Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 13

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Episode 13
To answer my own question from last week, it appears that Seongyoo is privy to the entire conversation because he was already there before Seryung and Myeon arrives.
 SY is surprised to see Myeon grabbing SR in a hug. After recovering from her initial shock, SR struggles free from his embrace.
SR: Please let go of me. We are engaged. How could you dishonor me this way? Do not presume to own my heart as well.
SM: Forever…you would be with me forever. I will slowly open up your heart. (OK, that sounds morbid…he means gain her affection)
SR looks on as Myeon leaves, confused and upset with Myeon’s declaration.
 Meanwhile, SY who walked away with conflicting emotions after witnessing their embrace starts putting two-and-two together. A brooding SR also appears to be much bothered by Myeon’s declaration. At this point, SY and SR finally realize the depth of Myeon’s affection for SR. But is it enough to betray his friend?

GP Suyang summons SR to reprimand her for breaking the law by freeing the slaves. SR stands firm in her belief that such law are inhumane and not worth complying to. Suyang is surprised that SR is taking a stand against him in politics. SR maintains she is not speaking in terms of politics but in humanity. Suyang looks at SR, speechless. SR meets his gaze unflinchingly. (Our heroine has finally shed her naiveté…and not a moment too soon I say). Suyang concedes that in time, she will come to understand that he only has the family’s best interest in heart.

SR: How is it possible that something which is so wrong now, becomes right with time?
GP: Your cold words…really pierces my heart. If my efforts are not acknowledged by my children, what right do I have to be a father...
SR is silent, a flicker of remorse across her face. GP leaves with a heavy heart.
SY ends up at the place where his decapitated father was paraded. He is unable to find out more about his father. He worries about his little niece, A-Kang.
Back at the Gisaeng House, Jo and Nohgul are also worrying about the missing SY. All is not well, as a bunch of ruffians show up looking for Jo SukJoo (aha…finally his name pops up LOL). Madam ChuHee tries to take matter into her hands (yes! Another name...).The confrontation escalates as the ruffians do not believe she is not hiding Jo and takes the little Gisaeng girl hostage.
Just then, SY nonchalantly shows up amidst all the chaos. Already in a sour mood, he retaliates after being provoked by the ruffians, taking down one after another. Jo stops him from killing the ruffians.
When they were alone, SJ reveals he has no name or anywhere to go. Jo senses that there is more than meets the eye about SJ and his past. Impressed with his sword skills, Madam ChuHee offers him a job as the Gisaeng girls’ protector aka bodyguard. SJ agrees with the condition he is allowed to conduct his own business during the day. This arrangement suits Madam ChuHee fine because they only operate during the night, however, she does make him promise not to draw his sword in the guesthouse indiscriminately. Nohgul who is eavesdropping outside wants to stay as well. The little Gisaeng girl promptly claims SY as hers for saving her life. SY ignores them both.
Someone is roughing up the ruffians. It’s the leader of the ruffians and he’s pissed to learn that some unknown person that Jo brought back killed his men. (Uh-oh I smell more trouble for SJ).
Lady Yoon informs SR that her wedding will not be postponed any longer and that a new date has been set. She tells her to inform Princess KyungHye about the change of date.  
Meanwhile, Prince Geum Sung discusses with Princess KyungHye and Jeong about their coup on the day of the wedding. The soft-hearted Jeong feels a little sorry for Myeon. Prince Geum Sung springs a surprise on Jeong by instructing him to accept Myeon’s offer to be his best man and to smuggle his three best soldiers inside the procession. Caught offguard, Jeong looks a little beleaguered. Oh dear…another betrayal coming up.
Prince Geum Sung bumps into SR who is on the way to the Princess’ Residence. He amiably comments on her upcoming marriage but when SR leaves, he has on this treacherous look (I only bring this up because it’s really scary how his expression changes in a blink of an eye). He makes his way to meet the leader of his army and instruct his followers to keep an eye on Suyang and his cronies.
In the princess’ room, the meeting is strained as both of them are distracted by troubling thoughts. KH remarks that they are both really similar in that they have to marry someone they dislike.
In a gesture meant perhaps to comfort SR or alleviate her own guilty conscience, KH gave her the ring that SY once passed to her in the palace. (This would be the time when SY and SR were still dating under the pretense that she was the princess). KH admits that she kept the ring even though it was meant for SR and tells her that this would be her last gift to her. SR smiles tearfully. Later, alone, she puts on the rings.

Jeong is still undecided about betraying Myeon. He seeks KH’s opinion believing she is in the same dilemma since SR is her close friend as well. KH claims she has erased SR from her heart and that she would sacrifice her own life if needed to protect the King. Jeong is still reluctant but KH urges him to make a decision soon.

Eun Geum delivers a message to Myeon saying that Jeong has agreed to be his best man. This immediately brings a smile to our forever brooding second lead.

One of Prince Geum Sung’s men shows up before Han and tells him about the Prince’s plan after being prompted by a box of cash. Han reports to GP Suyang who finds his brother’s plan laughable. Han recommends that they take this opportunity to eliminate KH and Jeong as well so that the King would have no support. Suyang considers this but decides that it’s not yet necessary. Hans cautions that SR’s wedding might be affected. Suyang dismisses his caution but warns him against telling Shin SookJoo.

Looks like Nohgul got his wish because he’s also appointed as a guard by Madam ChuHee. Madam ChuHee reminds them they are not to draw their swords at all without her orders because it would affect business. Nohgul is disgruntled but SY is silent. Jo is still wary because he thinks SJ is not an average Joe.
That night, SY faces his first test. The lovelorn little Gisaeng girl is staring at SJ the whole time she is entertaining a guest. The guest gets irritated and starts provoking SJ, first by throwing drinks at him and then a dagger. He is even more annoyed when SJ is irresponsive to his provocation and starts attacking SJ for real. SJ knocks him down bare-handed. Madam ChuHee looks on, approvingly.
Shin Sookjoo has a heart-to-heart talk with Myeon at the Capital Bureau. Shin asks if Myeon is still unwilling to marry SR. Myeon denies. (As if?!!) When asked why he places this much importance on this marriage, Shin explains that GP Suyang will be a ruthless ruler of this country and it would be more beneficial to be in his ally than his enemy.
SY also turns up at the Capital Buraeu and tries to wheedle information on the whereabouts of his niece and sister-in-law from the guards. The guards are also gossiping about Myeon’s impending wedding.
SY made further inquiries discreetly and eventually finds the house where Lady Ryu and A-Kang were working at previously. The ahjumma informs SY that they’re both dead…that they committed suicide. SY pesters her to think it over, unable to accept that they are dead. The annoyed ahjumma insists so and closes the door.
Dissatisfied, SY keeps barging at the door. A group of men restraints him and beats him up. Prince On-Nyung returns but misses out on seeing SY who is dismissed as a mad man. SY is devastated that his only family are dead.

Nohgul is having a chummy tête à tête with MooYoung. MooYoung is blatantly flirting with him and it’s hilarious to see NohGul so attracted to her (him? I’d be referring to MooYoung as a “her” since it’s apparently what she wants LOL).
 Mooyoung is explaining how a previous underling of Jo’s called Gong Chilgoo tried to force Jo into submission by kidnapping Sooyoung (the little Gisaeng). NohGul is just remarking on how underhanded Gong is by kidnapping a defenseless woman when SJ saunters into the guesthouse. SJ shrugs off their concern and broods in his room.
The events of the day get to SJ who later goes for a midnight exercise of sword fighting alone. Our hero is seriously entertaining the idea of kidnapping our heroine. (I say, let’s! It will definitely allow our OTP some needed time together)
(Hihi...there are brooding showers in sageuks too!) 
Myeon visits Jeong the day before the wedding. Myeon is delighted Jeong has agreed to be his best man. Jeong is guilt-ridden. He deflects by asking Myeon if he is fine marrying SY’s woman. Myeon replies that he will atone by spending his entire life treating that woman well, for he is a sinner in everyone’s eyes anyway.
 After Myeon leaves, KH is worried the soft-hearted Jeong will back out. Jeong clarifies that while he hurts for both his friend, his loyalty belongs to her and the King.
SJ lies in wait outside of SR’s home. He sees SR who wanders out alone and tails her. Myeon also arrives at SR’s home bearing a gift. Yeori explains that SR has just left to pray at the temple. Myeon asks her for the location of the temple.
SR passes by the Gisaeng house where she used to rendezvous SJ and reminisces about happier times. Myeon has already reached the temple, and waits excitedly for SR. He takes out his gift which we can now see is a hair ornament.
When SR reaches a quieter stretch of road, SY prepares to move in on her only to be thwarted by Myeon who has been waiting for her.
Myeon presents her with his gift. SR receives the gift politely but excuses herself to pray. Her cold demeanor does not discourage Myeon.
SR places SY’s rings on a pile of rocks and whispers that this will be his resting place. SY takes the rings after SR left and remembers the time he bought them.
SR is also overwhelmed by her memories of SJ and changes her mind about the rings. She heads back only to find the rings missing.
She searches for them and finds SY crouching behind a tree. SY was about the smash the rings with a rock I believe. SR could only see the SY’s crouched back and she tentatively asks for the rings which she claims are very important to her. SJ walks off ignoring her pleas.
Her final plea does give him pause.
SR: It belongs to the person I loved. It is more important to me than my life. Please return it to me.  
Still, he continues walking and SR finds the rings on the ground. One of them already smashed.
The preparations for the wedding underway, SR pays respects to her parents. (this is when a bride bids her parents farewell before the ceremony). GP Suyang is happy but sad to see his favourite daughter married and leaving his side. SR is indifferent.
Princess KH tells Jeong to becareful and Jeong jokingly teases her for showing care towards him. She denies it is for his sake and claims she’s only worried because of the King. (Aw...the ice princess has melted). Suddenly somber, Jeong embraces KH.
J: I’ve been longing to hold you in my arms countless times. I won’t say words like, “I’d die with no regrets”. I will make sure I live so I can hold you again…
KH is touched and cries. (Aw…so sweet!!!)

Prince Geum Sung is giving final instructions to his men, unaware one of them has already defected. They are to take action once the bride enters and their first targets are the guards positioned beside the King. Jeong appears and offers his participation only if he agrees to spare Myeon. Prince Guem Sung reluctantly agrees.

Jeong sets out to meet Myeon. Myeon is in a good mood and do not read much into Myeon’s surly attitude. Han’s men, Chilgap and Jung Geun are keeping an eye on things. But they do not notice that SJ has infiltrated the premises by masquerading as a servant.
Han assures GP Suyang that preventions have been done and no harm will befall him and his family. Meanwhile, Lady Yoon offers some final advice to SR. She advises her to forget the dead and focus on being a good wife to ShinMyeon. This talk about being a good wife reminds SR of her first lesson with SY in the palace whereby he lectured on an obedient wife being the shadow of the husband. SR smiles bitterly at the memory.

SR gets dressed in her wedding attire. Tearfully she tells Yeori :
“I’ve thought of becoming that person’s shadow and have wished that he becomes my shadow…”
Myeon and his procession reach the ceremonial ground for the wedding. Prince Geum Sung offers his congratulations. GP accepts heartily. The atmosphere is tensed for everyone except our groom who smiles like a boy about to receive his candy.

In her room, SR is still thinking about SY. Just then, SY sneaks out from his hiding place. A rope in hand, he restraints a startled SR.

GP Suyang is furious that someone dares to kidnap his daughter. Myeon heads out to find her. Prince Geum Sung is arrested. The young King pledges to save Prince GeumSung. SY and SR. An irrational SY vows to kill SR. SR, so relieved that SY is alive hugs him. SY pushes her away and points a sword to her!

# OMG I can’t wait for the next episode. More specifically, I can’t wait for SY and SR’s scenes. So far, SY has been so consumed by hatred and grief that he gives little thought to all else. But this cannot be Romeo and Juliet if they’re going to hate each other until the end of the series right? I’m waiting patiently for them to reconcile….which under the circumstances I do wonder if it’s plausible.


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