Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 11

I solemnly swear with the dramagods as my witness, that Kim Boong-do is now officially my favourite male lead of all times! How could he be so damn perfect!!!!

Episode 11

Dong-min interrupts our OTP’s “reunion” by taking her hand as they continue to saunter down the red carpet. Hee-jin glances back anxiously, but she could no longer find Boong-do in the crowd. Where did he go? L

In the backstage, Hee-jin paces distractedly. Jo chides her for being unsynchronized with Dong-min earlier so Hee-jin tells her honestly that she saw someone –Kim Boong-do. Looking at Jo’s discouraging expression, she explains testily that she knows it’s an illusion.

Jo is waiting for Boong-do, even though she’s got no idea how he even looks like. Boong-do greets her familiarly, like an old friend. On the other hand, Jo looks him up and down, still not believing that he’s the Kim Boong-do, thinking he’s an impostor who’s been pestering Hee-jin. Boong-do is surprised Jo doesn’t remember him but for Jo, it’s the first time she’s set eyes on him. Boong-do is disappointed since he thinks they’re pretty close and all (Aww!).

In a café, they continue exchanging their accounts of the events revolving the car, with Jo sticking to her version that Hee-jin bought it with her own money. She’d never even met him before, how could have she have bought the car with him. And no, she’d never taught him how to drive! But she’s curious since his version is exactly the same as Hee-jin’s. She’s still flummoxed by this turn of events – she’s never met him, never heard his voice. If Hee-jin is telling the truth, how could he be here and not dead and buried 300 years ago. Boong-do agrees reluctantly that the scenario she painted does sounds preposterous.

Thinking that he’s finally admitting to making everything up, Jo speculates that he’s Hee-jin’s fan – the fanatical kind. When Boong-do smiles weakly at her wild (ok the truth probably sounds way more absurd) speculation, Jo is convinced she’s correct and laughs in satisfied relief. Her phone rings and she excuses herself, leaving Boong-do to his thoughts.

It’s not a memory loss, but a loss of time. means a gap in time. Everything vanished in the gap in time. Putting together what he learns from Jo, he surmises that time has rebooted.

Meanwhile, Jo looks at him from outside and feels pity because he looks like a nice chap. She excuses herself and he’s fine with her leaving. But on second thought, she plops back into her chair and tries to talk him out of obsessing over Hee-jin . (My favourite comedic couple is back!)

J: Hee-jin is nothing special. Sure she’s pretty with a great body and all on TV, but once you remove the make-up, she’s really ordinary. It’s all make-up and packaging! I know because we live together. (LOL Not sure if Hee-jin appreciates all that).  I mean, you look pretty good yourself, why are you obsessing over an actress? Based on your looks, I’m sure you’re really popular with the ladies.

Boong-do nearly chokes on his tea and smiles in amusement. Gah, why do I find that adorable as hell.
BD: Is that so? That is really comforting to hear.
J: Can I ask you some questions too?
BD: Go ahead
J: You said you are a university graduate. Which university did you attend?
BD: SungKyunkwan
J: Sungkyunkwan? Really?

LOL. Is this going where I think its going? Apparently Boong-do agrees for he also remembers a similar conversation not too long ago. Jo interrupts his thoughts with her question again.
BD: You said I have to be honest.
J: Where do you live?
BD: Bukchon. (Boong-do is smiling in amusement)
J: Bukchon?? (The houses there are damn expensive!) Is is a tile…-?
BD: Tile-roofed house. (He answers before she even finishes her question)
J: Do you stay with your parents?
BD: No... they’ve BOTH pass away (LMAO…He knows it’s what she’s gonna ask next)
J: if you're a student, how do you maintain your expenses?
BD: I have some inheritance.
J: Inheritance? How much-?

At this, Boong-do finally burst out laughing.
J: Why are you laughing?
BD: You are as frank as always. The questions you ask, they are always along similar considerations. Even the sequence is the same. It’s amazing really. Really consistent! (Muahahaha! Yeah, even down to the facial expressions!).

BD: Can I ask you a question? Does Choi Hee-jin believe it’s a dream?
J: Of course! A dream is a dream. She’s already got a boyfriend, why else would she think otherwise…
BD: She has a boyfriend?(Aww….poor baby)
J: You didn’t know? Aren’t you a fan? Everyone knows.
BD: Oh…I left town for a while. Who is it?
J: Han Dong-min. You must have seen them just now. They were walking together. Even though you were outstation, you should’ve checked the internet.
Boong-do agrees distractedly.

Meanwhile in the backstage, Hee-jin remembers Jo’s strange warning about picking up the phone and Boong-do’s appearance in the crowd, and walks away in a huff. Eh? Has she realized?

Jo excuses herself again, but reminds him of his promise – not to call Hee-jin anymore. He assures her he will abide by that promise – “I would never make life difficult for the person I love.” L Awkward, Jo asks where he’s headed next. He tells her he’s going home – the one in Bukchon. (Only like 300 years back….no!!!!)

Hee-jin has been searching for Jo, and demands for her handphone the moment Jo shows up. She knows it’s Boong-do who’s been calling her, and Jo’s guilty expression says it all. Hee-jin loses her temper – she knew she saw him! Jo admits she’s met him, she only wanted to avoid Hee-jin acting all lovelorn again, especially since Boong-do has admitted making everything up. But Hee-jin is more concerned about the fact that he’s left, for home, and perhaps for good.

She hisses at Jo, lifts the hem of her dress, removes her heels and runs off, much to the distress of the now hysterical Jo. She runs all the way to the café (err…how did she know where to look?) where all that’s left are the two glasses.

A thought occurs to her so she runs to the street and hails a taxi. The driver recognizes her as an actress and tries to make small talk, ignoring her repeated pleas to speed up. Anxious and frustrated, she shouts at him : “Ahjussi! Hurry up. Are you going to be responsible if my life is screwed? Step on it!!!” LOL. Love the temper. My thoughts exactly!

Hee-jin alights from the taxi barefooted when they reach a cordoned part of the road. She shouts for him to wait as she runs when he asks for his fare. LOL. She runs to the telephone booth in the park, disappointed to find it empty. She crouches down dejectedly, almost in tears.

Back in Joseon, Han-dong opens the door to frantic knockings to find a monk from Hyeon-yeom temple here to find out if Boong-do is safe. A confused Han-dong thinks his master is still in bed, but Yoon-wol rushes over to find out what’s happened. Han-dong freaks out upon learning his master has been to the temple – he runs to check the room only to find Boong-do writing a letter.

Boong-do was just about to send for Han-dong – to send word to the temple. He orders Han-dong to go to the prison and inform the authorities to hunt for Ja-soo before he leaves the capital, preferably with drawings. Yoon-wol has been waiting to speak to him. She asks him anxiously if he’s found it and he replies he’s found it – but it’s to be a secret and she shouldn’t even tell monk Yeong-myeong. Because it’s actually a dangerous knowledge. She asks more desperately if he’s met the woman but this time he replies with another question, asking what she thinks.

In the backstage, Dong-min is alarmed to learn that Hee-jin is missing. Jo stammers that she should be back soon and in time but denies knowing where she is. When Hee-jin calls, she slips away to answer the phone.

Jo is freaking mad, but Hee-jin replies calmly she’s on her way back. Jo thinks she’s met Boong-do the imposter (to her anyway), but Hee-jin explains patiently she did not meet him. She could not find him so she’s coming back now. Problem is she’s without her wallet, so Jo is to meet her at the back door ten minutes later. She sighs and rests her head against the window and….smiles??

Flashback. Hee-jin is still crouching by the telephone while Boong-do uncovers his Joseon garments hidden beneath some shrubbery. Ingenious as always. He glances around from his vantage point up a hill, taking in his surroundings for the last time and sees Hee-jin in the telephone booth!

Hee-jin is dialling randomly in the phone booth with a heartbroken expression when someone knocks on the door lightly. She turns around, sees a sad-looking Boong-do and drops the phone receiver in surprise and relief. She pushes open the door and they stare at each other for the longest time.

BD: Why are you here? Were you looking for me? (oh yes you idiot!!!!)

Hee-jin embraces him in answer and slowly, Boong-do raises his hands and holds her close too. Kyahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hee-jin hugs him even tighter and Boong-do finally smiles. Boo-hoo….I’m crying tears of joy here.

No wonder the lady is smiling so sweetly to herself in the taxi.

Back to Yoon-wol’s question, Boong-do smilingly informs her that it’s not anything treasonous fortunately. And tells her to rest for the night.

Ja-soo slips into the prison again and reports to Min-am that his identity has been exposed by Boong-do so he’s got to skip town. He did learn that Boong-do strange behaviour that night was no illusion and it’s all due to an amulet. Han-dong arrives with Boong-do’s letter to the Chief just as Ja-soo is making his getaway. In their hideout, when his henchmen ask about his meeting with Min-am, Ja-soo declares cryptically how accurate the words of their forefathers are: 必死即生, 必生即死Life in the face of absolute death, Death in the face of absolute life. He’s planning something….and it worries me.

In a disco, where a post- award celebratory party is being held, Dong-min is making the rounds, socializing with a bunch of female artists but looking for Hee-jin. Hee-jin is slipping away stealthily to her car, trying to avoid being spotted by the flirting Chun-soo. LOL. How funny is it she’s making her getaway with a glass wine in hand.

Why the secrecy? Aha. Flashbacks show Boong-do sending Hee-jin off in the taxi. She apologizes for leaving suddenly, she’s late for the awards and they promised to meet up later. Boong-do tells her not to be sorry, since he also has to attend to some matters. This time, it’s the driver who is impatient as he warns them to wrap it up quickly - the meter bill should be off the roof (LOL. What a complete 180 from before).

Hee-jin tells Boong-do to meet her at 12am, in her house. She rattles off the long address of her home, shouting at the driver for a pen. Boong-do assures her he’d find it and convinces her by repeating the whole address again. After all, memorizing is his forte. Hihihi.

Hee-jin finally makes it into a taxi, leaving behind the wine glass. Nice touch! As soon as she reaches home, she struggles to unzip her dress. In her half undressed state, she screams at the sight of Boong-do sitting in her living room. Boong-do averts his eyes and shields his eyes with his hand.( Muahahahaha. Too late!)

BD: Let me be clear, I didn’t mean to startle you.
HJ: (still screaming but presentable again) Why are you here?! Shouldn’t you be outside? I thought you’re not here yet.
BD: Didn’t you ask me to wait in your house? In case we get spotted. (He’s got a point…J) I absolutely did not intend to barge in on you.
HJ: Looks more like you absolutely intend to barge in on me. This is really fishy.
BD: I didn’t know a girl would start stripping the moment she steps into the house.
HJ: Omo, didn’t you know? Everyone’s like this here. It’s normal. (LOL. Again HJ? You teach him the darndest things) 
BD: How could that be?
HJ: There are still lots of things you don’t know.

BD: Don’t keep tricking me just because I’m unfamiliar with the code of conducts here (muahaha, a little slow here genius! J). What are you doing there?
HJ: (hides behind a pillar) It’s difficult to explain but this trickier to wear, unlike a hanbok.
BD: If it’s a hanbok, I could be of help.
HJ: Oh, so you’re really good with ladies hanbok, are you now?
BD: I’ll leave you to change and wait for you outside.
HJ: You’ve already seen everything and now you’re leaving?
BD: It’s precisely because I’ve seen all there is to see that I’m leaving. (cheeky!)
HJ: Hah. And you deny being a player. I think not. You’re the best player I’ve seen.

Boong-do smiles in answer, and continues walking to the door. (They’re so cute, teasing one another. *Sigh contentedly.)

HJ: Wait! Hand over the amulet.
BD: why would you want it?
HJ: I won’t have you disappearing suddenly, leaving me alone again. I’ll hold on to it until you leave. Give it to me!
BD: That means I can’t move around freely anymore.
HJ: You think you have it bad? I have been waiting for someone with no clue on when he would ever appear.

He hands it over obediently. She smiles happily, sticking her tongue at him and declares it’s fair now. After he leaves, Hee-jin places it in the drawer.

Boong-do wanders contentedly on the balcony but is immediately on alert mode when he hears Dong-min’s voice. He slips inside the house just as Dong-min makes it to the balcony. Hee-jin is still in her half-dressed state, and quickly hides herself again, berating him for intruding her privacy again. Averting his eyes, Boong-do expresses his helplessness in the matter since her boyfriend is here. Aha, do I detect a note of jealousy??

Dong-min hollers and rings the bell. Boong-do asks for his amulet. Hee-jin tells him to stay put since Dong-min can’t enter the house anyway. He’ll leave when no one answers the door. But no! The door is being open – Hee-jin jumps to the couch pretending to be asleep while Boong-do hides in her bed upstairs. Muahahaha. GREAT  reflexes.

Hee-jin pretends to wake up when Dong-min approaches, all the while checking where Boong-do is. Dong-min is all “I’m here for my cute Hee-jin”, grabbing her ears affectionately while Hee-jin tries not to cringe overtly. As for the door, Jo told him the code. Dong-min chides her for leaving by herself, arm-locking her head playfully. Meanwhile, Boong-do who has been observing the scene is like how-dare-you-touch-my-girl.

Hee-jin tries to convince him to leave to the café next door. The house is messy but Dong-min laughs that it’s never been clean before anyway. As for a serious conversation, he’s not interested. He flips her around and holds her close by the waist. Oh uh!!! Dong-min leans for a kiss but Boong-do sprays water at him. Muahahahahaha. Hee-jin explains hurriedly that it’s the leaking pipes.

He’s not done with her and tries to kiss her again. And Boong-do sprays him again and again and again and again. Oh gawd, I’m jumping about, laughing like a lunatic here. This is like – classic! LMAO.

Hee-jin points to the leaking pipes in the opposite direction but Dong-min is certain it came from the bedroom’s direction. Desperate to distract him, Hee-jin drags Dong-min to the bathroom, fretting about his sponsored clothes. Dong-min gripes about the leaking house, insisting that she moves away. Hee-jin hands over a towel and leaves him to clean up in the bathroom.

She runs back to find Boong-do sitting casually on the stairs. Hands on hips, she chides him for being unexpectedly childish. In defence, he claims he’s just checking if the thing works well, what is it for anyway? LOL. So cute.

BD: What do you plan to do with him?
HJ: It’s not really his fault. He doesn’t know anything.
BD: Ah…does that mean I got the wrong person? You are the one who gave her heart to two men.
HJ: What do you mean? Are you saying I’m cheating? I’m not guilty of anything. This happened because of you, and you dare say I’m a two-timer?! At least, I’m much more innocent than you who are going to marry the Minister’s daughter for the sake of a brighter career.

BD: Minister’s daughter? How did you know that?
HJ: You didn’t think this would be recorded in the annals? I’ve read it very carefully. What is it? You must be soooo happy. Weren’t you looking forward to some higher position? Moreover, she’s supposed to be a peerless beauty.
BD: Well, I was a little moved…
HJ: Ish! Guess I should be the angry one here.

She grabs for something to throw at him.
BD: Can I be responsible for you? (SWooon! It doesn’t sound so good translated this way but basically he’s “mine”-ing her)

Hee-jin stops in her tracks and walks closer. Again he’s high up and she has to crane her neck.
HJ: How?
BD: I’ll think it over and come again. How to be responsible for you… Do you know what I risked just to see the face of Queen In-hyun. What else can’t I do?
HJ: You practised this right? It sounds too good to be true. I wanted to meet you in a better condition too, who would have known you’d catch me undressing as I enter the house.

He asks for the amulet, but this time she doesn’t refuse – she removes it from the drawer and half-jumps to pass it to him. She tells him she’ll take responsibility here, so long as he keeps his promise. Dong-min is calling for her, so Hee-jin quickly waves Boong-do off, after making sure he’d be here tomorrow.

Dong-min is still complaining about the leaking roof, insisting on calling Chun-soo to find her a new apartment and ignoring her request for a talk. (I hate it when he ignores her like that). Hee-jin tells him straight up that she’d like to break it off. That finally catches his attention. She apologizes but insists that they break up. She tries to explain that someone she used to date has turned up again – Dong-min interrupts, because that would be him. She corrects herself, a man she used to date during the period of their break-up. Dong-min is angry, thinking it’s another new guy, besides the dream guy.

Hee-jin admits that it’s the dream-guy. She didn’t think it was a dream, and it wasn’t! She knows she’s not making any sense, so she wants him to assume she’s got some partial memory loss, thinking it would appease him. She met him before they started dating, so she’s not two-timing him. She’s sorry for telling him all this but she didn’t want to lie to him anymore.

Dong-min throws a towel at her, startling her (and me!). There’s a limit to his patience. He knows she’s this way because of the accident and he’s been trying hard to keep it in. But she should know he’s got a temper, he’s been restraining himself for days. Now she’s telling him she’s dating a guy in her dreams called Kim Boong-do?!Where is he? She explains meekly that Boong-do is away and uncontactable, which doesn’t help her case much. He demands that Boong-do shows up before him for him to even consider that possibility. He’s bloody mad she’s hung onto a non-existent man.

Hee-jin asks what he plans to do if Boong-do really shows up. Why… kill him of course! Hee-jin insists she’s telling the truth but Dong-min is beyond reason now, shouting at her to bring Boong-do here. Hee-jin reminds him how she let him go last time, when he was two-timing her, without a word. He was the one who told her how cool she was. He told her he met someone he really loves, that they needed to face their relationship bravely, that it’s better than in hiding behind lies. Now that the situation is reversed, why can’t he do the same for her?

He shouts at her again, asking if she’s trying to pay him back – is that why she date him again? He approaches her threateningly but falls when a pillow hits him. Hee-jin looks up, surprised that Boong-do has not left. (Yay! I was worried there, Dong-min is turning a little too psychotic. )

BD: I got uneasy when you said you were going to take responsibility. Why did you keep saying all those inexplicable stuffs? How could you be so ignorant of a man’s feelings? (he’s talking about her spouting all those vague stuffs to Dong-min)

They smile at each other, totally oblivious of Dong-min’s existence. Dong-min demands to know if he’s Kim Boong-do. Boong-do admits readily, even to the fact that he sprayed him earlier and sticks out his tongue for effect. Hee-jin smiles at his cheek. Dong-min charges at him angrily but Boong-do fends him off easily and runs down the stairs to join Hee-jin.

BD: Even though I’m aware of it each time, your “excitable” nature is truly a big problem. How can you act so impetuously without plans of any sort?

Dong-min charges down the stairs, launching into a flying kick which Boong-do avoids easily. Boong-do ushers Hee-jin to safety as Dong-min threatens with a golf club. Dong-min attacks him with the club but Boong-do disarms him in a few slick moves. Boong-do remarks that they seem fated to fight every time they meet. He held back the last two times he was hit, but there’s no reason to hold back for the third time. Boong-do even tells him nicely that Dong-min should take cover at the sides. LOL.

Dong-min is insulted and attacks again. But he’s no match for Boong-do and is eventually forced to take cover in the bathroom. Boong-do has him cornered on the toilet bowl and threatens to strike even as Dong-min appeals to settle by words (now it words?? Fickle fickle). Boong-do doesn’t strike him for real and Dong-min quickly slips into the glass shower…lol.

Boong-do praises him for his sound judgement – it sure is safe in there! And locks the door with the golf club and a towel. OMG. That’s the greatest comeuppance ever! ROFL. Dong-min doesn’t stop ranting though, claiming that Hee-jin is his girlfriend. The whole world knows that, how could he just butt in suddenly and interfere with everything? Boong-do considers his words carefully, which isn’t entirely wrong…..and excuses himself for a moment. (Pffttttttt….LOL.Way too grate on his nerves!)

He asks a confused Hee-jin in all seriousness: “What do you call a man who snatches another man’s girl? What does a man say here when he snatches another man’s girl?”

Boong-do returns to the bathroom, apologizes and requests to continue their argument. Wakakakaka. OMG. This is hilarious.

BD: Butting in…well, what you say isn’t wrong but strictly speaking, I’m here first. Furthermore, just because there is a goalkeeper, it doesn’t mean you can’t score a goal. This matter should have been handled more delicately, but since it’s come to this….why don’t you take a rest here and calm yourself down? (That’s quite a speech for a third wheel, though I totally agree you are technically NOT a third wheel. LOL)

With that, he politely excuses himself, leaving behind a speechless Dong-min. He was just repeating what Hee-jin told him, so he asks now- “What is a goalkeeper?” LOL. Hee-jin wants to leave immediately. They can’t have Dong-min locked up forever but if they release him, he’d be a handful. Jo will free him when she’s back. Boong-do reminds her he can always leave with his amulet. Hee-jin snatches his amulet and tries to wrist-grab him away. (Nice, this is for all those who hate guys doing the wrist-grabs. LOL) Boong-do pulls her back, asking if she’s got a plan. She looks really blur for a moment before replying. LOL.

HJ: I told you I’m not very smart. Stop asking me questions. My brain feels like exploding now!

Boong-do smiles at her resignedly.

Meanwhile, a semi-drunk Chun-soo and Jo are making their way back to Hee-jin’s apartment. Chun-soo asks curiously about her roof-leak, which is of course news to Jo.  Just then, Dong-min calls. Jo is shocked to learn that he’s locked in her house by Kim Boong-do! He’s obviously not in the nicest mood, repeating what Boong-do told him about the goalkeeper philosophy and how he took Hee-jin away. Jo asks anxiously how Boong-do looks like – is he very tall? OH UH! Dong-min is flipping mad, thinking Jo is in this together, that she knew about Hee-jin two-timing him. She tries to explain, but can’t without sounding absurd. So she asks where Hee-jin went , which elicits another burst of anger from Dong-min – since he’s locked up in the bloody bathroom, how the hell is he supposed to know?

After she hangs up, Jo screams frustratedly, asking Chun-soo if she looks like a mad woman. Chun-soo agrees and she screams some more…

Hee-jin arranges for Boong-do to live in a rented house. She passes him the key then proceeds to “educate” him about stuffs like refrigerator, the telephone, hot and cold water, the electric kettle. Boong-do who has been quiet all these while, interrupts her enthusiastic explanations.

BD: You expect me to sleep here alone? (Omo!!!!)
HJ: What can we do? Everyone should be all worked up by now…I have to return to clean up the mess we created. I’ll come for you tomorrow morning. I have no shooting tomorrow.
BD: But…I don’t think I can fall asleep anyway. With you gone the whole night, what am I supposed to do alone? (Oh??)

HJ: Eh?
BD: Leaving me all alone in a foreign place…and seizing my amulet. Are you really… going to leave? (I swear he's pouting!)
HJ: If you’re bored, you can watch tv. There’re lots of interesting programmes. Ah yes, there’s a rerun of my drama. If you know how good I look on tv, you won’t –

Boong-do throws aside the remote, grabs her face and kisses her. OMG. She pulls away first…

HJ: What is it? I’m very clear-minded now. We have to find a way to solve this without being swayed by emotions. There’s much to do. Didn’t you say my excitable nature is a big problem?
BD: Ah. I forgot to tell you something.
HJ: What?
BD: Your excitable nature…is very attractive.
HJ: Player…

BD: I didn’t know it myself, but I think I just might be a player. This I admit.

She looks at him chidingly, and they kiss again with Hee-jin on tiptoes. As the kiss draws on, she tiptoes on his toes for better reach. (OK I’m dead- I just died of happiness)

To me, the place I live now has become the past.
I’d definitely snatch the amulet and kill him.
That amulet might just be his end.
Hah. If you didn’t two-timed me, if you hadn’t lie, would I be here? Are you screwing with me?
You look like you want to return to that new world.
Even though there is only one person who remembers me, my life would not be the same anymore.


QIHM continues to churn out good, heady stuffs. I love the use of the same scenes and details but with totally different effect. Who knew that the same scenes would be just as funny the second time around – Jo and Boong-do, the glass shower, Dong-min forcing a kiss. The detailed use of certain phrases – player, excitable nature – Gah, I’m so impressed with the writer right now.

Boong-do cemented his place in my heart for all times in this episode – seeing him alternately sad, hopeful, relieved, embarrassed, cheeky, understanding, jealous, heroic, magnanimous, sarcastic, mischievous, smartasss and romantic – do all sorts of funny things to my heart. Can you blame Hee-jin for falling so hard for him? I doubt there’s any girl out there who’s immune to his charms.

That said, I think Hee-jin is one hell of a heroine as well. It’s one of those rare times that I see the girl NOT hesitate at all, acting on her heart’s desire. I’m especially impressed when she lost her temper with the taxi driver and that she did not cower before Dong-min when he was all threatening and scary. Speaking of which, Dong-min has just gone from adorable to plain jerk again. I mean, I’m not those who are sensitive about the wrist-grab act (provided the guy is not hurting the girl) but he took it one step too far by throwing that towel in her face. It looks really violent. I was worried he’d go all psycho. And to think I did pity him a little initially. Now I don’t really care what happens to him.

 p/s: I'd actually started early on this recap....but I spent too much time swooning over them to recap properly! 


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