Recap: What's Up Episode 15

Byung-gun sings!!!!!!!! Finally….That’s about the only happy event for this episode by the way, but boy did it bring a smile to my face!

Episode 15
A group of students are practicing a dance routine to the song from Fame… Unsurprisingly, they are from Prof Yang’s musical that, according to Ms. Secretary, is done with casting and script. The omnipresent Doo-ri interrupted their conversation by proudly rattling off her knowledge on the musical – it’s a musical about a group of students aspiring to be stars which premiered in London 1995, later performed in 18 other countries and adapted into movies and dramas making it one of the most money-spinning musicals – and why did she bother learning? Cos she’s in love with a professor of the musical department. Hah.

Sun offers Ms. Secretary a monetary reward if she can get Doo-ri off his hands. Heh. Anyway, Sun is kind of disappointed that Prof Yang is not choosing to perform an original musical, which is what he has in mind, if he could solve some problems…Helpful Doo-ri enumerates the problems:

1.    He needs an original script
2.    He needs original music
3.    He needs everything done within the week so they could start practicing
4.    He needs the right actors
5.    Should she go on…?

Curiously, Sun claims he HAS a script. OOoo…but when the ladies peruse the notebook – they only found several lines of so-called script. LOL. He admits to not having a title yet, but the musical is based on their story so they can fill in the blanks. Doo-ri goes WTH? Sun comes up with several titles – our story, the story of us – all shot down incisively by Doo-ri. Ms. Secretary is more concerned that Sun wants to let the students decide the script for a musical performed in the NYMF competition. Sun is like why not? Hah.

And so Sun announces his plans to the 1st years after plastering some plain papers on the wall. It’s been a year since they’ve enrolled in the musical department, so there should be much they want to express. He doesn’t mind if the students are involved in another musical and explains that their expressed thoughts will be incorporated into the script because he plans to put the 1st years as authors of the musical. But….he will need someone to straighten everything out. A flurry of hands shoots up.

Instead of deciding then and there, Sun continues to highlight the responsibility of the main author who might have to waddle through loads of rubbish writings to form truly useful script…. which would be quite a daunting task….and string all those written thoughts into a story…which will also include writing lyrics for songs…and the chosen one would have to give up performing to focus on writing. As he listed all the above criteria, the hands are lowered one after another until finally it’s between Byung-gun and Doo-ri. Predictably, Byung-gun pulls out at the last criteria, offering to audition by singing, much to everyone’s disbelief. And so it’s decided, Doo-ri gets the job and the deadline for audition will be the next day.

Everyone disbands but Tae-hee approaches Jae-hun cautiously, asking for a chance to talk over coffee. Jae-hun is aloof and insists that they speak then and there. The awkward atmosphere does not escape Doo-ri…who notes to Byung-gun that Jae-hun’s been acting strangely. She drags him off before Byung-gun can interrupt the two though.

Tae-hee tells Jae-hun that his request is flawed. How can they not meet if they are to attend classes together? And she plans to attend the final audition so they might end up rehearsing together as well. Jae-hun coldly tells her to do as she likes and walks away L. Tae-hee holds him back and wants him to tell her what he expects her to do. She might not be very bright but if he tells her what she did wrong, she could change…

JH: You stepped on dung. Think of our meeting as you accidentally stepping on dung while walking. You might feel disgusted but just continue on your path. Be careful where you step on in future…

Tae-hee cannot understand all his metaphors and no wonder but he tells her that’s her problem – she can’t understand his words. So they should just stay out of each other’s life. Tae-hee tries to reach him again but he snaps at her, threatening to quit school once and for all. He leaves her standing alone, shocked and hurt.

Tae-hee cries silently in the room listening to a sad melody which gets to Doo-ri who’s not having the best of moods. Doo-ri changes her mind when Tae-hee stops the player altogether. Doo-ri advises her to cry aloud. Tae-hee explains between sobs that Dad hasn’t been showing himself to talk and sing to her, like he used to. All these makes no sense to Doo-ri who gets so annoyed she leaves the room.

Byung-gun spots Do-sung dragging a reluctant Jae-hun somewhere and decides to tail them. Well, it’s actually Doo-ri who wants to meet him. She’s getting fed up by Tae-hee’s incessant crying and while she has no interest whatsoever in their problems, she demands that he solves the problem. Jae-hun tries to leave but he’s blocked first by Do-sung and then Byung-gun who shows himself.  Doo-ri demands to know what he’s done to Tae-hee. Already at the mercy of his raw emotions, Jae-hun shouts back at her: “Whatever I did…what has it got to do with you?!” Doo-ri is so freaking mad she slams stuffs and attacks him, only to be held back by Do-sung.

Once Doo-ri has calmed down, they sit warily facing each other, while Byung-gun and Do-sung sit at the sidelines. Byung-gun who’s still trying to figure out what happened asks tentatively if Tae-hee’s been crying because of Jae-hun. Did he dump her?

Doo-ri says she understands that lovers quarrel sometimes but it’s different for Tae-hee and warns him not to play with her feelings. Do-sung tells him, with much difficulty that it’s obvious that Tae-hee loves him, so Jae-hun shouldn’t make her cry. But Jae-hun is outwardly unrepentant, claiming it’s better that way. She’d cry and then forget people like himself. Jae-hun brandishes the all-explanatory noble-idiocy excuse – it’s for her own good, which Doo-ri scoffs at, thinking that he’s giving her up because he thinks Tae-hee is better off with Director Kang. Byung-gun marvels that it’s just like a rom-com melodrama J. He’s so off even Do-sung rolls his eyes.

JH: Didn’t we learn this in class? To see through another’s heart. This time, you’ve managed to see through mine. But, as it turns out, I’m a despicable person. Selfish, dirty, mean, weak like a worm…that is me – Jang Jae-hun. That is why I can’t stay by her side. Can you understand that? You can’t …can you? How can you…a kid like yourself…about what it’s like on this other side of the world? […….] But thanks anyway…that she has a friend like you by her side. And you too (Do-sung).

The others could only watch as he leaves, speechless.

The blank papers are filled with scribbled thoughts gradually and Doo-ri is snapping pictures for reference when she notices Chae-young standing alone, her expression somber. She’s waiting for Soo-bin and notes that he looks worn out. He shoves some papers to her – it’s a new composition intended for Tae-hee to sing at the audition tomorrow. Soo-bin also tells her to make sure Do-sung listens to his composition as well. LOL.

When Chae-young asks why he didn’t deliver the messages himself, he just mutters that’s he’s too tired, he’s at his limits and …..sleeps on the chairs to prove his point. LOL. She’s confused that he’s composing for Tae-hee and demands some answers but he just ignores her…

Well, I’m not too sure Tae-hee’s going to be able to sing his composition, what with her still unable to sing properly. Which pleases Chae-young inordinately.  Chae-young asks if her problem stems from Jae-hun – she’d overheard their previous fight in the classroom. Argghhh. The Chae-young puts up an act of being understanding – about the strict company rules.

And she calls up Secretary Oh, claiming that Tae-hee is all messed up because of a messy relationship with a boy that she can’t even sing now. Why…!!!!!!! I’m trying hard not to hate you Chae-young but you sure don’t make it any easy. Now, the company will send someone over to check on Tae-hee’s condition. Tae-hee worries what will happen if she can’t sing when the company’s people arrive. Chae-young offers her a “friendly” reminder that the company throw aside unprofitable investments. She passes her Soo-bin’s composition but “worries” how she’ll audition in her condition…

Doo-ri finds Sun, but he’s not in his office. Undeterred, she lets herself in, sits in his chair and reports her progress to…herself, which is how Ms. Secretary finds her. Doo-ri explains she’s practicing her presentation and asks for Sun’s whereabouts. Ms. Secretary is amazed a stalker like herself is unaware that Sun tends to disappear on Thursdays. No one knows where he goes, who he’s meeting and he usually switches off his cellphone. She implies that he may be dating someone, much to the displeasure of Doo-ri. LOL.

He’s in a hospital. For his check-up. Apparently, his liver is failing. Our guesses were correct after all. Sigh. Anyway, he’s refusing active treatment, only asking for painkillers. He claims he’s not in too much pain and that he can withstand the nausea and vomiting. The young lady doctor can only shake her head at his indifferent attitude. However, he might not be that unaffected after all, his cheeky exterior a mask for the fear and uneasiness he might be feeling as he gazes quietly at the sky outside the hospital…

Doo-ri continues to be solid friend, accompanying Tae-hee on her practice session while working on her script. Jae-hun watches the girls playfully wrestle with each other, glad that Tae-hee is alright.

In Prof Yang’s class, and she’s teaching them to envision themselves as trees…lol no kidding, Tae-hee is finding it difficult to concentrate as she steals glances at Jae-hun. The gang – Doo-ri, Do-sung, Byung-gun – keeps her company while Jae-hun continues to alienate himself from the gang.

After class, Doo-ri is busy filling in lyrics on Soo-bin’s composition for Tae-hee. Byung-gun is hurt and envious….he would love to sing Soo-bin’s composition, especially since they’re roommates and all. Hah. But Tae-hee is worried to death, because of her voice. She stops mid-sentence when she spots Jae-hun walking from afar…while Byung-gun drones on in the background on how much he contributes to his roommate’s compositions. Tae-hee runs off after Jae-hun before anyone could stop her. Oh dear….I’m bracing myself for another of Jae-hun’s trademark cold indifference.

Tae-hee catches up to Jae-hun and blurts out about how she wishes he’d be there during the audition because she’s still having trouble with her singing. When Jae-hun shows no response, she says depreciatively: “I’m really shameless and annoying aren’t I? Doo-ri told me not to do this, yet I still…I’m sorry. This is not working is it…?” She turns and walks dejectedly away, Jae-hun having successful turned her away without uttering a single word. He really is pretty cruel. Sigh…But he looks at her retreating back with a strange expression on his face…what is he thinking? Is he considering showing up in support???

Secretary Oh is in school. Prof Yang tries to ask if he could recruit some of their students for the musical he’s producing, but he explains that their production is not for the likes of them. Ah…the cocky bastard. He’s not too impressed with the musical she’s preparing as well, having been informed it would be Fame. But Prof Yang is no weak adversary, she talks up her preparations because she too is a pro, whose intention is to mold successful students.  

She leads him to the studio where Chang-jin and a Prof are busy overseeing the dance routine practice session. Far from being impressed, Oh suggests a company’s professional choreographer and tells his assistant to find a new director as well…! Chang-jin and assistant An is confused and they both look to her for explanation…Instead of answering she launches into a random monologue on how she believes in her students…blah blah blah…an prize acceptance speech in which she identifies Fame as passion. Assistant An corrects her – Fame means renowned. LOL.

Sun has returned to campus and Doo-ri is dogging his steps. He’s curious about this new ritual, seeing that she usually walks before him. She explains she’s observing him – his private life. He rather have her asks him questions instead. Where did he go yesterday? No comment. Who did he meet – a man or woman? Woman. Name? What does she do? How old?? J

It’s the last audition. Sun wants them to hurry because he hasn’t eaten yet. Tae-hee goes first…but she glances expectantly at the door, still hoping Jae-hun would turn up. The pianist plays…and the door opens. But it’s only Chae-young and another  man. Disappointed, Tae-hee asks for a repeat. But still….her voice…

Elsewhere, Jae-hun is distracted and worried about the audition even as the boys from his class recruit him for a game of basketball… On the way, they’re intercepted by a postman delivering a mail from the police station!

Tae-hee couldn’t sing at all…and when Sun moves to leave, Byung-gun volunteers to sing with her…bless his soul. Sun dismisses him, aware of his problem, but Byung-gun pleads earnestly for a chance….and gets it.

Jae-hun opens the mail nervously. It’s an official-looking letter but since I can’t read Korean, I can’t translate it L

Byung-gun stops the pianist, retrieves a paper from his bag and places it with the pianist – claiming it’s his talisman. It’s his hyung’s drawing. Awww…so sweet. Go Byung-gun! Tae-hee’s thinking about her conversation with Jae-hun while Byung-gun takes courage from his hyung’s encouraging words. Can they do it???!!

The music plays and Byung-gun starts singing, softly at first but gradually with more power as he gains more confidence!!!!!! Omomomo……Everyone else is wowed, Doo-ri, Chae-young and Sun. Even Tae-hee is encouraged and she sways gently with him to the music. Just then, Jae-hun shows up through the door, and she sings clearly and sweetly…much to the surprise of Chae-young. And…and…Jae-hun smiles at her!!!!!! Omomomo…what the hell happened??? What was the letter about?????

Anyway, Tae-hee and Byung-gun sings confidently now, their voice complimenting each other, even dancing a little much to the amusement of everyone, especially Jae-hun who smiles the biggest smile I’ve seen him with for a very long time now!!!!! Woah….I loveeeeeeeee this cliffhanger!!!!!! And I love the song too! It’s the What’s up theme song!

The extra footage is a conversation between Chae-young and Soo-bin. He’s thankful to her because he’s being left in peace because she’s been pretending to be his girlfriend! He’s not too fond of lying cos he finds it a hassle to memorize lies. Hah. She asks him about Tae-hee. He thinks Tae-hee is amusing. Normal girls are like her (Chae-young) pretending to be sweet – calculative, manipulative and play-acts before guys. But Tae-hee’s different…just like this song. Ooo…nice! Even though it’s unintentional, it’s great to have Soo-bin take her down a notch.

And because I’ve been so good and patient, they decided to reward me with the footage of Byung-gun’s previous rendition of Those Magic Changes, the full MV.


I’m so so happy that Byung-gun’s finally done it! He’s sung! And he’s fantastic and he totally deserves it for being such a sweet friend.

And after watching the preview I’m not so optimistic about the next episode after all…I thought Jae-hun’s problem is solved but it looks very unlikely. Sigh. Talk about false hope L!


  1. I love What's Up! But the piece of paper Jaehun receives was about an interrogation at the police station. Keep up the good work :)

  2. Oh thank you for that...from the preview I guessed as much. :(

  3. yeah the paper was basically a summons for Jaehun. Makes me think that he was smiling just because he figured, now, "what the hell..." Ironically, maybe even sadder for me than anything else, to see that.

    Still, the song was awesome! Loved the bit when Byung-gun was rapping while Taehee was singing.

    Great recap!! Thanks as always