Highlights: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 4

Finally, Eun Bi strikes back! Love the reversal of roles. Love that it's Chi Soo who can't stay away from Eun Bi. Love that Chi Soo is taken down a notch from his high pedestal. Dayum, I love both male leads now...still I'm rooting for the adorable Kang Hyeok. Heartbreak, here I come...

Summary of episode 4 ( with pretty screencaps)

We have a spoiled high-school kid with glimpses of a sad past showing remorse but have no inkling on how to offer condolences...

...... the resurgence of a super spunky Eun Bi....

(Scenes of cool Eun Bi!! - chi/eng subs)

.... a clueless princessy high-school girl who spouts apologies as natural as a pastors deliver sermons......

.... a doting father who thinks spoiling his son is the only way to spare him hurt.....

 a lazy-bum culinary genius live-in hunk somehow manages to evade the notice of the owner of the house....

There! What's not to love about this drama!


  1. thanks swui!! so much pretty in these screencaps!! :D I so wanna watch this!! But I have exams coming up~ *wails*

  2. @lilkiwi,
    well, think of it this way, there'll be more episodes for you to catch up on when you do start to watch! Anyway, good luck for your exams!

  3. Haha thanks!! I see you have quite a list of dramas you're currently watching O.o Just wondering, what's the difference between C-dramas, HK-dramas and TW-dramas????

  4. hmm...well you've given me an idea, I'd write you a simple intro on them later... :P

  5. sweet :) but how on earth do you find the time to watch all these dramas?!! are you able to watch some of them live??

  6. I can't fit all the dramas...in my limited free time...LOL ..That's why I'm rather behind on my recaps, so sorry for the few readers I do have.*bow deeply* And I'm such a sucker for new dramas...I love to check out new dramas and that took away more of my time haha. Right now, I'm only following FBRS live and the variety show Running Man and the House M.D. season 8...so you see, my plate is rather full...

  7. No pressure! I totally understand you, I was just curious 'cause you have such a big list of dramas you're watching :) just wondering, do you have the time to follow Ojakgyo Brothers?

  8. I haven't seen OB actually...but I have read it's becoming a ratings hit, hitting 30s and all...and Softy and Thundie have been writing about them. I figured it was another weekend family drama and it's kinda long for me...I don't have the time...and UEE and Joo Won didn't appeal to me much. I was allergic to him since Baker's King. Did you watch it? Was it really good?

  9. Hey! Sorry for the late reply! I've been following OB thru Softy's recaps and then watching some of the episodes after. Yeah, @ first I thought 50 eps was WAY too long, but now it's gone really fast, since we're up to ep 32. Joo Won and UEE are actually doing a really good job as the main couple~ they're so sweet! I'm loving it right now...you should join the fun ride! (Add to your massive list :P)Though right now it's kinda at a low point, you should totally follow! :)