Recap : The Princess' Man episode 7

Had a long break so I’m kind of lagging behind all my drama watching. The names are so long that I started to use initials halfway through this recap. Sorry :P
Episode 7
Seongyoo couldn’t help himself and hugs SeRyung
SY : I told you to never appear before me again. Why can’t you disappear from my mind?
SeRyung pushes him away, confused and hurt by his words.
SR: You were so cold to me earlier. Why are you like this now? I was…
SY: I no longer want to lie to myself. I cannot pretend as though nothing has happened. From now, I shall not push you away from my heart any more. I came here because I couldn’t help myself. So even if you say no, I will not leave…
Seongyoo embraces her again. Gently this time. After a while, they calm down.
SY: What is your name? Is there a reason you cannot tell me?
SR: It’s Yeori.
SY: Yeori…yeori ah. Are you gonna be afraid staying here? Is it okay if I leave now?
SR: yes.
SY: I want to ask so many questions but it’s already so late, so I’m going to leave now. I will come by later.
SR: (feeling uneasy watching SY leave) Teacher, can we really meet again?
SY: Even if you stop me, I will come for sure.
With that, Seonyoo leaves with a reassuring smile. SeRyung turn around to find the real Yeori looking on. Yeori is shocked to learn that the man is Kim SeongYoo. She warns her never to see him again. But SeRyung insists she doesn’t want to hide her feelings any longer.

Kim JongSeo and Seongyoo (newly promoted as an Official in charge of Imperial Records) meets the King (previously the Young Prince). The King is pleased to see him. As they are leaving, they meet GP Suyang. Kim chides him for entering the palace at his own whim and reminds him to exercise restraint. The sight of Seongyoo among the entourage inflames GP Suyang more.
At the Gibang, GP and his underlings confer again. Han MyungHee, the guy with many henchmen offers his analysis of the situation and suggests they need to remove Kim JongSeo before he does the same. GP agrees and say they should move on to their plans earlier. And by the looks of the rest of the conversation, it involves something bloody.
Meanwhile, ShinMyeon watches his father belittled by KimJongSeo’s men and feels indignant for his father’s sake.
Jeong, Shin and Seongyoo met with their old teacher, Lee Gae. After the meeting Jeong is sure Seongyoo is meeting a girl because of his happy mood. Shin’s mood on the other hand, is not so good.
Meanwhile, Yeori frets about SeRyung lying to her mother so that she can stay at the temple and that she used her name. SeRyung reassures her that she will definitely come clean with him the next time they meet.
SeRyung waits and of course our hero shows up.
SR: I thought you weren’t coming.
SY: I came late on purpose. To make you anxious so I’d know how much you wanted to see me (jokingly). Because of my new appointment, I have to enter the palace again and it’s been so busy that I don’t have time to come even though I wish to so much. (SR is more than a little happy by this statement). How did you end up staying at this temple.
SR: (Uneasy) I used to come here often in the past.
SY: Your parents are not around?
SR squares her shoulders and mentally prepared herself to confess but SY sees that she’s uncomfortable about the subject and cheers her up.
They go to a pretty waterfall for their “date”. SY starts fanning himself AND her…(This part is so adorable). He asks her how she knew letters because she appeared quite well-educated from their “lessons” in the palace previously. She in keeping with her guise of being a palace maid answers that she just learns from listening in. He comments that it’s quite impressive of her. Then SY starts an impromptu lesson. Basically they just professes their love, in POETRY. LOL.
Later, SY even offers her a hand when they are taking a walk, and I guess that means they’ve covered second base, hand-holding!
Meanwhile, we see that GP Suyang and his sidekick, Han is walking to a hidden fort where a small army is being trained. Well, it’s clear GP Suyang is planning a rebellion of sorts.

Back to our lovers, it’s time to leave and SY teases SR for being reluctant to part. He mentions that he needs be in attendance for the Princess’ Birthday, and will come to see her after that. Unable to hide her happiness, SR smiles at that. When SY starts to stare, she becomes bashful and hides behind his fan. Ok now this part is funny because now SY is playing peek-a-boo with her behind his fan. When SR finally lowers the fan, they find that they are in close proximity. SY swoops in for a kiss!! Just a peck I suppose but better than nothing. He leaves with a smile, walking backwards. SR asks him to be mindful of his steps and touches her lips watching him leave.
It’s night, and GP and his men meets again. This time with a “Life & Death” Booklet (basically specifies people they need to kill and those they needn’t). No prize for guessing who’s on the top of the list. Kim JongSeo it is. Best to rid the leader first. Since it’s difficult to kill Kim in the palace, they plan to kill him in his own residence with the GP Suyang as a ruse.
As they are leaving, they meet SR who was accompanied by Yeori. SR has her first look at her future father-in-law and is cruelly reminded of the reality of her impending marriage to Shin Myeon. Later, Yeori again advises SR not to see SY again. And while they are fighting over the fan, GP Suyang shows up. He is obviously not pleased she did not honour her promise to not see him again. After ascertaining that SY do not realize her identity and that they are in love, he reminds her she is betrothed. SR takes the opportunity to ask if the marriage proposal could be rejected. He is adamant that the marriage will go through and vows to disown her if she sees him again.
Basking in his happiness, SY prepares himself to attend the Princess’s Birthday. SR on the other hand is grounded. Yeori’s reminder that it’s the Princess’ Birthday gives her an idea. She pleads with her sister, SeJung to help her convince their mother to allow her to go along.
At the Princess’ Residence, the Princess is busy receiving gifts and preparing for the King’s visit. Jeong sneaks into her room, a little overwhelmed by her room. He has never entered her room before. He tries to place two silver rings in the room when the Princess shows up. She berates him for showing up in her room without permission. Embarrassed, Jeong confesses that he was going to surprise her with the rings which were from his mother for her first birthday since marriage. He leaves quietly, and sadly. The Princess is a little touched but I guess it’s still not enough to break her icy exterior because she promptly puts the ring into the drawer.
Next, SR shows up to meet the Princess with food from her mother. SR is happy to see the flowers she picked in the princess’ room. The princess is also more polite and eats the food she brought as part of being reconciliatory.
Meanwhile GP and his men are back to hatching evil plans. They plan to kill Kim on the day the King leaves the palace, replaces the palace guards with their people, put the King in “house arrest”, demand that the King summon the people in their Life& Death Booklet. Basically after Kim’s death, the King would be at the mercy of GP Suyang. And they need Shin Myeon’s help too with the palace guards.
Shin Myeon is at the Princess’s place at the moment, beefing up security. The King shows up with SY as part of his entourage. Jeong welcomes the King. Jeong later grabs both his friends and happily announces to the unknowing SY that Shin’s betrothed is the GP Suyang’s eldest daughter and that she is here. Shin is uncomfortable but his friends do not notice.
SR watches SY from afar and is reminded of her conversation with the Princess, who’s like the hundredth person to say she is not to see SY. However, SY sees her and chides her jokingly for not informing him she’s here to see the Princess. Just as he’s leaving, she tells him that she won’t be at the temple for some time. SY is worried she’s going to disappear on him again. She evasively assures him it won’t be for long and she will look for him when she’s back. She pinky-promised with him and he is called away. Shin sees everything and confronts her.
At home, SeJung is punished for not returning with SR. And her mother becomes the next person to remind her that Kim Seongyoo is the only man that is impossible for her. And that she would do well to stay away from him if she does not want anything bad to befall the family.
SY, Jeong and Shin meets up for a drink. SY tells everyone the girl he likes is a palace maid. Jeong is happy but worried for him. Shin, who is a little drunk, remarks that SY’s father, who depends on the king for power will not allow it. Shin also insults that SY is reinstated due to his father’s influence. His dissatisfaction with SJ surfaces and they parted unhappily when Shin was summoned by GP Suyang. Jeong is angry that their friendship is reduced to this.
Shin sees SR at her house. He stops her when she turns to leave and questions her on relationship with SY. He demands to know when they met up again and SR is irked that he dares to interfere in her affairs. A little more softly, he tells her that she is betrothed to him. She admits she knew of their betrothal. He’s hurt that she keeps seeing SY in spite of that but she just explains she only sees him as SY’s friend and not a marriage prospect. She leaves and Shin is surprised to hear GP Suyang’s voice. He apparently overheard and is a little surprised to know that Shin knew of SR and SY’s relationship.
GP Suyang senses Shin’s feelings for SR, and uses it to convinced Shin to join his rebellion. Shin is initially shocked to hear of GP’s plans but Gp convinces him that it’s up to him to defend his father, fight for the woman he loves and make sure his good friend dies in peace. GP offers his twisted logic that his friend would not be happy once his father is dead and it is for his sake that SY dies at the hands of his best friend. Gp then gives him a sword and asks if he can raise a sword to his friend, SY. Still conflicted, Shin returns home to find his father waiting for him. Shin’s father reveals that he plans to crown GP Suyang as King.
SY also returns home and his father asks to see him. His brother and father is planning a marriage for him. He refuses and confesses that there is someone in his heart but she is not from noble family. Before he says more, his brother, SeongGyu drags him away and punches him. He doesn’t want SY to cause any more trouble for their father by hooking up with an unworthy woman (like the previous incidence with the princess).
Meanwhile, GP Suyang comes up with the idea of using SY’s relationship with his daughter to trick Kim JongSeo into meeting him (because they need a legitimate reason to ask for a meeting). When he sees SR, he plays the benevolent father part to SR by promising to speak to Kim JongSeo about her and SY since he doesn’t want to see her hurt. He pretends to give in and makes her promise she wouldn’t let SY know her identity before he manages to speak to Kim JongSeo. GP digs for more information and learns that SY only knew her as Yeori. The naïve SR declares she is most lucky to have him as her father…
In the palace, Jeong is meeting the King and lets slip that the Princess KyeongHye is a little worn out. The King is worried and wishes to visit her immediately. This news reaches GP Suyang.
Prime Minister Kim Jong Seo tries to convince the King to abort his plans to visit the Princess but the King insists and promises that this will be the last time. Kim reluctantly gives in.
SR is happily doing embroidery as a gift for SY when she pricked herself. Her embroidery is stained and she heads to her mother’s for a new cloth. Her parents are discussing the impending assassination of Kim JongSeo. GP even added that Kim Seongyoo needed to be killed as well to ensure no future complication and for their daughter’s sake. SR overhears and drops her embroidery in shock.

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