Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 13

The stakes are higher and it’s no longer just about our dear OTP. The Joseon situation has taken a dire turn as Boong-do falls into Min-am’s perfectly laid trap and Hee-jin suffers another heartrending separation.

Episode 13

Boong-do is back in Joseon for the moment. Yoon-wol seeks him out and after a moment of hesitation finally calls him out for deciding to leave – just when everything is peaceful once more (ah if you only knew…), just when the time is ripe to carry out the elder master’s dying wishes. How could he, as head of the family throw away everything and everyone, only to go to another woman? She had only meant for the amulet to protect him, not have him seduced and giving up everything (harsh, but you can’t argue with that). And she warns him ominously that if he harbors other selfish desires along with the amulet, it could very well be a source of calamity (what??).

A calm Boong-do admits he’s taken aback to see her angry for the first time and tells her gently to go through everything again one by one. And tellingly, he immediately asks about her ominous warning first.

In the present day, Hee-jin is happily preparing Boong-do’s personal belongings as per his wishes. First up are the handphones, she keys in their numbers – him as “player” and she as “prettiest girl in the world” – and holds a mini conversation with herself. Hah.

Next, she stuffs the cash he’d given her in a brand new wallet. Just then, Jo tsk-ed her from the bedroom, alerting Hee-jin of her presence.  Hee-jin asks brightly if she’s ready for breakfast, but Jo continues to tsk-tsk her. Hee-jin explains quickly the money is Boong-do’s, she’s only shopping on his behalf. When Jo only shakes her head and tsk somemore, Hee-jin teasingly applauds her many expressions – troubled, anger, frustration.

Hee-jin wants to hunt for a house next – in Namshan, complete with a great view. Jo is unhappy Boong-do is making Hee-jin do everything for him but Hee-jin explains simply that he doesn’t have a good taste. Jo queries her decision to date him when the guy can’t even buy his own house so Hee-jin tells her cheekily that he’s loaded. Hah. It’s an argument Jo can’t win because she was the one always preaching about preferring rich guys, and Boong-do might even be richer than Dong-min since he doesn’t even know how much his inheritance is. Happy to have gained the upper hand, Hee-jin offers to treat her with Boong-do’s money, as reward for her shopping efforts.

A speechless and frustrated Jo slumps back into bed and asks if she’s truly happy – after being splashed with water by Dong-min (grrrr…!), losing her CF deals, scorned by people on the set, crowned a scandal queen – is she truly blissful now? Hee-jin enthuses that she is, much to the exasperation of Jo. LOL. An annoyed Jo finally surrenders – grudgingly conceded that Hee-jin is happy and comforted by the thought that Boong-do is at least wealthy – the only silver lining.

Boong-do is distracted at work as he remembers what Yoon-wol told him about the amulet. The master monk of the temple had seen how devoted Yoon-wol was at praying and asked her what she was praying so hard for.

Looking at the details of Boong-do’s birthdate (the lunar kind), master monk could tell that he is an extremely smart man with a lot on his shoulders (This work in the same way zodiacs predicts your personalities and luck. In Asian countries, some monks are known to have fortune-telling abilities). Yoon-wol tells him that she prays for Boong-do’s happiness and safety. But unfortunately, monk says that Boong-do will always be heading towards suffering, leading to a bitter end to his life. (What?? T.T) An alarmed Yoon-wol seeks for his guidance.

M: This amulet can bring one fortune but also become a source of calamity. Use it wisely. Even though it’s written by me, the amulet might not act according to my wishes. Even though you prayed for it, it might not grant what you wish for. Even though it’s his amulet, it might not work in his favor. If mixed with other desires, it might culminate in a great calamity.

Yoon-wol explains that the amulet was only meant to protect him. She is convinced that Boong-do using the amulet to return to that other world, which differs from the initial purpose of the amulet, is equivalent to “other desires” so warned by the master monk. She wishes him to be happy, but it never occurred to her that his happiness means he would disappear before them forever.

A messenger from Eigeumbu (the capital prison) is here with a letter for Boong-do. The contents of which are; how the hunt for wanted Ja-soo with the aid of the drawings have yielded no results but it also describes worryingly of a certain incident, currently still under wraps. A few days ago, the Queen has left the palace to visit Lady Bok. Last night, the guards found a suspicious yangban-dressed man trying to sneak into her residence. The Queen is unharmed, but the King is furious and demands that remnants of the rebels be captured, believing them responsible for the latest attack.

The chief of the constables enlists Boong-do’s help since he is the only one who knows how Ja-soo looks, but even Boong-do is baffled by their rash actions (they’re coming for you!!). They analyze Ja-soo’s portrait which Boong-do claims is slightly off, with regards to the mouth. Boong-do thinks aloud that a photograph will be more helpful, confusing the poor constable. (Haha…he’s so used to the modern gadgets already!)

Anyway, the intruder looks nothing like Ja-soo, even though the guards only caught a glimpse of his back. The intruder was at least 6 feet tall and dressed as a yang-ban. While Boong-do mulls over this information, archers appear suddenly on the roof and Boong-do is shot – twice! *Gasp.

But as usual, he warps into the present day when in danger. Only this time, the arrows are stuck in his chest! (Oh no!!!)

In Joseon, his disappearance did not go unnoticed. Guards and citizens alike saw how he vanished like a poof of smoke. Chief constable does not believe them and tells the guards to search the area for him.

Boong-do stands out like a sore thumb in the busy streets of Seoul, attracting curious glances. He walks away casually but we see that he’s suppressing his pain.

In a quiet corner, Boong-do pulls out the arrows one after another, his face now pale and his wound bleeding profusely. (Oh dear oh dear!)

He spies some bags a distance away and a moment later we see him dressed in modern clothes, still hurting from the bleeding wounds. He goes over the events in his mind and realizes that it’s a trap. And the only one who knew about the powers of the amulet could only be Ja-soo, with Min-am as the mastermind. As blood continues to drip from his wound, he realizes belatedly it’s all Min-am’s plan.

Flashback to the conversation between Ja-soo and Min-am. Min-am is sure Boong-do must have shown himself at the Queen’s residence the night of the supposed assassination attempt, but previously they could not prove it. Now all they need to do is to reenact a similar scenario as evidence that it is possible. And there is only one possibility involving his beloved Queen and trusted advisor that would anger the proud King so much that he would no doubt order their deaths…

Both flashback and a stunned Boong-do arrive at the same conclusion – SCANDAL . So it’s treasonous liaison after all. *Gulps.

Injured Boong-do finally makes it to the park and the place where he hides his bag. Surprisingly, it’s missing!!! But thank goodness, in its place, he finds the sealed bag containing clothing and necessities prepared by Hee-jin.

The attached note reads:
“I’m not sure if you can read this. Hihi. Kim Boong-do shi, in future, do not steal anymore. You must learn to dress up nicely.”
- Prettiest girl in the world –

Boong-do only takes the wallet and the handphone and drags his injured body into a cab. Instead of going to the hospital like he should, he asks to be sent to the nearest library. (I know you are anxious, but you’re bleeding to death here!!!). They are stuck in a jam so the taxi driver asks if Boong-do could get off from here, since the library is just some 50meters away. Boong-do is already unconscious and it is only then that the taxi driver registers that he is gravely injured.

Hee-jin is currently shooting her scenes with …. a replacement actor who is playing King Suk-jong. LOL. The director is only filming from Hee-jin’s angle since Dong-min is still boycotting her. Na-jung laughs in amusement to learn this, agreeing that situation has Dong-min’s style stamped all over it. The director calls for a break, displeased with the effect.


Na-jung couldn’t resist mocking Hee-jin for cheating on the King but a down Hee-jin immediately perks up at the sight of Jo. She sticks out her tongue adorably, which Jo mimes cutting. So she closes her mouth quickly in apprehension. LOL. Glad to know these two are still so cute.

The two retreat to the dressing room where Jo gripes at the disdain targeted at Hee-jin. Hee-jin wonders if she should seek a truce with Dong-min. She’d kneeled before him if it would appease him. Jo is against the idea - why should she kneel before him? It’s not like they’re engaged or married. Jo had felt sorry for him initially but after all his antics, she’s no longer sorry at all. (About time you stand by Hee-jin! Sigh, at least she’s not alone anymore).

Hee-jin notices unknown miscalls on her handphone. She scrolls down and sees it’s from Boong-do. Literally bobbing up and down in happiness, she returns the call only to be answered by a man asking anxiously if she’s the “pretty girl”. Hah. Hee-jin stands up in shock at whatever the caller tells her, alarming Jo too.

Jo drives her to the hospital. Hee-jin rushes inside asking for Boong-do but the nurse recognizes her as the actress. Jo’s manager skill is put to test as she quickly claims to be Boong-do’s guardian and steps on Hee-jin’s foot to stop her from revealing more in her anxious state. Jo signs the consent form since Boong-do was wheeled into the operation theatre in emergency.

Hee-jin stands aside while Jo tries to find out what happened from the taxi driver. When he reaches the part about calling the only number on Boong-do’s handphone – he looks her up and down trying to decide if Jo is the so-called prettiest girl. (If the situation isn’t so worrying, I’d laugh). While he continues to describe what happened, Hee-jin stares at the “In surgery” sign worriedly.

In Joseon, Min-am learns in glee that Boong-do’s vanishing act has been reported to the King. With that many witnesses, the Chief of Uigeumbu could not possibly put a lid on the matter.

The King and court officials listen in disbelief at the Chief’s description of the events. What’s worse is Boong-do is still not found yet. In view of his injuries, he should have left trails of blood or footprints but neither is found. And he couldn’t have been kidnapped by the rebels who all confessed to be shocked to see him disappear. King wonders if Boong-do knows some sort of spells – where could he be now?

Cut to Boong-do being wheeled into the operation theater. A moment later, we see him regain consciousness. An anxious Hee-jin is immediately by his side, asking if he could see and hear her. Boong-do manages to ask her to check the annals before he loses consciousness again.

The doctor arrives to check on him and Hee-jin waits outside, downcast. Jo advises her to return to the set since it will be her turn to film soon. The longer she stays, the higher the possibility of her being discovered. The public is shocked enough by her two-timing scandal, if it is known that the third wheel is admitted to the hospital dripping in blood, it will raise a ruckus nationwide. Is that what she wants? Jo promises to watch over him and Hee-jin reluctantly agrees to leave.

Before she leaves, Jo raises some dubious points. It’s true she likes money, but money isn’t everything. She is still wary of Boong-do’s identity – Why would a student be shot by arrows? Is he even a University student? Why doesn’t he know anyone besides Hee-jin? Even if his parents are dead, doesn’t he have siblings or friends? It’s going to be a headache explaining everything to the police. Just who the heck is he?

There’s another change in the script. Frustrated, Hee-jin marches up to Dong-min accusing him of changing the script (well, he did bring up the matter a few times previously). Dong-min looks at her blankly; he has no idea what she’s angry about. Hee-jin is annoyed that he’s changing the fates of real historical figures according to his whims. Dong-min asks if she is referring to Queen In-hyun’s death , which is brought forward a couple of episodes earlier and denies he has anything to do with it.

Hee-jin is not concerned about that – she’s concerned about the way Queen In-hyun dies. Annoyed, he asks how then should Queen In-hyun die? Peacefully on her sickbed? Dong-min truly has no idea what she’s going on about and asks if she’s been drinking. Hee-jin finally realizes something is off and finally recalls Boong-do’s request before he lost consciousness.

She walks away in a daze as Chun-soo shows up, whacking Dong-min for always picking a fight with Hee-jin.

Hee-jin finally searches the annals and whatever is written shocks her beyond words.

In the hospital, Boong-do finally wakes up. When Hee-jin shows up, he smiles weakly at her while she alternates from relief to disbelief to happiness.  She notes that he must be alright if he’s still able to smile. Then she launches into a lecture on how the handphone literally saved his life. Without identification, he would not have been able to undergo surgery and therefore end up dead without anybody knowing. She praises herself for her foresight to leave the handphone there for him.

Boong-do asks how long was he out. 10 days. She tries to chatter brightly but Boong-do remains focused, asking about the annals. Hee-jin lies that nothing’s changed in the annals. It was only recorded that he had disappeared without a trace after being shot in the streets. Nothing else has changed, or so she stresses upon. Boong-do looks doubtful but does not press her.

The doctor comes in to check on him, and Hee-jin slips away to answer the phone. For an actress, she’s really not doing a good job at lying and Boong-do clocks her every action...

There are other problems in the present day as well. Now that he’s awake, the nurse requests for his identification and informs Hee-jin that the police will have to be notified.

Boong-do rises from the bed, removing all the IV lines and searches his clothes for the amulet. Omo, is he planning to go back now? He can’t find it but dresses up anyway. The nurses come for him – he’s due for further investigations but he slips away quietly. However, his escape is foiled by a surprised Jo.

Left with no choice, he shoves the trolley bed against the nurses and makes his escape while a shocked Jo looks on. Outside, he stares at the opened ambulance contemplatively and makes his move.

Meanwhile, Hee-jin is stunned to learn that Boong-do has run off.  Jo wonders at his erratic behavior while Hee-jin looks troubled.

Runaway Boong-do is at the library again. Really, the man is nothing but persistent. The annals read:

25th May – Uigeumbu Chief reports Kim Boong-do’s disappearance after an attack by rebels.

26th May – A patrolling guard has described the unknown intruder of the Queen’s residence as being similar to Boong-do. The furious King has ordered the guard punished.

27th May – The servants at the Queen’s residence has testified that Kim Boong-do was seen entering the Queen’s residence on several occasions, in particular the night of the assassination attempt.

28th May – Evidence has surfaced that Kim Boong-do never showed up in his hometown even though he had claimed so.

29th May – King learns that Kim Boong-d had disappeared for 3 days during his exile in Jeju.

1st June – Kim Boong-do has been seen in various locations all over the country in a day using black magic. Rumours are rife among the people that he’s been using the spells to visit the Queen’s residence and the two are involved scandalously. There have been many requests to investigate the rumours. The King is furious and orders the arrest of Kim Boong-do and the others for interrogation.

3rd June – King tries to confirm the matter with the Queen but she remains mum. King is furious.

20th June – King decrees that the allegations of improper conduct between the Queen and his subject have been proven. Besides adultery, the Queen is also guilty of bewitching the King into reinstating her Queen status. This is a treasonous charge and her status is to be rescinded. All the events in April will be re-investigated and Min-am and his men are pardoned.

2nd July – Kim Boong-do is still not found. Queen is banished. All his family is sentenced to extreme punishment.

25th July – The banished Queen is beheaded.

Boong-do is stunned, struggling to come to terms with the drastic change of events that he is oblivious to his vibrating handphone.

Hee-jin is calling him, all nerves as she wonders which library has he gone to.

Boong-do recalls Yoon-wol’s warning, his heart conflicted as he considers if what happened was the result of his selfish desire. Oh no!! He finally sees the ringing handphone…but doesn’t answer.

A distraught Hee-jin waits worriedly at the hospital. The phone rings and it’s Boong-do. But he’s at her house, looking for the amulet. She claims that she’s burned the amulet.

HJ: I burned it! I was worried you’d be like this once you are awake.

BD: There’s no time. Where is it?

HJ: I told you I burned it! You saw the annals didn’t you? It’s written that you’ve disappeared. That’s because I burned the amulet. Even Queen In-hyun has been beheaded, if you return you’ll be subjected to torture. How could I let you go back after knowing all this? That’s why I burned it. You should know…I’m simple-minded. I couldn’t think of any other way. I’m sorry I did it without telling you but I had no choice. Even if you want to go back to Joseon now, you can’t.

BD: You don’t lie very well, why do you keep insisting on telling lies? (Ouch!!That hurts… T.T)
HJ: I’m not lying!

BD: Don’t be mad at what I’m saying now. I don’t like simple-minded people. You keep saying you’re simple-minded but from my understanding, you are merely ignorant. Not dumb.

 HJ: What?

BD: When the amulet was cut in two, I lost my memories but you had to undergo the same life twice. If that is the case, what would happen if the amulet is really burned? Would nothing happen? Perhaps we would never recognize each other again, forever. Even if we cross paths, we may not recognize each other. You knew about this, so why would you burn it? I know you have hidden it. (Now I actually hate you for being so smart…sigh!)

A short flashback reveals that she’d actually considered it at one point. Hee-jin rattles on insisting she’s really dumb and all but it’s all for naught, because Boong-do has found it. In the refrigerator!

BD: You’re not dumb. Though it’s true you might have slacked off in school.

Hee-jin is desperate now and pleads in tears for him not to go. 

HJ: Wait, don’t go. Don’t…go. If you go now, I might never see you again… Don’t go. After trying so hard to save your life, why are you treating me like this? Didn’t you say you’d be responsible for me? Why are you not honouring your promise? Don’t go…

BD: Listen to me for a moment…even though I’ve pledged to be responsible for you, I’ve also sworn to protect the Queen 5 years ago. However, I haven’t been able to do that. Conversely, she’s being sentenced to death because of me. I could not possibly live happily here with that knowledge. Furthermore, to continue living here with that knowledge is just not right…that is how I’m educated. That is why, I will be responsible for everything. I can do this. I will settle everything and return here. (Sob sob. Though I love that he was looking at her picture when he assures her he will return….)

 Hee-jin returns home, now empty. And the sight of Boong-do’s neatly folded clothes, wallet and handphone now a painful reminder that he’s gone.


This episode leaves me a little conflicted. On one hand, I miss the cute but on the other I appreciate how the story is hurtling forward in full speed in view of the coming finale. The current twist doesn't feel forced, in fact I find it amusing how Boong-do's initial worry about his alleged scandalous liaison with the Queen has actually come true (according to rumours anyway). The idea seems preposterous and funny at the time, but in truth the circumstances surrounding Boong-do's actions actually do seem to lend credibility to that possibility, even if it is partially fueled by the scheming Min-am and Ja-soo. Another event foreshadowed was Queen In-hyun's death. If I'm not mistaken, Dong-min had suggested, twice, that Queen In-hyun's character is killed off in the drama in a spate of anger. And then we have the real King Suk-jong sentencing her to death for adultery! History mirroring the present much?

Right, after 13 episodes, I guess I've finally discovered Boong-do's flaw - overconfidence, which is so very apt considering his attributes. I found myself a little annoyed by his dismissive attitude as he searches Hee-jin's home for the amulet. I can understand how his honor would dictate that he return to Joseon and try to salvage the situation, and in fact I'm fully behind his decision to do so. It's just that I couldn't help but wished he was a little less condescending and a little more understanding about Hee-jin's not unfounded concern and fear. In the scale of things, I suppose their love, however strong, is not the only thing that matters. Lives are at stake and it would go against every moral fiber of his being to ignore that.

Which is why I sure am glad that Jo is being supportive again. Yay for BFF. She may not agree with her decisions but I love that she still tries her best to stand by her. Alone in her knowledge of Boong-do actual predicament and stuck in a precarious standing as an actress, Hee-jin deserves to have at least one supportive figure in her life.

Jo's observation about how detached Boong-do is from normal society is surprisingly poignant to me. I think I've been too busy swooning to realize just how daunting the present era may seem to Boong-do. He has no identity, no family, no friends - only Hee-jin. Putting aside their love for each other, it's quite a lonely prospect.

The master monk's description of the amulet's unpredictable powers also rings ominously. Till now, the exact power of the amulet remains mysterious and obscure. Is it just wishful thinking that Boong-do can just leave Joseon for the present day? Without any sacrifice? Would the amulet's power allow that? How long would the power last? What will happen when it doesn't work anymore? What will happen if the amulet is really destroyed? And is it still possible for them to be together after the monk's prediction of a tragic end for Boong-do?


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  4. Reideen: Thanks for your recap! This episode definitely leaves a LOT of questions! I hope that most of them are answered before the drama ends. I was so scared for BD when he went back. I understand why he did it, but even so I didn't want to 'cause I had a feeling something bad was going to happen. That is why I understand HJ's worries as well...

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