Liebster Award - reflection of a lazy blogger

This award has been circulating within the blogsphere of drama reviewers/recappers/viewers for a while now and although I haven't been the most committed of recappers, it is nevertheless quite moving to still be nominated once a while. I dare say it's pretty happening now in the world of drama bloggers that I sometimes wonder if I should even continue. In truth, with a lackadaisical attitude like mine, it's quite a miracle I've managed to last as long as I have.
Most readers would know I started blogging due to the frustratingly low interest in the gem that was The Princess Man then. And when I stumbled upon Queen In Hyun's Man, the site fairly exploded. The fact is drama viewers are spoilt for choice now, and subtitles even for cable shows are readily available. As a fellow avid drama watcher, I understand the urge to share our thoughts, enthusiasm or fangirling over everything drama related with people who could relate (something sorely lacking in real life sadly). And that is pretty much the reason I still maintain this site, however infrequent I might post.

I've delayed this post for what feels like forever it seems pointless to dig up the old Liebster links, so I'll just commence with dewaanifordrama's post.
Favourite drama trope?
I'm not sure I have one but I'm a sucker for epic romances. And maybe co-habitation hijinks. Or the bickering romances. Don't forget historical romances. Gah...I don't know, just gimme a bloody good romance and I'm putty in your hands.
Favourite OTP?
Hands down Mirae and JoGook in City Hall. City Hall sealed my love for both actors forever and ever, and well Cha Seong Won rubberstamped his position as my first ever ahjussi crush. I love when they love, smile when they smile, and cry when they cry - that is the epitome of a beautiful romance to me. Honorary mention to BoongDo and HeeJin of QIHM. Dang it, how can I forget the emotional roller coaster I went through for these utterly adorable babies. Hey, who says I can't have two favourites?
Most severe SLS?
Actually I have Chronic SLS disease. It's incurable unless the main hero overshadows the second lead by a mile. Or if my favourite actor is the hero. Even then, it sometimes fail. What can I say...I'm hopeless.
Favourite OST?
Tamra the Island. I just love the soothing tracks which reminds me of sand and sea (Duh!). I have the entire soundtrack on repeat. It doesn't happen often you know, I might like some songs in other soundtracks but rarely do I embraced every song in them.
Drama I regret watching?
The Great Seer. I never finished it but it still boggles the mind how such an epic cast can bore me so. I blame the story mostly, but I still think Kim So Yeon is a total miscast there. I say this with a heavy heart because I luff her since All About Eve ( was that long ago and she was a villain in there).
Favourite actors/actresses?
I have a list. Yep, I actually bothered. It's ever-changing and getting longer by the year. And the actresses are a mixed bag, it's shorter and many are not even korean.
Actors I love
1.       Kim Nam Gil (Queen SeonDeok)
2.       Cha Seong Won (Cityhall, Best Love)
3.       BaeSoo Bin(Brilliant Legacy, Dong Yi, 49days)
4.       ImJoo-Hwan (Tamra,the Island)
5.       Song Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
6.       Yoo Ah In (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
7.       Lee Sookyun (Coffee Prince, Pasta)
8.       Lee Min Ki  (Dalja’s spring, Really really like you, Mixed Investigative Agency)
9.       Lee Jun Ki (Time between dog and wolf; Iljimae)
10.   Ji Jin Hee (Jewel in the palace,DongYi)
Actress I love
1.       ZhaoWei (Huanzhugege)
2.       Lee Yo Won (49 Days, Queen SeonDeok)
3.       Ueno Juri (Nodame)
4.       Chae Rim (All about eve)
5.       Kim So Yeon (All about eve)
6.       Kim Sunah (MNIKSS, Cityhall)
7.       Addy An (Next stop,happiness)
8.       Ariel Lin (It started with a kiss)
Origin of blogname?
Err...unfortunately there is nothing abstract or meaningful about it. It's quite literally talking about dramas. Should I make something up?
Watching pals?
I watch alone.  I love watching alone because I get to immerse myself into the story without getting worried about embarassing myself if I smile, laugh, frown, cry, squeal, jump, cringe, etc. But I enjoy squee-ing and gushing with friends who watch kdramas too.
Rewatching dramas?
I don't rewatch dramas often. If I do, it would have been years down the road when the details are vague. That's because when I watched it the first time, I would of rewound every favourite scene to death already.
Favourite Korean food?
Kimchi jiggae. I love spicy food. And I have a high threshold for spiciness. Dolsot bibimbap a close second.

I don't expect reply posts but special thanks to Raine, Deeno, muchadoboutlove, and dewaanifordrama for the special mentions. You are loved, chingus!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely post! Well, I will forever be indebted for your QIHM love!!! ^^ And I really need to watch City Hall it seems. Cha Seung Won is so lovely! (And sooooooo handsome) And I really, really want to watch Tamra: The Island and Jewel in the Palace! Ah! So much lovely drama!