Recap: What's Up Episode 14

Time to get your tissues people and prepare to bawl. It’s a heartrending episode with tears of the moving kind and tears of the heartbreaking kind…

Episode 14

Having given up on getting some peaceful sleep before he sort outs a drunk and miserable Jae-hun, Sun finally asks the million dollar question: “What did you do?” But….Jae-hun decides to keep it to himself. He won’t tell anyone. Can he do that? Can he? He’s contradicting himself and it’s annoying Sun who almost…gives up on him. Sun tells him it’s impossible for him to keep the secret to himself because it’s eating him inside out – it’s why he’s here now, ranting nonsense. It’s an answer that Jae-hun probably already knew, but still he persists. Why not?!! I will make it up to her! The accident he caused!

Sun reads the situation better now and summarizes: “You did something wrong…which she doesn’t know…and that she can’t find out. Is that it? Do you know what a secret is? It’s like a cancerous virus. If you remove it in the early stage, you’ll recover. If you leave it alone, it will spread uncontrollably…in your body…until you die.

Prof Yang’s audition results are out. Ka-young and specky girl are in the list…but they note that the list is pretty long – more than 30 students were selected – and wonder what production is being planned. Byung-gun’s brother asks the girls about the list – because Byung-gun’s name is not in there. The girls explain that the audition is primarily on singing – which Byung-gun sucks at. The girls are curious about him and he introduces himself as Byung-gun’s second elder brother. Bro asks if Byung-gun is involved in the set-up of the stage then – and the answer is again no because they have a specialized department in charge of that. The girls comment that Byung-gun looks nothing like bro and wonder if they’re true siblings. Bro takes offense and insinuates that they look older than they are. Awww….

Over meal, Byung-gun shares with bro of his dream to be a musical actor, ever since they saw the “Cats” musical in New York ten years ago. His passion for musical does not escape his bro’s notice. When asked why he flitted among other unrelated studies all these time, Byung-gun answers depreciatively: “Because it’s a dream…so it feels like it can’t be realized…”

They are interrupted by Yoo-jin who demands that Byung-gun relays a message to Chae-young regarding the stage set-up. Her attitude is really condescending and she keeps hitting his head but of course Byung-gun never retaliates…Bro is unhappy Byung-gun is being so submissive. Byung-gun waves his concern away, happy to be pursuing his dream. Byung-gun is anxious to get bro away from the campus, claiming he’s busy and all. He’s needed by his friends, one of which is in dire state…

Well, that friend is Tae-hee who is being brought before Sun – confessing to be unable to sing, not unlike Byung-gun. Sun asks if the condition is infectious. LOL. What’s funnier is Tae-hee immediately takes a step away from Byung-gun…LOL. Sun says Tae-hee’s condition is treatable because it’s at an early stage. Then hilariously, he suggests several peculiar recommendations:

-       Recite the multiplication table while doing a handstand in the mornings for 15 minutes

-       Always proceed with the right foot first whenever she takes the stairs because the heart is on the left. Muahahaha. It sounds so ridiculous but the two are actually impressed. LOL. Dumb and dumber.

-       To use the left hand for all tasks for 15 days (Tae-hee is right-handed). Byung-gun is smart enough to ask why but…when Sun explains that by doing so, it will promote a change of the energy flow in the body, he’s completely sold. LOL. 15 days is the time needed for the energy to flow again when it reaches the legs. PPPFfffft.

-       Recite a mantra every night at 12 – “Kum ta jin yuol loi jin kum tak kum” (It’ meaningless obviously). 12 times.

Even Doo-ri rolls her eyes, amazed that they actually believe Sun. Sun tells her that people who believe will be blessed. J Tae-hee spots Jae-hun in the audience seat and smiles at him (he entered the auditorium in the middle of Sun’s “advice”) but he looks away uncomfortably.

Byung-gun’s brother is wandering around the campus, visiting the Culinary Department, the Art department with a wistful smile on his face…Hmm….

Soo-bin is messing up the room again – tearing up music sheets. Meanwhile, Byung-gun is searching for the red-tracksuit ghost….who’s right on his trail. J

Jae-hun accompanies Tae-hee up a flight of stairs as she practices walking with her right foot first, supporting her from the back whenever she loses her balance…

The shortlisted students from Prof Yang’s audition gather for a briefing. They are going to perform the famous musical – Fame! Directing will be the experienced Yeo Chang-jin (oops I’ve been calling him Tian-jin). After warning that casting may be change in the course of practice, Chang-jin starts to announce the casting list:

Serena Katz             – Eun Chae-young (no surprise…bleh)

Nick Piazza               – Kim Suk-tae (unfamiliar face…senior maybe?)

Jose (Joe) Vegas     – Kang Jung-soo (twins look disappointed…)

Carmen Diaz            – Jang Su-jung (Ka-young looks shocked…)

Tyrone Jackson        – Bae Tong-hoo

Iris Kelly                     – Choi Na-kyung

By this stage, it’s pretty obvious what’s happening. Prof Yang’s casts were always going to be the much established senior student, except Chae-youn of course. Shortlisting the first years is just a ploy to get them to pass up auditioning for Sun’s musical. Chae-young smiles uneasily as the first years look confused.

Meanwhile, Sun receives a surprise visitor – Lee Soo-bin. Soo-bin asks if Do-sung has been selected in the audition. Well, the audition is not over yet. Then he asks if Do-sung composed the song for Team B in the previous showdown – Sun says it’s what he heard too.

SB: Is this audition open to all?

S: Guess so…

SB: I want to audition too. I can play the piano, the flute and the violin. I’m pretty good with guitars too. What can I do?

DAEBAK! LMAO. Genius composer on their team…not a bad start! Doo-ri stares at him slaw-jawed. Totally understandable. But we should probably thank Do-sung who sort of triggered Soo-bin’s competitive nature. I guess when you get to the top of your game, it can be pretty lonely.  

Jae-hun leads Tae-hee to an unused stage so she could practice in private. He even gets her a hot drink, still avoiding her eyes.

TH: Jang Jae-hun is like my guardian angel.

JH: More like guardian devil…It sounds less cheesy.

TH: Oh! How did you know…? I’ve always wanted to meet a devil. A devil is cooler than a ghost!

Uncomfortable, Jae-hun excuses himself – she should be able to practice better alone. Anxious to stop him from leaving, she assures him she’s fine with an audience. She prefers to have him by her side…Jae-hun is speechless, still with his back to her. Tae-hee notices that he’s been avoiding eye-contact with her for some time and thinks he’s mad about her missing their date. She apologizes, promising not to stand him up again which makes Jae-hun feel even guiltier. He tells her not to apologize to him again, his tone louder than necessarily, alarming Tae-hee a little. He agrees to stay, because it’s what she wants. Tae-hee offers to buy him food, to make up to him. In exchange for that, Jae-hun just wants to ask her a question: About her father.

Tae-hee happily plops down next to him, eager to speak about Dad. The contrast of feelings could not be greater. Him full of remorse and trepidation…her full of happiness and trust. She rests her head on Jae-hun’s shoulder shyly. It’s as sweet as it is heartbreaking to see Jae-hun flinch at the contact.

TH: It’s just right!

JH: What is?

TH: If I rest my head like this on dad’s shoulder, my head will slip down…because he’s smaller in size. But with you…it’s just right.

JH: You’re going to fall asleep like this.

TH: I won’t fall asleep talking about dad. I’ve always wanted to talk about dad…but there was no one to speak to. Where shall I start? Ask away….

JH: What is his name?

Tae-hee chides him for asking such an unimaginative question, unaware of its significance to Jae-hun whose tears roll down his cheek quietly.

Byung-gun’s brother is shocked to find the ghost on his bed, in his room!!! Gesturing to him, smiling sheepishly. Whoah!

Meanwhile, Byung-gun sets the stage, complete with spotlight. He then takes on the role of an MC and gives a shameless, glowing introduction of himself – Kim Byung-gun. Ack…so adorable! He takes on a star persona next and starts to sing…..beautifully and naturally. Unbeknownst to him, his brother is at the back of the hall, listening to him, having been led here by our resident ghost!

Meanwhile, Jae-hun slowly makes his way to the police station. He makes enquiries about the accident to the policeman on duty, who tells him to fill up a form. He claims to be related to the victim…but his hesitancy raises the policeman’s suspicion, who tries to confirm his name and relation to the victim. Panicked, Jae-hun runs away….

When he finally stops running, he calls….Doo-ri who throws the phone at a sleeping Tae-hee, annoyed to be disturbed. He asks about Tae-hee, worrying about her…until Tae-hee herself speaks on the phone. She’s curious where he is, since it’s past the campus curfew and she can hear sounds of cars. He looks like he’s about to say something before he’s interrupted by a drunken man who bumps into him. Jae-hun asks about her practice instead. Tae-hee tells him she still can’t sing but is not losing any sleep over it – cos Dad always say, “Why worry if worrying won’t solve the problem?” An annoyed Doo-ri gestures to the door… J

Someone else is having trouble sleeping. Byung-gun wakes up at 6 am to find his brother all dressed up and his roommate not back for the night. His sleepy mind finally realizes that bro is going to leave so he crawls back into his own bed happily. Bro tells Byung-gun he heard him sing, alone on the stage. Byung-gun is finding that hard to believe, so great is his conviction that he can’t sing if there are people around.

Bro interrupts him, admitting he’s having doubts on becoming a prosecutor. He’s not confident of spending his entire life making decisions on other peoples’ lives. He’s giving up, even though he might regret it later. Now Byung-gun is worried. But bro tells him:

“I still don’t know if I can really give it up…but you know what, little brother, I felt something here when I listen to you sing…you made me realize giving up is an option…that I too have a dream…that sort of thoughts. Isn’t it amazing…how a song can lead its listener to such thoughts? It’s not something just anyone is capable of!”

Right before he leaves, bro tells him that his birthday present for next year is on the table… Aww aww awww. Bawling here T.T Byung-gun touched too and when he checks his “present” – it’s a sketch of Byung-gun singing! Bro has an artist heart too…

Tae-hee is still chirping away on the phone but Jae-hun finally interrupts her.

JH:  Tae-hee ah…I might not have the chance to say this again, so listen closely. Do you remember the first time we met?

TH: Of course I do. It’s the school’s entry assessment day. I was talking to Do-sung when you interrupted us. Asking us what is a musical.

JH: No…that’s not it. The first time we met was in the subway.

TH: Really?

JH: Yes. On the way to the school’s assessment. You asked me this – is this the right subway? And I answered yes.

TH: Woah…how did  you remember that?

JH: From the first time I met you, I kept thinking of you. Even in school, whenever I think of you, I’d turn around and you’d be there. It’s strange right? Why you smile…why you cry…I always want to know. You really love smiling and crying. That’s why I thought I liked you. I thought I liked Park Tae-hee. But now, I’d like to stop. To tell you the truth, it’s getting tiring. Childish and noisy…that’s why I don’t want to do this anymore. Thinking of you like that, it’s upsetting. That’s why I don’t want to anymore. No more… Are you still there?

TH: Yes I’m here.

JH: Then say so! I thought I was talking to myself! Did you get what I was saying?

TH: Yes.

JH: Good. Then do me a favor…let’s not meet again…please.

TH: Sorry. I think I know what I did wrong. I know I’m troublesome to people around me. The more I like the person, the more I seem to trouble him. Which makes me annoying. I’m sorry…I knew-

JH: Don’t! I told you not to apologize didn’t I? Don’t…

Jae-hun hangs up on her mid-sentence, not wanting to hear her apologizing...for something she's not guilty of...

I'm all cried out.........


I love love love Byung-gun and his hyung. Love how they affect each other…love how they support each other. I think it’s fitting that the first person who’d hear Byung-gun sing is his brother – because he’s family! And because Byung-gun’s problem stems from his family’s indifference in the first place. And now I hope he finally overcomes his stage fright and wows everyone. I love to hear him sing. Gotta get the OST later. I’m loving all the songs…

Meanwhile, I’m so so so sad for Jae-hun that it has to come to this. I know he’s been struggling all episode, wanting to be close but in the end, the guilt was swallowing him up whole. But to see Tae-hee glowing in love and then have that taken away from her – so cruel!Gawd, four more episodes to go….please let everyone be happy!

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  1. hi,

    thanks 4 the recapped & luv it. 1st time comment here.

    so sad... even we know it's coming... but to actually experienced it throughout the whole episode, it's really break my heart.

    i agree with J, why he has to met TH, but this is their drama... i hope J will have the courage to go through all this. confess or not to confess? that is the question.

    it will effect J's future definitely. but if the victim's family decide not to press charge, it would be ok right? hummm... can't wait for next episode.