Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 7

Omo. Did you hear me squeal aloud? Hee-jin and Boong-do is separated for the most part in this episode as Boong-do takes care of his Joseon business but when they meet again - it's like BAM! Fireworks!

Episode 7

After Hee-jin's bold declaration (love the way she stares away the steward!), the rest of the journey passes less eventfully. Na-jung couldn't help making derisive comments about Dong-min's "unwanted" help and fans his anger by rubbing it in his face - exclaiming how lovey-dovey they are, that they took advantage of a one day break for a romantic getaway. She's really enjoying herself wayyyy too much.

Meanwhile, Hee-jin is seated beside Boong-do who is uneasy with all the stares and attention, wondering if it will ever cease. Hee-jin tells him to pay them no heed, or he's going to be caught on film. Boong-do muses that her friend's advice seems sage after all - Jo's warning about Hee-jin's "excitable" behaviour. Haha. Hee-jin is not amused since she did actually saved him from being arrested. Boong-do is thankful but thinks her methods a little too extreme. In defense, she argues it was the only thing she could think of.

Boong-do leans closer - "That was the only thing you could think of at the time?" Well, she did told him she wasn't very smart. Indignant, Hee-jin finally turns to face him....OMG So close! :P Boong-do quickly explains that he's just worried for her since on his part, he could always disappear. (Have I mentioned I love this guy...?).

Hee-jin is obviously more affected by their proximity (I believe she's secretly deliriously happy) and turns away, complaining that he's being nutty even after she saves him. He asks quizzically what she meant. When she doesn't answer, he asks if it's something rude. She smiles, pleased to have gain the upper hand. And he smiles right back, amused by her pleasure in gaining petty revenge. The smile disappears quickly as he faces the front again, wary of the attention. Ahaha. So cute.

Dong-min and his assistant get into their waiting car where the assistant (seriously he needs a name, does anyone know?) grumbles that Dong-min should've kept his cool. Dong-min spots Hee-jin and Boong-do and reminds his assistant to catch hold of Boong-do. Damage control...remember? They should approach Boong-do and pretend to be on good terms.

On the other hand, Hee-jin anxiously looks for a taxi, to send Boong-do away. Boong-do is still worried and wonders if she can handle the fallout, since the matter has escalated somewhat. Hee-jin is more worried that Boong-do will be linked to Dong-min, because with his fame, Boong-do will not be able to maintain obscurity and move freely.

Assistant and Dong-min make a show of approaching them, attracting attention from the crowd while Hee-jin hurriedly chucks Boong-do into the taxi. She puts on a brave smile and comments light-heartedly how ironic it is that he's being hunted in both worlds. Boong-do is still worried but Hee-jin assures him she's be fine - it's her life (Atta girl!). The assistant is closing in on them, Hee-jin knows she has to let him go and reminds him to take care and not to get killed. They both smile at her little joke before Hee-jin hurries the driver away, just as Dong-min and the assistant arrive.

Hee-jin watches him leave with much reluctance. Then she feigns ignorance as they tell her to call him back. Hee-jin is feeling pleased with herself and takes a jab at Dong-min - "Who would want to greet someone who had beaten him twice?"

Boong-do watches the scene from the leaving taxi, subdued and deep in thought. (See guys, he doesn't smile as much without Hee-jin!).

Dong-min is still fuming at home over the fact that Boong-do left him in the dusts. His two assistants finds the whole thing suspicious - wonders if Boong-do is a transgender or the likes. That's no consolation to Dong-min whose bruised ego would not accept that he would lose to and groans in frustration. He's so childish it's hilarious. LOL.

Hee-jin calls. To gloat. LOL. She pretends to be surprised that they were on the same flight and apologizes (insincerely) for not explaining the stalker incident. Coz yunno, she's worried about being found out since the nurse was not around during his sudden visit. And admitted cheekily that she'd freed Boong-do. Dong-min wonders if she's been manipulating and using him all these time...but that's precisely why she's called. She reminds him how she'd warn him to keep away from her...but it never got through his thick head (Well, can't blame the guy...he'd probably never been refused).

Dong-min marvels at her change, curious how she's going to solve the mess created by her shameless confession. Hee-jin retorts that she had learned from him - to confront shameless people by being shameless. Dong-min is curious about Boong-do, but Hee-jin only reveals (like a very proud girlfriend) that he's a scholar - a totally different breed from him.

Hee-jin hangs up on him, positively giddy to have exacted revenge on Dong-min. Jo is in a sour mood, worrying about the upcoming scandal, but that doesn't damper Hee-jin's mood one bit until she's reminded of her self-destructive actions. Hee-jin sobers up, genuinely concerned now but thinks the rumor will stop after a while. Jo scoffs at her naivette. Hee-jin looks troubled for a moment before deciding to leave it be - she'll worry about it when it happens. The sun will still rise tomorrow. Looks like our Hee-jin is adopting Boong-do's Confucious advice.

Jo is unhappy that Boong-do disappeared and left them with this mess. Hee-jin explains he's busy. Jo is incredulous - Busy? With what? It's not like he's putting his life on the line for something right? Oh but he is! Jo freaks out when the first pictures start to leak online. Hee-jin rushes over but instead of panicking, she actually comments that the picture looks nice. Jo threatens to quit as her manager, but Hee-jin is too absorbed with the photos to care - she's only concerned about downloading the photo to her phone, since they've never had a picture taken together. Jo sighs in frustration - "How deep has she fallen...!" (Very very deep indeed) LOL.

Back in Joseon, Boong-do pays a surprise visit to Queen In-hyun. Boong-do doesn't explain how he got there but more importantly, he warns her that something major will take place before dawn. Minister Min will come for her, to finish what they failed to previously. He reassures her and appeals for her silence regarding his presence. Even to the King. Which baffles her. Why would the King be there? Boong-do only tells her cryptically that she is likely to meet the King soon.

Next, he tells the guards to leave their post and the door unguarded. They are to protect the Queen by remaining hidden. For someone is sure to turn up...

Cut to Boong-do in another taxi (I checked, the first was 9023, the second 4556). The taxi driver is curious why he's headed for KyungBok Palace at this late hour. Boong-do replies casually that he's meeting someone. And his the sword - it's a wooden sword for practice. Heh.

Boong-do is back in the Palace library, all dressed in black. After a moment of hesitation, he switches to writing with his left hand, to remain anonymous (even so, I think his handwriting is pretty good. If I do that, it'll probably be illegible). LOL.

At the same time, Eunuch Hong gently reminds the King of the late hours. King is frustrated with the endless reports of dissatisfaction. As he leaves, Boong-do releases an arrow at a nearby pillar, which is wrapped with his letter. The arrow creates an uproar, but his mission is accomplished, as the King demands to read the letter. Boong-do grips his amulet... (woah, how does he do it...zipping in and out of the past?)

Boong-do is in a taxi again, this time headed to another destination, as the contents of the letter is narrated to us. Boong-do apologizes to the King for being unable to reveal his identity but he wishes to report something - Right Minister Min-am is holding a banquet in his residence on this day (present day Boong-do is at his residence) and he had overheard him and several other Ministers plotting the demise of Queen In-hyun.

At Min-am's residence, the banquet is in full swing. The other Ministers voice their appreciation for the Gisaeng's gayageum skills, indirectly questioning Min's decision to spare the life of the spy Yoon-wol, whose whereabouts is currently unknown. Min ignores their barbed remarks and excuses himself.

Min-am retires to his room but suspects something is amiss when he finds the ink readily ground. But it's too late as he finds himself at sword-point. Boong-do sends his greetings and unveils his mask. (Oh great, now this gives me TPM vibes :P). He's stunned to find Boong-do before him but before he can shout for help, Boong-do reminds him "nicely" with his sword that he should be seated. Min is surprised that Boong-do dared to escape from exile, but wait, did Boong-do actually escaped from Jeju to here? Boong-do taunts him -"Does he find it hard to believe? That he could've made it here in 2 weeks..." It's an impossible feat at that time and he asks if he'd escaped way before he reaches Jeju. Boong-do calmly admits he did in fact escaped from Jeju, where he was served poisoned food and entertained with flying arrows in the night, further baffling the old guy.

Boong-do then forces Min to writes down what he dictates - the content being how he, Min-am is ordering the death of the exiled Queen In-hyun tonight. It was something he would have planned anyway, and not that he has any choice right now.

Cut to the King being furious to learn of the assassination attempt. And of the warning that Eunuch Hong is Jang Hee Bin's spy. He summons the Chief of Imperial Guards.

Later, when a servant is sent for Min-am, Min orders him to pass the letter to Ja-soo. Ja-soo receives the letter, and even though he has doubts, he proceeds to follow the letter's instruction since it came directly from Min's hands. He burns the letter after reading it.

Next, Boong-do makes Min write another letter, this time addressed to Jang Hui-bin. Min is furious he dares to drag Jang into this mess. For the first time, Boong-do loses his temper, his eyes and voice betraying all the hurt and burden he shouldered after the death of his parents, in-laws and wife, who all died because of Min. Boong-do tells him not to feel wronged since Min had already planned for Ham Yi-yeon(sic) to expose the Soron's plans to reinstate the Queen. (An event known as the Gapsul Hwanguk). Min is surprised that Boong-do is aware of his plans. Boong-do makes another premonition - his plans will fail anyway, he only hasten the events by several days so he shouldn't blame him. He did warned him he has another better card. (Boong-do is so badass @@)

At Queen In-hyun's abode, Ja-soo and gang belatedly realizes they've fallen in a trap when they find the place unguarded. Smoke bombs are released, using cats (how creative!), obscuring their vision and hampering their escape. An army of guards swarms into the compound and one by one, the assassins are taken out. Queen In-hyun trembles in fear at the commotion even though she had been forewarned.

A moment later, all the intruders have been subdued, except for Ja-soo and another who manage to escape. The King shows up after everything is under control. Queen In-hyun is surprised to see the King who takes her hand, expressing regret for all the suffering she's been through.

Ja-soo and his underling escape to the woods, surprised that the King actually showed up, now certain it was a trap. Fortunately, they left no evidence since the incriminating letter was burned.

Oh I don't think so because Boong-do had already thought about that, which is why he made Min-am write a similar letter to Jang. Only, Min is to pocket it himself for the evidence to be even more damning. Now the only thing left is to wait for the Royal decree. And true enough, the Imperial Guards arrive and arrested everyone at the banquet. Finally, it's Min-am's turn.

Boong-do orders him to surrender and Min-am could do nothing else, accepting that he's defeated. As parting words, Boong-do predicts that Min will be exiled to Jeju, where he will be waiting for him with poisoned food , flying daggers and all. Min thinks he's pulling his leg, since it's unlikely Boong-do will be spared once it's discovered that he escaped from exile. Boong-do calmly tells him he's never left Jeju, and will be waiting for him there.

And so when Min-am announces that Boong-do is hidden behind the screen, the guards find no one.
(Eh? How does he do it?)

The King sentenced Min-am and gang to exile in Jeju and orders that Jang and Eunuch Hong be taken for interrogation. Queen In-hyun will be placed under protection in the palace and lastly, Kim Boong-do who was wrongly accused, will be pardon and reinstated.
(Hmm...did Boong-do changed history?)

Yoon-wol is praying hard at the temple when she receives news of Boong-do's arrival. She's all smiles as she goes out of her way to welcome him (though she denies it when he asked). Boong-do smiles warmly, inquiring about her health. Yoonw-ol had already learned of recent events and marvels at Boong-do's lucky escape. Boong-do explains it's due to her amulet but doesn't elaborate. He's here to update her, so his trip seems a little redundant since she's already known everything. But Yoon-wol is glad to know he's fine, shyly admitting that she's able to go on now with that knowledge. (Hint...hint!) Boong-do thanks her for persevering, because he would have given up if not for her.

Boong-do plans to return to the palace, but first he needs to make a stop. He's got another benefactor and he doesn't want to cause her any trouble. When asked, he smiles enigmatically in reply (excuse me while I faint...kyahhhh).

Seoul. The director and staff are watching a footage of Dong-min and discusses his embarrassing display on the plane. Director looks a little unhappy. When Hee-jin shows up with some food, the female staff even compliments that her boyfriend is handsome, totally her style (get in line, lady!). Director asks to speak to Hee-jin in a bit.

While she waits, Heejin looks worriedly at the endless newspaper headlines on the airplane debacle. Director sighs at the scandals and rumors, he's worried the bad publicity will affect the drama - now that his King Suk-jong is known as a violent thug, and his Queen In-hyun a two-timing chick. Hah. He advises her to settle the matter nicely with Dong-min. Hee-jin apologizes guiltily.

Jo wants Hee-jin to call up Boong-do so that they can put the matter to rest. Hee-jin knows it's impossible and explains that Boong-do is too busy. Jo is exasperated, since they need Boong-do, if they want to salvage the ratings. Hee-jin understands but maintains that Boong-do is not available (Ah...poor girl, it IS the truth!). Jo is speechless to learn that Boong-do do not own a handphone, a housephone or an email. LOL. She wonders how the two of them have been communicating, to which Hee-jin simply answers - "Public phone". Whahahahaha. Jo insists that Hee-jin get hold of Boong-do but Hee-jin explains it's impossible. Jo wonders if they are truly dating or it's just unrequited love on her part.

Hee-jin apologetically tells Jo to find another way as she leaves for shooting. Jo doubts Boong-do is truly incommunicable and scours Hee-jin's bag for her handphone. It's not like he's the bloody president! Why all the secrecy? LOL. Just then, the phone rinnngggss....

Dong-min's manager informs a sulky Dong-min that Hee-jin has called for a lunch date. Ah you wily fox- why have you planned Jo Soo-kyung?? Hee-jin returns from shooting to learn that Jo has left a message requesting that she shows up at CheongDamDong. Jo has taken her handphone and the director has authorized a two-hour lunch break. LOL. Jo's really efficient! Hee-jin is angry that Jo has gone behind her back and arranged a lunch date with Dong-min.

Hee-jin shows up reluctantly at the restaurant, where she and Dong-min plaster on the "fakest" smile for everyone's benefit. Muahaha. Jo and Dong-min's assistant is at another table, all ready with a camera - to snap evidence of Dong-min and Hee-jin's "boyfriend" making up, all for the benefit of Dong-min's image. Hee-jin sheepishly admits that she hadn't thought things would spiral out of control. Dong-min tells her that's what happens when she didn't take into consideration his popularity (A little pompous, but not untrue LOL). The plan now is for him and Boong-do to greet each other warmly like brothers and he will earnestly wish them well to quash all unfavourable rumours.

Hee-jin explains Boong-do won't be coming. Dong-min thinks she's fooling with him, and calls his assistant for confirmation. But no, Jo is certain he will show, she's got everything arranged. This is news to Hee-jin, who in puzzlement what he means.

Hee-jin follows Dong-min's gaze and turns find Boong-do walking towards them - in jeans, no beanies and bags (looking good enough to eat hihi). The guys shake hands, making a big show of it for the managers' camera and other patrons.

Boong-do turns to a stunned Hee-jin and smiles at her. Gah.....I'm melting already. Hee-jin looks at him disbelievingly, her face fairly glowing with suppressed happiness. Dong-min quickly gets uncomfortable and they sit.

As they peruse the menu, Boong-do sidles close to Hee-jin, with the menu as a shield.

BD: Is it ok to just read this? (the menu is in english by the way LOL)
HJ: What's going on?
BD: I was worried I might have caused you trouble. Then I was told I could help, so I came quickly. Your friend told me we're supposed to be dating...

Hee-jin smiles in embarrassment.
BD: I'm not sure how I'll fare, but I will work hard to play the part of your lover.

Hee-jin smiles, touched, speechless. From Dong-min's point of view, these two are way too intimate for his peace of mind. Muahahaha.

HJ: Where did you learn that? This is like a scene from a romantic manga. Jang! The hero appears suddenly. It's really corny.
BD: What's corny? Is it something insulting again?
HJ: It's a praise. If you plan on posing as my boyfriend, be sure to keep that up. I like corny stuffs...(Don't we all, especially coming from a man like him :p)

Boong-do smiles at her candidness.


Oh gawd. I almost squealed aloud and it's like 4am here. Hihihi.

*Waves!* An-nyung everyone. I'm feeling very blissful that I love this drama so much that recapping it doesn't feel like a chore but prolongs my happiness just that bit more longer. That I can endure endless replays for the recap is testimonial of that fact. I'd like to mine BD, but judging from the response, it'll probably raise WWIII. How is it that a perfect hero like BD never appeared in dramaland? That said, there's plenty of love to go around so everyone should just be nice and share okay.LOL.

I'm loving Hee-jin a lot as well, not only because she's the woman Boong-do (will) loves, but because she's managed to charm her way into my heart as well. I like that she loves without reservation and she's true to her heart. You can tell that when she loves, she loves with all her heart and soul, which is probably why she's still smarting from Dong-min's break-up.

This episode is really fast, in that events unfold almost at a breakneck speed. The quick scene changes lends an urgency and tension to the events in Joseon, even though we're already aware of the final outcome. That said, several matters baffled me, especially with regards to Boong-do's time-travelling rules. I thought he could only travel to to future when his life is endangered, how did he get away behind the screen during Min's arrest?

Another important bit would be how he's changed history. According to history, he should be dead and now that he isn't, what will happen? The monk stressed on the karma rules - where cause and effect governs almost all events in our lives. So now that he's changed history, what would the repercussions from his actions be? I'm sensing a more ominous turn of events in the future (No!!!) but it's something they'll need to address....


I love to read your comments too, and you guys enlighten me so much as well. This is a fan's recap - so you're reading it from a fan's point of view. Now, I'm probably not very rational or coherent when it comes to QIHM, but love can do that do you :P


  1. Reideen: thanks for the recaps!
    Love love love those two as well (their chemistry on screen). HJ and BD! <3
    I thought it was strange to... cause he went from future to past very fast (hahaha it rhymes :P).
    BD is definitely the "definition" of a man of my/our dreams! How can a man be so perfect?! XD

    1. I worried a little about how he jumped forward in time without dying...
      Did he figure out a loophole?
      He couldn't have stabbed himself that many times, right?
      "S" suggesting an arrow to his heart.

      Is it strange that I am actually worried about this fictional character?
      Remember when the drama writer told HJ about BD's death, and HJ cried?
      She asked her manager later - "Is it strange that I would cry about someone who died 300 years ago?"
      How many of us have done that? It made me laugh. Whether it was Hong Gil Dong, WBDS, TPM, RoI, or any of the sageuks that make me sob!!

      Are they winking at us?

    2. I still didn't understand how he shuffled between past and present so fast in this episode....If there is a way to go to the present without being in a dangerous situation, then Jasu m8 figure out...oo...Now, I really want Jasu to come to the present..I wanna see how he

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    i've been refreshing your site for the past 12hours. I was planning to turn in when HEY PRESTO!! recap 7!! *insert incoherent blabber here* So awesome!!

    i only recognise afew words of korean so i've been second guessing and replaying this episode since wed (oh...sweet torture!). I thought the last bit was Boong Do declaring "Though i dont know bout modern love, i'll try my best at being your lover." Dang!! So close yet so far off mark. hahahaha. i wished he said that instead! ^^" And that smile of his when he said he'll try his best~~♥ i bet Hee Jin melted into a puddle of goo inside. i know i did! And his eyes!! oooohhh.....his eyes! i can wax poetic lyrics bout Ji Hyun Woo's eyes. They're so expressive. I love how they light up when he and Yoo In Na are facing each other.

    And man oh man! i can feel my screen frying when Hee Jin and Boong Do had a moment of close proximity on the plane. kkkyyyaaaa...~~♥ i reiterate: These two are just too cute for words.

    Oh...and this was the first time i scoffed at a kdrama shower scene. hahahaha! i practically yelled at my screen going "Scram furball. i dont wanna see you. Give me Boongie!"
    I love how gutsy and forward Hee Jin is towards Boong Do. She doesnt come off as slutty or desperate but rather shy, cheeky, resourceful and you makes me think...."yeah...i'd totally pull the same sh*t if that was me!" ^^"
    And Boong Do! Come on!! i know you like her too else you'd never see-through her bristling excuses of "just helping" and "this is the modern way" type of antics and excuses. With that said....why arent you making your move??? Gah!! Just kiss and make babies already. Or TRY to make babies. Either way, i'm a happy camper. i bet Boong Do will be a happy camper too. XD hahahah

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  4. YES!!!!!!!
    i've been refreshing your site for the past 12hours. I was planning to turn in when HEY PRESTO!! recap 7!! *insert incoherent blabber here* So awesome!!

    i only recognise afew words of korean so i've been second guessing and replaying this episode since wed (oh...sweet torture!). I thought the last bit was Boong Do declaring "Though i dont know bout modern love, i'll try my best at being your lover." Dang!! So close yet so far off mark. hahahaha. i wished he said that instead! ^^" And that smile of his when he said he'll try his best~~♥ i bet Hee Jin melted into a puddle of goo inside. i know i did! And his eyes!! oooohhh.....his eyes! i can wax poetic lyrics bout Ji Hyun Woo's eyes. They're so expressive. I love how they light up when he and Yoo In Na are facing each other.

    And man oh man! i can feel my screen frying when Hee Jin and Boong Do had a moment of close proximity on the plane. kkkyyyaaaa...~~♥ i reiterate: These two are just too cute for words.

    Oh...and this was the first time i scoffed at a kdrama shower scene. hahahaha! i practically yelled at my screen going "Scram furball. i dont wanna see you. Give me Boongie!"

    I love how gutsy and forward Hee Jin is towards Boong Do. She doesnt come off as slutty or desperate but rather shy, cheeky, resourceful and you makes me think...."yeah...i'd totally pull the same sh*t if that was me!" ^^"

    And Boong Do! Come on!! i know you like her too else you'd never see-through her bristling excuses of "just helping" and "this is the modern way" type of antics and excuses. With that said....why arent you making your move??? Gah!! Just kiss and make babies already. Or TRY to make babies. Either way, i'm a happy camper. i bet Boong Do will be a happy camper too. XD hahahah

    Thank you so much for your recap. I foresee lovely dreams of Boong Do and Hee Jin for me tonight. Now i can sleep well.

    1. i also keep on refreshing this page. and the caps are pretty as always. :D

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    Oh my. how could i describe myself while watching this drama. i literally smile in front of my desktop. like seu-kyung i often thump my heart for excitement . or my unlucky poor brother when he's beside me watching all this fun LOL.

    regarding the time travel, i guess it was about time for him to react on what the talisman can do. he keep on asking what it can do and how it was fated that he has it. at the same time the cause and effect mantra that we keep on hearing since episode 3 :D (which got way more intense come episode 6) .

    technically boong-do changed history however he only made the events earlier . interestingly , he did all these under the radar. thus on records kim boong do remains on exile and his name only appeared in the annals after the king released the order.

    i also love how hee jin reacted on the cause and effect without hesitation. and if i borrow forrest gump's words: i ain't smart but i know what love-and-yes-player is. LOL. she really surprise me with her instant reactions towards boong-do.

    and yes i squealed on the plane scene.
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    “ I believe she's secretly deliriously happy”
    I think it's no secret, it's written all over her face, tee hee!

    The combust when they are on the screen together; it's ridiculous, I didn't think they could get any sweeter! I melt along with Hee Jin when Boong Do smiles, GAH. And I love Hee Jin too, she's so direct it's refreshing and charming the pants of everyone. Every time Boong Do looks and her with those smiley eyes it's like he's thinking “who is this cute little thing? WHY SO CUTE?” He's totally charmed :D SO. CUTE.

    While I don't watch period dramas the parts in this show is actually bearable for me. As for Boong Do's time travelling, I feel,that once they've established that he has to be in danger to time travel they know they don't have to show it. I mean it's up to imagination, perhaps he held an arrow to his heart or something? Attempted to use his “wooden” sword on his neck? XD

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    3. @S,

      I did screencapped it, goodness knows how many caps I took of BD, but I have to selective or else...LOL. And I didn't have time to edit coz I wanted to get this up asap :)

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