Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 12

Today’s recipe is Hee-jin's “Curry Rice” = A pinch of heartbreak + A mountain of tooth-aching sweetness.

Episode 12

Daybreak. A half-awake Hee-jin turns languidly in the bed and catches Boong-do gazing down at her, smiling by the door. Contented and happy, she falls back into sleep until late morning.

When she finally wakes up, she’s upset to find herself alone. Thinking he’s left, she curses him for leaving without a word. Oh? Hee-jin finds a note on side table with her name on it – but that’s about it. The note is written is hanja so she couldn’t recognize the rest of the characters. LOL.

She spends the next few minutes trying to decipher the “letter”. Initially, she tries to write down the characters using her phone to find the meanings, but that doesn’t work because she couldn’t quite figure out the correct strokes for each character. (Hanja is tricky like that – many different strokes in a certain sequence constitute one character). And pathetically, she only recognizes three other characters from the note (middle); (south); (three) – but that is hardly helpful in deciphering the meaning of the note.

Frustrated, she grumbles that he must have wanted to confirm how dumb she is. LOL. If he had wanted to leave a letter, he should have taken into consideration the other party’s situation and write in hangul. She stretches herself but finds the amulet in her pocket, exactly where she kept it after confiscating it last night. Ooo…that means he’s still here!

Just then, she hears Boong-do’s voice, seeking approval from the landlord on his bicycle-riding skills. Landlord laughs that he’s doing fine, given the fact that he’s only been practicing for two hours. Boong-do notices Hee-jin on the balcony and rides into the porch distractedly – the bike falls but he’s quick on his feet and avoided any injury.

Hee-jin is curious where he got the bicycle. He borrowed it from the landlord because he was bored since she has not woken up yet. Hee-jin admits shyly she tends to dawdle in bed (Lol. Don’t we all!). Then she tells him how she thought he’d left leaving just a letter. Boong-d looks at her blankly – what letter? She waves the note in her hand and he tells her matter-if-factly that it’s the address of her home. He’d written it down in case he forgets. LOL. Boong-do teases an embarrassed Hee-jin for not recognizing her own address. Miffed, she warns him not to get all cocky – a grown man riding the bicycle for the first time isn’t exactly something to be proud of. Hihi.

Boong-do asks if she’s hungry. He’s super hungry waiting for her to get up. Hee-jin forgets to be miffed and asks worriedly why he hadn’t waked her up. Boong-do offers to get them breakfast but Hee-jin wants to come along. He assures her he’d be fine alone, but Hee-jin thinks he’s got no money on him. Money? He’s got so much money he’s got nowhere to keep them. Omo? Did he sell his sword again? LOL.

Boong-do claims it was much easier the second time around. As usual the buyer tried to offer him a cut-down price, this time however, Boong-do pretended to be annoyed and so the anxious buyer eventually offered him a higher price. LOL. Boong-do smiles to himself, pleased with his much improved bargaining skills. At this rate, he’s gonna get an even better rate if he sells it for the third time (err…I don’t want you selling your swords anymore…look what happened the last time!)

He had wanted to buy her a car again, but since she already has one, he doesn’t think she’ll need another. (Good thinking!) Hee-jin shakes her head vigorously –“That’s ok. A car which may disappear suddenly when you wake up one day…I feel uneasy driving one. But I appreciate you intention.” Aww…she’s worried she’d lose him again.

Boong-do asks what she wants to eat since he has no idea what is delicious. She starts to name them excitedly….then halts. She’s got a better idea – she will write them down. In English! Hahahaha. That’ll teach him to ridicule her. She hands over the list and instructs him to buy the items accordingly from the supermarket. And he need not bother looking at it. Since he can’t understand it anyway. Coz you know, recently English is more popular than Korean. Just appeal for help from the attendant. Boong-do only smiles, but Hee-jin continues to tease him mercilessly. LOL.

At the supermarket, the attendant asks if the list is written by a foreigner. Boong-do explains with a straight face that it’s written by someone with a strong pride keen on showing off in irrelevant matters. LOL. The attendant points out a mistake on one of the items in the list – it’s “curry” instead of “carre”. Boong-do bursts out laughing, telling him to disregard the mistake and pick whatever he thinks it means. Oh dear, muahaha, there goes Hee-jin’s rare chance of besting our scholar.

At home, Jo is stewing in anger. Hee-jin has got less than three minutes to contact her or else their friendship is over.LOL. And right on cue, her handphone rings – it’s Hee-jin alright. Jo screams at her, asking where she is, threatening to kill her. Hee-jin apolologizes and asks if Dong-min has left quietly. Quietly?!
Flashback. They freed him alright. He didn’t say much but his temper sure ain’t pretty. That’s NOT quite the quiet exit.

Hee-jin apologizes but insists she did not want to lie to him anymore. Jo launches into another tirade – aggrieved that she’s been accused of conspiring in her affair. With that off her chest, she calms down enough to ask where Hee-jin is. And warning bells go off when she hears Hee-jin’s in Paju, where she spent the night with her crazed fan. Hee-jin obstinately declares he’s not a crazed fan and reminds Jo of her pledge to stand by her if Boong-do exists in real life. Even if the whole world criticizes her, Jo must always stand by her. She hangs up on a confused Jo just as Boong-do returns from his shopping. Heh.

Jo muses resentfully – when has she ever pledged so? But she did! And she remembers. LOL. And curses herself for saying so. (Hah. No turning back now. I fully expect you to honour your words too :P)

Hee-jin checks Boong-do’s purchase – milk, juice, curry… Boong-do asks in a straight face if it’s really curry she wanted. In a regretful tone, he claims he was afraid he bought the wrong item since he doesn’t know English. (LOL. You sly scholar!) Poor Hee-jin thinks she’s got the upper hand and praises his commendable effort, while Boong-do hides a smile. (LOL. I love how he totally indulges her, despite knowing the truth.)

Hee-jin tells him to sit while she prepares a meal – a meal so good he’d die of happiness. LOL. She announces that today’s meal is something only expected once a year on special occasions, but she’s preparing it especially for him. It may only take a while but he’s not to underestimate the complexity of the preparation. Today’s meal ? Tada. Curry Rice! LMAO.

First step : Open the package. You must be careful to open it along the indicated line. Any mistake, the food will be destroyed. Then with much fanfare, she opens the package slowly before him.

Next, the contents must be poured carefully, prettily and evenly on the rice. Muahaha.

Third, wrap the plate and its content with a thin film wrap. According to Expert Hee-jin, this is a step rarely attempted by regular housewives.

Finally, heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes. EXACTLY 3 minutes, not 10 second more, not 10 seconds less. She declares dramatically that 3 minutes will decide the fate of the food.

Boong-do continues to watch her, with a doubtful expression. Hee-jin continues her showmanship  by removing the plate from the microwave, then the covering and there you have it : The king of all cuisine – Curry Rice! (Hee-jin should really consider hosting some cooking show, she’s a natural. Totally. Wakakka)
Hee-jin acts all tired by the “efforts” but tells him to skip the gratitude and dig in. 

Boong-do sighs long and hard. No matter how ignorant he may be of the ways in this world, the way she blatantly tries to hoodwink him is too much. LOL. He’s already here for a few months, how dare she make a fool of him! (He raises his voice in reproach). Hee-jin smiles unrepentantly and sticks out her tongue, not the slightest bit afraid since he’s all bark but no bite. Boong-do smiles back affectionately. *Me melts*

Hee-jin is curious what he was doing up in the early morning. She saw him by the door all dressed up. Boong-do asks if she dreamt it. But Hee-jin is sure – did he go somewhere? Curiously, Boong-do changes the topic. Hee-jin remains suspicious but decides to let him off the hook. (Hmm….a surprise present?)

Dong-min is still fuming when he shows up on the set and plops down beside Na-jung who mocks him mercilessly. And again, he demands that she buys him a drink after work. (Oh? Getting a strong déjà vu vibe here). The director apologizes that he’d had to leave for the awards on an empty stomach. Dong-min stops the director before he leaves, and offers his idea – why don’t they poison Queen In-hyun? Omo…the rest of the scene plays out exactly as before, the scene right after their triple date. After Dong-min finished ranting, Na-jung asks if they’ve fought, more amused than ever when she realizes she’s guessed correctly. Dong-min leaves in a huff.

Dong-min lashes out in his car, frightening his assistant and throwing things. Chun-soo checks on him but he announces that he’s in no mood to film, his eyes nigh popping out.  (*Gulps. He’s getting scary)

Boong-do takes out the bicycle again. Hee-jin tells him he forgot to buy the coffee – she’s used to having an after meal coffee. Boong-do left it out on purpose since he wants to take her out – to celebrate him learning how to ride a bicycle. Hee-jin doubts his ability since he’s a newbie at cycling. Boong-do tells her earnestly how he only took the trouble in learning how to ride a bicycle so that he could bring her cycling.

Still doubtful but moved, she plops herself on the bicycle. A mischievous Boong-do warns her that she’d be on her own if she falls. Hee-jin grumbles about his irresponsible warning. In reply, Boong-do grabs her hands and wraps them around his waist before they set off. (LOL. He’s getting really good. Definitely a player.)

They spend the day exploring the sights, just like a normal couple, delighting in each other’s company.

When evening comes, they stop at a railway crossroad, waiting for the train to pass.

HJ: You really are a quick learner. This I admit.
BD: I told you that’s my only strong point, didn’t I?
HJ: Even if you live here, I think you won’t starve to death. You should be able to get work. Are you interested in teaching? What do you think of teaching the Korean language? Or since you good at riding, why not teach horse-riding? Even if you don’t work, you’ll still be fine since money is not a problem for you. You can just sell a family heirloom and you would have enough to last a lifetime. What an enviable life!

BD: Is that so?
HJ: Compared to your place, don’t you think it’s much more interesting here? Honestly, right?
BD: Who knows…
HJ: Chh..Even though you’re a scholar there, but you have to be wary of your life everyday. Just a word from the King is enough to lose your life. Even if you’re promoted, based on the lacking medical facilities then, you’d still die early. Don’t you agree?
BD: Well, you are not wrong…
HJ: Ah…your amulet is still with me. If I throw this into the fire, it means you would have to stay right? Shall I throw this then? What do you think?

Boong-do looks conflicted but keeps silent. Hee-jin assumes his silence is equivalent to consent and warns that she’s throwing it for real. Hek! Boong-do turns around to look at the fire, anxiety wiping the smile off his face. He thought she threw the amulet but Hee-jin waves it before him, smiling and sticking out her tongue, as though pleased she’d pranked him. But the atmosphere has changed and they both realized it.

She’s aware he was truly afraid back then, and worried he might not be able to return to Joseon. She offers to let him keep the amulet because based on her impulsive behavior, she really might burn it. Despite her carefree speech, she doesn’t really want him to take it and it shows when she holds onto the amulet a little longer than necessary as a quiet Boong-do slowly pulls it from her grasp. (Ah…my heart hurts for poor Hee-jin)

They try to go on like nothing has happened, but are interrupted by Hee-jin’s ringing handphone. It’s the directing staff, informing Hee-jin of a change in the shooting schedule. Apparently, Dong-min is admitted to the hospital. Hee-jin is worried and glances back at Boong-do guiltily as she moves out of hearing.

She calls Jo next to ascertain if Dong-min was truly admitted due to stress-related gastric problems because of her. Jo is certain he’s faking it. Jo informs her how Dong-min had even requested that her character be killed off. The main problem now is Dong-min’s pride – he just can’t tolerate being dumped and by the looks of things, there’s bound to be more trouble. The director must have sensed that something is wrong and has called to meet Jo. Hee-jin asks for the Hospital’s address, she’ll have to check on him before things escalates out of control.

Boong-do attracts her attention by ringing the bell. Hee-jin apologizes for not being able to accompany him for coffee. Boong-do heard bits of the conversation and thinks Dong-min is faking it. Hee-jin is aware of that, but she’d still need to visit him regardless. Especially since she’s the root of the problem. Boong-do still 
feels he’s not the kind of person who’d be sick over such matters.

Hee-jin thinks he’s just being jealous, which he promptly denies. Is he worried she’ll reconcile with Dong-min? Hee-jin reassures him that it won’t happen. (Hee-jin is so sweet… that I’m feeling sad for her that Boong-do could not offer her the same reassurance she seeks)

The spy Ja-soo stationed near Boong-do’s house reports that Boong-do has gone to somewhere else for some business, uncertain when he’ll be back. Ja-soo knows he won’t be there. But if Boong-do has gone back to his hometown, he’d need to be away for at least 5 days for his lie to stand. And they’ve ascertained that the Queen is out of the palace visiting her mother, Lady Bok.

According to Min-am’s plan, they need to find a time when the Queen is not in the palace and there’s no way Boong-do would show up in the palace. All the set pieces are in place now. Ja-soo sends one of his henchmen to Boong-do’s hometown for witnesses. Another to gather a large crowd.  And they will set out to Lady Bok’s residence tonight. The spy mentions seeing Yoon-wol heading for the temple, but Ja-soo dismisses her importance. Min-am will deal with her later.

In the hospital, Dong-min is still sulking so when he hears Chun-soo telling someone on the phone that he’s faking it, his temper flares up. At first, he refuses visitors but when he knows it’s Hee-jin, he immediately changes his mind. (Sigh…you’re making this hard ...). Chun-soo warns him not to make a scene since they’re at the hospital then tells Hee-jin to come right up.

Hee-jin is all nerves as she makes her way into the room with a bouquet of flowers.  She tries to show concern but Dong-min sprays her instead, still angry with her lies about the so-called leaking roof. Hee-jin forces a smile but he tells her to come closer and then sprays her again. (Why you ^&$%&^#%$&^!!!!!) Hee-jin stays still and Dong-min sprays at her mercilessly, releasing all his pent up frustrations. (Pick someone your own size!!!).

According to his childish logic, Hee-jin should endure all that on behalf of her lover. Hee-jin is fine with that but feels he’s being childish. Well, he’s always been this childish, didn’t she know? She should’ve predicted this when she decided to two-time him. And no, he’s not done. He flings a pillow at her, just like Boong-do did. Next, he wants to lock her up in the bathroom. If she wants, she can always complain to Boong-do. What is he, a gangster? Why does he fight so well?! Hee-jin struggles to free herself from his grip, she only wants to talk things over. She’ll explain this – she never cheated or lied to him. She’ll explain everything.

She’s being contradictory from his point of view and he assumes she’s taking him for a fool. Fortunately before he could do more damage, Chun-soo is here with the director. The director is surprised to see Hee-jin all drenched in water. Hee-jin explains that she’s just sweaty. Chun-soo makes a fuss, ushering Dong-min back to bed and offering a drink to the director.

The director is no fool and remarks that Dong-min looks fine enough. Dong-min is adamant he is NOT well. In fact, he announces that he no longer wishes to shoot with Queen In-hyun. Better yet, cancel all the scenes. The problem is he cannot immerse himself into the character – how can he be expected to act opposite a cheating Queen In-hyun? To look at her cheating face and pretend to love her. He can’t do it! His sudden outburst leaves everyone in shock.

Chun-soo tries to salvage the situation but Dong-min is insistent he will not act opposite an actress with a messy personal life. They should just get rid of her character – poison her, behead her or just don’t reinstate her and let her die in old age. He doesn’t care how they do it. Bottom line, it’s either him or her. He continues to hurl more abuse at Hee-jin who just keeps quiet the entire time.

Fortunately, the director is rather understanding. He doesn’t care who’s in the right. But at the moment, they would just continue to film separately. He grumbles that he knew Dong-min would act up one day, but he never would have thought it would be because of such issues. After the director leaves, Hee-jin broods in her car before she recalls that Boong-do would be waiting for her.

She calls the house but learns that he’s away. Is he still here or back in Joseon? Hee-jin recalls him leaving in the night and then his anxiety when he thought she threw his amulet into the fire and concludes that he might be harbouring another woman in Joseon, especially since he’s already admitted to being a player.
She’s imagining a lecherous Boong-do in action – but even in her suspicious state of mind, she concedes he’s not that kind of person. Heh. But how is she to know for sure? It’s not like she can observe him there…

Yoon-wol is at the temple sending word that Boong-do is currently safe. But the monk claims he’s already confirmed that in person since Boong-do showed up late in the night.

Flashback. Boong-do appeared before the monk to assure him of his safety. It’s late but he could not sleep so he wondered if the monk would be up as well.

Monk tells Yoon-wol he thought Boong-do looks more troubled ever since he’s found the amulet. He thinks Boong-do is considering staying in that new world. Yoon-wol is speechless.

Hee-jin is driving when Boong-do calls. He’s at the park. Before this he was sight-seeing in Seoul while waiting for her. He’s always rushing about and had never quite appreciated the sights. Hee-jin is upset he’s been enjoying himself while she’s been fretting over him. Boong-do asks if she’s alright, worried she’d be bullied by Dong-min. (She was! You should’ve been there…). Hee-jin boasts that she’s no pushover…but of course Boong-do knows better – she is the most easily bullied person in the world.

By now Hee-jin has pulled over at the park but continues to speak to him through the phone.
HJ: If you’re that worried, you should’ve accompanied me there!  Didn’t you say you would take responsibility?
BD: If I had followed, your friend might be in greater hurt.
HJ: What is this – a cat worrying over a mouse? You said you’d be responsible but what is this? You still don’t have any countermeasures.
BD: I’ve considered it carefully but there really isn’t any other way. It’s best to just wait it out till he calms down.
HJ: Omomo…what a ridiculous answer. I’m speechless. You sure you’re not joking? You’re serious?
BD: Are you in the car now?
HJ: Don’t change the subject. I’m still speechless now.
BD: Open the dashboard on the right. I forgot to tell you after I’ve placed it there.

Hee-jin follows his instructions, surprised to find wads of cash in there. She glances about worriedly before closing the dashboard again. Then she makes her way towards him, still speaking to him through the handphone.

HJ: Why are you giving me money? What is the meaning of this? Please stop imitating the rich chaebols in manhwa… It’s good enough that you follow through on your responsibility.
BD: Can you….spend that for me?
HJ: Eh?
BD: It’s time to stop calling from a public phone booth. And stop wearing other people’s clothes. We can’t always be hiding in the countryside whenever I want to meet you. I would like to find a place to stay near your house. Of course, I’d need a handphone and clothes. Would that be enough?
HJ: It’s enough…but –

BD: I said I’ll take responsibility but I realized that my sudden appearance in your life has given you much trouble. Just by pretending to be your boyfriend, or buying you an expensive car or spraying that person’s face with water is not enough to compensate you. The only way I can really take responsibility is to make sure I’m really there by your side. What do you think? This is what I’ve concluded after careful consideration. (squeeeeeeeeeee)

He waits for an answer but Hee-jin just gazes at him, speechless. He finally notices her and is about the hang up when Hee-jin finally answers…

HJ: That’s a very accurate conclusion
BD: you think so?
HJ: I seem to be a pretty good judge of character…

He smiles at her boast and they continue gazing at each other. Suddenly it starts raining, so Boong-do quickly pulls her into the booth. (OMG that’s really smooth, player Kim Boong-do!)

Flashback to Boong-do’s late night conversation with the monk. Monk asks what’s troubling him. All these time, Boong-do has been working towards saving his own life and the Queen’s that he didn’t give much thought to everything else. Now that everything’s settled and that he’s regained his memories, he finds that his life here has become the past for him and wonders if he could continue living here like he used to.

Cut to Boong-do sight-seeing in Seoul, while we hear his voice still narrating to the monk. He had accidentally learned the course of history, and yet he’s expected to live everyday in a preordained history. Is that really the path he should follow? After knowing what happens in future, will he still be able to live happily? The funny thing is, the future has now become his present. If that is the case, should he be living in the future instead?

Yoon-wol is stunned to learn all that from the monk and is alarmed by Boong-do’s train of thoughts. The monk thinks he’s met someone there.

Back to his conversation with Boong-do. Monk poses another question to him – “Do you think you will be happy in a world where no one has memories of you. For man, there is no greater suffering than loneliness.” Boong-do agrees with him but replies, “What if there is at least one person who remembers me, I think life would be different for me then.”

Yoon-wol asks the monk if Boong-do has already decided to leave. Monk thinks it’s a difficult decision for him to make, but one thing is certain, his heart is already there.

Elsewhere, Ja-soo and gang is already riding towards Lady Bok’s residence. Ja-soo had already updated Min-am of the situation, how he’d deciphered that Boong-do has always survived whenever he was in mortal danger with the amulet’s help, which only works in his favor. If Min-am wishes it, he will storm into his house to snatch away the amulet and kill him. But no, Min-am has other plans. The amulet may save his life, but similarly the amulet may be the end of him as well.

Unaware of the pending danger to himself in Joseon, Boong-do is still taking cover from the rain with Hee-jin in the phone booth. Actually more like cozying up in there. Squeeeee! They look at a book Boong-do bought on his Seoul excursion, at a cathedral which fascinates Boong-do. Hee-jin recognizes it as Florence. (Good for her, cause I didn’t! At least her Geography is good!) Boong-do would like to visit it one day. 

Hee-jin teases him for wanting to visit a foreign country when he doesn’t know English at all (errr…don’t they speak Italian over there?). He gives her a pointed look and she relents, volunteering to be his translator.
Boong-do feels he would be more fluent than her if given a month to learn English. Hee-jin wonders about his curious confidence, since it had taken her years to learn it (I hesitate to say master it. LOL). He finally asks her how she would spell “curry”. As expected, she spells it as “carre”. He laughs but doesn’t elaborate. And the two of them continue to cuddle and snuggle with each other – they even hold the book with intertwined fingers. Gah….can they be any sweeter?

HJ: A chance meeting of fate… a strange fate blossoming in the gap of time. The destined outcome of that chance meeting, we are about to face the end…

HJ: Mr.Player against the most beautiful girl on earth. Hello, Mr.Player. How do you do? Mr.Player: I’m fine.
NJ: My Queen, how could you cheat on the King with another man? You the best!
Unknown voice: The events in the months of April shall be re-investigated again.
King: Prisoner Kim Boong-do is sentenced to public execution.
(OK, the preview looks really worrying… T.T)


Is it strange if I admit to bracing myself for BD’s flaws? They can’t really make him flawless right? Where would all the angst come from?

In this episode, we glimpse the littlest of crack in their relationship. Despite the obstacles piled against them, one thing has been certain thus far, their feelings and conviction for one another. In the part where he is hesitating to take the leap of faith and join her in the present day, you wonder how he plans to fulfill his promise to take care of her. With his intellect, he must have understood Hee-jin’s hints. And yet, he chose to ignore them. Does he have a better plan? Or is he still wavering? Unlike Hee-jin who thinks with her heart, Boong-do has almost always thought with his brain. And while it has worked so far to get him out of tricky situations, I had wondered if the same rational and pragmatic mind would prove to be their biggest obstacle yet. And since we’ve all been ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this exceptionally smart hero, I believe that Boong-do’s hesitation is understandable. He needs time to sort out his priorities.

One thing this drama has been good at is drawing believable reactions from the characters towards the supernatural element according to their personalities. So while we’d all love for him to stay with Hee-jin in the present day without a care, his cautious personality would demand that he considers all the possibilities and its repercussions.  I love that he thought about everything. Because it makes it that much sweeter that he’s come to the same conclusion after all those careful deliberations. I believe Hee-jin needs to be with someone level-headed to counterbalance her rash nature, and Boong-do is the yang to her yin.

So yeah, it’s another point in favor of Boong-do. And on the scale of awesomeness, he’d already tip the scales above 100%. For me, he’s like a 200% bundle of perfectness. It’s gotta be improbable for any other human to top that.

P/s: I couldn't squeeze in all the caps I took and trust me, I tried....really really hard!


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    1. Some of my classes were cancelled this week so I had a little more time. Can't promise the same posting schedule after this (probabably revert back to Fri-Sat). Anyway, there are faster recaps out there, so I decided to spent more time fine-tuning mine and add MOAR screencaps ♥

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    1. I also love dialogues, which is why I tend to translate them in full. I don't think my descriptive powers is sufficient to convey the beauty of the some of the dialogue.

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    I know! The minute he said that I was like, hihihi, if you can sell it again it means you will reset time again! No no no!!

    I love that Boong Do indulges her and just looks at her adoringly afterward. It makes my heart melt, ahhhhh. Hee Jin is cute as a button so I can understand why he just loves to tease her. I think I burst my gut a few times during that curry rice thing, I mean look at how serious Boong Do was! ahahah! He's just always happy and amused when he's around her and I don't want it to end~~~

    When Boong Do thought Hee Jin had indeed destroyed the talisman, I had thought to myself that no, Hee Jin is definitely not the kind to do something like this. She knows how important it is to him and she will never in her lifetime do anything that will bring harm or inconvenience to him. If it were any other girl she might throw a fit and use the talisman as a weapon to keep Boong Do close, but because Hee Jin is this sweet, kind person, she doesn't force Boong Do to stay by her side. And she might have that slightest bit of insecurity but she doesn't let it consume her. And I love that about her.

    It's not strange to be awaiting Boong Do's flaws, I'm waiting for it too, hahah. I think while his very rational mind is his best trait, it will also turn out to be his shortcoming. His not assuring to Hee Jin in the beginning is very him, he just needs to think things through before deciding on what's best. But like what the monk has said, his heart is already in the future, and he should just go with his heart's desire for once.

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Only four more episodes left. It will most certainly end with a fantastic bang! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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    I wonder though, if his hesitance came more out of responsibility rather than a lack of faith/love for Heejin. Back in his time, he still has Jasoo and Minam to deal with, and even if he gets out of the issues scotch-free, there is no guarantee that his friends will too. I don't think Boong-do is oblivious to the fact that these men will hunt down Yoon-wol and his manservant :(

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    The only part that's troubling me is HJ's narration. The first time she does it is in episode 1, where HJ meets BD for the first time. Here, HJ narrates in past tense, as if she's telling a finished story. Then, we're re-introduced to her narration in episode 12. Once again, she speaks in past tense. All of her narrations seem to foreshadow a bitter-sweet ending. This is NOT the ending i'm looking forward to =/ The ending MUST be sweet! =D

  13. by far the most brilliant scene being when HJ pranked him with the amulet - to me, his true self emerged and i felt sad for the both of them. on one hand, like how KBD explained to the monk that he really is considering a life renewed in the future, he can't let go of his past that easily, considering how his life is now so closely tied to the amulet. then when HJ realizes how important it is to him, it's sad to know that she really wants him by her side but yet the circumstances do not allow them to do so -

    just exceptionally well done, this major conflict between the 2 lovebirds ^^

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