Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 20

I’m declaring this episode daebak, if only because it provides us with SR-SY moments galore. Remember how we’ve been wishing for more SR-SY interactions, especially since we’ve had to endure so many episodes of angsty SY. Well, the scriptwriter must have heard us! Buckle up my friends, because this is going to be a major squee-fest!

Episode 20
After dropping the bombshell, SR leaves a shell-shocked King Sejo. Im Woon follows her.

KH is surprised to learn SR has severed relationship with her father. SR plays down her concern, apologizing instead for the matter of ex-King DanJong. She is pleased that KH appears stronger than she’d thought and accepting her fate. KH knows crying is a luxury she cannot afford and while she doesn’t mind living in disgrace, she would not give up either. When asked of her plans, SR reveals she has decided to stay temporarily at the temple and will continue to oppose her father in her way.

Meanwhile, Myeon is stunned to learn that SR has left the palace.

SR takes her leave and they wish each other farewell. SR tells her she would not be seeing her off when she’s exiled. KH understands and says they will meet again if they have fate.

That is not the only farewell for KH though as she meets with DanJong next. She puts up a strong front for her brother’s sake and advises him to be strong and to wait for news from her. The thoughtful DanJong promises to do so to set KH’s mind at rest.
SR is welcomed excitedly by the cute little monks who immediately sense her somber mood. She forces a smile through her tears when they try to console her.
KH and Jeong are being escorted to their exile destination. SY comes by and engages Jeong in a light banter. On a more serious note, Jeong advises SY to seek out Prince GeumSung for assistance. Before they part, KH informs SY of SR’s current predicament.
SR is praying at the temple, the little monks accompanying her doze off though. She closes the door quietly and ventures outside, lost in her thought. SY walks up to her back, tentatively caressing her hair, or the lack of. SR senses his presence but only turns to face him after the longest time.
SR: Why have you come here…?
SY: Why did you leave the palace? To disown your family…how hard it must have been for you.
SR: To sever relation with my father is painful, but it’s nothing compared to the pain you’d endured losing your father.
SY: Go back to the palace…
SR: I can’t go back…I won’t go back.
SY: You told me not to endanger myself…but why are you standing by the cliff?
SR: I am grateful that you have come to see me…
The moment is interrupted by Yeori who informs them that Myeon is here. SR gets all flustered.

SR: Quick! Leave now! I would not be able to stand it if you are caught as well. I beg of you. Please hide yourself.
SY reluctantly leaves but he does not go far. He hides while Myeon and his men arrive. SR angrily orders them to stop when JaBun signals to his men to search the place. Myeon asks them to retreat.
SR: You came because you thought I am here with
teacher, didn’t you?
M: I’m just checking if there are intruders.
SR: Look all you want. Don’t you feel the least despicable using me as bait to catch teacher?
Angered by her taunts, Myeon grabs her shoulders and shakes her. (Grr…lay off your paws man…)

M: How long are you going to ignore me?! Stop being so willful! Go back to the palace!
Myeon tries to drag SR back by force but she’s no pushover too.

SR: Are you taking lightly my warning that I will commit suicide if you force me?! Do not forget that I am someone who has disowned her father and given up her title as Princess. I have nothing to fear!
SY who has been watching them is reining in his anger too. He’s obviously pissed at Myeon for being so disrespectful to SR. I know I am! SR manages to stare Myeon down, and he releases his grip.
M: I’ll give you a day. Be prepared to return to the
palace by tomorrow.
SR: It matters not if you come a thousand or a million times. I will never follow you!
M: I will not treat you courteously anymore. If you refuse to return to the palace tomorrow, I do not know myself what I’m capable of doing….
SR allows herself to cry after Myeon leaves. After calming down, she asks Yeori if SY has left safely. She wistfully tells her to stop him from leaving so he could stay by her side….unaware that her SY is right behind her!!! She sighs and turns around, startled to be face-to-face with SY. SY throws caution to the wind, grabs her hand and leads her away. YAY!!! But, for all her wishful thinking, SR recognizes that he’d be in danger if he stays with her and tries to stop him.
SY: I don’t care if it’s dangerous. Come with me…
He brings her back to BingGukKwan, where she’s eyed warily by the ladies. ChuHee unhappily asks SY if he plans to bring all his acquaintances here. She’s worried that there might be trouble since SR appears to be of nobility. SY answers that she’d only be here for several days. Jo tries to cool things down by being the mediator. Sooyoung wants SR to bunk in with her because she doesn’t want them sharing rooms. They are interrupted by Ah-Kang who runs up happily to SR. Lady Ryu bows politely to SR. SY smiles fondly at them.
Jo, Noh Gul and SY gathers for a chat. NohGul is impressed that SY has truly sworn off liquor. SY briefly explains how SR ended up with him. Jo is curious if he’s abandoned his revenge. SY tells him that he will skip town with his family, SR included as soon as he’s able to contact his father’s previous subordinates.

SY bumps into SR later in the night and tells her to be at ease here. SR smiling contently, remarks that she still can’t believe that she’s really here with him. The magic of the moment is broken by little Ah-Kang who holds on to SR’s hand, seeking her attention. SY smiles as he watches them leave, more contented than he’s ever been for a long time. SR tucks Ah Kang in bed.
 All is not well though, as Yeori is being interrogated for SR’s whereabouts by the despicable Myeon. The brave girl manages to hold firm though.

Despicable Myeon reports to Queen JeongHui who worriedly orders him to search for SR discreetly and avoid alerting the King. Myeon orders JaBun to send some men to KH’s place, believing she could have gone there.

In the palace, King Sejo’s cronies are still discussing the unorthodox leaving of the Princess. Shin Suk Joo warns that if it is known that the Princess has left the palace in protest of the King, it will be dent on the Royal Family’s authority, especially in light of the furor revolving the matter with ex-King DanJong. Han feels that Princess KH and Prince GeumSung are bound to liaise with SY. King Sejo orders them to be closely monitored.

At BingGukKwan, SR is happily helping Ah-Kang clean up. SY and Jo bade them goodbye as they leave for the day. Sooyoung sulkily comments that they are behaving like husband and wife while NohGul is full of admiration for his hyung for being able to nail down a Princess. SR stops in her tracks when she hears Mooyoung relating news that the Princess has left the palace. NohGul awkwardly diverts the conversation.

SY and Jo are trying to find the whereabouts of a certain Lord Park GunSung. SY regards the man highly but when Jo tries to dig information from the guards of an official looking building, he’s surprised to find them speaking of him in a derisory tone – even addressing him as Dog GunSoo. He seems to be a drunk who never sleeps everywhere. SY is not bothered about that information and resolves to return the next day.

Back in BingGukKwan, SR is being assigned to do laundry. SR accepts her due willingly even as a meanie Sooyoung tries to make life difficult for her. NohGul remarks sympathetically that a Princess is being reduced to such chores. His slip of tongue does not go unnoticed by ChuHee who questions him further. He bluffs that he meant that she’s pretty like a princess but his crappy explanation does not sound convincing to the perceptive ChuHee.
Outside, Kong ChilGoo recognizes SR who came out of BingGukKwan with a laundry basket and little AhKang in a tow and mistakes her for a new Gisaeng.

SY and Jo returns to find the atmosphere all tensed up as ChuHee glares accusingly at SY. NohGul admits to have spilled the bean. SY seems unapologetic but ChuHee is distressed by this turn of events and orders him to send her away. Mooyoung is worried because she was disrespectful to SR previously but Sooyoung is not impressed at all. However, Lady Ryu and SR choose that particular moment to appear and she looks at SR in shock.
SR explains her current situation and apologizes for not revealing her identity. Despite her initial hostility, Lady Ryu is much more forgiving than SY (thank god!) and pities SR and her relationship with SY.

In the palace, King Sejo is drinking alone, still affected by his last confrontation with SR when the eunuch announces that the Crown Prince has fainted. (No wonder I thought his lips look a little pale in the previous episode…!) He rushes over only to learn that the Crown Prince has been sick for a long time.
Now that SR’s identity is exposed, everyone is suddenly more awkward around her. Seeing this, SR insists that everyone treats her normally and address her by her real name. Even SY formally requested that everyone treats her well. OMG. Shy SY is soooooo cute. Mooyoung sarcastically remarks that he is the one who claims to trust nobody and sleeps with his sword. SR looks worried at this.
Later, SR is resting in her room when SY joins her. He gently takes her arm and massages her aching arm. Squeeeeeeeeeee! OMG so sweeeeeeet. SR looks at him questioningly.

SR: Did you sleep holding a sword by your side? Not even lying down but sitting up?
SY: At the time, I could not trust anyone. Does your wound hurt?
SR: No…
SY: I’d like to stay that way forever…If one can lean on someone else, one can sleep soundly at night.
SR reaches out and tenderly guides his head on her shoulder.
SR: Close your eyes. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Clear your thoughts on suffering, loneliness and grudges. Then you’d be able to sleep well. I will be here by your side.
SY: This situation…seems familiar.
SR: You must…dream a nice dream.
SY gradually falls asleep while SR caresses his face lovingly.
JaBun arrives at KH’s place and requested to be notified if Princess SR shows up there. KH is more worried that Jeong’s plan is discovered. It would appear that they haven’t been idle all these time. Jeong excuses himself to meet a secret messenger. The messenger is an Official from GwangJu named Lee JunHung -- he serves Prince GeumSung and is actively seeking to liaise with oppositions all over the country. Jeong returns to update KH on the situation. KH is wary of getting too optimistic because of their previous failures. Jeong soothes away her worries by telling her he’s prepared to die for their cause and she should be so too. It doesn’t sound quite so romantic when he puts it that way, eh?
King Sejo has finally learned that SR is missing from the temple. He’s furious that she has the audacity to run off with a man while her brother is lying sick in bed. The Queen is worried about the King’s growing animosity towards SR. King Sejo demands that SR and SY are brought before him immediately.

Myeon orders JaBun to increase efforts for the search, especially for clues leading to SY. He wants SY captured, badly.
Meanwhile, the Queen tries to gauge the depth of King Sejo’s anger towards SR. She tries to put in some good words on behalf of SR but Sejo seems really really pissed, especially since the Crown Prince is seriously ill. He wants to summon his second son Hwang (Grand Prince Hae Yang) to the palace, much to the delight of the Queen.

SY and Jo is about to set out looking for the mysterious Lord Park again. SR accompanies them to the door, where SY promises that they will leave once he returns today. SR shyly tells him she’d be waiting for him and adjusts his shirt. Omo…I’m grinning so hard my cheeks hurt. Even Jo turns away, grinning. SY holds her hand and tells her he’d be right back.
On the way, Jo teases him about being so happy but they retrace their steps immediately when they notice soldiers making inquiries. Kong ChilGoo bribes one of the soldiers and learns that there is a huge reward offered for the missing Princess. He speculates that SR is that missing Princess and chuckles to himself.

ChilGoo sends his men to invite/threaten NohGul to his place where he plies him with liquor and women.
SY and Jo are directed to a winehouse which is where they find the elusive Park GunSung, already deep in his bottles. SY introduces himself but Park seems wary that it’s a trap. SY recalls him being injured in the leg by an arrow and that is enough to convince Park that he is indeed KimJongSeo’s second son.
They relocated to a more secluded place. SY asks for his help in mobilizing his troops. Park tells him that the people under him are now in no condition to help. SY understands that it’s a big risk if indeed he decides to join him and advises him to think it over first. Park agrees to give it some thought.

Chilgoo manages to coax the useless NohGul into telling him SR’s identity. Grr…I feel like strangling this good-for-nothing. Chilgoo shamelessly strides in to meet Myeon, dangling this bit of information like a carrot to the anxious Myeon.
Unaware of the approaching danger, SR is happily playing house with AhKang. However, it is Ah Kang who supervises the inexperienced SR as she attempts to cook rice for SY. So adorable!
The useless NohGul also wakes up and realizes he’s in deep trouble. I’ll say!!

Myeon assembles his men and sets out to BingGukKwan, where he knows now is the hideout for SY.
In contrast, SR is happily setting the table with food for SY while SY is choosing a trinket for SR in the market as well.
NohGul runs back to BingGukKwan where he finds Myeon’s troops already in the vicinity. He rushes in to warn SR about the troops and leads both her and Ah Kang through a secret trapdoor. Upon seeing that the place is crawling with soldiers, SR knows she has to give herself up to avoid causing trouble to the people at the Gibang. Ah Kang tries to stop her.
SR: Please tell teacher that although I have to leave now, I will definitely return to his side again. Do not be sad for me, please assist him in his plans. I leave him in your care.
Myeon orders his men to tear down the place when he couldn’t find SR. ChuHee gets all hysterical. SR shows herself and promises to follow him back if he agrees to let them go. However, Myeon is hell bent on finding SY and ignores her request. SR is taken away by force. Ok, Myeon has officially gone over to the dark side. He’s now obsessed with catching SY and is done playing nice.
King Sejo is tending to the sick Song, who pleads the King to forgive SR. The King’s expression turns dark and ominous. Just then, the eunuch announces SR’s return.

Queen JeongHui is upset to learn that SR was indeed with SY. She warns her that her father will no longer be as benevolent to her. King Sejo storms into the room, his anger palpable. He orders everyone, including the Queen to leave the room.

SY and Jo returns to find the place in disarray. Jo consoles an upset ChuHee. NohGul conveys SR’s message when SY realizes she’s missing.
King Sejo demands to know where SY is. SR denies any knowledge of his whereabouts.
K: Do you want to see innocent people die because of him?
SR: Are you going on a killing spree again? If you continue this, all your children will leave you one after another…
Even though it is unintentional, her words hit a raw nerve especially since the Crown Prince is obviously dying.
K: Are you saying that you are joining forces with Kim SeungYoo to kill me? Of course you would…
King Sejo summons Myeon into the room.

To him, he says: “ The princess will not be marrying you.”
To SR, he declares: “ You are no longer a Princess! You will be Officer Shin’s slave!”

The King has reached the end of his patience with SR, I knew he was going to do something drastic but I must say I didn’t see this coming. Myeon has been proclaiming for some time now that he wants SR more than he wants the Prince Consort title. Well, we’ll finally get to see if that much is true. I’m thinking the King might still want him for a son-in-law, especially to please his right-hand man, Shin SukJoo so maybe, just maybe he’d match Myeon with Seyung instead.
As for SR, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mind losing her Princess status because she was planning to elope with SY anyway but being demoted to a slave and more specifically Myeon’s slave will definitely make it that much more difficult for her to escape. I don’t see how Myeon will stop obsessing about her, and her being his slave will tip the power balance to his favour for the first time. It will be interesting to see how he behaves – I sure hope he doesn’t get more despicable than he already is and force himself on her! Then again, primetime Kdramas usually are not so extreme… LOL.
The above are only speculations on my part, assuming that the King does not soften his stance and retract his orders in the next episode. Of course, my speculations may be wide  of the mark but hey, that’s the fun of it!


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    Just two questions on the main SR-SY scene,

    SY: I’d like to stay that way forever…If one can lean on someone else, one can sleep soundly at night.
    What does he mean by "I'd like to stay THAT way forever"? I didnt understand it in that context :S
    Same with;
    SY: This situation…seems familiar.

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  10. @anonymous with 2 questions.
    Sigh. You are very perceptive! LOL You manage to point out the two dialogues I was scratching my head over. I guess that's what happens when you translate the dialogues so literally!

    1. SY: I’d like to stay that way forever…If one can lean on someone else, one can sleep soundly at night.
    ----> He's envisioning a life where he can always sleep well, because he will always have someone to lean on/ believe/ count on. He wants that kind of life. A life free of compared to the kind of life he led when he was a fugitive.

    2. SY: This situation…seems familiar.
    ---> The translation I had goes like this: This something that used to happen regularly.
    My interpretation is SY is reminiscing about his previous carefree days...which is how he felt at that moment, free of troubled thoughts.

    I welcome any corrections or opinions :P The subs I had may be flawed after all.

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    I had the same thoughts too...even though it sounds really serious that her title was stripped, I was thinking it doesn't affect SY-SR much. From all accounts SY apparently agrees with us because he IS planning to rescue his lady next episode. Theoretically it should be much EASIER rescuing her from Myeon house than the palace no?

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  14. To the translation above.
    -> Here is my (raw, direct) translation.

    이상하오…한동안 잠은 찾아오지 않는 벗과 같았는데: "This seems unfamiliar situation…sleep was like a friend who did not come to me for a while."

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    Oh thank you for the correction, the subs for that sentence came out all funny to me, so I interpret it the best I could... but now it makes much more sense the way you phrase it.

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