Highlights: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 3

Lee Ki Woo!! LOVE. Oh dear on my first sighting of our second male lead, Choi Kang Hyeok and I'm already having a severe case of second lead shipping. This cannot be good...

I'm loving this drama to pieces. It continues to be funny with a heart and I love the writer for making every character as quirky as they come.

Choi Kang Hyeok

Not much is revealed about Kang Hyeok at this point. Let's see...
  • he's just returned from Japan - most likely boasts some great culinary skills
  • he's close to Eun Bi's daddy
  • seems to know Eun Bi from her younger days
  • claims EunBi is his "wife"
  • gets tired of troublesome matters very easily. And very LITERALLY. (LOL. That's his most endearing trait for me actually...)
Video Evidence:

Eun Bi kick-assed here too, when she's finally realized she's been taken for a ride by our childish hero, Chi Soo. As much fun as it was watching her silly naive self succumbed to Chi Soo's charms, I'd been hoping she'd show more spunk too, as befitting her unnaturally great strength (video).

Daddy Yang's suddden death took me by surprise and provides the drama in an otherwise breezy and light-hearted episode. Yup, the father-daughter flashbacks were surprisingly poignant and I shed a tear or two watching Eun Bi grieve for her dad.

Here are more pic-spams of the adorable Kang Hyeok:

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