Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 21

OMG. This episode is like double the daebak-ness of the previous episode. It’s almost like it’s written by TPM’s fans for TPM’s fans. I’m thinking maybe a fan switched the script before filming. LOL. How else can it be everything we asked for and more?!

Episode 21
The King’s sudden decision shocks everyone. Myeon and SR stare at the King in disbelief. Queen JeongHui rushes in to diffuse the situation. The King says he’s only doing her a favor since she was the one who wanted to cut off all ties with him. Everyone tells SR to beg for forgiveness but SR is silent and motionless. She is desperately holding on to her resolve by focusing her thoughts on SY.

SY who is also flooded by memories of SR at BingGukKwan, could no longer contain his anxiety and runs off alone. Jo and NohGul who has been keeping an eye on him follow him worriedly.
In the palace, even Sejong and the sickly Crown Prince Song plead their father to spare SR. SR is led before them in a plain white hanbok still stubbornly continuing her silent treatment, much to everyone’s exasperation. At this point, everyone including SR herself knew that if she would only apologize, King Sejo would definitely forgive her. Her refusal to do so indicates her determination to choose SY over her own father, which both angers and hurts King Sejo who was especially fond of her. For the final blow, she declares she will forgo her name as Lee Se Ryung and live as a nameless slave from then on. That proves to be the final straw as King Sejo loses all faith in her and officially decrees that she is thereby demoted to slave status and to be tied up accordingly to prevent her from escaping and escorted to Myeon’s home.

SY is looking at the palace entrance, regretting that he had left her alone. Jo reassures him that with her status as Princess, she’d be fine and return to him as promised. (If you only knew…) SY sighs and leaves, knowing he could only wait for now.

They do not see SR being escorted by Myeon out of the palace. Myeon thoughtfully unties the rope around her wrists before continuing their journey.

Back at BingGukKwan, SY and gang find a suspicious looking man lurking in the area. Turns out the man is a messenger from Jeong with a letter for SY. Content of the letter states that Jeong and Prince GeumSung are recruiting armies and need artillery for their cause. SY plans to meet up with Jeong as soon as possible. NohGul’s remark that SY’s eagerness in carrying out all these “great plans” is not only for justice but also for the sake of the Princess earns him a glare from Jo. SY apologizes for all the trouble he’s brought and advises Jo to bring his family away from here.

ChuHee interrupted by declaring she’s not going anywhere. Mooyoung and Sooyoung pledge to stay as well. SY warns that the people from Capital Bureau are bound to mess up the place again but ChuHee is defiant. She advises them to hide themselves instead and promises to contact them once the situation improves.

At Myeon’s home, Shin SukJoo is alarmed to find SR brought into his home as a slave. Myeon arranges for her to rest in the guest room but SR insists to be treated like a slave. Myeon ignores her protests and she is sent to her room.

Shin SukJoo feels that the King must have been greatly disappointed for him to treat his beloved daughter this way. Myeon blames SY for everything and vows to catch him. Shin asks Myeon what he plans to do if the Princess is to remain a slave forever. Myeon answers that since she’s entered his home, she belongs to him. (In your dreams…! What is she – your pet??)
Myeon goes to see SR next. SR who was feeling lost and nervous alone in the room steels herself when she hears him coming.

M: I’ve asked the servants to find you some clothes to wear. Once the King gets over his anger, he will ask for you. Admit you are wrong and beg for his forgiveness and you will be forgiven. Just stay here for the next few days.
SR: I do not think I am wrong. My father and I will not reconcile.
M: Then, are you really planning to live as a slave from now on…?
SR: You are finding it inconvenient to treat me as a slave. I might as well be a palace maid.
M: Are you that unwilling to stay by my side? Being demoted and unwilling to apologize – is it to because you wish to return to Kim SeungYoo?
SR: I do not want to hear his name coming out of your mouth…(That’s cold –but he deserves it!)
M: (Very irritated now) Listen to me carefully. I will never let you see him again. You are no longer the Princess. You are mine!

With that, Myeon leaves her but orders the guards to watch over her carefully. SR breathes out audibly and tears up -- allowing her vulnerability to show once she’s alone.
King Sejo is drinking again… (My my...he’s fast becoming an alcoholic). Queen JeongHui is by his side this time trying again to mend the fences between father and daughter. The King is clearly softening and wonders aloud if he was truly so wrong that his beloved daughter would turn against him.

His cronies are conducting their own meeting. Having learned that SY and SR are lovers, they are determined to kill off SY. (zzzz…What else is new?)

At BingGukKwan, Ah Kang and Lady Ryu bid goodbyes to everyone. Sooyoung and Mooyoung are especially reluctant to part with Ah Kang. SY tells Ah Kang that Nohgul will be accompanying them to a new place and he will join them later.

AK: Don’t cry because I’m not around, people who are going to meet each other again should not cry.
Ah Kang tells Jo to take care of her uncle. Jo playfully angles for a kiss before promising to bring him to her soon. Lady Ryu learns that SY is going to meet up with Jeong and tells him not to worry about them. ChuHee who has been absent so far, shows up suddenly and in contrast to her cold demeanor, offers Lady Ryu her pay. When Lady Ryu expresses gratitude for her care, ChuHee flashes a rare smile, much to everyone’s amazement.

Meanwhile, SR is starving herself in protest of being locked up. She misses SY and wants to find him but is deterred by the guards.

SY and Jo meets up with Lord Park again, who turns up with more men – all previous subordinates of General Kim. They’ve all decided to join in the rebellion. SY explains that troops in JeonLoDou are ready for battle and he will act as the go-between. Once the troops take over the Capital Bureau, he will need their forces to attack the KyungBok Palace. SY asks that they be prepared and to contact Jo if he is not around.

When they were about to leave, SY and Jo finally finds out from a couple of passersby that SR has been demoted to a slave. SY is furious and curses.

Back at BingGukKwan, NohGul who has returned from escorting Lady Ryu and Ah-Kang also repeats the news about SR. Jo could see that SY is determined to rescue her but advises caution and careful planning.

Meanwhile, Myeon is annoyed up that SR is still refusing to eat. SR insists that she be treated as a slave and assigned to work instead of being locked up. He reminds her that a slave is supposed to listen to their master – so she might as well eat if she doesn’t want to be forcefully fed. Her remark that he’s becoming as controlling as her father leaves him speechless for a moment.

M: Bringing you into my home means you belong to me now. But I feel uneasy…. as though you are not here by my side.
They are interrupted by shouts of “Intruder!!” by the guards. Myeon knows it could only be SY, here to rescue SR and vows to kill him before her eyes. SR waits with trepidation.

However, it is actually Jo, wearing a mask on which is written the words, “Great Tiger”. He slips into the front yard and engages the guards in a fight. He’s doing fine when Myeon and Jabun appears. Mistaking Jo for SY, Myeon fights Jo.

Next we see SY on the roof, near SR’s room also wearing the same mask and thus confusing the guards. He takes on the guards while a nervous SR attempts to escape. She is just about to open the door when a black figure shows up, forcing her back into the room, her eyes only looking downwards. Slowly she raises her eyes and sees SY who removes his mask. Relieved, she runs to him and hugs him tight.

SR: Why? Why have you come here…?
SY: Knowing you are here…I thought I was going to be crazy.
Outnumbered, Jo is having difficulty taking on both Jabun and Myeon. He grabs a random guard as a hostage and makes a run for it. At the same time, NohGul who is dressed in a similar get-up distracts the guards by running in the opposite direction. Myeon correctly guessed that they’ve been duped and screams in anger when he finds SR missing.

In the meantime, our fugitive couple wordlessly runs to the horses SY has prepared and rides off. Close behind, Jo and NohGul also manage to run from the guards and make their way to the horses.
King Sejo is furious to learn that SR has run off with SY. He orders Myeon to bring them before him.
The four of them reunite later on. SY is curious why Jo always helps him whenever he’s in a dangerous situation. Jo is about to answer him when he sees SR’s innocent face. Perhaps not wanting to distress her, Jo smiles, brushes off his question and they split up.

On the horseback, SY and SR’s minds are so in sync with each other that their thoughts form a question and an answer:
SY: Aren’t you going to ask me where our destination is?
SR: No matter where we go….it matters not.
They finally stopped some distance later.
SR: Why have we stopped? I can still go on…
SY: If you are in pain say you are in pain, if you’re tired say you are tired, let me know…
SR: (smiling sweetly because she realizes he cares so much) My back hurts, and it’s tiring riding a horse…

SY suggests that they take a break and SR shyly agrees. SY dismounts and helps SR do so ever so gently. The situation turns really awkward of a sudden and SR could hardly look at him and fidgets shyly. SY proposes that they build a fire; SR could only nod in agreement.

SY returns with some twigs and wood to find SR trying to light a fire. He stares at her smudged face for the longest time until SR starts to get curious. He ambles closer and wipes her face tenderly with his thumb. SR realizes that her face must be dirty and tells him she’s fine. Dear girl, are you blind?!! LOL. His gaze…!! It’s smoldering!!!

First, he swoops in to kiss her forehead…surprising her a little.

Then, he wipes the smudge on her right cheek and plants a kiss near her right eye.

He plants another a little lower on her right cheek in quick succession.

Finally, he kisses her on the mouth!

The poor girl doesn’t stand a chance! LOL.
SY: If you follow me, you will suffer…
In answer, she raises her hand and caresses his face. Her eyes tear up as he clasps his hand in hers.
SY: If I'm with you, I care not even if I die……
Touched by her declaration, he embraces her before pulling back and kisses her for real….(OH.MY.GOD! I’ve always thought that PSH is a great kisser and I’m happy the scriptwriter agrees with me and wrote this scene. MCW rocks too because hey she kissed him back. DAEBAKNESS overload.)

By the fire, SR leans comfortably in his arms, both reveling in the happiness of being together again. (Oh…they look so darn sweet together!!)

By morning, they’ve reached the town and are taking their meal. SY admits that he’s going to plan a rebellion with Jeong. Uncomfortable with the topic, SR tells him to eat so he would have the energy to carry out his business. SY do not wish to lie to her in future. SR understands his intention but warns that he might be in danger if he continues to be with her. She asks him to abandon her when that time comes. SY says that they are together, for better or worse.

Back in MaBu, Jabun and his men has taken over BingGukKwan. Jo who is hiding out at Ah Kang’s place feels uneasy leaving the ladies alone to fend for themselves and decides to check things out. He slips into the building, surprised to find it so quiet when ChuHee appears. She tries to warn him off but it is too late. He offers to surrender when JaBun holds ChuHee at sword-point.

In the Capital Bureau, Myeon tries to threaten Jo into submission. Jo is not intimidated at all though and refuses to sell out SY. ChuHee bursts in at that moment and barters for Jo’s freedom in exchange for divulging SY’s whereabouts. She could not bear to see him die a second time and would rather that he lives and hates her for it. Myeon quickly deduces that SY has gone to meet with Jeong after ChuHee tells him SY has gone to GwangJu.

In GwangJu, SY and SR meet up with KH and Jeong. KH is stunned to learn SR’s fate. When asked of her plans, SY answers on her behalf that she will be with him. Jeong and SY leaves the ladies alone to play catch up.

KH: KSY…has he accepted you?
SR: Yes…
KH: Your father? What do you plan to do about her father?
SR: I would be lying if I say I’m not worried for him. He has to shoulder all the pain by himself. Furthermore, he would be worried for me.
KH: You have matured…Love has changed you. No matter what, it’s reassuring to see you two together.
Myeon may be lousy with girls but his detective instinct sure is sharp. After making a few enquiries at the town where SR and SY had their meal, they are certain they are on the right trail.

Jeong assures SY that the people in GwangJu are not so supportive of King Sejo and he’s well taken care of here. Jeong leads SY to a group of men who are also opposing King Sejo. SY learns that the troops in KyungSang Dou are also in support of their cause and reveals that he has managed to acquire a troop armed with firepower in the capital city. He wants the troops in JeonLo Dou and KyungSang Dou to combine but is worried that King Sejo might send his men there. His plan is to take over the Capital Bureau with his armed troops and for the combined troops to attack the capital simultaneously. The guys are impressed with his plan and ask if he’s settled on a date. SY tells them he plans to discuss it over with Prince GeumSung.

On their way back, Jeong keeps a written copy of their plans, intending to cheer up Princess KH. That night, they gather around for a drink. KH reveals her pregnancy, much to the delight of everyone, especially Jeong. (I have a bad feeling about this…every time this couple is happy, something bad is sure to happen…)

SR and SY go for a walk hand-in-hand. SR is a little pensive and SY pulls her in an embrace.

SY: I wanted to hug you so much I was going crazy…If only every day is filled with warmth like today…and we could stay together like this forever…how nice that would be…
SR: When morning comes, everything will be complicated once more…
SY: As long as you are with me, I can endure anything…
Unbeknownst to them, Myeon and gang has reached KH’s home, intruding on the KH-J couple’s warm moments together. Jeong‘s face falls when he finds Myeon on his doorstep. He warns Myeon not to create a ruckus as the Princess is pregnant. The ex-best friends settle for a private chat instead. Jeong steadfastly denies any knowledge of SY’s whereabouts. When Myeon implies Jeong is not trustworthy anyway, Jeong’s temper flares up, furious to be chastised by him of all people.

KH sends EunGeum to warn SR and SY but she is accosted by the alert JaBun.

SR and SY are making their way back when SY notices the hoof marks on the ground. He sees the men and knows Myeon is here. He brings SR to a secluded place and tells her not to leave the place. SR is worried and fearful and grabs on to his arm. SY hugs her and they kiss, this time with desperation.

SY meets up with the guard who was a part of their plans. They creep closer to KH’s place to assess the situation. Unfortunately, JaBun also finds SR. When SY hears Myeon taunting him aloud, he reaches for a bow and arrow. Just as he directs his arrow towards Myeon, SR appears in his view. And we have a situation eerily similar to the one where SR was shot –SR is still the hostage but now SY has the arrow!

Oh Seungyoo! Haven’t you learned your lesson yet….? Didn’t you regret leaving her alone the last time? Now what are you going to do? Three more episodes to go and they are going to separate our OTP once more?

Sorry for spamming you guys with the pictures. Could. Not. Resist!


  1. Hi there, I like your spoiler for ep. 21 it seems that SY realizes that his love to SR never dies. Hope that you can make a spoiler for ep. 22 which is more,more,more daebakness to me. :) I'm sure when you doing this spoiler, You're giggling now. :) I'm waiting for that ok? Thanks! - TERE. :)

  2. everything about the episode is spazz worthy!!! i can't contain myself. Seungyoo-seryung moments are in it! daebakness triple times!!!:)thanks for the recaps. superb work once again!!

    is there an alternate universe wherein all those characters in this drama that i love will end up happy??? truly happy? it breaks my heart to think about what is in store for the pairs... :(

  3. This episode was amazing! Thank you so much for recapping it, and including all those translated dialogue and pictures. I felt a flutter all over again as I read your recap. Oh man, such sweet moments so shortly lived. Why must they separate again so soon. Those kisses = heartattack. I wonder how PSH and MCW felt, they were so hot!

  4. I love this episode, you don't know how many times i've watched it, lol! I really hope our love birds will be living happily everafter at the end! Thank you for the recaps!

  5. Epic moment: When Cho-hee gives Lady Ryu the money. I teared up.

    And hun, don't worry about spamming us with the pictures. IF that's spamming, please give me more spam! The OTP moments were too long in coming and your pictures prolonged that (beyond the several times I watched all the cute moments...)

    And here I go again. Shin Myeon. Oh, Shin Myeon. I don't know why I have this desire for you to not be completely evil. I saw all the pain fueling him but now even that seems to be fleeing him and all he has is a bloodlust. If he uses SR...Shin Myeon, I don't know if I can be faithful to you any longer.

    Just by the way, the princess is still my favorite character. Her and Jeong. Such a lovely secondary couple who are in no way secondary to the plot. And what happened to her brother, the deposed king? Did he get killed yet?

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