Recap: What's Up Episode 10

It’s Tae-hee’s turn to shine this episode. With new characters thrown in the mix and more love lines. And it sure doesn’t hurt that the new boys joining us are pretty good looking!

Episode 10
We begin with Tae-hee writing a letter to her family, whom she’d spent the summer holidays with, glad to be back at school again even though she misses them. Tae-hee’s narration leads us through the latest happenings in school.

Some things don’t change though – like carefree Tae-hee falling asleep blissfully during one of Prof Yang’s class. As is Prof Yang’s outrageous bee-hive hairstyle. Seriously, who does her hair?

But some things have changed. Like Jae-hun’s unruly curls are replaced by a smarter, cleaner look. But more drastically is our beloved Prof Sun. He totally cleaned up his act and turns up for their first class of the semester, looking like this!

Earning disbelieving stares, smirks and dropped jaws in response. Well, he’s looking good and he bloody knows it. LOL. Even more amazingly is the fact that he’s actually taking attendance, and making a conscious effort to memorize the students’ name. The students are all pleasantly surprised and pleased. He did look a teeny bit embarrassed when he calls out Doo-ri’s name, and Tae-hee tells us in narration that she thinks it’s the shock of being called by name (in banmal) in a public broadcast that led to the changes. Doo-ri smiles smugly while others glance at her with knowing smiles. LOL. So cute.

Tae-hee writes that she’s found a part-time job at the school’s convenient store, earning KW 4500 and tells grandpa not to send her money anymore. She claims that she’s doing a great job, earning praises from her senior. But of course that’s not true, as she’s rather clumsy and accident-prone. LOL.

Tae-hee brags adorably that she’s quite popular in school, that it’s almost tiring. It would seem that she has a famous star as her best friend now – Eun Chae-young. Jae-hun muses that she’s been hanging out with Chae-young’s clique almost exclusively nowadays. Byung-gun stares enviously, still in awe with Chae-young, even approving of her food choices. Do-sung gripes adorably, “Stars can’t even eat kim-chi??”

Doo-ri is working on Prof Sun’s homework, targeting to score A in all his assignments. Ha. But she couldn’t resist taking a stab at Jae-hun – asking if he’s disappointed that his someone has taken to following a star around. Jae-hun stutteringly warns her not to say strange stuffs, all the while glancing surreptitiously at Do-sung. The she stares pointedly at Do-sung, curiously observing his expression until he gets all defensive too. Ha.

Tae-hee is hanging out with the girls in Chae-young’s room. The girls are shock to learn that Tae-hee is totally clueless when it comes to make-up – she couldn’t identify fake lashes!

Meanwhile, Chae-young is on the phone with someone, grumbling that she couldn’t have brought Tae-hee because she went home for the holidays, clearly resenting being pressured by the other party. The other person on the phone is Secretary Oh, who reminds her that she is the one preventing him from meeting her, on purpose.

A random hand presses the loudspeaker button on the phone, Chae-young’s indignant voice blaring out from the speakers, denying that she’s containing her on purpose. That hand belongs to the Director, who’s lying leisurely on the couch, and casually implores her to bring Tae-hee over quickly. The person she brought previously is useless now because of failed plastic surgery.

Chae-young is curious with his fixation with Tae-hee. Was she such a great singer? Or is it her look? Director is too lazy to entertain her question, delegating the task to his secretary. Oh explains that Tae-hee has a fresh image that is uniquely different from all the plastic-made beauties. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about since they have totally opposite appeals. Pfft. His unsaid meaning does not escape Chae-young who feels insulted.  

Chae-young stomps back to the room, plastered on her fakey smile and chides Tae-hee for not putting on make-up. She even offers her some of her own make-up and “helpfully” applies some on her, telling her it’s manners to put on make-up in show business. Yuck. So fake!

Tae-hee happily mails her letter and studies her reflection in a mirror, telling herself there’s nothing wrong in wanting to be pretty. (*Gasps. Oh that spiteful b*****. What have you done to her!) Imaginary dad pops up by her side, agreeing with her, but comments that she looks weird. Tae-hee insists Dad is just outdated, that this is the latest smoky eye look. Tae-hee ignores dad who claims he’s been a rocker all his life, and tells him that she wants to buy branded cosmetics but worries about how she’s gonna afford them. She admires her look, claiming her eyes look larger – dad tells her she looks like she’s been hit. Upset, she refuses to speak to dad anymore. Well, theoretically she’s ignoring her own conscience…

Byung-gun tries to sing, with Ji-eun at the piano. So great is his nerves, he barely gets the first words out, even after multiple tries. He’s singing before Sun and Jang who are both disappointed it’s not working. Jang had made him sing the song 500x over the summer holidays, until he could sing it in his sleep. Sun asks if he’d done as he’s told, Byung-gun claims he’s sung 520x – 20 extra is complimentary. J Sun laughs but Jang chides him because Byung-gun is obviously very serious about it. Byung-gun claims he sings very well when he’s alone.

Sun asks if he had ever sung before his family when he was young – Byung-gun looks distressed. Sun probes deeper, trying to figure out if he’s somehow traumatized by an experience in relation to his parents. Byung-gun confessed that his parents had endured it until he’s done singing. Sun seeks permission from Yang to give Byung-gun a piece of homework, Yang agrees in condition it won’t make him worse. Ha. Sun tells Byung-gun to focus on finding one person who would make time to listen to him sing, no matter now busy.

Tae-hee is learning how to apply mascara in the room. Doo-ri looks up to see her struggling and offers some pointers. Tae-hee confides that she’s feels a little insecure because she seems to be the only one who doesn’t know make-up, and it’s making her worried about what people say about her or how she looks. Doo-ri shares her opinion – “No one in this world really cares about you, they might speak of you behind your back, but it’s not out of concern, it’s just because of boredom.”

Tae-hee poses for a photoshoot with Chae-young and gang, Chae-young gets impatient with her awkward amateurish poses. Even with pointers, Chae-young laments that Tae-hee is lacking in womanly charm.

Chae-young gets Tae-hee new outfits, and basically turns Tae-hee into herself. Ack. Tae-hee shows up for work in her new outfit and boots but fumbles and falls. Initially, Jae-hun helps her and chides her for working in those boots. He’s surprised to see it’s actually Tae-hee and his less than enthusiastic response makes her defensive. He teases her for not carrying herself gracefully and sexily, as befitting her Angelina Jolie looks. He’s a little mean here, like an immature schoolboy. LOL.

Just then, Chae-young shows up, reminding her she’s late for her interview. Jae-hun offers to help her clean up the mess and fill in her remaining working hours in exchange for 2 large pizzas. Ha…you softie! Tae-hee thanks him gratefully and runs off. Jae-hun wonders aloud at her sudden generosity, for someone so thrifty, thinking that she’s interviewing for some high paying part-time job.

The sunbae working there informs him that she’s off to an interview for an entertainment company who scouts for pretty faces. Sunbae also rattles off some interesting facts: 48000 people a year in Seoul alone aspire to be stars, the competition for those training to be idols is 800:1, a survey in April 2010 reports a total of more than 100,000 trainees. She’s trying to infer that the possibility of Tae-hee striking gold in not high, even as Jae-hun insists she has the looks and singing abilities, because of the other “darker” elements at play – the ones leading to suicides among the trainees.

Jae-hun, ignorant as he is, seeks out Doo-ri who sees through him easily and answers him before he asks – Tae-hee is scouted by Chae-young’s company, DCS Media. Impressed, Jae-hun asks about the suicide incidents, surprised to learn that there are many. Impatient, Doo-ri cuts to the chase and advises him to teach Tae-hee to drink if he’s so worried about her, not only to drink but to drink without getting drunk easily too, which will come in handy when she enters the company later. Jae-hun thinks Doo-ri is exaggerating, influenced by horror movies. J

In the car, Tae-hee looks every inch a country girl, impressed with the sights and people of Seoul. Chae-young shares her experience of the countryside – the bugs, antiquated loos, dwenjiang-smelling rooms – how she cried and left as quickly as she could. She tells Tae-hee that Seoul might feel foreign to her, just like the countryside was to her; and if she can’t stand it – to cry and run away. Eee…is Chae-young actually concern about her? Only she who has been toughened up by the cutthroat nature of showbiz would understand the dangers involved.  

When they reach the company, Chae-young is pissed that the Director is not in after she’d gone through the trouble of bringing Tae-hee here personally. Secretary Oh couldn’t even be bothered when Chae-young points out he’s lying when he claims that the Director was busy and called to tell them to wait. He asks for Tae-hee….who had wandered off by her own. Ha. Lost again.

Tae-hee is watching some girls in recording session when the staff spots her and hauls her off to the lobby counter, searching her bag for tapes. Tae-hee cries, protesting her innocence. Secretary Oh passes by and recognizes her, smiling at her tear-streaked and smudged face. Oooo..

Chae-young is tired of waiting and wants to leave because she has a date with Soo-bin later that night. Secretary Oh says she’s free to go and asks Tae-hee if it’s fine that she waits. Tae-hee looks to Chae-young for guidance but she tells her to decide for herself. Secretary Oh brings her to a dance studio to while away time while she waits.

At the studio, the loud ring of her phone is disturbing the dancers so she switched off her phone. Uh oh. The call is made by Do-sung, most likely after being prompted by Jae-hun. Ha. When Tae-hee is not picking up his call, Jae-hun teases if Tae-hee is refusing to pick up because it’s him.

Upset with Jae-hun nonsensical accusation, Do-sung calls Doo-ri next. Doo-ri informs him that Tae-hee is not back yet. He gets upset when Doo-ri also jokes that Tae-hee is refusing his call. LOL. Annoyed Do-sung is so adorable. She assures him that Chae-young has not returned too, so they’re probably together and no matter how bad she is, she’s sure to bring back the person she took out. However, Doo-ri couldn’t resist teasing him again – “Are you anxious now that Tae-hee could be famous and attracting rich chaebol’s son? You should hurry up and decide, you poor thing”.

Do-sung is speechless. Jae-hun is curious what he’s told. Do-sung lashes out at him, blaming him for all the teasing he’s getting when Jae-hun was the one who wanted to call and ask about Tae-hee. Aha. I was right. Hiihihi. Do-sung adorably throws a tantrum and declares he’s angry and running away from room. LOL. So cute. Jae-hun thinks so too and smiles, but his smile fades away as he looks worriedly at the clock.

The dancers are done for the day and locks up, leaving Tae-hee outside and alone. Tae-hee resolves to stay put and wait, as instructed by Secretary Oh. She tries to strike a conversation with imaginary dad, but even dad is ignoring her.

Do-sung sees Chae-young and Soo-bin returning but gets worried when he notices that Tae-hee is not with them. He demands to know what Chae-young has done to her. Chae-young feigns ignorance, insisting she knows nothing of her whereabouts. But Soo-bin remembers Tae-hee and asks Chae-young what she’s done to her too. Woo-hoo. Even Soo-bin doesn’t trust her. You lying @$%#@#. And just when I thought you had a heart.

Chae-young storms into Doo-ri’s room, unhappy that Doo-ri’s been spreading rumors about her dumping Tae-hee somewhere weird. She admits to have driven her out, but couldn’t Tae-hee have come back on her own. Can’t she take a bus? Doo-ri challenges, “Can you? Do you know how to board a bus? Do you know what is the fee?” Woo-hoo. I love Doo-ri’s comebacks.

Chae-young watches sulkily from afar as Do-sung meets up with Doo-ri. Her expression changes when she spies Jae-hun joining them. She actually looks a little remorseful…Oh my. It seems like she really cares about how Jae-hun views her. Does she like him…more than friends? In any case, I’m glad at least someone can influence her.

Do-sung is frantic because Chae-young claims she saw Tae-hee last at the company at 5pm. And it’s already 10:40pm now. Doo-ri explains that most entertainment companies may look normal on the exterior, but perverts often lurk thereabouts. And Tae-hee’s image today might just attract those perverts. Do-sung concurs. Doo-ri has the address of that company but there’re no more buses right now. They don’t have a car…but Doo-ri asks if Jae-hun knows how to ride a bike. Jae-hun looks conflicted…

The bike she mentioned is a sleek, badass-looking racing motorbike.

Byung-gun spots Do-sung and Doo-ri together and joins them. But they are too engrossed in discussing about Tae-hee that they sort of ignore him. He wedges himself between them, and requests that they grant him ten minutes, just to sit and listen to him sing. Doo-ri pauses and looks at him, mischief glinting in her eyes. Byung-gun promises he won’t torture them that much. Haha. Doo-ri tells him cryptically that if he wants something, he’s gotta pay for it…

Do-sung and Byung-gun show up nervously before the seniors in the changing room. Do-sung requests to sing before them as part of his assignment. He plans to sing a Hades song, which succeeds in drawing their attention, for several of them professes to be fans. While Do-sung creates the distraction, Byung-gun creeps surreptitiously to a jacket at the other end and grabs a key! And whatsmore I think it’s Tian-ji’s key too. Oh dear oh dear.

Tae-hee wakes up, still waiting at the same spot and switches on the handphone again.

Byung-gun and Doo-ri passes the key to Jae-hun. Images of the accident flickers before his eyes and he throws the key back to them, not wanting to face the ghost of his past. Just then, Tae-hee calls. Distraught with worry, Doo-ri lets out a string of admonishments. Jae-hun intercepts her phone and asks Tae-hee calmly if she’s still at Chae-young’s company. Tae-hee confirms but couldn’t tell where she is exactly…

Doo-ri and Byung-gun watch Jae-hun coolly gets on the bike and drives away without any hesitation, impressed. Omg. Byung-gun’s expression. LOL. That’s equivalent to announcing to the world how much he cared for Tae-hee.

Meanwhile, Tae-hee miraculously finds her way to the main entrance but it’s locked. Someone opens the door from the outside and Tae-hee is knocked down. It’s the Director!! He asks if she’s ok and Tae-hee replies guilelessly, “It hurts”.

He smiles at her candor and offers his hand. But Tae-hee hurts too bad to get up, Director gets down to his knees and checks her ankle. He thinks she’s sprained her ankle, straps her bag over his shoulder and asks if she weighs less than 50kg. He lifts her up, commenting that she’s hardly 45kg. Tae-hee asks him where they’re going, addressing him ahjussi. Wow. I know it’s wrong but that was kind of swoony of him.

Tae-hun is still weaving through the traffic…towards Tae-hee. But could he be too late?


I must say this is one big cast for a miniseries. The Director and his secretary adds eye-candies to the show and I'm pretty interested in them as well. I'm shallow I know. The Director as another love interest will hopefully spur Jae-hun into admitting his feelings for Tae-hee. At this point, I think Do-sung's feelings are more like puppy-love and I hope that he won't hurt too bad.

Two things pricked my interest though. Chae-young & Jae-hun and Secretary Oh. I'm wondering if Chae-young is feeling more for Jae-hun than she's letting on. And Secretary Oh is quite an enigma - I wonder what's his role in all of this, if any.

That aside, did anyone find the showdown between Doo-ri and Chae-young particularly satisfying? *chuckle*


  1. Do Sung is wayyy to cute. When he worries that Chae-young hasn't arrived with Tae Hee.

    I hope they'll have more Soo Bin focused parts later on.

    And it is a little worrisome how everything is pretty much centered around Tae Hee. I love her character and all, but come on. Not to mention the multiple pairings she has lol. I'm game for DoSungxTaeHee, and a little for SooBinxTaeHee.

  2. This is why Doo Ri is my Favorite character, she's not afraid to stand up to Chae-Young and it makes me so HAPPPY when she does!! I loved when she started talking so fast when Tae-Hee finally called her, it was such a sweet moment!

    Do-Sung is ADORABLE! LIKE ADORABLE when he starts get all mad and worried bout Tae-Hee but I loved when he defended Jae-Hun when the reporter came!

    I also LOVE Jae-Hun because I LOVE the way he talks!! It's like so fast at times and the expressions are PRICELESS!! Agh.... so crazy over him :D It's so cute as how he using Do-Sung as a way to ask bout Tae-Hee and then DoSung was so cute when he got mad at him bout them! LOL Luv this group of characters!! Tae-Hee x Jae-Hun x Do-Sung x Doo Ri x Bung Sun x Sun Woo! <3 <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for updating!! THANKS SOO MUCH! <3

  3. You said what I was thinking OP. This is such a big cast, but it's handled soo very beautifully. I mean, I dont think that there's been very many dramas of this type of magnitude that have also made me feel that I know the intimate dreams and motivations of all of the characters involved, just 10 episodes in!

    I'm falling more and more in love with every episode and consider it one of the greatest shames that SBS didnt pick this up when they had a chance.

  4. @anonymous,
    I'm finding it rather amazing that Tae-hee has so many potential pairings! Am still waiting patiently for Soo-bin and Byung-gun's arc.

    I'm loving all the core characters as well. They are all so distinctive and unique and appealing.

    I too feel that the writer has done a great job balancing all these characters, developing them slowly while introducing even more characters...

    It's kind of sad they the drama don't get to be aired on SBS where they might have a larger pool of audience. It seems all IJH's drama share this kind of fate - they're not ratings hit but they're arguably good.

  5. I kind of have to disagree that the Director's actions were swoony considering he's the one who forgot about her and didn't leave her any kind of contact information for her earlier.

    I don't see why Chae Young is getting all the criticism here. She applied some makeup on Tae-hee and brought her to the agency that's it. It wasn't her responsibility to babysit a COLLEGE student the entire time. While her character isn't the most sympathetic, I don't see her actions as horribly crossing the line either.

    Definitely enjoying the drama a lot and all of the characters' interactions.

  6. @Audrey,
    I'm seeing signs that Chaeyoung might "turn over a new leaf"...and most likely influenced by Jae-hun too. But right now, she's still kind of spiteful...

    Then again, Tae-hee's naivette borders on the ridiculous at times too...