Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 6 still my fluttering heart. These two are just too cute for words.

Episode 6

The guards freak out, having discovered that their prisoner is missing and scours the surroundings for his trace. Also on his trail are the assassins who know they have to get to Boong-do first. Boong-do is hiding up in the trees. After the guards have left, he jumps down but wonders where he should go. He does not get far before the assassins find him. Only this time, he's no match for the armed assassins. Just as the assassin stabs him with the sword, he vanishes and reappears in the middle of a road, in the path of an oncoming vehicle. He rolls away just in time, but finds himself still bleeding from the wound at his temple region.

Boong-do manages to find a change of clothes - beanies and bags included -and wanders through the fields and roads, still bleeding occasionally from his wound. Eventually he finds himself in a tourist attraction spot, swamped with people. A member of a chinese tour group forgets her handbag during a group photo shot, which is picked up by Boong-do who checks the content and finds a chinese travel guide on Korea (chinese characters are equivalent to hanja, Korea's ancient language as well). That'd be helpful.

The assassin reports Boong-do's disappearance to the Minister of Jeju, who looks troubled by this turn of events. He writes a letter, reporting that Boong-do escaped on the 22rd of March...and judging from the time of departure (23rd March), news should reach the capital in...

With the help of the travel guide, Boong-do buys some medication from the pharmacy, even getting the hang of the use of currency.

Next, he cuts his hair and treats the bleeding wound.

Then, he focuses on the routes to Seoul, familiarizing himself with the available modes of transportation. He concludes that taking the plane, which only takes an hour, is much faster than the horse even with no rest. It seems he plans to return to the capital before news of his escape reaches the capital. What is he planning?

He makes a call to Hee-jin from a public payphone, the first of which goes unanswered. The second is finally answered and so we're back to the conversation at the end of the previous episode. Jo looks on curiously at the emotional Hee-jin, asking about the caller.

Hee-jin puts him on hold, and excuses herself to somewhere more private. She wonders how he knew her number, since she had never told him. Boong-do explains he'd seen it once and flashbacks show Hee-jin plastering a note with her number on the dashboard of her car when they were parking in front of the library, in case she was obstructing traffic. He'd memorized it, thinking it might be useful even though he had no idea what it was then. Woah...he has photographic memory! She's concerned about his illness but he assures her he's fine. It's just that he is the target of several assassination attempts. In fact, he almost died that day. No big deal. Hah.

He's at the airport and asks about ID cards, which Hee-jin explains is necessary to board a plane. Jo comes looking for her, unable to suppress her curiosity. Hee-jin asks abruptly for someone called Yoon-chul.

Hee-jin borrows Yoon-chul's ID card, since he looks similar to Boong-do, promising she's not up to no good. In exchange for a photo together. LOL. How convenient.

On the plane, Hee-jin is in an upbeat mood. She assures Jo they'd be back in time for the broadcast but that's not what's bothering Jo. Sure Boong-do is handsome, but why doesn't he have an ID card. Hee-jin explains he lost his ID card but couldn't have it replaced quickly enough for he has to be in Seoul that very day. Jo is worried about history repeating itself- Hee-jin hasn't had a great dating record. Jo reminds her how she used to be led by the nose by Dong-min and swore it'd never happen again when he dumped her. Her advice falls on deaf ears, but Hee-jin promises it would be the last time. Jo is unconvinced (yeah, me neither LOL). Hee-jin insists it's the right thing to do, and Jo would have done the same if she knew the truth but when pressed, Hee-jin would not reveal anything more. Jo slumps back in her chair in frustration. Ah these two, they're adorable.

Na-jung and Dong-min are also in Jeju, for a photoshoot. Dong-min is surprised both Hee-jin and Jo cannot be reached and wishes that Hee-jin had joined them for the photoshoot. Assistant nervously shoots him warning glares which Dong-min totally ignores. He even seeks the make-up artist's opinion - who is more compatible with him? Na-jung or Hee-jin? He had wanted Hee-jin to come along but she doesn't listen to him much (err...because you dumped her?? LOL). Assistant tries to downplay his Hee-jin biased comments, suggesting that Dong-min is joking. Like a petulant child, Dong-min is unhappy that he never took him seriously. Really...he's such a child it's cute.

Dong-min is called to join Na-jung for the shoot. To make his point, he explains that if it was Hee-jin, he'd run over in an instant, but if it is Na-jung...he hilariously demonstrated literally what an arduous task it would be - by physically lifting his own leg, while reminding himself she's also human. Muahahaha. So juvenile, but so adorable!

During the photoshoot, Dong-min tells Na-jun he plans to date Hee-jin once she's as famous as Na-jung, a notion which she scoffs at. Dong-min insists it won't be long, not even discouraged when Na-jung tells him to  wait for another 30 years.

At the airport, the sight of two passing monks reminds Boong-do of his conversation with the monk. Only this time, we're also shown the monk's response to Boong-do's doubts - "In Buddhism, there is no coincidence, only cause and effect (karma)".

In the arrival hall, Boong-do finally sees the trailer for Hee-jin's drama. He stands rooted to the spot, entranced with his first glimpse of Hee-jin in traditional hanbook and hair...until Hee-jin shows up and taps him on the shoulder.

Hee-jin teases him about needing an ID card, explaining that he'd be arrested for identity forgery if he'd just left and things would get complicated. Boong-do is unresponsive, and she gets a little upset since she took all the trouble to come here.

BD: You....will be playing the role of the Queen?
HJ: How did you know?
BD: I just found out....what an actor does.
HJ: saw the trailer. Now you believe me. Told you I'm Queen In-hyun, the one you're risking your life to protect.

Boong-do smiles.
HJ: Why are you smiling? It's upsetting. You don't think I have the style to pull off the character?
BD:'s the first time...
HJ: What?
BD: The first time I think you are a beauty. Compared to what you wear now, hanbok suits you more. 

Hee-jin blushes (while I squeal! LOL).

HJ: Why does it sound more like an insult than a compliment. First time you find me pretty? That means you really thought I was ugly. Do I really look like an ugly duckling to you?!!
Boong-do smiles in answer.

HJ: From your expression, it's exactly what you thought! How upsetting. I shall think twice before helping you then.
BD: But we're even now. I only recently found out what a player means after staying here a few days. I'm not a player. You took me for a Casanova and I took you for an ugly duckling. We're even now.

Jo finally interrupts them, anxious to get the deed done so that they could cut off all connections with him. Jo buys the flight tickets, initially wanted to place him on another flight. But Hee-jin wants them on the same flight, they could just be seated separately. Hee-jin explains it's his first flight, he' been too busy with studies. LOL. True... Hee-jin could hardly suppress her happiness, and suggests that they wait in a coffee shop since it's still early. Jo is non too pleased about it.

On the way, Hee-jin reminds  Boong-do to drop his ancient honorifics to avoid raising any suspicion, but Boong-do is already aware of that, from his analysis of the travel guide which also features on the standard language (I'd like that book too...). Hee-jin is impressed.

When they arrive at the coffee shop, Jo is not too happy that Hee-jin is footing the bill, shooting disdainful looks at him. Boong-do senses her obvious hostility but Hee-jin assures him not to pay any heed to Jo. Jo motions Boong-do over, grumbling about him being a good-for-nothing loafer.

Once Boong-do is properly seated, she wastes no time in establishing her important role in Hee-jin's life and demands that he be truthful to her or else she'd uncover his dirt and have him arrested. The following conversation between the two is utterly hilarious, given Jo's misinterpretation.

J: You said you are a university graduate. Which university did you attend?
BD: SungKyunkwan
J: Sungkyunkwan? Really?
BD: You said I have to be honest.
J: Where do you live?
BD: Bukchon.
J: Bukchon?? (The houses there are damn expensive!) Tile-roofed house?
BD: Tile-roofed house.
J: Do you stay with your parents?
BD: No...
J: Where are they?
BD: They've passed away...
J: Both of them?
BD: Both
J: if you're a student, how do you maintain your expenses?
BD: They left me some inheritance.
J: Inheritance? How much?
BD: Enough.
J: So what was it you father did...
BD: National affairs (muahaha)
J: National affairs? Is he a public servant? A high ranking public servant?? Are you being truthful? No lies? 
BD: No lies...

Jo is impressed beyond words and excuses herself. Boong-do smiles, glad to have passed the "test" without being discovered. Muahaha. His credentials are impeccable both in Joseon and Seoul.

Hee-jin finally shows up with the drinks. Boong-do is amused to learn that Sungkyunkwan and Bukchon still exist. Meanwhile, Jo is busy analyzing her new-found information. Conclusion - the guy is flawless! (I concur!) and a much better catch than any of Hee-jin's previous boyfriends.

Boong-do watches Hee-jin enjoying her coffee but admits he doesn't see the appeal. Hee-jin almost chokes at his next question - why is she here? Wasn't he the one who couldn't board the plane because he had no ID? Boong-do had only meant to asks her questions, he did not expect her to actually show up. LOL.

Hee-jin explains that she just happens to be free, and pitied him especially after learning about that worrying bit of history. She catches herself, annoyed she has to explain herself when Boong-do should just be grateful to her. Boong-do is just curious about their uncanny fate since he was told that there is no such thing as coincidence in the world, only cause and effect. Their previous encounters might have been coincidences, but she being here at his request makes it a cause and effect. From the time he receive the amulet, to meeting her, to this very day...isn't she curious about what this fate will bring? Looking at her blank face, he smiles. It's too much for her pretty little head after all. LOL.

Hee-jin takes a sip from her coffee, the foam of which sticks to her lips.( I'm pretty sure everyone is getting SeGa vibes here). Boong-do reaches over to wipe her lips, explaining : Cause is the foam stuck on your lips, and effect is me wiping it off. That is karma. Is it so difficult?

Hee-jin blushes, insisting that he is most definitely a player (that makes the two of us :P). Boong-do denies, since he only meant to make a point. Hee-jin gives her version of karma : "You keep making these moves - that is cause. Me calling you a player - that is effect! Get it?"

Boong-do could only smile in response but Hee-jin is not done. "You being speechless is the cause, so you could only smile - that is the effect". Boong-do laughs out loud while Hee-jin looks at him smugly, pleased with her quick-thinking. Can I say I prefer her versions of karma? Hihi. It's not everyday you get to out-talk a top Joseon scholar.

Min-am could not stop thinking about Boong-do's jab about holding the superior hand. He receives news that Yoon-wol and Han-dong has gone missing, further raising his suspicion, especially since the timing of their disappearance is right before Boong-do's arrest. He thinks Boong-do is up to something, but the fact that he could not guess Boong-do's motive is the point that he's practically obsessed and paranoid.

On the way to the boarding hall, Boong-do explains he's due for a confrontation with the Right Minister, where only one of them can live. Hee-jin panics, thinking he's going to kill somebody but Boong-do assures her it's nothing like that. Politics can kill even without moving a finger. Isn't it the same in this era?(Right you are, some things just don't change...)

On the plane, a small boy engages Boong-do in a conversation. He finds it hard to believe a plane can fly, Boong-do agrees wholeheartedly. He shows Boong-do a book explaining the workings of the plane. Boong-do pales a little as the stewardess announces they are to take off soon. Kid asks if he's afraid. Boong-do admits he is, so he should pretend not to notice if he cries later. LOL.

Hee-jin distracts a worried Boong-do as the plane takes off, making various adorable gestures. Boong-do smiles, his fear alleviated. Awww...She thinks to herself how unbelievable this is - and decides that Boong-do should write an autobiography before he dies, with a mention of her name, since she's responsible for his first airplane ride. LOL. Not a bad idea.

But wait, Dong-min shares the same flight, and the same economy cabin too. At first polite and courteous to the solicitous air stewardess, he kicks up a fuss when she could not transfer him to the 1st class cabin. His assistant intervenes, apologizing on his behalf. Dong-min grumbles that he has not been in an economy flight for over three years. Assistant explains that it's only a 50 minute ride, no need to create a scene just for that. He's even fussier than Na-jung, who's also stuck in economy class.

Dong-min turns in his seat and sees Boong-do (oh uh...), taking a while before finally recognizing him as the stalker because of his different clothes. Dong-min and his assistant belatedly realize that Hee-jin is also on the same flight, which only compounds the fact that Boong-do is stalking her. Hihi. Dong-min motions to the steward and whispers into his ear. At this point, Boong-do also notices and recognizes Dong-min, who's not so subtle in his intentions. LOL.

Boong-do unbuckles himself and approaches Hee-jin, asking for a place to hide. Dong-min watches his every move like a hawk, eager to confront him, despite his assistant's pleas for him to stay out of it. Dong-min sees Boong-do reaching into his pocket, anxiously frees himself from his assistant's grip and rushes over.

Err...more like flying over since he actually executed a flying kick, alarming all the passengers. Muahahaha....Which was easily dodged by Boong-do who tries to calm him down. Dong-min's assistant and the steward quickly rush forward to help and apprehend a cooperative Boong-do. Dong-min checks on the girls and claims credit for apprehending the stalker. The ruckus alerts everyone to Dong-min's presence. Instead of laying low, he makes a public introduction of himself, Na-jung and Hee-jin and explains how he had apprehended a stalker who has been disturbing Hee-jin. He apologizes for creating a scene, and basks in the adulation of his new-found heroic status. LMAO. The steward reassures everyone that Boong-do will be sent to the police as soon as they land.

Hee-jin panics, worried that the police will discover his identity. She stops them, questioning their decision to call the police. She clarifies that Boong-do is not a stalker, but a friend. @@ Her declaration confuses everyone. LOL. This is turning into a banjun drama.

Hee-jin explains he's with her and in fact, she bought his tickets. Jo tries to stop her from divulging more - this is a PR nightmare! When Dong-min asks why, Hee-jin takes a deep breath and announces that Boong-do is her boyfriend!! He didn't stalk her, they came together, they can confirm what she says by checking her card's record. They sat separately to avoid drawing suspicion. She tells the steward to explain to the police it's a misunderstanding since Boong-do is also a victim.

To prove her point, she walks up to Boong-do and holds his hand, intertwining their fingers. Only this makes Dong-min the unreasonable one in everyone's point of view - for attacking another person's lover.

Hee-jin whispers softly to Boong-do, who also lowers his head.
"I'm not very smart, so why don't you tell me....if we become lovers, what will become of us?"



I swear I'm falling deeper and deeper under the spell of Kim Boong-do. He has got to be one of the most cheerful lead I've seen. Recapping this made me realize just how often he smiles. Gah!! I can watch him smile all day long.

Watching his smiles make me wonder at my masochistic self, for always falling for the cool, aloof male leads. I just love the natural chemistry between the leads - so sweet and heartwarming. And this is one of rare times I don't mind that the female lead is a little dim, for she compensates much by being bold and gutsy. I love how she's the one who gets him out of trouble, despite him being the smarter one. They compliment each other so well.

Speaking of that, I pity the assistants cum managers. These stars are all potential time-bombs. A PR nightmare. LOL. It's no wonder Jo is so protective of Hee-jin, but even she could do nothing about Hee-jin's very public confession. Dong-min is so cute I feel a little bad for him, but he's been so self-absorbed that he's totally oblivious to the fact the Hee-jin is totally not reciprocating his feelings. A blow to the ego would do him good, perhaps he might grow up a little. LOL.

So far, I love how the writer seamlessly integrates Boong-do into modern society. The chinese travel guide, Boong-do's intellect, his photographic memory - it makes it easier for us to believe he could have managed what he did. There will still be loopholes, the glaring one being Boong-do's awesome hair-cutting skills (he can easily get hired) and his fitting clothes (don't forget, he's rather tall), but I'm not one to harp on details.

Lastly, kamsahamida everyone for the encouragements. To be honest, recapping is pretty daunting for me and I probably take twice the time and effort compared to the experts on other blogs (I bow to the greatness of JB and GF), so your kind words are really motivational and spur me on.

p/s: I spent too much time screencapping Boong-do's smile I know :P


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