HIghlights: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 6

This is yet another wacky episode dwelling on Chi Soo's obsession with Eun Bi which leads to major embarrassment. wakakaka. And after 6 episodes, I'm pleased to announce that we finally have our Flower Boys!

Summary of episode 6 in pictures:

Chi Soo thinks that Eun Bi is contemplating suicide...and tries to stop her from consuming "poison"...

 ....only to discover she's only taking medicine for constipation...muahaha

Chi Soo runs off in embarrassment upon realizing his mistake, much to the bewilderment of Eun Bi and Kang Hyeok.

Chi Soo spends a cold night at the station, having failed to contact his father and Hyeon Woo and receives a Pororo blanket and candies from a little girl who thinks he is a beggar....hihihi.

Eun Bi decides to keep her father's shop...with Kang Hyeok's help. 
So we have the proprietress - Yang Eun Bi.

Flower Boy No.1 - Choi Kang Hyeok (co-owner + likely main chef):

Flower Boy No.2 : Cha Chi Soo (who accepts the job for the sake of petty revenge against Eun Bi)

Flower Boy No.3 - Kim Ba Wool (who accepts the part-time job so he could have unlimited ramyun supply)

Flower Boy No.4- Woo Hyeon Woo (who jumps at the chance to work there in exchange for shelter)

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