Recap : The Princess' Man Episode 17

I’m truly sorry recaps are rather delayed this week. I hope the subs are up quickly enough. The incessant thunderstorms are wreaking havoc on my connection. I had to change my router as a result. Enough of my ramblings…haven’t you missed seeing this?

Episode 17

SY recovers from his surprise and flings off her grip.
SR: What would you do if you are caught?
SY: Why are you here?
SR: I have something to say…
SY: Go home!
SR: Whether or not I die…were you not curious?
SY gives no response. He goes out into the open and sees Jo being led away by the guards. Nohgul finally catches up with SY to relay the message. He recognizes SR and tells her casually that SY was worried she might have died. SY left them together and walks off. Nohgul in turn puts SR into Mooyoung’s care before joining SY.
In BingGukKwan, Madam ChuHee is alarmed to find that Jo was arrested. Meanwhile, Sooyoung is curious about SR especially learning she is a guest of SY.
In the Capital Bureau, Jo is busy explaining the situation to Myeon. He claims that Kong Chilgoo made everything up and that HE is the person in charge of the MaBu area. He admitted to having boarded the ship to KangHwa Island but claims that the people on the ship were mostly youngsters who were wrongly arrested instead of capital prisoners. When Myeon doubts him, Jo asks him to confirm it with Kong Chilgoo. Myeon sends Jabun to investigate.
Outside, Nohgul gets all flustered when SY proposes that they break-in after dark. He refuses to be part of what he feels is a crazy plan.

JaBun comes back to report that most of the prisoners who were supposed to board the ship died during interrogation. Apparently, Chilgoo bribed the official in charge to arrest some innocent people to fulfill the quota. Myeon tries to find out if Jo had seen SY on the ship. Jo claims he doesn’t even know how Kim SeungYoo looks like and that he was the lone survivor. When pressed further, he claims he has no reason to lie. Satisfied, Myeon releases him.

A smug Chilgoo is busy counting his eggs before they hatch. As a result, he is whacked by the newly freed Jo. Even Myeon warns him not to use him as a tool in his petty grudge.

Jo meets up with Nohgul and SY who have been waiting outside. They return to BingGukKwan where everyone is anxiously waiting for news. Sooyoung is eyeing SR suspiciously (a woman’s six sense is never wrong…LOL). She immediately clings to SY as though to stake her claim when she notices SY and SR staring at each other. SR is a little surprised and uncomfortable at their intimacy. Madam ChuHee sulks and Mooyoung prods Jo to find her.
SY removes Sooyoung’s hands. He looks at SR, seemingly confused and undecided. Finally he drags SR away much to the annoyance of Sooyoung.
SR: Don’t you want to see your family? I told you…Ah-Kang and your sister-in-law is alive. You can confirm it with your own eyes. Let’s go. The place is a little far.
SY says nothing, but through his eyes, we can see that SR’s words are finally sinking into his thick skull.
They ride together on a horse, galloping at a high speed. SR is breathing hard trying to withstand the pain to her wound. SY could tell she’s hurting and slows the horse. He dismounts and led the horse at a more leisurely pace.
In the palace, King Sejo learns that Shin SukJoo was attacked but they still do not know the attacker’s identity. Shin SukJoo and Kwon Ram assure King Sejo that once the envoy from the Emperor of Ming Dynasty who is due to arrive soon, endorses his Kingship, the voice of opposition will gradually fade away. Myeon is placed in charge of the security during the messenger’s visit to avoid any complications. Han advocated that they continue to flush out the opposition after the messenger leaves. Myeon looks…reluctant? (Dare I believe he still has a heart?)
King Sejo’s family arrives in the palace. King Sejo is curious not to see SR among them. Queen JeongHui merely explains that SR needed time to sort out her feelings. King Sejo orders Myeon to find SR and bring her in immediately.

 SR stops at the market to buy a pair of shoes for Ah Kang as SY looks on with the slightest hint of tenderness in his expression.
They finally reach their destination. SR urges a disbelieving SY to confirm with his own eyes that his family is still alive. SR also suggests that he moves them because the house was arranged by Myeon. Just as SY makes his move, Ah Kang and Lady Ryun spot him from behind. Ah Kang embraces her uncle in tears while Lady Ryu stares at SY in shock.
They relocated to a quieter location where Lady Ryu relates how SR saved them. Lady Ryu readily agrees when SY suggests that they move in with him. Ah Kang proudly shows off her new shoes to SY and her mother. SY glances back in SR’s direction but finds her missing. Ah Kang helpfully says that SR wishes that he forgets all his pain and lives happily with them in a faraway place. Finally, finally SY chases after SR.
SY: Thank you…However, I don’t wish to see your face again…

Dang! He doesn’t say this in a mean way …but still it’s heartbreaking to see the way SR’s expectant face falls. SR looks disappointed but accepts that they could no longer return to the way they were before. She bows politely and takes her leave.
Lady Ryu correctly guesses that SY and SR love each other but SY denies and says that they will not meet each other again.

Myeon goes to Jeong and KH’s home to ask for SR’s whereabouts. KH is surprised and worried to learn that SR is missing because she wanted to avoid being Princess. Jeong dismisses Myeon. SR sees Myeon on his way out and hides from view. KH calls out to SR just as she is leaving.

KH: Even though Officer Shin came looking for you, I did not think you’d be so shameless as to come here to find me. But here you are, shameless beyond imagination….
SR: Even though I knew I should not come, but I had nowhere to go…no one to turn to.
KH: Nowhere to go? Isn’t the palace now your home? Why? Do you think my words harsh?
SR: (shakes her head) I’ve been so naïve during that time…you must have been so exasperated. How hateful I must have seemed to you for being so ignorant of my father’s intention.
KH: You are more insightful now. However, avoiding the inauguration is useless…
SR: I will not run away anymore. After I enter the palace, I will keep asking the question you asked of me.
KH: What is it?
SR: You asked me whether I can oppose my father. I will observe the things he does and find out the answer to that question. If a King no longer honours his promise to humanity, I will stop him at all cost.
KH: Seryung ah…
SR: To me, you are the only princess of this country. I came to tell you this.
KH tears up, touched by her speech and possibly impressed by her growth.

SY brings Ah Kang and Lady Ryu back to BingGukKwan. Madam ChuHee consents to their stay but Lady Ryu has to help out with the chores. SY is apologetic for the living condition but Lady Ryu is only grateful that he is alive. Lady Ryu queries him again about SR but SY brushes off her concern by claiming that SR is someone he will not meet and must not meet again. Well, even if his mouth says so, his heart certainly isn’t in agreement because he can’t stop thinking about SR.
SR shows herself to Myeon and is brought before her parents in the palace. The Queen is pleased with Myeon and urges the King to arrange their wedding soon. SR drops a bomb though, claiming she does not wish to marry for life! Myeon is stunned (serves you right) but the King dismisses her threat. SR stuck to her guns though and declares that she will live according to her own wishes and never be manipulated again. King Sejo reassures an uneasy Myeon that he is already the Prince Consort in his eyes.
Myeon chases after her but SR does not ignore him this time.
M: Why aren’t you avoiding me this time?
SR: Officer Shin already knows where my heart lays.
M: To me, more important than being a Prince Consort, I wish to own your heart. How is it possible that a living me cannot compare to a dead person?
SR: He is alive in my heart.
M: What?
SR: I’m sorry to you. However, a woman whose heart belongs to another will only cause you pain. Please understand me.
SR leaves him to his thoughts. Yeori is waiting for SR but fumbles in her speech due to the change of titles. SR feels uncomfortable and awkward after realizing she would be staying in KH’s previous home. She changes into her princess attire with the saddest look.

Jo finds SY brooding again. He correctly guesses that SY is Kim JongSeo’s son and claims he’s wanted by the Capital Bureau. SY coldly asks Jo to give him up, much to the annoyance of Jo. Jo asks about SR, reminding SY how she saved him with her life. Jo could tell that SY is unsure of his conviction that he doesn’t care for her. SY marches off with Jo sighing at his stubbornness.
In the gibang, Chilgap and Junggeun are admiring their governmental robes excitedly before Han who promises them more opportunities for promotion in the future. They thank him gratefully. Alone with MaeHyang, Han voices his concern about the masked vigilante who is prowling the streets in the night of late. He thinks it is prudent to change his sleeping place temporarily.

Just as Han predicted, our vigilante is spying on Chilgap and Junggeun who are discussing about how they killed Kim JongSeo. (Wrong topic, bozos!) SY swiftly kills them in a few deft moves and couldn’t resist removing his mask before striking Chilgap. (I understand he wants to strike fear in his opponent but my boy, that really isn’t the smartest move. I keep worrying that someone is bound to recognize him ).
He returns to the gibang but is approached by a surprise guest, Lee Gae. Lee tries to convince him to cease killing and join him in his revolution against King Sejo. SY doubts his ability to overthrow King Sejo being just a scholar. He refuses to be part of his plans because he is unable to trust anyone anymore but warns Lee to be wary of King Sejo’s craftiness.

Someone else finds out about SY alternate identity that night. Lady Ryu reflexively covers Ah Kang’s eyes when they happen to chance upon SY cleaning his bloody sword.

The nest morning, Myeon and Jabun are busy beefing up security for the arrival of the messenger from China when they receive news of more bodies. The bodies are hung from a tree and tagged with the message “Great Tiger”, fueling talk of the ghost of Kim JongSeo seeking revenge among the public.

Lady Ryu sends some food for SY and uses the opportunity to query him about the killings. She understands his anger but advises him against taking this route of revenge. She begs of him to reconsider and to avoid sullying the name of “Great Tiger”.

In the palace, a morose-looking SR is to receive her princess lessons from Lee Gae. Lee Gae proposes they begin with verses of filial piety.
SR: Some time ago, I already had that lesson…by a teacher who showed up with rouge on his neck.
L: Among my students, there is someone who fits that description.
SR: What kind of person is he?
L: He has a fair face but always gets into mischiefs. However, he is very lively, loyal to his friends…and does not have many faults.
SR: You seem to be rather fond of that person…
L: On a day like this, I miss him all the more…

Both of them cry for SY, mourning for his wretched fate.

Meanwhile, Myeon is getting screwed by King Sejo (about time too!) for failing to deal with the vigilante. Sejo’s cronies are concerned about the circulating rumors and Sejo vows to punish the culprit severely.
In another part of the palace, KH and Jeong inform DanJong about SY being a vigilante to avenge his father’s death. KH encourages DanJong to be strong for there are people fighting to restore him as the rightful King. Jeong tells him discreetly that he along with other supporters, are planning to overthrow King Sejo tomorrow. Speak of the devil; King Sejo suddenly announces his arrival. He reminds Danjong that his presence is expected at the ceremony to welcome the envoy from China tomorrow. Sejo warns Danjong not to attempt anything reckless and insists that KH and Jeong accompany DanJong tomorrow.
Words from Lee Gae and Lady Ryu continue to haunt SY who finally decides that his current actions are unworthy of his father’s reputation.
A group of Ministers/scholars including Lee Gae and Jeong meets up to plot a coup which is to coincide with the visit of the Ming Dynasty envoy tomorrow. Among the group are Seong Sam-mun, Pak Paeng-nyeon and Yu Eung-bu. Jeong announces that SY will be joining them in their quest to oust Suyang. Everyone is impressed with SY’s inclusion once told of his identity as the son of Kim JongSeo.
The well-informed Han tells Myeon about a group of scholars and Jeong meeting up in discreet. (oh dear, nothing seems to escape him…). Han knows they will definitely be up to no good on the day of the envoy’s arrival. However, he does not seem to be overly concerned on the threat pose by the scholars.

SR is worried that SY will be caught sooner and later and comes up with the idea of approaching Jeong, hoping that he could convince SY to stop killing. She seeks permission from Queen JeongHui to visit KH. The Queen consents, more concerned about keeping up appearances which disgusts SR.

Myeon finds Lee Gae, warning him to avoid meeting Jeong so as not to raise unnecessary suspicion. He actually cares for Jeong, surprise surprise…I guess he’s so lonely he’s unwilling to lose the one remaining friend whom he claims “betrayed” him. Lee is cold and indifferent to his warning but once alone, rues that Myeon is not part of them.

KH is surprised to see SY alive. The adorable Jeong jokes that he will be angry if she continues staring at SY. The light moment passes all too quickly as the Ministers show up. They go through the details of the assasination of King Sejo during the ceremony. Just as the Ministers disperse, SR arrives at KH’s residence and catches the end of their conversation.

Lee informs Jeong and SY that Myeon sought him out earlier and appears to be somewhat aware of their plans. A goofy Jeong manages to wring a smile from SY. KH and Lee are pleased to see him loosening up. SY pledges to kill King Sejo even if it means sacrificing his life. His words shock SR who has been listening. Everyone is surprised to see SR. Before anyone could react, Eun Geum anxiously reports that Myeon is on his way here.

# Historical notes / spoilers:
The six martyred ministers or Sayuksin were six ministers of the Joseon Dynasty who were executed by King Sejo in 1456 for plotting to assassinate him and restore the former king Danjong to the throne. To read more, go to this link:
I’m not sure how faithfully they plan to follow the original, but if they do, there will be many deaths more to come.


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  2. @lilkiwi,
    I still have 5 more episodes to go :) I've always had a soft spot for Kim SunAh , hence I almost always check out her dramas. I love her powerful emotional scenes and SOAW is perfect for her. However I will admit it takes some getting used to seeing her looking so gaunt and anorexic. Well, the plot is rather depressing and sometimes I find it rather slow. I guess that's partly why I'm lagging behind. Well once I finish recapping epi 18, I shall marathon the rest of it. Are you watching SOAW too?

  3. THank you very much :)

  4. ahh I actually love reading more than watching actually .. brings up more emotions ...

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  5. That first picture, that smile....I saved that screencap! :D

    All I have to say it: <3 Jeong. OMG so adorable. (that and he got SY to smile. 10 POINTS! )

    I said in an earlier post that SR is tempering SY's incredible desire for revenge. But his sister-in-law, his teacher and Jeong are also in that very strongly. All the people who care for him are pulling him to a more appropriate path. Me likes. He got the anger out (albeit through blood...) and now its time to regain his life.

    And I really love that theme that plays at the end of this episode (the choir and the orchestra). It makes me happy.