Mini recap: Unemployed Romance Episode 3

*Phew* A large heave of relief on my end. It's always tricky deciding to recap a drama and if I don't enjoy it - it's that much more of a torture. After a meh opening but an improved follow up episode, I'm so glad to find myself enjoying Episode 3 to the extent that time just flew by. Being a shallow viewer, it's no coincidence that my scale of enjoyment upped just as the romance factor kicks in. Wan Ha stakes a claim on Seung Hee's heart and not a moment too soon because Jong Dae is back!

Episode 3 - Drama Queen

Back to our talk show where Seung Hee and Wan Ha recognizes each other. The first self-absorbed panelist belittles her capabilities for sticking around a company which is mistreating her. The second suggests that she attends self-enriching courses. Seung Hee creates a scene but is held back by the host and Wan Ha. Turns out it's inner Seung Hee's imagination. Although disgruntled, real Seung Hee is just listening meekly behind the screen.

Wan Ha is more sympathetic towards her plight and understands her feelings towards her boss. Too bad his sympathy actually triggers her pent up emotions and she ends up bawling on national TV in full view. And everyone from her sister to nosy ahjummas and PD Lee witness her most humiliating moment.

Nosy ahjumma calls Seung Hee asking if she was on TV. Seung Hee denies but ahjumma manages to somehow arrange a meet up. Meanwhile, Wan Ha learns that Seung Hee lost her car too and that could be instrumental in finding CEO Kim.

On reaching home, the nosy ahjummas make a dramatic entrance and confronts Seung Hee for lying about her identity. Seung Hee struggles to explain herself but Wan Ha is here for the rescue! He assumes the role of Seung Hee's husband and is all polite and smiley. The ahjummas are immediately swooning over Seung Hee's good-looking hubby (I am too!!!) and backtracks on their accusations. He even holds her hand (oh so naturally I might add...) for good measure. Weeee.....

Once alone, she thanks him but he asks to speak with her. Seung Hee admits her faults in lying to the ahjummas as well as her ignorance to the company's situation. Wan Ha disagrees, thinking she's just doing her best. Moved, Seung Hee's implores inwardly that he not treat her so well. She's already attracted to him. But, Wan Ha unwittingly spoils the moment when he tells her how he met her at SinLimDong where she worked as a temp in a pharmacy.

The place reminds her of Jong Dae so she's immediately wary that he could be Jong Dae's friend. He admits he's a friend even if they are not exactly close. She's all upset and leaves in a huff thinking that his concern is all in pity. Poor Wan Ha, bet he never expected that sort of reaction.

Feeling down, Seung Hee heads over to her sister's place. During the bus ride, Seung Hee thinks back to 3 years back when she asks Jong Dae for a break up. Taken aback, he's upset with the timing since he's about to face his exams. It's hard on Seung Hee too so when he asks that she defers the break up until his exams end, she's angry at his selfishness. We fade out from the flashback and find Seung Hee deep in thoughts in the park near her sister's house.

Sis is out looking for her. Sis tells her she's aware of her embarrassing tv appearance. Seung Hee confides that she's upset but there's more - there's someone she likes and he treats her really well but he turns out to be Jong Dae's friend. Sis seems to think it's good riddance. Birds of a feather flock together so he's probably bad news. Their last contact with Jong Dae seems to be the day of Seung Hee's accident and he's never shown up since. Seung Hee did check but Jong Dae apparently did not pass his exams. Sis is wary that Seung Hee is still hung up over him but Seung Hee assures her she's not.

Another flashback. This time showing Seung Hee being offered (over Sun Joo) a post as a writer of an omnibus drama guaranteed for success. As they discuss the terms and details, Jong Dae shows up in a fit of jealousy. He grabs Seung Hee and the guy she's with (a company representative I think) intervented in concern. Jong Dae grabs his collar but it's no good. The guy is way taller and easily subdues him. Seung Hee appeals to him to let go and enquires worriedly after Jong Dae.

Jong Dae is reeling in anger/shame/shock and brushes her off. With tears in his eyes, he stalks away with Seung Hee chasing after him. She's in her heels so in her haste she falls on the escalator. As she falls we get another flashback within the flashback of a series of random scenes of them in happier times. And those memories look awfully sweet.

And that's how she ends up in the hospital with fractured arm and leg. Sun Joo and sis is by her side as they watch the report on her freak accident on television. By now, Sun Joo has taken over her post. Seung Hee's handphone was broken in the fall so she has no means to contact Jong Dae. She asks Sun Joo to speak to him on her behalf. Sun Joo agrees but I don't like the look on her face as she turns away.

A month later, sis presents Seung Hee with a new handphone as a mark of a new beginning. Jong Dae never did turn up and though her injuries healed, her broken heart did not heal as easily. And...we're back to a brooding Seung Hee in the present who is still reminiscing about her past.

Wan Ha drops by Seung Hee's (and Sun Joo's) studio, offering legal advice for whatever Sun Joo is working on. She's too busy eyeing him though. She invites him for a drink but he's distracted by Seung Hee's empty desk. He asks for her whereabouts and her car plate. Sun Joo is confused by his interest but before he can explain himself, they have unexpected guests. The cops are here for Seung Hee - she's accused of stealing. Girl just can't catch a breath...poor thing.

Seung Hee is not alone since PD Lee and the assistant writer are also roped in for questioning. Turns out the things they took from the office are actually not company property - CEO Kim rented them along with the office space. And taking them means breaking the law. PD Lee and assistant writer offer to return the stuffs but Seung Hee can't since she sold them.

Later, Seung Hee stops by the convenience store where assistant writer is working part time. She's been working multiple jobs and surviving on almost expired food. She's the one who reminds Seung Hee that she's eligible for the unemployment benefit.

She returns home to find Wan Ha waiting for her. He tries to lead her somewhere (holding her hand way too familiarly I might add :D) but she's reluctant. He explains that he found her car. So she ends up following him to the place where CEO Kim sold her car.

Initially the owner denies having bought the car. When Wan Ha uses his knowledge of the law to frighten him, he pleads innocence since he had no idea the car was stolen property. He does tip them off where Boss Kim might be. Bankrupt people like Kim tends to stick around the place, loitering in jimjibang or gambling dens or just wandering aimlessly. Wan Ha and Seung Hee scours the neighbourhood for Kim but just misses him by 5 seconds.

When they stop for petrol, Seung Hee bumps into Kim. He runs and then we have this really cheesy chase scene. She finally catches up with him and he's his usual apologetic and pathetic self. He's given up on himself and any hope of success in life. Seung Hee is frustrated and determined to drag him back to face the music.

On the car ride back (Wan Ha has finally rejoin them), Kim asks for a pee break. Seung Hee is wary but Wan Ha thinks it's unlikely. Wan Ha stops the car and Seung Hee makes him remove his shoes. At first Seung Hee keeps an eye on him even as he pees but Wan Ha coaxes her out of it. LOL.

But what do you know, Kim runs for it the moment she turns around and Wan Ha gives chase. LOL. He even manages to shout an apology as he runs. Wan Ha returns to the car alone having lost sight of Kim in the darkness. Seung Hee is grateful for all that he's done and tells him to leave. She'll just wait around for Kim to show up since he is without his shoes at the moment. Wan Ha offers to keep her company.

She looks up in surprise. Then she asks tentatively why he treats her so nice. Does he pity her because he's Jong Dae's friend? Wan Ha never associates her with Jong Dae, he only thinks of her as herself. That confuses her since he claims to know her from her days in SinLimDong. He sighs and says when he first met her, she was just a friendly pharmacy help and not  Jong Dae's girlfriend.

We flashback to that moment again, from Wan Ha's point of view. He falls in love at first sight with her at the pharmacy and visited her repeatedly afterwards pretending to buy pain relief patches for his hand.  On one ocassion he was even caught buying menstruation pads. LOL.

Back at present, Seung Hee remembers her short stint at the pharmacy. She asks hesitantly if he's treating her so nice because of that brief encounter. He admits outright that he's interested in her (weeeeeeeee....) and holds out his hand to her. She takes his hand and he lifts her up gently, all the while smiling warmly at her. *Melts* Seung Hee recalls something her grandmother said, "Life is worth living because there will always be unexpected things happening, whether they are good or bad."

At home, she goes through her old photos with Jong Dae, smiles a little and throws them away. The next day, she heads over to claim her unemployment benefits while making plans for lunch with Wan Ha on the phone. When she summits her application at the counter, it's Jong Dae at the other end and he's every bit as surprised to see her!


This little drama has a very interesting trajectory for me – Episode 3 is like a manual car which accelerated from gear 1 to 3. What do you mean people don’t drive a manual anymore. *Stuffs ears* To be honest, I’m in this for the romance so it suits me fine that the romance index rocketed. I’m actually antsy for the next episode, and you won’t believe how glad I am to have all these fluttery feelings.

Wan Ha making a move for Seung Hee so fast was something beyond my expectation. He was proactive, as second leads usually are, but the best thing is – he made his feelings KNOWN. Yes, that seems like a simple act but most second leads fail because they are just that one step too late. And if we need further proof of that, I’m inclined to think that he lost out the first time because of that too (future flashbacks may shed more light on the actual timeline though). And OMG was he such a dork in the flashback – in his not so subtle efforts to see her regularly. LOL. So so cute. I’m so glad he gets a chance to actually date her for real this time and that makes for a compelling love triangle.

Why am I already convinced that it will be compelling? Nam Gong Min!! The flashbacks from Seung Hee’s point of view are deliberately misleading and paint Jong Dae in a not-so-nice picture. However, the snippets of their happier times together are dripping in syrupy sweetness. Otoke? I know the next couple of episodes will explain things more from Jong Dae’s perspective and I can’t wait. I do have to applaud Seung Hee for moving on from that sort of break up – like a normal person. After watching so many dramas where the leads refuse to move on from their previous relationships, it’s kind of refreshing to see one who does. You go girl!

I do wonder what is in store for Sun Joo. She has not had much screen time as well (at times I almost forget she is in the story). I’m not sure if she is just going to be the interfering third party but already it’s safe to bet that she might have a hand in Seung Hee’s break up with Jong Dae. Since she seems to feel something for Wan Ha too, is she going to reprise her role again?

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  1. I wish Seung Hee can stay with Wan Ha because Jong Dae seems like a jerk, for now.

  2. Wan ha is such a cutie.... OMG the scenes of the pharmacy are so freaking cute!! ehehehe Thanks for the recap I am enjoying it!!!! ^____^