Recap: The Princess' Man episode12

For the record, I didn't include any character/plot analysis in my recaps except for some random comments partly because I have to admit I didn't do enough research for the recaps to be in a position to offer a well-thought out opinion.
 And because it's especially challenging to recap a sageuk for my first attempt, I may not have always used the "correct" term especially for the court positions. I may edit those later. For now I can only offer an almost blow-by-blow account of the episodes, although I've been wondering if I should cut down on the details a little...because this episode racks up 2700 words. LOL.

Episode 12
SJ ignores warning from his prisoner friend and engages HamGwi in a fight. Despite being at the receiving end of HamGwi’s sword, he grasps the cutting end of the sword with his bare hands. Fueled by memories of his father, he robs HamGwi of his sword through sheer determination and stabs him instead. His prisoner friend drags him away but gave him another warning not to risk their lives that way again.
Alone, SR is recalling her encounter with SY in the prison when she is interrupted by her father, who is accompanied by her mother and Im Woon. GPSuyang thinks she is having trouble sleeping thinking of her upcoming marriage. Lady Yoon reminds her that her marriage must proceed without trouble. SR assures them she will abide by their wishes.
Back in the forest, Chil Gap and Jung Geun are devastated to find HamGwi’s body. Chil Gap is looking mighty angry and shouts SJ name. (I don’t know why he immediately concluded it was SJ who did it though….there was no witness, no forensic evidence LOL, sorry CSI fan here).
 SJ and friend are washing up in the stream (we have our first sighting of Park Shi Hoo’s thick strong chest!). Friend tells SJ that he should thank him. SJ obliges. Friend just wanted to return the favour because SJ did save him once while they were escaping from the ship. Friend advises him to persevere because due to their chained condition, he can only live if SJ lives.
Chil Gap and Jung Geun bury HamGwi. Jung Geun is the hot-headed one and wants to hunt down the prisoners at once. Chil Gap is calmer and feels that the prisoners are no easy preys.
The said preys are conducting their own council. They still can’t come up with a better plan but realizes that prolonging the situation will put them in a disadvantage because they will run out of food. Introductions are done (Finally!).

Wang NohGul, descendant of the Royal Family from the previous Goryeo Dynasty (the setting of the drama is in Joseon Dynasty). He demands more respect from the others…but they are not the slightest bit impressed as he’d previously claimed to be a general who has had many experience in battles (a coward and a liar…hah!).
SJ does not offer to introduce himself.
(Dang! Only one introduction. What about the rest? What should I call you guys?)
Ok, I’m going to call them as the following henceforth, for convenience sake.
Jo Suk Joo or Jo (This is his name anyway)
Blur(L); Tarzan(R)
Myeon delivers wedding gifts from his mother to GPSuyang. GPSuyang addresses him as son-in-law happily. When he seems disappointed SeRyung is not present, Lady Yoon explains that SR is busy preparing for the wedding. Myeon goes to call on her in person. Yeori tells him that SR is not feeling well, so he leaves dejectedly. Yeori advises SR to try to accept Myeon since their wedding is inevitable. SR only sighs.
Prince Geum Sung informs Princess KH and Jeong of his plan to stage a coup on SeRyung’s wedding day. He thinks it’s their best chance to eliminate GPSuyang before he harms the King. He will be mobilizing his military power. KH is a little apprehensive and Jeong rues that it has to come to this.
 It’s day, SJ and Jo manage to get hold of an axe after overpowering some enemies in a tag-team effort. Jo chops at the chains and finally they are free. The first thing he tells SJ is he’s free to die now if he so chooses. (Haha)
Night. Wang approaches the boats left by Chil Gap and his men cautiously. However, Chil Gap lies in wait. Wang is tied up and Chil Gap immediately could see that Wang is a coward. He strikes him a deal (uh-oh!).
Wang re-joins the group. The others berate him for acting on his own. Wang sneaks a peek at SJ who says nothing. The guys are feeling desperate and hungry. Later, when SJ is sleeping, Wang tries to recruit the guys to betray SJ. Tarzan and Blur is more than willing. Jo has reservations over this dubious deal. Their raised voices alert SJ who fights evenly with Tarzan.
Suddenly, Blur is struck down by Jung Geun. Chil Gap and gang have sneaked up on them. Wang reminds Chil Gap of their deal. Jo calls him stupid for trusting them. Chil Gap attacks and the cowardly Wang is the first to run. SJ and Jo also manage to run but Tarzan is killed. SJ and Jo hide. Jo is reminded of Wang’s words that Chil Gap’s target is only SJ. Jo raises his sword towards SJ saying ominously that only SJ’s death can end this.
In the palace, Princess KH is furious she is denied entry to seek audience with the King. The guards apparently only answer to GP Suyang.
In court, the hapless young King could only listen as GP Suyang dictates the appointment of State Council Personnel. He recommends Shin Sook Joo as Left State Councillor, Kwon Ram as Dongbuseungjae (I can’t find a translation for this position) and for Prince On-Nyung to be appointed as representative of the Royal family to assist the King. The King listlessly agrees. GP Suyang also proposes that the female relations (wives and daughters) of the rebels be demoted to slaves (instead of palace maids as is the norm). The King is silent and conflicted but we can see from GPSuyang’s evil smile that he would have his way.
GPSuyang and his cronies have their own meeting. Shin SookJoo is concerned that Prince Geum Sung is unnaturally quiet. Han assures everyone he has Prince Geum Sung followed and is aware of him trying to recruit an army discreetly (maybe not so discreet after all since Han already knows…). They decide to adopt a wait-and-see stance. Once they eliminate Prince Geum Sung, they will be that much closer to helping GP Suyang to ascend to the throne.
Back to the island, Chil Gap and his men catches sight of Jo going after SY all the way to the edge of the cliff. Jo understands that Chil Gap and his men will only consider sparing him once SY is dead. He takes it upon himself to kill SY by cutting him with his sword and kicking him off the cliff to the surprise of Chil gap and his men (by now, we know that Jo and SJ are only play-acting…Jo’s look of concern before he kicked totally gives it away). Jo is spared and Chil gap is satisfied after seeing SJ’s body at the foot of the cliff.

As soon as Chil gap and his men leave, Jo rushes out from his hiding place and drags SJ, who is holding onto some shrubs, to safety. Flashback – continuing from their ambiguous conversation from the night before, we learn that this is part of Jo’s master plan! The dead body was placed there by them before their big act).
Chilgap returns to report to GP Suyang and his cronies. Myeon is stunned (perhaps a little remorseful as well).
Sejung is fingering SeRyung’s wedding hanbok admiringly. She asks to try it on. SR obliges. Sejung cannot understand why SR is still mooning over Kim SeongYoo and declares that she would love that their father becomes King so she could become a princess.
Yeori brings news that the women slaves are assigned to the families who played a part in stamping out the alleged rebellion. SR could not believe that the slaves are forced to work for the very people who played a part in slaughtering their families. In particular, Lady Ryu and A-Kang are to be slaves in the Prince On-Nyung’s household. SR and Yeori set out to find them, Myeon following them (Gee…Myeon is becoming stalkerish). Guilt-ridden, she dare not approach them. Myeon confronts her.
SR: Because of you and my father, these people have lost their home. To make them slaves in their enemies’ home is downright cruel.
SM: This is the King’s decree. You can’t do anything about it.
SR: I want to free them from slavery.
SM: How could you think that? If you are caught…
SR: Even if I am to be punished, I would rather be punished after I save them. If you wish to tell on me to my father, please wait until this is over…
SR takes her leave, leaving behind the speechless Myeon.

Lady Ryu is washing clothes by the stream, A-Kang lying sick by her side. Yeori shows up pretending she needs someone to read a letter. Lady Ryu is asked to read it. The letter is from SR. It reads:
“I’m the person you saw at HanSeungGwan (Capital Bureau, the prison place where she was previously held). I wish to send you to somewhere safe. I will wait for you at the place you saw me just now. Please come.”
Yeori and SR waits anxiously for Lady Ryu who finally shows up. She’s worried that SR will get into trouble. SR assures her she would be fine. SR arranges for her to visit the doctor first before sending them away. Lady Ryu is grateful and admits she’s only agreeing to this scheme for her daughter’s sake. Myeon even escorts them. SR thanks him.
Jo leads Wang and SJ to a brothel. SJ is hurting from the cut Jo gave him earlier. There are a few girls and a certain man-lady soliciting business. The man-lady is handy with a knife, as evidenced by the way she deals with a rude customer. Jo shows his face and the man-lady calls him…brother?
Jo's lady friend, Leader of the brothel girls
Man-lady. Jo's brother. Moo-young

Brothel girl?

From their conversation, it seems Jo has a history with the pretty leader girl and appears to be the leader of some sort of gangsters. But he declares he needs to save someone first…and that someone is SJ, who’s currently lying down in pain.
SR takes Lady Ryu and A-Kang to the temple (omg, now we have three cute kids – A Kang and the two little monks) for shelter temporarily. She is shocked beyond words to learn that the ship carrying SY has sunk and that there were no survivors. She asks Myeon if the news were true, and laments why she was not told.
The younger brothel girl slips into the SY room by accident. She approaches SJ curiously. SJ murmurs “water” in his half-conscious state. She tends to him tenderly (Is she going to be another love interest?).
Prince On-Nyung casually brings up the issue of a missing slave who was related to Kim JongSeo. GP Suyang’s expression changes as he remembers SR bringing them to the doctor some time ago. He returns home and finds Myeon standing guard outside of SR’s room. GP Suyang asks Myeon if it was SR who hid the slaves. Myeon tries to take the blame. GP Suyang sees through him and wants to rebuke SR. Myeon stops him by explaining that SR has just found out about SJ’s death, and she would be inconsolable if she is not able to at least save SJ’s family members. GP Suyang asks him to convey his order that they are to stop searching for the slaves.
Princess KH and Jeong also receive the news that SY has died in the ship. Jeong is devastated. Just then, the servant announces that Myeon is here. Myeon is all smiles and plays nice (dude you have the worst timing in the world). Jeong asks him accusingly if he knew of SJ death. Princess KH also shows up and demands that he leaves the premises, mocking him for unabashedly setting foot to the place where so many bloods were spilled by his very hands. Jeong also tells him to leave.

Myeon informs him of his wedding and requests that Jeong be his best man just as he was on Jeong’s wedding. And because Jeong is his only friend now. Jeong, reminded of Prince Geum Sung plans to stage a coup, asks Myeon to find another candidate. Myeon insists he’ll be waiting for him. Myeon strikes a very lonely figure standing there alone (I feel really sad for him because I do feel Myeon is not like really evil evil, just very unfortunate to be stuck in his father quest for power. But he had a choice, and he chose the wrong side. Let’s hope he gets to redeem himself though).
Jeong could not sleep and sat in guard outside KH’s chambers. KH is initially alarmed but could not help but be touched by Jeong’s gentleness. KH guesses that Jeong is having a tough time coming to terms about SJ’s death. (KH is slowly but surely changing her opinion about Jeong…)
SY finally awakens and sees a group of girls crowding by his bed. The man-girl, Mooyoung keeps gushing about how good-looking SY is (LOL). The leader girl sends everyone away and SY is left with Jo and Wang. Jo reassures him they are safe since they are dead in the eyes of everyone. Wang is curious about what kind of grudge SJ is nursing.
Myeon asks GP Suyang for a postponement of the wedding because of SR’s condition. SR is depressed. Lady Yoon advises her to forget the past and focus on Myeon who obviously cares for her. SR says she wishes to be somewhere.
The little monks inform SR that Lady Ryu and the little girl has left without a word. The boys were particularly disappointed because they’ve just become close to A-Kang. SR finds Myeon and accuses him of harming Lady Ryu and her child. Myeon is disappointed she thinks this badly of him. He grabs her arm and forces her on a horse. He rides behind her.
SY wanders aimlessly in the streets until he reaches the entrance of his old house. He’s tormented by voices of his father, Lady Ryu and A-Kang and mistakes someone else for Lady Ryu and A-Kang. He appears emotionally unstable. I’m guessing he’s going to find GP Suyang.
Myeon rides to a residential area and helps SR dismount. SR glares at him and slaps him. Myeon grabs her hand again. SR warns him not to touch her again. Myeon is hurt by her cruel words.
SR turns and walks away only to be stopped by a familiar voice. She sees Lady Ryu and A-Kang walking towards her. SR turns back to Myeon in surprise, but Myeon has disappeared. SR feels guilty after learning that Myeon has been taking care of Lady Ryu.

Later, they return together in awkward silence. They reach her house.
SR : She wants me to convey her gratitude.
SM: If she knew it was me, she would be outraged.
SR: I’m sorry for misunderstanding you, but if you’d told me …
SM: Would you have believed me? You would have suspected that I relocated them elsewhere and killed them. Aren’t I that kind of person in your eyes? You never ask me the reasons for my decisions. You think that I don’t feel sad at all killing my best friend, don’t you?
SR curtly excuses herself and turns around.
SM: How long? How long would it take for you to not turn your back on me? Do you know how much it hurts to see you turn your back on me?
SR: Please leave (still in a clipped tone).

Myeon has had enough of her coldness, grabs her and locks her in his embrace. SY is behind a tree nearby.

OMG How much has he heard? Does SY realize SR loves him?


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