Highlights: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 5

Oopssie been AWOL for quite some time. And I actually watched episodes 5 and 6 last week, just didn't have the time to post. 

Anyway, episode 5 continues in quite the same vein, mixing the funny with heart. At this point, the story has temporarily moved its focus away from the school thus ending any similarities to Japanese school dramas and more emphasis is placed on character developments.

I find all the characters hilariously bipolar. Their quirks are endearing (not to mention LOL funny) and when they get all serious, it sort of offsets the cartoonish feel to their characters. 

Here are some pic spams of Eun Bi and the men in her life - Chi Soo, Ba Wool, Kang Hyeok :

The nekkid stalker...RAWR...

Kang Hyeok teasing Eun Bi...(me melts...)

Chi Soo getting imaginary chest pains....(LOL)

Eun Bi puzzled by Kang Hyeok's contract with her father...(who cares! The man is hot!)

Ba Wool is especially cute this episode. The way he dances after being kissed by Soo-i and the way he munches his chips...muahahahaha. So. Darn. Adorable. 

Chi Soo mesmerized by Eun Bi...(woohoo!!)

Kang Hyeok convincing Eun Bi to keep the shop as per her father's wishes... (arh...you sweet sweet thing..)

Ok, we've got our ramyun shop, now we need flower boys....

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