Recap: What's Up Episode 8

This drama continues to surprise me by being unpredictable and we finally get to the crux of what’s troubling our beloved Prof Sun Woo-young!

Episode 8

We continue with the face-off between Jae-hun and Sun from the previous episode. The tension of the moment quickly dissipates when Sun tells Jae-hun to remember what he’s feeling – true anger. Jae-hun, understandably goes, “Huh?” I did too, for 1 millisecond back there…LOL.

“People always say that the stage is a make-believe world. That’s not true. If the stage is not the real deal, it won’t work. Everyone is watching. You can’t fool them. To look for the real deal in the real world is even more difficult. Because it’s filled with hypocrites. That’s why if you have the opportunity to experience these true feelings, remember it well. It’s a precious thing.”
Everyone is speechless, Do-sung looks particularly impressed.

The mysterious Lady Director has shown herself, after 8 episodes, in a conversation with Mr.Ahjussi Guard who commends her effort in bringing back Sun from his hovel. She insists that Sun has been wanting to return all along, it’s just his guilt that’s reining him in.

Sun stands alone on the stage, lost in his memories, reminiscing the continuation of that snippet of argument we’ve glimpsed previously. He’s being an ass and hurting her when in truth he feels sorry she’s sacrificed so much for him. She still loves him despite everything, wishing only to return to the stage because she loves being on the stage with him.
Sun snaps out from his thought and finds Doo-ri watching him in the audience seat. She wants to know the method to remove her “blanket” (unleash her inner demons). When he ignores her, she asks if he’s refusing to even though he knows, or because he doesn’t know it. When he continues to ignore her, she asks if he has trouble removing his “blanket”. Sighing, he shoots back at her, “Are you asking because you don’t know the answer, or are you just messing with me?”

Undeterred, Doo-ri wonders why he’s not confident, confusing him (and me!). She confesses to liking his lessons, more than he does, because they are so unpredictable, like her games. She grabs his shirt and tells him in his face that he made her want to learn, for the first time in her life. He couldn’t be bothered and replies that it’s just her being fooled. Their closeness is captured by the camera of that irritating, creepy reporter in a compromising position. Dang!
Do-sung is still in a daze when he’s roused by Jae-hun who makes him pay for stuffs meant for his girl. Oh? Really? *Chuckles* In fact, he’s making a conscious effort teaching Do-sung how to cheer up Tae-hee – chocolates and jokes. That’s just your guilt talking, right? He even self-compliments for being such a great friend (uh-huh…). But Do-sung is missing – hiding from that creepy reporter who chose that moment to appear.
Soo-bin finds Tae-hee at the piano – singing a melancholic song. Meanwhile, Do-sung is sitting at the Friendship Stairs, troubled by his predicament, with the ghost mirroring his actions. Oh, that ghost can appear during daytime too! Holy moly.
Soo-bin marvels that Tae-hee could still cry at this age before a piano. He hasn’t cried since he’s eleven, when he was upset before a competition. Tae-hee denies she’s been crying. He’s surprisingly gentle with her, with none of the aloof attitude he’s been adopting when interacting with Chae-young, Byung-gun and Jae-hun. Then again, we haven’t seen much of him, and he seems to be quite a loner. Soo-bin tries to capture her essence with a tune – from weak to strong and stubborn. In fact, he sees everyone as a melody and it genuinely surprises him that he’s alone in that. He plays a melody of his impression of Sun and there’s this cute animated caricature on the screen – depicting Sun in various states (repressed anger, angry outburst, drunk).

Chae-young is waiting for Jae-hun, surprising him by offering to give him an advice. Jae-hun cutely asks if it’s free. J She tells him to beware of Sun. Why? He’s neither a thief nor a mad dog. She explains that it’s related to Sun’s past. Jae-hun hilariously pipes, “I have to know a man’s past too?”

Not taking offense, she hooks his arm and asks that he accompany her to the piano hall to meet Soo-bin. She feels that he’s been cold lately and wants to use the make-your-guy-jealous-with-another-guy strategy. She’s honest, I’ll give her that.

Jae-hun is not as obliging and she points out that he’s interested in that girl – he stood up for her when she fainted at the Friendship Stairs and again when she cried today. He deflects by reminding her about her free advice. She reveals that Sun was kicked out from the musical circle because of a woman he dumped and he’s currently being seduced by a student. Jae-hun is confused – how is that related to Tae-hee. Chae-young catches his slip of tongue, teasing that he’s acknowledged the girl is Tae-hee!

They walk into the piano hall where they find Soo-bin and Tae-hee playing the piano cozily. Chae-young looks pissed and leaves the hall, Jae-hun following in her wake. She declares that she hates women like Tae-hee, who pretends to be weak and kind so guys would flock to their side all protective, who cries easily with that innocent face and seduces all guys within 100m.

Jae-hun calls her name in warning. Chae-young admits she doesn’t know the identity of that student linked with Sun but she wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Tae-hee. Jae-hun warns her not to speculate wildly but she offers him a warning of her own – he’s just 1 among the millions of  tadpoles in a bowl…be careful. Jae-hun walks back into the hall, looking at Soo-bin and Tae-hee with a contemplative expression on his face. Please tell me you didn’t buy all that crap she was spewing!

Byung-gun is watching some funny clips on the net when Doo-ri approaches him, keen on making use of his claim of being a walking musical encyclopedia.  The funny thing is, he’s not even denying it. LOL. As expected, her question has to do with Sun’s past.

Meanwhile, Prof Yang is busy reporting the scandalous rumours of Sun with a female student to the school director ….in the toilet! LOL.

Byung-gun’s research reveals that Sun was the Golden Boy of Korea’s musical scene of this era. He created interest in the musical scene. Every musical he starred in was a bona fide success. He had a famous lover, Park Eun-hye. She was the prima donna of the acting scene before switching to musicals. Sun’s fame continue to rise while her popularity fades. There’s a rumour claiming that she’s holding him back…
Director promises to speak to Sun regarding the rumours. She then asks that Prof Yang replaces Sun’s classes tomorrow because it’s Eun-hye’s death anniversary, especially since Eun-hye was previously a favourite student of hers. That’s why Sun was so eager to take the day off! Curiously, Prof Yang denies she’s ever been her favourite. Hmm….

Doo-ri wonders why Eun-hye is rumoured to be holding Sun back if they were lovers. Byung-gun asks hesitantly if she’s….Doo-ri admits outright she likes Sun, thinks about him all the time. Byung-gun offers a gentle reminder that he’s her professor but she challenges him – why not? He changes the topic quickly, elaborating that Sun was said to have dumped Eun-hye who had quitted acting to support a dirt poor Sun – the story was well-known within the circle. Doo-ri queries his sources, steadfast in her belief in Sun. Sun also gave up a role he auditioned for in Voly Mama, reasons unknown.

Do-sung is at the office, requesting to quit school and that his personal information be removed from the school’s records, puzzling the secretary and An Jung Tae. Sun who overhears the exchange ventures a few guesses; 1. He’s a wanted criminal  2. He’s accepted by a scouting agency  3. He just wants to give up. None of these are true of course but poor Do-sung could not explain himself  L
It’s another long night, Soo-bin is busy composing, students are dancing, Jae-hun is practicing alone, Tian-ji is drinking to a photo of Chae-young in his locker and Do-sung unpacks his Hades costume and mask… He puts on the mask eagerly but his reflection in the mirror tells him that Hades is supposed to be dead. In fact, the Do-sung in the mirror seems to take on a bolder, aggressive personality and orders himself to shut up! Would that be the true Do-sung? His inner demon?

Sun sings alone on stage, overwhelmed by memories of the past…


Springtime was shining 'cause you came to me
Pink Cherry blossoms fell like snowflakes
Our first kiss was oh, so sweet as can be
You held my hand and I'll never forget
The spring oh, the spring sunset

Long summer days every moment together
Remember us watching a floating feather
On the pavement autumn leaves rolling along
Nothing was left, nothing was wrong

When you said good-bye the winter had come
Snow falling softly right in my heart
Thinking of you I can smile now and then
But spring never came again
(I found the whole lyrics but I couldn’t find the singer L)
Flashbacks. Park Eun-hye is on the phone, arranging a meeting with someone when her phone falls and malfunctions. Sun is auditioning for Voly Mama NewYork. Park calls from a public phone, pleading someone to meet her…that someone is of course Sun. He accuses her of being clingy and distrustful of him. In his words, “Love is not holding another back…” He hangs up on her, she looks upset and dizzy. He goes about his business but does show up at their promised meeting place. She happily runs to him only to be knocked down by a car. At the hospital, he is dealt another blow – she was 4 months pregnant!
Jae-hun is on his nightly run on Friendship Stairs. But he’s not alone! He hears creepy sounds. And the ghost appears! And he can see it! What’s happening??? Ghost silences Jae-hun with a finger to the lips and points to somewhere behind Jae-hun, with tears in his eyes.
Creepy sound is sounding more like eerie cries and the ghost disappears. Jae-hun walks towards the cries (Run!!) which gets louder and spots Sun lying amidst some bushes! Huh?
Do-sung is all packed-up and about to leave with his uncle when Jae-hun calls out to him, asking for help with the heavy and drunk Sun. Jae-hun has brought him here because Sun’s office is locked. Back in their room, Jae-hun is alarmed to see Do-sung’s packed belongings and thinks he’s running from debtors. LOL.
Suddenly Sun sits up, half-conscious, and claims to be a monster who has killed two people – which makes him a serial killer, scaring Jae-hun and Do-sung. He starts vomiting. Do-sung informs uncle he won’t be able to leave right now because he’s afraid Jae-hun will kill him if he leaves him alone in this mess. Lol. His fear of Jae-hun is so cute.
Do-sung sleeps on the floor, wide awake. Sun wakes and asks for water. Do-sung asks if he’s alright, having never had any alcohol before. Chong-mal? Sun smiles and asks for his name. He feels sorry for Do-sung to be stuck with a teacher like him. Do-sung eagerly checks his notes and reads aloud his favourite quote from Sun – the one about cherishing true feelings (from their lesson on anger). Jae-hun (who’s also awake by now) and Sun listen quietly, lost in their thoughts.
The next morning, Byung-gun is running anxiously to meet Doo-ri, showing her something from his mobile, arousing the interest from Mr. Ahjussi guard. Elsewhere, the whole campus is abuzz with the latest news – about Sun and Doo-ri, complete with photos! That stupid reporter!!!!!!!!!
Extra footage:
Jae-hun working at a petrol station and studying English from his sticky notes…meanwhile, Do-sung is hardly paying attention in his English class.

The shit has hit the fan but judging from the preview, I’m optimistic it will be resolved pretty satisfactorily, awesomely even. Fingers crossed. J
On a side note, I’m quite delighted with how the writer throws different characters together with unexpected sparks. I’ve been wondering when Soo-bin would get his story arc. I find Soo-bin oddly adorable and child-like here. Together with Tae-hee, they’re like two innocent kindred spirits.
We also have our second interesting pairing in the form of Jae-hun and Chae-young. Although it’s unlikely that their relationship will be romantic (although I might be wrong), I think it’s interesting how Chae-young drops her façade before Jae-hun and allows herself to be err…bitchy/honest self, depending on how you view her. So far, she’s only been herself with Soo-bin and her dropping the act with Jae-hun could only mean that she’s acknowledging him, in a way, as a friend.
In short, I like that all the characters are discovering friendships in the unlikeliest of people/places.
By the way, I’m beginning to think that the ghost might be something of a guardian angel to all our protagonists here…judging from the way he led Jae-hun to Sun.


  1. Thank you for the recap!! I've been refreshing your blog like more than 10 times since yesterday! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!I'll look forward for more! BTW, what's your favourite pairings?? I'll list out:
    Jae Hun-Tae Hee
    Jae Hun-Chae Young
    Do Sung-Tae Hee
    Soo Bin-Tae Hee
    Soo Bin-Chae Young
    Doo Ri-Sun Woo Young

  2. @Jennie,
    My favourite pairing at the moment is Soo bin- Tae hee jus cuz they look so sweet together...haha

    And I like to see Byung gun with anyone else....coz he's so dorky and funny...Jae hun's reaction to Chae Young is darn funny too!

  3. Yup yup yup!! (LOL.. like a doggie) I can't decide whom to pair up with Tae Hee. But at the moment, I like her more with Do Sung.(after watching ep 9) He seems to really like her.^^ And Byung Gun likes Chae Young but I don't think she deserves him.(He's so pure innocent and cute!)Look at how CY treated him and used him. I hope he'll find someone who will love him for who he is. I watched ep 9 live just now without subs of course. Things are getting interesting! What we're thinking is coming true about the nephew/niece thing! OK, I don't wanna spoil here. :)I like What's Up!!! XD

  4. Thanks for the recap. :D I'm seriously addicted to this drama like crazy. First, watched it for Daesung. But the storyline and characters immediately captured me. lol.

    @Swui- I'm totally just like you, the couple I'm currently looking forward to is Soo Bin and Tae Hee. They were seriously too cute in ep. 8. For some reason I always like that 'Loner and chill type' and 'Quirky and playful type' as a pairing. Kind of balances each other out. I hope to see more of Soo Bin's storyline in later episodes.

  5. This was a good episode - much was revealed, and it ended with a nasty conflict. I love these little nuances like the little doodle figures of drunken Sun, the funny ghost with eerie sound effects, and the ending sub-plots about different characters. With every episode I'm clueless about where the show is heading to, and more importantly, how it's going to end?