Recap: What's Up Episode 9

Awesome! More character growth…from Doo-ri to Sun to Do-sung to everyone else (well, except Chae-young I might add, she’s got a long way to go…). The theme of this episode is courage – the courage to ask for help…and it’s an awesome way to tie up the first phase of the drama.

Episode 9
A Disciplinary Committee Hearing is called to discuss allegations against Prof Sun Woo-young regarding indecent behavior with a student and the appropriate countermeasures. Prof Yang is the chairperson and wants to confirm several things first…

A bunch of students have gathered before the bulletin board, speculating at the damning photos of Sun and a back profile of a girl – whom everyone suspects is Doo-ri. Doo-ri coolly strides over, despite Byung-gun’s attempt to stop her. She looks at the photos then turns around and grabs Byung-gun close by the collar to make a point, evoking surprised gasps from their audience.
Back at the hearing, Prof Yang is attempting to do the same – make Sun disclose the girl’s identity. Sun cheekily asks her to guess, his offhand attitude disses her. She impresses on him the severity of the matter – the girl might sue for sexual harassment, thus the school’s legal advisors need to be prepared. Lady Director intervenes, trying to cool things down and offers to speak to the girl. Sun doesn’t give a damn. Instead, he gives a detailed account of how he’s going to Chong Sun (It’s Eun-hye’s anniversary) and tells the committee to decide as they like – they could force him out of the school on whatever grounds. He excuses himself, leaving the committee speechless.
It’s Prof Jang’s class and he’s lecturing on how not to imitate others during singing. Tae-hee is up front, demonstrating. Jae-hun watches a besotted Do-sung drool over her. As Tae-hee sings, Jae-hun glances at Doo-ri at the back of the class, who’s watching uncaringly, tears welling up and spilling over as she realizes how much of a pinch she’s caused her beloved Sun. Sigh. Not so strong after all…
After class, Do-sung calls up his uncle, informing him that he’s ready to leave. Only, his conversation is overheard by Jae-hun who chides him for leaving without saying goodbye. Do-sung claims that saying goodbye doesn’t change anything.

Jae-hun reminds him of Tae-hee. Do-sung, in a serious note, explains that theirs is not a lovers/couple sort of relationship. In his typical sarcastic fashion, Jae-hun tries to provoke Do-sung by claiming he’s going to tackle Tae-hee if that is the case. Do-sung, not biting the bait, wishes him luck. Frustrated, Jae-hun declares he hates people who act cool – like him. He knows Do-sung likes Tae-hee and therefore feels disgusted that he’s wishing him luck. He raises another example; Doo-ri, who looks like she’s dying but still refuses to ask for help. Why? Would the embarrassment of seeking help kill them?!

That’s not the case with Do-sung but he could not bring himself to explain himself. Jae-hun is upset because he thinks Do-sung is playing it cool with a “I won’t ask anything of you, so don’t expect anything from me” kind of attitude. Do-sung feels misunderstood, but still keeps his silence. Argghh…I’m dying here…please tell him already!!!!!

Fortunately, Jae-hun has not thrown in the towel yet. Hurray for persistence. Jae-hun keeps battering Do-sung verbally, all the way back to their room where Do-sung stands rooted in surprise, at the pesky reporter who’s fooling around with his Hades’ mask! Uh-oh. Jae-hun is confused while Do-sung quakes, especially when the reporter snaps his picture.
Thinking she’s doing Doo-ri a favor, Miss secretary is enthusiastically relating the events of the hearing – how Sun refused to divulge her identity – and warns Doo-ri to be careful of him. Doo-ri gags and holds her abdomen leading the secretary to think she’s….pregnant? Ha. Doo-ri drops the act and explains she’s merely disgusted with her. She tells her off for being a tattletale and asks for the whereabouts of Sun.
Back in the room, Jae-hun asks what’s a Hades? Reporter thinks he’s kidding. After ascertaining that the reporter is an uninvited presence, he accuses the reporter of invading their private space – which technically makes him a thief! That stupid reporter dictates into his recorder that Hades is keeping his identity under wraps in school, with his roommate acting as his bodyguard. Do-sung panics, offers to speak to him privately and asks what he’s after. The slimy reporter explains he just wants to report the truth. Ughhh….there’s irritating but professional but this low-life is just plain irritating and hateful. Can someone in Korea punch him on my behalf?

Jae-hun manages to read the situation somewhat, but he’s not really interested in Do-sung’s secret. He’s more concerned that Do-sung is being pestered to reveal something he’s not willing to – which makes the reporter the villain. Well he used a more degrading/foul term because the idiotic reporter starts dictating into his recorder again.

Do-sung tries to usher Jae-hun out of the room to keep him from getting involved but when the moron shows interest in Jae-hun as well, Do-sung flips. Omg. Do-sung shouts, “Keep my friend out of this!” Woo-hoo. But the venom in his voice startles himself and he reverts back to his cowardly self once more and tries to negotiate a price with the retard reporter.

While the dim-wit is busy describing how he was threatened with a lawsuit by Korea’s priciest lawyers for trying to expose him earlier, which made him even more curious about his Hades’ identity; Jae-hun casually strides behind him and splashes water on his camera. Whoah…Not particularly useful but darn satisfying!

Miffed, the reporter leaves as Do-sung tries again to convince him not to write anything. Sigh. That’s no way to snuff his reporter’s instinct and he makes wild guesses – Is he the son of a gangster? A Chaebol’s son? Why the secrecy? He warns Do-sung not to leave the school or else he’ll find him again by engaging the police! The word police strikes fear into Do-sung and he whimpers piteously for uncle…

Tae-hee tries to convince Doo-ri that it’s a bad idea to follow Sun who’s gone to pay respect to his lover. Doo-ri just tells her to find out the train schedule to Chong Sun, Kang Won Do. Tae-hee surprises her by giving accurate directions on how to reach ChongSun, explaining that she’s familiar with the place because dad and aunt used to live there. New clues! Tae-hee is curious why Doo-ri wants to go there.

DR: I am Oh Doo-ri. From now on, on behalf of Sunbae Park Eun-hye, I would like to take care of Sun. Please give us your blessings.

Oh dear, I cringed a little at that. It’s too early for that isn’t it? I like Doo-ri’s forthrightness but I’m not sure that her alleged love for Sun is not misplaced.
Anyway, Tae-hee looks stunned. Doo-ri thinks no one else but Park has the right to judge her feelings for Sun, which is why she is seeking her blessings – Tae-hee interrupts her, declaring randomly that she’s lying. Tae-hee goes on and on about Sun and Park being lovers, confusing Doo-ri, before finally declares, “That Park Eun-hye….is my aunt!”
 Do-sung is following Jae-hun around like a puppy dog, apologizing and beseeching him to keep his secret, well secret. Do-sung thinks Jae-hun is mad at him for keeping secrets from him but no, Jae-hun is mad because….he has no idea what the hell Hades meant! ROFL. OMG. Epic funny. What’s Hades? Is it ice-cream? Some fatigue-reducing pills? A new product? Can I buy it to eat? Jae-hun tells Do-sung to stop badgering him with all that nonsense and sends him off to clean their room. LOL. Do-sung is lost for words. I am too! Jae-hun is so clueless/ignorant it’s hilarious!
Jae-hun shows up at Tian-ji’s snooker party and hands over a stack of papers – evidence of him making 3718 runs. He admits to have considered cheating since no one’s checking but didn’t do so because of a certain teacher and that there might be mistakes because he was too sleepy at times, so please forgive him. He also admits to splitting the runs because it was impossible to make 286 runs per night. Just as he excuses himself, Tina-ji calls him back. Through gritted teeth, he makes a proper greeting. LOL. Tian-ji orders him to gather everyone in the gym in 30 minutes. What now?!

Do-sung is relating recent events to uncle when there’s an announcement on the PA system, requesting all 1st year musical majors to gather in the gym in 20 minutes. Everyone is at the gym except Chae-young, Doo-ri and Tae-hee. Byung-gun adorably tells Jae-hun to steer out of trouble and apologize to the seniors.

 The seniors show themselves, Tian-ji announcing that they’re displeased with the scandal involving a prof and a certain 1st year musical student. He wants a name. Byung-gun asks timidly what they plan to do to that particular student….somewhat betraying the fact that he knows! Oh Byung-gun…In response, Tian-ji asks that the doors be locked!
Meanwhile, Chae-young is accompanying Soo-bin leisurely. Soo-bin guesses that she is the one who asks Tian-ji to teach the 1st years a lesson. What??! Chae-young explains she merely mentioned something over lunch with Tian-ji.
“The school I gave up everything to enroll in, what’s going on? I feel like I’ve been downgraded…Oppa, I’m really sad…”
Oh yeah, you’re a shameless b***** alright.  Urgghhh…

Back in the gym, Tian-ji is lecturing everyone about the importance of singling out the black sheep who’s a bad influence to others. This might sound a tad more palatable if we hadn’t just heard his true motivation behind all this crap. Oh you make my blood boil, you hypocrite!

Just as Chae-young’s roomie is about to spill the beans, Jae-hun rises and reminds him of what he’s been preaching all these while, “Love your fellow students, love your country”. *Yes! Anxious, Byung-gun tries to stop him from further antagonizing Tian-ji. On a roll, Jae-hun cheekily announces that Tian-ji is merely testing them.

Tian-ji approaches him menacingly…(*No! He had a valid point!)…agrees that he’s overlook that… (me sweating in dread)…and revises his orders – All 1st years are to clean all the toilets in the school until said student gives herself up and quit school! Jae-hun questions his authority for forcing a student to quit school but Tian-ji shrugs it off and maintains that the others would just have to clean toilets then. That is so unfair! Is there no one who could stop them?

Tae-hee is with Doo-ri at the bus station. But there are no more connecting trains. Doo-ri tells her off for trying to help her and asks her to leave. Oh you stubborn girl. Only, Tae-hee is unable to find her way back…LOL. Sighing, Doo-ri leads her back to the bus stop while Tae-hee chats incessantly about aunt. Irritated, Doo-ri decides to leave her on her own halfway. But of course, Tae-hee fares no better, her total lack of direction making her wandering about aimlessly…

Meanwhile, Doo-ri receives a call from Chae-young’s roomie and specky girl complaining about their current predicament. Doo-ri turns around and finds Tae-hee missing from her sight!
Jae-hun, Do-sung and Byung-gun are responsible for cleaning the male toilets after losing at the rock, scissors, paper game. Byung-gun grumbles and whines before letting on that the pictures were real. However, his expression suddenly turns wistful, as though he’s just figured something out….and he goes into thinking mode in one of the toilet cubicles. LOL.
The girls are whining too when Doo-ri suddenly shows up, asking for Tae-hee who’s still missing! Doo-ri admits she’s the girl in the picture but is not the least apologetic that everyone is dragged in this mess.
But, at least she’s worried about Tae-hee. Well, she needn’t be. Because by luck or fate, she’s bumped into Sun! LOL. She continues her characteristic incessant chatter, which flies by Sun until she mentions she’s just found out about him and aunt. Somewhat stunned, he turns to her, a little overwhelmed to have found her, his last link to Eun-hye.
Chae-young is dressed to the nines and picked up by a handsome young man whom she calls Director. As in her agency’s director? Mr Director’s attitude is pretty cold, considering he’s come to pick her up for a party. He ignores Chae-young’s attempts to make small talk, takes out a laptop and shows her a video of their musical performance. Chae-young gloats until he rewinds to the other performance and zooms in on Tae-hee. He seems interested in her identity and compliments her of being pretty…Oooo…wow, another love interest or just professional interest?
Doo-ri finally finds Tae-hee, who’s chatting amiably with Sun, feeding him stories about her aunt. She reveals that aunt always spoke of him and his three main faults are – he hates to eat vegetables, he always wears mismatched shoes and….Tae-hee hesitates before revealing that his greatest fault is his reluctance to seek help, which saddens aunt because he’d lash out to her whenever she tries to help. Tae-hee relays dad’s observation, “That person seems like a timid person. A timid person can’t utter words like ‘please help me’, ‘sorry’ or ‘thank you’. What if they’re rejected? They are afraid of being ridiculed…afraid of everything.”

The same description also applies to Doo-ri, who’s been quietly listening all the while.
 Sun admits to being a coward, he tries to act cool because he’s afraid that Eun-hye will find him pitiful. Tae-hee offers her opinion – she doesn’t resent being pitied because that only means that there’s one more person in this wide, wide world who truly cares for her. Her words seem to get through to both Sun and Doo-ri, who both gives a small smile. Aww…these two knuckleheads finally get it, I hope!
Next day, more reporters swarm into the school (including that smug vermin), pestering the staff for an interview with Sun.

Doo-ri shows up before her classmates, asking tentatively if they would help her. When one after another asks her how…Doo-ri is touched, surprised and speechless.
Everyone splits up, each with their designated tasks, preparing for something - Byung-gun snapping pictures of Jae-hun and Do-sung (who’s wearing make-up LOL) in compromising positions and later photoshopping the photo while others conspire to take over the broadcast room.

Doo-ri takes the mic.

“I’m Oh Doo-ri, 1st year musical student. Everyone might have known by now that I am the girl in the news. I heard the 2nd years are curious about this too, you should be glad to know that the female student linked to Prof Sun is actually me, 1st year musical student – Oh Doo-ri. Prof Sun, are you listening? It’s me, Oh Doo-ri. What did I say? If I haven’t conveyed my feelings properly, I don’t know what I’d do. Prof Sun, what to do now…now the whole of Korea knows. Are you still gonna tell me, ‘Stop kidding, you don’t know what love is…go and study the 9x9 multiplication table’? Sun Woo-young! I’m Oh-Doo-ri. Just you wait…I’m going to make you fall in love with me one day…wait for it.”
Everyone ohhs and ahhs at her declaration…and Doo-ri starts to sing, putting her feelings in a song. All these while, photoshopped pictures of Sun and Prof Yang and secretary are also being leaked online.
Sun laughs at her audacity. The reporters leave, realizing there’s no scandal after all, concluding it’s just a kid’s prank.

Byung-gun is pleased with himself, declaring that he’s the King of Strategy. LOL. This is what he came up with in the toilet I guess…

Doo-ri looks fondly at her classmates who’re singing along happily with her…Big big Awwwwwww.

The last puzzle is solved. The bond is complete. The stage is set - Musical Department first years are ready to rock.
I’m still not convinced Doo-ri and Sun are right for each other, but I’m impressed enough with Doo-ri’s declaration not to write them off yet.


  1. Thank You!! I noe that Doo Ri and Sun Woo are not necessarily rite 4 each other, but I just can't help wanting them to get together!! Because honestly Doo Ri is my favorite character, and the way she speaks bout Sun-Woo really makes my heart move n so I would like them to get together.... one can dream rite?
    Once again, thanks! I was refreshing over n over again cauz I just LOOOOOVVVVEEEE ur recaps!! :D <3

  2. I loved this ep, how Do-sung acknowledges out loud that he has a friend ( remember earlier he says he never even had a fake friend :'[ ) Doo-ri getting some guts and proclaiming to everyone how she feels, just toooo lovely. Cant wait til nxt wk

  3. Thanks for the recap!! Waiting for ep 10 recap!! With luv, Jennie :)