, arrive at the moment. Hwang is quick to introduce himself. Jiyoon turns away and Taebaek looks wary. Baek notes the tensed atmosphere and oh-so-casually brings up the rumours on the baby lotion...and the fact that the informer is someone from this company.

Vice President takes out his fury at the managerial personnel, Addie included, for messing up at this crucial moment of their negotiation. Addie asks for a rundown of the current situation. Ahri reports that public opinion believes GRC is the one who leaked the rumours meaning they are ruined.

They are intercepted by Taebaek and Jiyoon. Taebaek confronts Ahri about the leak but she plays dumb. Addie actually defends her but she can't exactly feign ignorance since she did offer Taebaek some "help". Even though she tries to pass it off as concern for another colleague but Jiyoon is suspicious at how Ahri found out about the matter since she wasn't in charge of the project. Addie tries to imply that JinGa's past and Taebaek's outspokenness about the problematic product is proof that GRC is the informer.

Since GRC is certainly not the leak, the only other persons who knew is them. He demands to know why they are being framed. Addie just brushes him off for having an overactive imagination. Taebaek grabs him in anger. Addie has everything in his favour, why does he bother trampling on nobodies like himself and JinGa? Addie reminds Taebaek of his warning to leave GS. In the end, Taebaek was just collateral damage. Jiyoon stops Taebaek from doing anything rash. And dare I hope finally seeing things with a clearer prospective?

JinGa protests his innocence before Rep Kang and appeals to him to clear their reputation. Rep Kang doesn't really buy that. More importantly, he's pretty helpless himself since GS Ad will be taken over by BK Group.

Hwang is upset with JinGa and his team for the fiasco and being pretty rude about it. Taebaek insists they are innocent but with JinGa's past record, Hwang does not even entertain that possibility and threatens to spread the word in the industry. Not only would they have to leave GS, they have to compensate GS according to contract. And they have a month to settle that sum. 

As they pack and leave, everyone watches with disdain. Taebaek has enough of the stares, turns to the crowd and declares aloud: "A crumpled paper will fly further! Today we at GRC, no thanks to you all, have been viciously crumpled. But thanks to that, we'd fly ever so far. You can look forward to just how far we'd fly. Coming soon..." Everyone laughs and smiles, tickled by his audacious claim. He sure knows how to make a grand exit. Even the GRC team looks encouraged.

When the GS Ad team discusses Taebaek's impressionable exit, some admit he's pretty cool. Jiyoon also leaps to GRC's defense since the accusations are unproven. Even Lee is giving them the benefit of a doubt. Ahri calms everyone down. Lee asks if she knows why Baek is here today. Ahri tells them about the takeover, which is news to Jiyoon.

Across town, Baek thanks Addie for ensuring that the takeover is more advantageous to BK. In reward, he offers Addie a Rep position in BK. Oh? Will that satisfy our dear Addie?

It's back to their old dump for GRC team. The place is dusty and dirty from disuse and the team is down and dispirited. Taebaek tries to rally everyone together with the David vs Goliath story but everyone is too tired to respond to his enthusiasm.

Taebaek receives a call from Jiyoon and they meet on some rooftop. Jiyoon tells him about the possible takeover. If she works for BK (whom he detests), would he boycott her too? He admits he doesn't like her to be associated with them, but he understands how difficult it is to land a job so he wouldn't ask that of her.

Jiyoon suggests that he fnds a way to clear their name. Taebaek would rather leave GS because he feels they wouldn't have a future there. Moreover, he thinks that Ahri and Addie are related to the matter and he prefers not to go against Ahri. He denies he still feels something for her, it's just that he does not want their relationship to take a turn for the worse. Jiyoon can't quite decide if he's naive or stupid. He proudly explains that it's the thing that makes him special - a shining idiot in the midst of smart ad guys. And he needs her to shine!

The takeover is complete. Now GS Ad is BK Ad. Addie is the new rep, ranking over dad. Ahri is also promoted to Planning Director (Addie's previous position). Hwang is fired and threatens to spill the beans about her resume. Ahri is not bothered, she's got proof he's been receiving bribes (thanks to his lackey aka Ahri's ex supervisor). That keeps him quiet.

 Jiyoon is resigning. (Yay!!) Everyone is a little upset, except Ahri whom I suspect is totally rejoicing inside. She receives a message from Addie asking her out for dinner and decides to tell him herself. Addie asks if her decision is influenced by the GRC matter. She admits it is part of the reason. Even though she's not sure if she'd join GRC, she'd mulled this decision over for a long time and would not be changing her mind. Bummer for him.

She packs her stuffs (which are mostly pink by the way) and bids farewell to the team. Addie and Ahri both watch her leave, with different emotions.

At GRC, some changes have taken place. Soran is helping out but Miss Kong and Hatsan have left. Only Taebaek is still making the effort. JinGa has pretty much given up too. And they don't seem to fare too well, surviving on ramyuns and avoiding their landlord. They receive a surprise visitor in Jiyoon who pretty much employs herself on their behalf. Nice!

Baek pays a surprise visit to BK Ad in the hope of catching a glimpse of Jiyoon. He doesn't see her and asks Addie who promises to explain in private. Ahri's alert radar is on. Later, when he learns of her departure, he's disappointed with Addie whom he thought has already won her over. Baek even offers a nugget of advice - Jiyoon will not open her heart again to someone she's closed her heart to (speaking from experience of course). Addie promises to win her over asap. LOL. It sounds so funny to hear him promise that - like it's a homework he can complete if he works hard enough. On the other hand, Ahri's roughly figured things out. How will this change things?

Jiyoon tells the team about charity ads. In the past, GS sometimes produce such ads for exhibition, partly to bolster the company's image. In the process, they received new clients who were impressed with their ads. With the baby lotion fiasco hovering over their heads, it's impossible for previous clients to seek them out. Their best bet is to target clients with conscience who would be moved by the charity ad. JinGa thinks it's a feasible idea. Taebaek is less convinced, since clients with "conscience" should be pretty rare.

JinGa receives a call from Addie asking to meet up. And he's keeping it a secret from the rest...

Taebaek sighs at Jiyoon's poor timing. It's a pretty rough time for them now since they've used all their money for pay for half the sum of the compensation. And the other half is due by this month or they'd get served with papers. They haven't paid the rent for three months and all the employees have left because they can't afford their salary. Jiyoon assures him she has savings.

Taebaek is not impressed with what he views as a rash decision. He lectures her in the way she used to lecture him. LOL. She's glad he gets to experience what she went through baecause of him. Anyway, she tells him to focus on winning the charity ad. She's being teasingly bossy now that she's no longer an intern and totally enjoying it. 

JinGa meets Addie at a bar. He wastes no time in telling him to make sure Jiyoon returns to BK, if he does not want to ruin her future, like he did with Taebaek. He will cancel their compensation in return. Fortunately, JinGa does not agree. In fact, he tells Addie off for not understanding women. JinGa tells him to stop with the underhanded tricks and fight fairly - it's the biggest difference between him and Taebaek. JiYoon came to GRC with that realisation. Ouch. Haha.

Taebaek sends Jiyoon home but she's wary of attracting her aunt's attention. Taebaek realizes that her aunt must really dislike him, and with reason too. She tells him to win her over like a difficult client. That he can do. It's practically his specialty. Hah. She adds that there is another person whose affection he must win over too - hers! And she would be a most difficult client to please. Taebaek is lost for words as it dawns on him belatedly what she really meant. Omo that was realllllllly adorable.  Her embarassed smile as she walks away and his fist pump totally make my day. And nothing like the power of love to lift a man's spirit.

Aunt freaks out at her resignation but calms down somewhat when she learns that BK is the new GS. She's more concerned about her lost opportunity to hook up with Addie. Jiyoon admits Addie is nice (no!!!!) but she doesn't really feel compatible with him (yes! Sorry JHJ I love you but not Addie).

JinGa calls Taebaek from a roadstall, already semi-drunk. He boasts how he gave up expensive wine for Taebaekand Jiyoon's sake. He backs Taebaek to come up fine, both in ad and in love with his brand of passion. He also reminds Taebaek that Jiyoon's birthday is close.

The next day, they meet with the representative from the charity organisation who requests that they produce an ad to highlight the difficulties faced by the handicapped when boarding public transport. The ad should change the public's attitude and let their voices be heard.

JinGa assigns Jiyoon and Taebaek for some firsthand experience as handicapped people (Jiyoon to be blind, Taebaek wheelchair bound) to spark some ideas. JinGa and Yichan will head back to the office to do some research. Aw, he wants them to spend time together.

Armed with a walking stick and with Taebaek watching over her, Jiyoon tries to cross the road with her eyes close but she could not make it in time. The traffic starts moving and she gets more nervous. A motorcyclist almost runs her over but Taebaek pulls her aside in time. He's angry-worried because she's almost hurt but Jiyoon argues if the situation is reversed, he'd be the one to get hurt too. Then, she sorta aegyos him into cheering up.

 Next, they try the blind experiment on the bus. Taebaek tries to find out what girls like for birthdays (which Jiyoon totally reads) by lying that Soran's birthday is coming up. She tells him to use his imagination. The bus stops suddenly and Jiyoon lands in his arm. Cue awkward smiles and blushes. Hah.

Ahri pays another surprise visit to Addie, with the same excuse - to report to him. Not sure why she thinks her new position is justification enough for a house call.

Meanwhile, Taebaek is on a wheelchair for their experiment. He struggles to climb the stairs and when they head to the lift for the handicapped, able-bodied people actually bypass them and monopolize the lift. Woh, manners people. Taebaek declares that he's overcome by a sense of mission and them producing this ad is a mission entrusted to them by history. Jiyoon rebuffs him gently for being overdramatic but agrees they need to be over this time around.

Ahri bought porridge for Addie but he's not interested and tells her to talk business. Her smile disappears and she asks if it's Jiyoon, would he react this way. She's here to talk about Jiyoon...or rather Baek's daughter. She knows. Actually she only suspects but his reaction pretty much confirms it. Addie admits he initially only viewed Jiyoon as Hyunjin but now she's only a girl called Jiyoon to him. Ooof that must have hurt and while she keeps her cool before him, she cries to herself in the privacy of her car.

At the MRT exit, Taebaek looks despondently at another flight of stairs. Looking at the insurmountable stairs, both start questioning themselves. They remain static as the crowd passes them by until Taebaek spots an old lady going for the stairs. He asks for a timeout to piggyback granny up the stairs. Granny compares climbing stairs to being as tiring as climbing a mountain which seems to be a lightbulb moment for Taebaek. I love how you can always see his eyes light up when struck by a moment of inspiration. After depositing granny outside, he runs back to Jiyoon and announces that "it" (the idea) has come.

The team starts putting the idea together. And their idea is accepted by the charity agency. It involves painting the stairs into a mountain with the following caption: "To some people, this flight of stairs is equivalent to the peak of Everest. More public support facilities need to be provided for these handicapped”

The ad is attracting a lot of attention. Jiyoon and Taebaek both boast about each other’s contribution. Taebaek sends a picture for granny. GRC is even interviewed for it on TV  - which is watched by everyone and anyone (Addie, Baek, Hatsan, Miss Kong, BK Ad team) who matters.

Baek is immediately badgering Addie for not taking action to win Jiyoon back and queries his sincerity. Addie explains he didn’t want to resort to anything that would hurt her heart but daddy is more unscrupulous. He doesn’t really care about the methods, he wants results.

The ad is well-received and Taebaek is especially proud but the team still feels down because that doesn’t exactly translate to income. JinGa shows up with an important announcement – GRC will be dissolved and they would create a new independent ad company. But where would the money come from? JinGa happily informs the rest that Chairman Nam of the 100 years Insulation has promised to give them a no-interest loan. JinGa suggest “Giant” for their new name but everyone’s response is lukewarm. LOL. Registering his disappointment expression (adorable!), Taebaek and YiChan both supports his suggestion.

Now they need four more recruitments – two of them are Hatsan and Miss Kong. Third person is Soran whom JinGa thinks is good AE material, not that she even knows what AE is. LOL. And lastly, he wants Team Leader Lee. Woohoo….genius!

JinGa tries to recruit Lee. She’s somewhat grateful for the scout but rejects his offer. It’s not because of JinGa though. Small Ad companies tend to struggle a bit but she needs the financial stability to support her son. Aw...I totally wanted her onboard! Writer-nim, please make it happen! JinGa invites her to their opening party anyway.

Soran helps Taebaek with Jiyoon’s birthday gift. She even suggests that he goes for a kiss. LOL.

Ahri is surprised that Baek plans to attend Giant’s opening ceremony. Addie explains Baek is worried about the company Jiyoon is keeping. Ahri asks if Addie minds.

At the ceremony, the Yichan love triangle seems to have resolved with Yichan opting for Miss Kong over Soran. Lee shows up and is welcomed heartily by a clean shaven JinGa. She asks in all seriousness,” Would you be able to pay my salary even if the world is at war?” Yessssssss! She’s onboard!!! In exchange for her big sacrifice, she requests that HaRan be allowed to visit from time to time.  

Lee is not too fond of JinGa’s clean-shaven look, but he’s attracting attention elsewhere. Jiyoon’s aunt seems prreeeety interested and totally not coy about it. Muahaha. This ought to be fun.

JinGa gives his first chairman speech, in which he speaks of leading the team and leaving giant foot prints in the world of Ad. Afterwards, Soran signals to Taebaek – time for the gift?

Some time later, Taebaek turns up with a birthday cake in hand as the lights are dimmed. Taebaek sings and the rest joins in. Jiyoon makes her wish and blows her candles. Then she asks for her present.

Taebaek leads her outside and hands her a sketch. He tells her to spot the difference between the sketch and herself. Jiyoon immediately spots the ring in the sketch. Jiyoon is speechless as he takes out a ring box with a pair of couple rings and says, “Baek copy, let’s date!”

As he helps her put on the ring, they’ve garnered a few audience. Daddy Baek is watching from the car while Addie and Ahri have just arrived as well. Awkward (though it really shouldn't be).


I love this episode. There’s so many things I like. I like that Jiyoon’s finally joined forces with Taebaek and they complement each other like crazy. I like the new shake up with Lee joining the GRC gang. She will definitely add voice and experience to our ragtag team. And more bickering fights with JinGa, honestly they are cuter to watch than YiChan’s “love triangle”. I like that Hwang gets his comeuppance. I like that someone actually tells Addie he’s inferior in certain aspects to Taebaek. And I love how the old threads contribute to where we are by this episode e.g. Chairman Nam’s contribution and Lee’s change of heart especially significant. And I even like today’s ad. I confessed to seeing something similar before but I find it infinitely more touching than ramyun.

Now I just feel like devouring the next two episodes to see what this new team is capable of.


  1. Thank for your hard work in continuing to recap this =)

  2. I also like the addition of Lee and "copy Baek" to the GRC gang of ad people. It's interesting, as normally you would think that Ji Yoon is a spy from GS ad but I think that she's been with them so much she's already an honorary member of the GRC gang.

    I like that Chairman Nam finally comes through and helps JinGa -- he seems to be doing a great job and never getting any breaks until now.

    I feel sorry for Ahri to some extent. I think she is trying to change, now that she has seen what happens to people you hurt, and has been hurt herself. But it may be too little too late. Addie doesn't see her as a woman, which I find a bit strange, but maybe tall gorgeous hotties aren't his cup of tea.

    Which brings me to my next point -- Addie is doing a horrible job of trying to get Ji Yoon to be his GF. I don't know if it's the writers or the actor, but they have zero chemistry. The only idea you have that he is working on Ji Yoon are his conversations with Chairman Baek and Ahri. He really doesn't seem to have anything in common with her. I mean, come on, if she already disobeys her father, what makes you think he can make her like you? You're going to have to do it all yourself Addie, and showering her with expensive gifts isn't going to cut it. Nor will telling her that you can make her life easier work. You have to put yourself out there. Tae Baek does it every day, sometimes he put his foot out there only to have it go into his mouth, but he does seem to live his life like each moment is important.

    Anyway, I'm worried about where the show is going. It's getting harder to believe that there could be a love triangle between addie jiyoon and taebaek when addie just says things without any action. A small spoiler: I think in episode 11 he tells Ahri -- "I don't know if taebaek is the man for JiYoon, but he's not the man for Ji Hyun." Just saying that isn't going to amount to much.

    Thanks again for continuing to recap Maymay -- I still find the show entertaining -- it just seems to be changing it's focus a bit. There is a new ad challenge coming in 11 with a furniture company.

    1. LOL. Totally agree with you about Addie being the worst suitor ever. I dunno about other girls, but NOTHING he said so far would melt a girl's heart. Seriously, he needs some 101 pointers on how to get a gf, like pronto. But personally I blame the lack of chemistry on the writers...he didn't have much to work with. LOL.

      Thankfully I'm already past the spoiler you mentioned (I'm almost done with E11's recap but I can only continue to night...still have classes and work unfortunately. So more on that later. :)

    2. You're absolutely right. The writers have given Addie nothing to work with when it comes to starting a relationship with Ji Yoon. Even though he says he sees her as a girl named Ji Yoon he does pretty much nothing. Fuming and giving hard looks to Tae Baek doesn't work. He has to figure out how to bond with her on a more visceral level, maybe take her out rock-climbing again. Although he already blew it by showing off how badass he is - how are you going to ask for her help when you are already a pro at something? Maybe he should ask her for pointers on how to play Street Fighter hehe.

      He totally blew it -- even though he brought her into the high level meetings -- he didn't make her feel part of the team -- he tried, but not hard enough. The writers should have found some projects that just he and his main squeeze Ji Yoon would work on together, late into the night -- with lots of roleplaying to get into the mood -- but no -- he gets to threaten Tae Baek, throw his weight around, be ambitious, and talk to daddy dearest.

      Anyway, looking forward to episode 12 -- I haven't seen the subs to that one yet so still waiting on it -- but the show continues to be very entertaining for the most part. I hope they at least give Hassan some growth, or at least explain his work capacity a bit better than just non-korean mascot.

    3. I think the writers intentionally made Addie bad in terms of personality and ways. Hence, the worst suitor ever. Haha. If you make the second lead which is already good-looking outside more charming in the inside, how can the main lead (which I also find appealing but not as the second lead) gain the majority of the viewers to root for him over Addie for Ji Yoon? It's just going to overshadow the main lead.

    4. @Anonymous,

      There are many instances where the second lead is just as charming outside and inside (e.g Shining Inheritance) but the girl still ends up with the first lead. When the second lead is well developed, it tends to break the fans' heart but that makes them that much more memorable, and functional in a supposedly love triangle. And this is JoHyunJae we're talking about, who's pretty much lead man material - he should get to be more charming even if he can't get the girl :)

  3. sukaaaa makasih recapnya