Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 6

I'm starting this recap because I could not find any in the regular blogs I follow, so I hope this is helpful to those who wished for one. I'm not going to begin from episode1 again, because well, I'm passed that.

And I'm sorry that the quality of the pictures are not so good but well, it's because I'm not watching a particularly HD version. My english is mediocre and this is my first attempt so, please be lenient on me for the many mistakes I'm sure are scattered throughout. I'm actually watching chinese subbed versions so if there are mistakes please let me know.

Episode 6

Seongyoo is on the way back to his house upon receiving the news that the King is in dire health. He stops by the town to rest his horse where he chance upon SeRyung who was treating the little monks to some titbits. SeRyung apologizes for causing him trouble but Seongyoo brushes her aside and coolly announced that they shall not meet again. SeRyung is upset and cries when her mother reprimanded her for leaving on her own again when she returned to the temple (more upset with Seongyoo that actually her mother).

Grand Prince Suyang takes advantage of the King's illness and advises a change in the ministers to the young Prince. Princess KyungHye is enraged and although she is unable to stop him, her influence over the young prince worries GP Suyang.

 Thus, he ensures that the princess can no longer stay in the palace by forcing the issue that a married princess should live outside the palace. The princess had no choice but to comply.

SeRyung and Seongyoo both have a sleepless night thinking about their meeting. Seongyoo, being restless finds his buddy Shin Myeon and engage him in a friendly swordplay. Alas, he can hardly concentrate and lost tamely. In a bid to change the subject, he asks jokingly about Shin's marriage. Shin, feeling guilty for not telling the truth about SeRyung's identity and his own impending marriage to her, squirms a little but suggests they visit their friend Jeongjong instead. It is the day where the princess is to move out of the palace.

SeRyung's mother, unaware of the hostile attitude of the princess towards her daughter orders SeRyung to visit the princess regularly to boost their family's name. SeRyung reluctantly goes. As expected, the princess is furious to see her, assuming that she and her father are trying to restrict her in and out of the palace. SeRung braces herself for her anger but insists she has her best interests in heart, even preparing some stuffs which are usually prepared by the bride's mother (not quite sure what are those). Anyway, the princess cannot help being slightly touched by her gestures despite herself.

SeRyung almost bumps into Seongyoo and Shin who came to visit Jeong. Jeong relates that he is happy with his marriage, but is upset the King is ill and the Princess appears to harbour dislike for him. He also let out that he knew Shin is seeing the daughter of GP Suyang having recognized her when she visited the princess earlier. Shin is nervous and over-reacts a little while Seongyoo looks on curiously. Seongyoo later met the Princess and wishes her well and speaking for his friend Jeong. The princess, still bitter, reminds him of his loyalty towards the young prince and reiterates that he should forget about the palace maid. Seongyoo assures her that it was over.

The next day, Jeong panicked when he couldn't find the princess. He enlisted the help of his buddies Shin and Seongyoo. SeRyung , heeding her mother's wishes also heads to the princess residence.

She meets Seongyoo who was heading out to search for the princess. He asks why was she here and she explains that she came to visit the princess. He tells her the princess is missing and she has a hunch where the princess might be heading. She borrows a horse because the place she has in mind is quite far. Discouraged by his cool demeanour, she doesn't try to ask to his help  and tries to ride the horse on her own. Seongyoo knowing better, caves in and rides behind her. Awkward........LOL.

As it turns out, SeRyung's hunch is correct. However, the princess is unwilling to board a boat full of commoners and decides to head home again. Just then, SeRyung and Seongyoo arrives but did not see her leaving carriage. SeRyung thanks Seongyoo for bringing her here and left quickly, avoiding his eyes. She sits in the boat, oblivious to all the stares she's in a well-bred lady, alone... A scruffy looking man tries to make a move by going for the seat next to her but is foiled by Seongyoo. During the ride, SeRyung says the place she had in mind was a little far so they might have come for nothing because the princess may not have made the trip. Seongyoo counters that there's no harm in making sure. Awkwardness ensues again when the boat was unstable and Seongyoo, in reflex held her.

Eventually they reached the mausoleum where the Queen was buried. The princess is no where to be seen and it is drizzling.

He is curious why she still cares for the princess since she was banished from the palace by her. She starts to explain that it wasn't the princess who banished her but was reminded by her father's warning that no one should know anything about the matter and that she should just remain a palace maid in Seongyoo's eyes. She lies that she is staying at the temple for now when he enquires if she has a place to stay. He goes on to ask if it was fun pretending to be a princess and making a fool out of him. She explains that it wasn't her intention to lie but she was having so much fun being with him she couldn't help herself. She proceeds to apologize for putting him through so much trouble but he deliberately says he would do that for ANY woman. SeRyung looks at him teary eyed, and is sad that he means that he would sacrifice his life for any woman and she wasn't special. He is uncomfortable and declares that they should head back. On the way, SeRyung stops by to collect some flowers...and Seongyoo could only stare, mesmerized by her in spite of himself.

Meanwhile GP Suyang and his underlings are celebrating in a Gibang that they managed to get rid of the princess. Minister Shin, summons his son to escort GP back. Shin complies. During the journey, GP speaks lovingly of his daughter and how he thinks that Shin is a good match for SeRyung. Shin is obviously happy with it also, though he didn't say much.

Meanwhile, Seongyoo sends SeRyung back. They part reluctantly, each looking back longingly at the other.

SeRyung bumps into Shin and her father who chides her for returning home so late. SeRyung also learns that Shin is her bethrothed.

The princess receives the flowers from SeRyung and is touched.

On the other hand, the dying king, with the help of Prince AnPyung (his younger brother), manages to leave the palace to meet his daughter at her residence. The meeting also serves as an opportunity for Kim JongSeo to meet the king without the knowledge of the GP. Kim pledges his loyalty and life to serve the King.

That night, the King's condition worsens and everyone receives notice that the King is dying.. The princess heads to the palace. Kim receives a token (a tag signifying a governmental position). At the same time, SeRryung is feeling restless and chooses to go to the temple to clear her mind.

The King nods to his aide who passes a royal decree to Prince AnPyung before the GP arrives. Not long after, the King takes his last breath. GP Suyang wastes no time in insisting the young prince follows his instructions from then on. The royalties and ministers are waiting outside. GP announces that since the King did not leave any will, the young prince will make a decree on his own. Minister Shin reads out the prepared decree which states that the young prince is too young to handle politics and so will be assisted by the GP SuYang. The announcement is interupted by Prince AnPhyung, who announces that he has received his Majesty's Will. The will states that Kim JongSeo is appointed Prime Minister and will assist the young Prince. Cue, Kim JongSeo shows up and declares that while he is in charge no member of the royalty shall meddle with politics or the consequences will be dire...GP is understandably pissed and vows to take down Kim.

On the hand, while the feud between their fathers is escalating, Seongyoo could not stop himself from thinking of SeRyung and shows up at the temple. He hugs her.......and there goes reason.

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