Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 8

This drama should come with a warning - potentially fatal. Gawd knows how long I stopped breathing - first from extreme giddiness...then from extreme worry. Oh and I learn something new too - about cars. *wink*

Episode 8

In case I might have misled anyone, I edited the dialogue in E7 again, just to clarify that Boong-do is agreeing to pretend as Hee-jin's boyfriend and not actually be her boyfriend. Anyhow, Dong-min is so jealous of the lovebirds that he returns to the set in a sour mood. So bad is his mood that he actually asks Na-jung to buy him soju after work. She mocks him but doesn't exactly refuse.

The Director comes over to confirm if everything's been properly sorted. It is but Dong-min refuses to let the matter rests and suggests that the character Queen In-hyun dies from drinking poison. Hah. Naj-jung is quick to deny any part in his crazy idea. It's so obvious he has a personal agenda that the director leaves him ranting to himself. Even Na-jung shakes her head at his childish behaviour.

Hee-jin also returns to the set and receives an altered script regarding some changes to the character Jang Hui-bin, which was made by the writer that very morning. Hee-jin is surprised by the changes and consults the Director. In the Gapsul Hwanguk incident, Min-am was supposed to have bribed Han Yi-yeon (sic)....but the Director looks blankly at her, having no idea who Han is. The version he knows is that Min-am was betrayed and then arrested by the King. Hee-jin is confident she's got her facts right since she memorized the event out of personal interest. Director suggests she might have gotten confused. Hee-jin still feels that the content is strange until she remembers that Boong-do had mentioned something about confronting Min-am.

She googles the Gapsul Hwanguk incident - which describes the events exactly like what happened in the previous episode, including the secret letter exposing a conspiracy by Min-am and Jang Hui-bin to assassinate Queen In-hyun and Kim Boong-do's pardon. A veteran actor admires her enthusiasm but she pays him no heed. Just then, Jo finally calls her back.

Jo tells her she's in a cafe at the moment. She needs to discuss something with Boong-do, so Hee-jin should just concentrate on her acting. Hee-jin is quick to leap to his defense, since he did turn up. Hee-jin orders (as her boss, LOL) Jo to pass the handphone to Boong-do.

Hee-jin urges him to leave since Jo is bound to spout nonsense but Boong-do doesn't mind, since he needs Jo's help. Hee-jin is curious, but he says it's a secret. Lol.  Boong-do is about to hang up but Hee-jin stops him. She tells him worriedly about changes in the contents of the Gapsul Hwanguk incident, asking if he's the cause. Boong-do admits it is but asks that it remains their secret.

BD: People will always want to save their own lives. But if the history changes by doing so, it's rather frightening because we'll have no idea what will happen next. Which is why I tried my best not to affect other lives except my own. It's a relief that the annals of history could be changed. Just like the saying :"The planning lies with man, the outcome with Heaven" (or Man proposes, God disposes). Isn't it? must not have understood what that means... (He knows her so well by now...LOL)

HJ: Are you making fun of me? As someone who can't even understand foul language.

BD: I'm not belittling you...just worried you might not have understood. (err...I know you meant well, but really, you should probably stop explaining! LOL)

Hee-jin is also concerned about the fact that no one besides her is aware of the change in the annals. She wonders why only her, to which Boong-do admits he doesn't know as well. He quickly hangs up as Jo returns to the seat with the drinks.

As usual, Boong-do and Jo together is the ultimate ingredient for a laugh out loud conversation so I'll try my best to translate most of it.

J: Why don't you have a handphone ? (Muahaha)
BD: I don't need one.
J: Why wouldn't you? Don't you make any calls at all?
BD: Almost none. (Only Hee-jin!)
J: Why's that?
BD: I don't know that many people here. Hee-jin why -
J: Didn't you say you live in Bukchon. How could you not know anyone?
BD: My home is a little far... (LOL...A lot!!!)
J: You don't live around here?
BD: I don't live here...
J: Then where do you live? Overseas? What about school? Didn't you say you are a University student? What about classes?

BD: I'm running short of can I ask you a question too? What does Choi Hee-jin needs most now?
J: Needs most? Why?
BD: I want to gift it to her.(Weeee.....)
J: A present? Hee-jin is already grateful you came. Do you know that? She has no pride!
BD: It's not that she has no pride. She just has a kind heart. (Awwwwwww...) Just a meal is insufficient to repay her kindness.

Jo is satisfied he knows that much. But of course Boong-do is aware of that, which is why he wants to give her a present. Jo thinks about it and asks for his budget. Naturally Boong-do has no idea what that means. Jo rattles on that she needs to know his limit so she could offer a better opinion since it could be quite expensive. Boong-do claims he's fine with it but Jo thinks he's all talk and no substance.

Rather than arguing with her (smart boy!), he removes a wad of cash from his pocket, asking if it's enough. Jo is shocked when she realizes that those are 1,000,000KRW notes. But there's more, Boong-do pulls out a thicker wad of cash and Jo is rendered speechless. Muahahaha. Boong-do asks if it's enough, since he's told that this much will cover pretty much everything. Jo is curious why he carry this much of cash without a wallet. Boong-do glances around and sees someone pulling out cash from a wallet and catches on quickly.

BD: I was too busy to buy a wallet. (LOL). Ah... I have another question. What does corny means? And what should I do to be corny to Choi Hee-jin? (Pfffft.........I'm dying here wakakaka)

Boong-do clocks Jo's incredulous look and smiles, asking if his question is strange, to which Jo nods. Lol. He insists he's not joking and is truly curious. He just wants to get something Hee-jin needs the most and if possible, he'd like to do the corny stuffs she likes. (I want a KBD, stat!)

Joseon. Min-am is being escorted through the streets. Ja-soo approaches casually, apologizing for his mistake. But Min-am wants him to investigate Boong-do's whereabouts. Min is wary about how Boong-do had disappeared without a trace that night and not for the first time. If he dies, he wants Boong-do to join him (T.T)

It's late and Hee-jin is still stuck in filming, wondering where Jo is. When Jo finally shows up, they gesture at each other frantically (and comically), neither of them making any sense. LMAO. When the director announces a break, Hee-jin makes a beeline straight at Jo. Even then, Jo is still not being coherent. One moment she declares she ought to marry Hee-jin off to Boong-do. The next moment she's so confused she doesn't know how to convey her thoughts in words. And she wonders why Hee-jin can't understand her. LOL. Finally she hangs her head and says: "As your manager, I don't know what to make of this problem. How shall I put this, shall I say I'm envious....or worried...or shall I stop you....or push you along." Still tormented, she tells Hee-jin to scoot along - her boyfriend is waiting.

Hee-jin rushes out to the carpark but finds it oddly empty. Boong-do is nearby, in a car! (Omo!Is he gonna drive????) He takes a deep breath and then in all seriousness recites aloud instructions from #1 to #4 which allows him to start the engine and accelerates towards Hee-jin. Boong-do smiles happily until he realizes that the car is almost reaching Hee-jin. Then he recites step#5 which is to stop! (Phew....). He unwinds the window, pops out his head and smiles at Hee-jin who runs over in shock, thinking he's crazy.

Unperturbed, he continues reciting step #7 to #9 where he stops the engine and pulls out the key. And finally for step #10, he presents the key to Hee-jin, hand extended. When Hee-jin remains static, he takes her hand and folds it over the key. And tells her it's in return for saving his life. Jo had told him that the car is her lifelong dream since she sold her previous car when money was tight. He checked the interiors and found it convenient and simpler than he'd expected. If she's satisfied with it, she should take it for a spin.

Hee-jin finally finds her voice, asking why he keeps doing stuffs that only happens in man-hwa. Boong-do explains it was Jo's idea - it's corny and she'll like it. Hee-jin looks a little exasperated, so Boong-do asks worriedly if he'd gotten it wrong. Hee-jin teases that instead of goosebumps (from the corny), she's only getting cold sweat(from the worry). LOL. Nevertheless, Boong-do sees her smile and considers it a success.

Then it finally sinks in that the car is hers, Hee-jin happily admires the car when a thought comes to her - did he steal this? Boong-do denies being a thief but it's hardly convincing for someone who sneaks around all the time....and of course his clothes too! Boong-do couldn't deny that. He'd wanted to give her more stuffs but the car costs more than he'd expected, so he's got little money left. The money came from selling his father's collection - a sword gifted to their ancestor by King Sejo. He's a little bitter, thinking maybe he was shortchanged since the sword is worth a lot in his era, but all he could buy in exchange for that was just one car (It's an Audi!). He muses that it's the same in both eras, that the buyers are no match for the crafty sellers.

Hee-jin asks quizzically if he wants to use the money he got from sale of the relic to buy her the car. He corrects her, it's the other way - he's selling the relic so he could buy her a car. Hee-jin is still unconvinced, but it's not like Boong-do can bring this back to Joseon (that I wanna see! LOL).

Hee-jin still hesitates and Boong-do teases that she's not the hesitating kind, which ruffles her feather a little.
HJ: What? Then what sort of person you think I am?
BD: The kind whose charm is brazenness (a saying which means that). don't know what that means. It means shameless. (Oh you silly silly pig LOL)

HJ: I know that! Just how ignorant you take me for. Are you insulting me or something? You say I'm shameless but that's my charm?
BD: I honestly thinks it's your charm. (You're lucky you have an earnest face or that might not have gone down well LOL)

Hee-jin smiles, satisfied. Boong-do explains he's an only child, so his bloodline will end if he dies, so his father would have approved of his actions had he been alive. But of course his sincerity is bigger that that. Her doubts now gone, she accepts the gift, claiming it's her charm to be shameless anyway. LOL. When Boong-do laughs, she asks if her shamelessness aka charms is too overwhelming for him. her sass!

Boong-do smiles as he watches Hee-jin struggling a little trying to fit into the car with her headdress and bulky skirt. He helps her with the extra folds hanging out of the car.

BD: Wearing a Queen's attire does not equate one to a Queen. Even when the Queen is getting into a carriage much smaller than this, her dress would not get folded like this.
HJ: That will happen when one is anxious! Even Queen In-hyun would be no different!

Hee-jin turns on the engine, thoroughly enjoying her gift. Boong-do reminds her that she's not supposed to leave the premises but Hee-jin only plans to drive in the vicinity. Then she demonstrates what is really driving (as opposed to his paltry effort). LOL. She laughs herself silly, spinning around Boong-do.

Gradually she turns somber as she watches a smiling Boong-do. She stops suddenly and Boong-do worries about her sudden mood change.

HJ: You are conning me now, aren't you? Did you approach me on purpose from the beginning? Setting up a love scam targeting artists? The stuffs about time machine and what nots....No. It could've started with this nonsensical lie, but now it has spiraled beyond your control. You may have just wanted to con some money initially but who knew I'd change the stakes and make the boyfriend announcement. So now that you feel it's getting out of hand, you are planning to just praise me a little and then leave without a care. Tell me the truth, you are a con artist right? There's no such thing as a time machine. It's just me who's easily fooled. I don't know how you do it but it's all lies, right?

Boong-do who has been listening calmly all this while asks...
BD: What would you do if this is all lies? Hand me to the cops?
HJ: Of course I will...and then after you are released.........I'd like to date you for real. (Awwwww). 
How nice would it be if you are a fraud. Think about it, it's hard enough meeting someone who makes your heart beat, someone who understands your every thought (like soul mates). Even if he turns out to be a fraud, at least we're still on the same land. Surely it's much better than some random spirit of an ancestor from the past. You are a fraud, right? A pro. It's all lies, right?

It's what she wants to hear but when Boong-do obliges, she knows in her heart it's untrue. She tells him to get into the car and proceeds to teach him another function of the car, besides being a mode of transportation that is. Then she leans over and KISSES him. And just like their first kiss, she explains rather unnaturally that a car could be used for that. DAEBAK. LOL (She's not stupid at all!)

When he remains frozen in place, she jokes that he must have been overwhelmed by her charm and tries to leave. But this time, Boong-do finally reacts and pulls her back close.

He slowly leans for a kiss but pulls back almost immediately as if uncertain. But he leans in again and gently kisses her for a long...time. (Thank god for cable. That's one hot kiss! I. Can't. Breathe!)

The kiss is interrupted when someone comes looking for Hee-jin (Oh shut up!). They pull back, a little awkward.

HJ: Told you we can't be seen from outside (Actually we can, but that's besides the point)
BD: Even so, I think that relic was totally worth the money (Omo....I knew you're not stupid too. LOL)

Boong-do reminds Hee-jin she should leave but she's totally reluctant to leave him. She asks about his plans instead. Boong-do explains that he's going back to Jeju until it's safe to return to the capital where he'll probably resume his position. But Hee-jin is more concerned about him getting a wife - since it's a big deal in his era to leave heirs. Boong-do interrupts her ramblings and abruptly tells her they shall meet in a month - by then he would've sorted everything and return to his home, after which he'll come looking for her.

HJ: But you don't have any reason to be here now...
BD: My lover is here...why shouldn't I come? (Swooooon!) Didn't I say I'll work hard at playing the part of your lover?
HJ: I was only for today.
BD: Remember what you asked me once? What will happen if we meet? (Flash to her question on the plane). I didn't think there will be anything initially, but until now I haven't found an answer. So until I do, I will continue to find you. Of course, provided you are not averse to it, the special goodbye gesture, the one you can do anywhere with anyone, I hope I didn't misunderstand it... (Say what?? LOL. Well two can play this game!)

In the next scene, we have Hee-jin waking up early in a buoyant mood. She couldn't sleep well (Hah!) and plans to get something to eat. A sleepy Jo is still trying to figure out the mysterious Boong-do, listing out all the queer things about him - isn't he strange? Hee-jin agrees with the sweetest smile. In fact, Hee-jin had already told her the truth once - that Boong-do came from 300 years ago. Not that Jo believes her. Hah.

Hee-jin stops for a chat with the guard on her way to the car. Guard thinks she's making big money through acting, indicating her car. Hee-jin explains it's not hers, she's only taking care of it because the owner is always not around.

Hee-jin drives her brand new Audi, giddy with joy. She touches her lips...and we return to their conversation the previous night.

HJ: So we shall meet here in a month's time. And go on a date for the entire day.
BD: What's a date?
HJ: Arg...a guys who doesn't even know what's a date. What can I expect? On that day, I will show you the gist of a date, Wait for it. (Oooo...Lol)

Cut to a smiling Boong-do back in Jeju, making his way back to the spot where he hid his Joseon clothes. It's a queer sight - Boong-do in his Joseon garb but modern hair. He returns to the spot where he disappeared and recited the mantra.

In a blink of an eye, he's back in Joseon. In the woods. And it's raining. An arrow comes from nowhere and narrowly misses him. And another. Boong-do takes cover but the masked man finds him easily and attacks him. During the fight, Boong-do loses hold of the amulet which is sliced in two by the man's sword. Something is happening to Boong-do - he staggers on his feet while distorted images of Hee-jin flickers on the screen. The masked man takes advantage of Boong-do's distracted state and  cuts him. Boong-do falls to the ground, unconscious while images of his first encounter with Ja-soo in the library flashes on the screen.

A moment later, Boong-do opens his eyes, injured but still alive, tended by the loyal Han-dong. Then he loses consciousness until days later. Outside, the Minister of Jeju frets over Boong-do's condition to another official. They are relieved to find him awake. But Boong-do does not seem to recognize the Minister or remember that he's in Jeju. The Minister informs him that he's been pardoned and reinstated. But Boong-do remains baffled.

Han-dong is fraught with worry. But he's helpful in filling in the blanks in Boong-do's memory. According to Han-dong, the despicable Min-am had sent assassins for him.

Ja-soo listens to the Jeju assassin who insists that they'd managed to injure Boong-do but he disappeared without a trace before they could finish the job, only to reappear 4 days later.

Flash to the wood scene. Boong-do was spared because he was discovered by guards before the assassin managed to deliver the final blow. The assassin was caught and confessed his crime. Min-am who is banished will be arriving in Jeju soon too. The Jeju assassin apologizes for his subordinate's confession. And hands over the amulet he recovered from the scene of the fight. Ja-soo looks at it in disdain.

Meanwhile, Boong-do gradually figures out that he's lost two months worth of memory. His last memory was the fight in the library.

Ja-soo recites the characters on the amulet aloud....

DM announces to the crowd that HJ is his girlfriend.
Hospital scene. DM hugs HJ (HJ voice : HDM is my boyfriend?)
DM: Why do you make you worry about you so much?
A man in your dreams : KBD?
A crying HJ to Jo : You don't know about KBD too?
Jo: Who is KBD?
HJ: Evrything is a mess? What is all this?
BD: Queen In-hyun?

My heart already hurts from the preview.


Ah ...the angst! It's coming. After all the sugar-coated sweetness, I know it's like the calm before the storm.
Amnesia. It's not what I expected at all, but it works very well with the premise of the story. Gah...I shan't think of it at all and just enjoy replaying my BD-HJ scenes.

p/s: I shall come back later with more coherent thoughts. Exhausted!

Thoughts II:

It's seems like the point of this episode is to overdose us with the sweet and cute before pulling the rug under us. At least that's exactly how I felt watching this episode. Sigh. We know there's bound to be repercussions from Boong-do changing history, however slight that may be. Just like the laws of physics, for every action there is a reaction, so it's nice to see the writer address that seeing how they've been preaching about the cause and effect thing.

Plot-wise I kinda think that the lost of the amulet/talisman and Boong-do's amnesia brilliantly unexpected (though pretty depressing for us fans). It's what I like about dramas with a supernatural element - because they can reset the rules and there's plenty of room for twists - enough to keep us continually engaged for 16 episodes. The last drama that does this brilliantly for me was 49 days. (I can't comment on RP since I'm not watching it). However I do hope they explain more about the laws of time-travelling. I'm a little disappointed because that part was what caught my interest early on, but now we're seeing more loopholes but no explanation. That said, it doesn't change the fact that I love the drama and our OTP has me fully invested. :)

Hee-jin has been a darling and it's nice to see a girl taking the initiative once in a while without being too assertive. I think it's credit to both Yoo In-na and the writer for that perfect balance. She leads with her heart and it's great to finally see Boong-do reciprocating her feelings openly. I knew you weren't stupid Boong-do! LOL. And I still maintain he's a player too :P. But me likey.

And because it seems important, I should add that Boong-do woke up at the end of April....his last memory being the 1st of March which was how he deduced that he's lost two months of memory. So if that is the case, I don't think we shall have long to wait before Boong-do time-travels again to the present on 18th of April. I suppose the next couple of episodes would probably be angst-filled until he manages to recover his memory and the amulet again.


  1. Thanks.. been waiting for this recap..
    Gosh.. I'm so worry about next episode.. worry that won't see their sweet scenes.. love when both of theme in one scene.. their conversation always crack me and made me giggling...

    Wondering how will they meet again in the future.. since the talisman no longer in BD possession... fuiiiih... another waiting..

    But thank you so much for the recap.. thanks God it quite fast.. *been dying to watch with sub*

    1. Reideen: Yes, I'm always giggling and squealing when there is a moment of those two. They are so sweet to each other! I want BD to remember HJ ASAP! XD

  2. Reideen: Thanks so much for the recap! My heart is at ease since I know that they will meet again! At the beginning of ep 1 we see the audi. HJ is driving the car and meeting BD in front of the entrance of the castle. He is in a red attire (he's been promoted to a higher rank (I think))... Date: 18.04.2012, Time: 23:00:05... When he woke up I think it was beginning of april (correct me If I'm wrong)... so they are going to meet again in a few weeks. Let's see how the writers will let them meet again!... Love this drama! I want a man like BD (who doesn't?)... ^-^

    1. awwwww.....ur idea supports me a lot . I hope everything will go like what u said <3<3<3

    2. @Reideen: I agree with what you think. It should be around beginning/mid of april on their last meeting, but because of the broken talisman and the lost memories, I think they went back to previous weeks before. But I don't know about the car and the other things (scandal news etc), though I'm not sure if the car will time travel like the horse or if the sword that he sold will go back to Joseon era cuz I think the whole time shifting only affect the living (eg. BD n his horse). Should really wait to see what is actually happen before continuing the

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  4. Thanks for recapping this drama. And the recaps are so quick too! It's really nice for non-Korean, non-Chinese speakers/reader! Anyway, I didn't even think that amnesia would be a possibility. Seemed like the plot was complicated enough, but alas, this is kind of depressing. Hope the angst isn't played out for too long. My poor heart can't take it.

  5. They will see each other again in ep11. So don't be too worried about it.

    1. Miss Augie
      How do you know that they will meet again in ep 11, its too long, they will be separated for 2 episode. BD and HJ wont be at the same screen for two episode, come oon!!!

    2. There are photos of that scene (here is the link: The news was released one week ago saying that they will meet in ep11 which is on May 23. And the latest preview says HJ has an accident and when she wakes up, no one knows BD. Both BD and HJ go back to their nomal life, but they can feel there is someone they should not forget.

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  7. OMG thank you so much for translating those scenes! I've repeated this episode so many times just for the cuteness! Even without subs I'd figured he'd lost his memory but I didn't want to believe it arghhhhh whyyyyyyy!?!

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  8. OMG thank you SO MUCH for translating those scenes! I've rewatched this episode so many times just for the overwhelming amounts of Cute and Hawttt. Even without subs, I'd figured he'd lost his memories but I didn't want to believe it! SO. SAD.

    But you know what's more painful than knowing Boong-do has forgotten Hee-jin? This damn week long wait for episode 9! Arghhhhh I die!!

  9. oops sorry for the double post! I got a msg my comment didn't go through ;P *facepalms*


    Okay.. see as much as I HATE the use of amnesia as a plot device (and I've been preaching this for a looonnnggg time), it makes sense in this context (and I STILL hate saying that).

    But if the device that allows the traveling in time has been ruined, I can understand that the dimension space time portal has been closed and therefore since it has become impossible to time travel, the idea of it as well as all other things related to it would be forgotten and lost.

    BUT STILL! AFTER THAT PROMISE! I already somewhat suspected what they had agreed on in the car when watching the raw. But the actual conversation is cuter than my imagination.
    Especially when he said that the relic was worth the money. Oh BD, you are totally still just a guy. HEEHEEE.

    And I know it's supposed to be him helping her and what not. But when he said that he has to come back because his lover is here.... *SWOON*
    How is he able to deliver such cheesy lines in a perfectly swoony (not a word, I know, watever) way?

    *sigh* And there are still many days until wednesday rolls around again.

  11. not only are there many days until next wednesday, there are still 8 more episodes!

    i'm curious about the hospital scene? does she faint again from the confusion? (i woudl be confused too if her timeline hasn't changed yet everyone else's has...)

    as for boong do, i believe he forgot everything due to the cutting of the talisman. now, i'm curious as to the memories of the giseng....she's the one who got the talisman...and as far as i can tell, her memories have not changed (like hee jin's) my question is ...what is the giseng's next move? (get married for real? or...put boong do on the right track? ^_^

  12. It has always been delightful to read your recap and your point of view of the drama, will wait for your adding comments or as you said "coherent thoughts"! lol
    Anyway, I think everyone's confused with the time traveling part in ep 7 and 8, since BD mentioned that he'll time travel only when his life is endangered. I choose not to fret over the details and leave it as it is. He time travelled to save Queen Inhyun and exposed Min-am's crime. It changes the history a bit, but not the overall outcomes, because we all know that Gabseul event is going to happen anyway. I'm just curious (and worry) about BD's life, he avoided death many times already and what would happen later?
    A week is just too long and I don't know if my heart can handle this.. *sighhh* and the preview for ep 9 warned us that there are still a lot of heartbreaking moments to come..omo.. *sobs*

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    1. I thought the same thing! Then I remembered they made a dead guy melt like the Wicked Witch, and I figured they did the same with the photo files and story!

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  16. Thank you!

    I beam whenever the two appear together, they are so sweet and cute!! How can they be so sweet and cute???!!? I love how Boong Do looks at Hee Jin with all the affection one can imagine <3 He loves her for her quirkiness and smiles at her every action. It's so sweet :)

    Like Anon mentioned above Hee Jin's Audi appeared in the first episode. However in the Chinese translation for this episode it appears that Han Dong told Boong Do it's the end of April. I wonder how the tailsman thing would work out, perhaps time will reverse itself? Because Boong Do has changed history, it's perhaps the universe's way of making things right again? The writer has done a great job for this show and I think he can be trusted to give us
    satisfactory answers to all our questions. I'm in for the ride!!! :D

    Hee Jin crying in the ep9 trailer made my heart hurt though :( The way it was written perhaps she has lost her memory as well, with only vague dreams indicating that Boong Do is in her subsconscious. In the extended preview for ep 9 there was a scene where Hee Jin was standing in a phone booth (omo a call from someone?!?!?), and the next scene is of a man wearing white jeans and denim jacket, with an umbrella shielding his face. My first reaction is that it's Boong Do, because it FEELS so like him, but I can't be sure. Wednesday can't come sooner!!

    1. I cant agree more with u... I hope that guy is him, if not him, who else? ( pls not the mr.assassin.. he dont know how to steal clothes, right? except BD )HJ crying scene in preview really kill me... T___________T

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      Does anyone understand how they differ and if that is possible?

    3. The lunar calendar differs a little from the modern (Gregorian) calendar. Depending on the year, there could be a discrepancy from day(s) to approximately a month, plus and minus a little. Remember how HJ has to calculate a little before realizing the exact date of BD's supposed death date. So I guess it IS possible since BD in Joseon is likely to use the lunar calendar.

      Now the only problem is I don't think we were ever told/shown the dates in the modern setting, which is the cause of all this confusion. So assuming 18th April is the date they are supposed to meet up a month later, they have about 20 days more, since BD was unconscious for 10 days. He'd still need about half a month to travel back to Hanyang/Seoul too...

      If this is intentional, I salute the writer for the attention to detail. Goodness knows how us rabid fans love to dissect anything/everything about a fav drama.

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      I can't go check now, as I am hosting a Mothers Day Brunch, and yes, I have abandoned my guests... :0)

      but she does talk about the present date when she is researching. I can't remember if it is when she was online, or after she talked to the drama writer, or ?
      I will have to rewatch every episode again later.

    5. HJ figured out the exact date because of BD. He showed her an entry in the annals (in the library) which correlates to the present day in modern Seoul.

      Then after HJ googled BD death, she recalculated according to BD's information...which is how she knew that BD was gonna die the next day.

      P/s: A little more info about the lunar calendar - there's only 30 days in a month as opposed to the 28/30/31 days in Gregorian calendar. And therefore after every few years, there will be an extra month in a year (13 months) - all the above difference accounts for the discrepancy.

    6. I thought about the lunar calendar vaguely, but I've always assumed that present time = ancient time , because it would make easier sense, lol. Her knowledge of BD's death was when she asked Jo how long it had passed since he last visited, and it was 2 weeks. Then Scriptwriter Kim told her the death was end March. So if the calenders were the same in March, then there shouldn't be a difference in April? Guess I would have to rewatch!

      It's confusing enough so I'm expecting some sort of explanation in the next episode.

    7. The time they used in the history book was lunar calendar. In Joseon's lunar calendar in 1694, the difference is that there were 29 days in March and there were TWO Mays (which is called intercalary month). Actually it would not affect much of the time in the drama. In 2012, they still use the modern time.

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    2. I've never seen his dramas - I believe his past work consists of those long-ish daily dramas which I just can't commit to. Acting wise, my bias aside, I think he's maybe just okay. Not outstanding or anything, then again, he hasn't had much emotionally charged scenes. But he has enough charm to carry the character, so kudos to him!

    3. @Dramatalk oh..:) I saw "becoming a millionaire"(or billionaire) and "taming of the heir"..both of them were 16 episodes I guess...I felt that he was outshined by the ladies in both...then again its my opinion..He still hasn't done any challenging scenes yet in QIM...but I have a feeling that he'll do well in those..:)tq 4 replying:)

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