Recap: The Princess' Man Episode 18

I’m translating so many of the dialogues it doesn’t feel like I’m recapping. Feels more like I’m subbing. But I’m loving them so much I want to share everything they said. Sigh.

Episode 18
Myeon has been tracking the ministers all these while and that sort of explains why he shows up immediately after they left. SR is the first to recover and tells SY to hide immediately. Myeon is surprised to see SR who explains she’s merely here to visit KH and her teacher (Lee Gae). Myeon asks to speak to Jeong in private.
Myeon issues a final warning to them against attempting anything reckless if they wish to stay alive. Myeon’s advice falls on deaf ears as both Jeong and Lee Gae are distrustful of him.

In another room, KH, SR and SY wait anxiously. KH is aware of the awkward vibe between the two and excuses herself from the room, allowing them the opportunity to speak freely.
SR: What exactly are you all planning?
SY: It’s best that you do not know…
SR: Does it concern my father…? Why are you attempting such a dangerous thing? I had hoped you would forget everything and leave this place with your family…
SY: Even if I want to forget, do you think it is easy to do so? As soon as I’m done with what I need to do, I will leave. Do not meddle in my affairs.
Outside, Myeon has come looking for SR. KH tries to stall him by saying SR is resting in her room due to headache.
SR: Even if you kill my father, will you really be at peace? Is teacher the reason for this? Every night, I ponder this – will killing all these people really bring one peace? Will it bring one satisfaction? Won’t one feel conflicted when considering how low one has sunk to?
SY: Do not presume to understand me. As long as he is alive, my heart will yearn for justice.
They are interrupted by Myeon. SR realizes Myeon would not leave if she remains. She tells SY to stay in the room. Their entire conversation has been really mild, no sarcasm, no raised voices. It’s the first time they’re able to speak peacefully to each other, without any hatred. It’s a sign that SY is softening his stance towards her…which is further reiterated when we see his outreaching hand and the look of dismay on his face as he watches SR leave.
Lee Gae is worried about SR betraying their plan. SY and KH both vouch for her. Jeong feels SR might not side with them because the matter involves the life of her father. Everyone is disturbed as they ponder the possibility.
Myeon escorts a subdued SR back to the palace where they are met by the King.
KS: You who have never left my side since young…now refuse to even spare me a glance.
His gentleness gets to her and she calls him father softly. (Note: she’s not addressing him in the royal equivalent here – just the normal “father”).
KS: The term “father”…sounds particularly endearing today. Have you something to say?
He looks at SR expectantly but SR falters a little before denying. A little disappointed, King Sejo tells her to rest and leaves. Alone, SR is torn between her father and SY.
SY returns to the Gibang and finds a super cute smudged Ah Kang. Ah Kang has been practicing her hanja all day. SY reveals his plans to take the public examination. Lady Ryu is most supportive and tells him not to worry about them. A visibly preoccupied SY asks aloud, “No matter what kind of father he is, the person who killed my father, I should not forgive him right?”
Han has recruited a spy in Lee Gae’s workplace. He reports of hearing the term “KwangYeonJeong” (the place used to entertain the envoy).

Jeong, SY and the scholars meet up and run through the details of their planned coup. The start of the music will be their signal and SY will bring his people in to back them up once their plan is set in motion.
Lee Gae questions SY on his unusually intimate relationship with SR.
LG: Are you in a relationship with her?
SY: No.
LG: I heard she declared never to marry. Why do you look so surprise? Are you the reason behind the Princess’ decision? I guess I’ve forced you to lie… If indeed you two are lovers, the things you have to do tomorrow…isn’t that too cruel? Even if you manage to kill Suyang, how will you live with this heavy burden for the rest of your life?
SY: She is just someone unrelated to me…
LG: Do you not remember the agony of losing your father? It’s best that you withdraw from this plan now…
SR is pacing uneasily in her room when Yeori reports that KH is sick and asks for her presence. Queen JeongHui reluctantly agrees to let her go.
SR anxiously enquires about KH’s condition but KH is more curious to know if SR has betrayed them to her father. SR is disappointed but KH clarifies that the person who wanted to meet her is actually….SY!
SY: Just like I am unable to forget my father’s death…your father’s death will be an indelible mark from your heart. I understand very well how heartbreaking it is to lose a closed one, so I am worried about how you will face this…However, your father will surely die in my hands. Even if he will be known posthumously as a great King, how can someone who ascends to the throne through such bloody means sincerely care for his people? From now on, you can stop considering my feelings…
SR: Did you really seek me out to say this? Once, you asked whether I worry for the life of such a cruel father…A father who kills innocent people…I wished that he isn’t my father. Then again, when I thought about losing him… If I save teacher, my father will die. If I save my father, teacher will die. What should I do?
SY: Even though once I was wounded deeply because of your father, that wound has healed because of you. I am grateful to you.
SY rises to leave. SR hugs him from the back.
SR: Why don’t we…why don’t we just leave together? To a place with no one…just us living together.
SY wavers for the longest moment. But he steels himself and removes her hands.
SY: Wherever we go, it’d still be Suyang’s world…
SR holds him back once more, pleading with her eyes. SY gently wipes away her tears but still leaves her. Why ?? Why??? This is so so so sad…. And they have to show him sending her off when it’s so darn obvious they long to be with each other!!
Jeong goes to BingGukKwan in search of SY. SY reacts frostily when Jeong asks about SR. Jeong requests that SY takes care of KH in the event that he dies. He explains that KH may appear strong on the surface, but inside she’s really vulnerable. He’s worried for her after all the pain she’s been through. SY could see that Jeong cares very much for KH.
Jeong returns home to find KH waiting up for him. They confided their fears in each other. KH in particular voices her fear on losing him. Her declaration stuns him and he embraces her. For the first time since they married, KH calls him “husband”. Jeong holds her face and kisses her gently. Tears fall as they savor the bittersweet moment. (It is credit to both actors that I’m as invested in their relationship as I am with our OTP. Jeong’s slow courtship and the way he keeps tearing down KH’s emotional wall make me root for him and KH. Alas, if history is to be followed…)
Jeong awakes to find the bed empty. He finds a smiling KH and hugs her lovingly. KH returns him his rings and asks that he puts them on her finger personally. Jeong complies and kisses her hand. KH makes him promise to return safely. (I have a very very bad feeling about this…this scene is so sweet that I fear it’s the calm before the storm as is the norm. I like this couple so much and it would be so sad to see them separated just as their love is budding).
SY is also getting prepared for the big day, praying for his father’s blessing. Downstairs, cutie Ah Kang is having a blast painting Jo’s face to everyone’s amusement. When SY shows up, Sooyoung rushes to him but SY rebuffs her advances firmly. SY solemnly bids farewell to Lady Ryu who nods knowingly. Ah Kang who seems to have a tacit understanding with her mother, drags Jo along to the door. She happily bids SY farewell and asks that he returns safely. Jo also reminds SY that he is no longer alone and tells him to return safely. SY, for the very first time, addresses Jo as “Hyung”.
The Scholars gather, all pumped up for the action. SY is positioned right outside the palace, with a group of trusted soldiers waiting for the signal to attack. Queen JeongHui lectures Song, SR and Seyung on the importance of the occasion. She excuses SR from attending citing her father’s concern that she’s not comfortable in such events.
In her room, it suddenly occurs to her that SY and gang may be planning a coup on this day. SR wants to confirm this with KH but learns that security is tight. She looks speculatively at Yeori’s uniform.

King Sejo is happily anticipating the envoy’s arrival. His cronies remark that this would be their last hurdle in achieving acknowledgement as King. Jeong accompanies King Danjong to banquet. They encounter King Sejo and his entourage. Despite his deferential attitude, KingSejo reminds King Danjong of the need to present themselves as a united family to the envoy.
The scholars take their place in the banquet. In particular, Yu Eung Bu is stationed right next to the King’s seat. His nervousness and shifty eyes do not escape the attention of Han who gets suspicious. Han summons Myeon and tells him to be alert.

SR with the aid of Yeori, leaves the palace.
Soon after, King Sejo and DanJong arrive at the banquet. Once everyone is seated, all the scholars’ eyes are on Yu, anxiously waiting for him to make the first move. Instead, Han approaches Yu confidently, announces that his service is not needed and orders Myeon to escort him out. Lee Gae sensing the battle is lost, signals him not to defy them. Lee then urges one of the scholars, Kim Jil to notify the others to abort the plan.
However, the music starts and SY takes that as a cue to begin his side of the operation. Kim Jil is accosted by Myeon and Han. Han threatens the fearful scholar to spill the beans.
Meanwhile, Queen JeongHui is furious to find SR missing again. SR is at KH’s place, asking about their plans. (Sometimes I feel SR is STILL rather naïve, I mean what does she hope to achieve by questioning KH? Does she really believe that KH will tell her? Even if she does, what is she going to do with that information? Especially since she ALREADY knew that whatever the plan was, it’s to happen at the ceremony in the palace! So what the heck is she doing outside??) KH eventually does tell her about the coup and SY’s role in the coup. SR is worried and refuses to heed KH’s advice that she let SY be.
The banquet is postponed. Suddenly JaBun and his men turn up to arrest all the scholars and Jeong. They are furious to learn that Kim Jil betrayed them.

Several things happen at once. Myeon and his men intercept SY and his men. Myeon vows to unmask his identity. Myeon and SY fights it out but SY’s meager army is no match against Myeon’s army. SY and his men opt to retreat. Myeon and his army chases after them. SY orders everyone to split up.
King Sejo reveals to Danjong that he is aware of his plans to attack him before the envoy. He is furious beyond words and DanJong quivers, shaken by the venom of his threat. The banquet begins again, but this time, there is no one left to oppose King Sejo.

SR is running back to the palace with Yeori in pursuit.
Myeon goes up to the captured Jeong to question him on the identity of their backup. He asks if it was SeungYoo. Startled, Jeong warns him not to mock a dead friend. Myeon is not swayed. He is convinced that if the masked person is SY, he will definitely come to rescue Jeong. The prisoners are led through the market. Myeon and JaBun following discreetly.
SY meets up with KH who tells him that Jeong is arrested. KH and SY see Jeong being marched through the market. Jeong gives a slight shake of the head to warn them. KH approaches Jeong. Jeong and Lee Gae briefly tell her that Myeon is on their tail, asking her to warn SY not to attempt to save them.
Myeon catches up with a masked SY.

M: Kim Seung Yoo! I know you are Kim Seung Yoo! How long are you going to hide behind your father’s name?! Do not run away anymore! Reveal yourself!
SY slowly turns around and removes his mask while Myeon eyes widen in recognition.

The episode is a winner for me. I love how our OTP finally opens up to each other and I adore the Jeong-Hye coupling. It’s just too bad that the future looks bleak for either couple. Sigh. Can’t we at least have one happy couple?
On the political front, it’s exasperating that NOTHING works against King Sejo and his men. They are virtually untouchable. I don’t know about you, but it’s kinda frustrating to see them triumph again and again.
The cutest thing in this episode -Ah Kang!


  1. great ep recaps thank you so much i felt very sad watching this ep, and i think it was a bad idea that SY confirmed his identity ti M....alas what the use of crying over spilled milk, now a khang will be in danger, so SR

  2. @basha,
    Yes, I also thought it was foolish of SY to reveal himself...but Myeon is already suspicious at this point so I'm not sure how long he would have been able to stay "invisble".

    Then again, this also signals another major gamechanger in the story and I'm curious what is in store for us for the next 6 episodes, barring any extension.

  3. For me when I read i find it extremely wierd that Jung is a part of it ... I read on wiki that the execution for the 6 happened in 1456 but when you read in king munjong wiki page and scroll down to read about princess kyung hye ... it reads that she married jeong jung and the date next to him reads like he passed aay in 1461 ... 5 years after the execution of the 6 ...

    So im not sure how far they are going to follow the "history"

  4. I'm hoping they keep Jung Jeong alive a little longer as you said he wasn't part of the matyred 6 so maybe, just maybe, there's a teensy hope that he'd be saved somehow...

  5. OoOO it came out already!! soooo happy!!

    Kyung Hye saves Jung at the very last minute!! I was cheering so much when that happened!!

    Though I felt so sad for the scholars ... but then history has already been written for them ... so it was expected!!

  6. After being tempered bit by Jeong and his teacher, SY is able to really see how he feels for SR very clearly. They're finally able to talk together. Really talk about everything. Its the first time that he's thought of things from her side, too. she's been dosed with reality and he sees how hard its hit her and how much she's had to fight and adapt.

    One thing I'm waiting for is for him to hold onto her. I realize that in this point in his character's development he's really JUST getting out of his crazy lust for bloody revenge. Now it's a concerted, well-planed lust for revenge. But he still keeps trying to walk away from her and its driving me NUTS! I kept thinking "KISSSSS" LOL.

    Another cool thing I just thought of was that unlike Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, these two have political clout inasmuch as an assassin and a rebellious princess can have. They're not just lovers. I know people say she's doing things JUST for his family, but her actions are wider spread. She knows what her father is doing affects everyone. I think she's super brave!!!!

    and MCW made me cry with her acting. She seriously keeps getting better.

    Just btw, I think our romeo and juliet pair is going to die. So instead of hoping for them to live, I don't want Jeong to die!

    Take that SM! He's STILL alive. He's like a cockroach. Just keeps coming back!

  7. Indeed, it is quite revolting watching films like this where almost 80%-90% of the story is heavily tilted in favor of the bad guys. Won't it be better if there is some sort of balanced story? Instinctively, I am forced to switch channels after watching shows like, returning only when a more balanced episode is shoewn.