Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 15

Oh show, just that little of cute and you expect to tide us over so much sorrow and despair?

Episode 15

Our dear Hee-jin is so giddy with happiness that she couldn't sleep, so she sneaks out of bed and removes a small chest from the drawer of her dressing table. And no wonder :P ...because Boong-do has given her the amulet for safekeeping!

A mini flashback reveals Boong-do pressing it into her hands after announcing that he no longer has any use for it and asked that she keeps it. It's as much a promise that he'll never leave her again, but Hee-jin was slow to react, perhaps unsure after his last stunt. (Btw, a tutu for bed? LOL cute.)

As she returns the amulet to its hiding place, she decides that it might be better to place it in a safer place, like the bank. Just then, her handphone rings so Hee-jin locks herself in the bathroom before answering. Boong-do asks if she's slept, she replies that she's already on the bed since she's got an early morning shoot. LOL. I love how she twists and turns her body, giddy like a schoolgirl in love. Boong-do thought she'd still be up since she'd told him once that she sleeps late. If that is the case, back to bed she goes.

Hee-jin shouts out anxiously, unwilling to cut their conversation short and says it's fine since she's already up anyway. She asks him what he wants only to have him seeking clarification on how to read the time. LOL. It sure doesn't sound quite as simple the way he phrases it though - "So if 60 minutes are divided by 12, every number represent 5 minutes, 60 minutes is an hour, and twice of 12 hours is equivalent to a day, with 1 minute equals to 60 second, 30 minutes usually referred to as half, now is 1 o'clock and 30 minutes also know as half past one. Am I right?" (I can already imagine the wheels in Hee-jin's brain spinning as she tries to keep up. LOL.)

He's got more questions. So what is Christmas? It's the birth of Jesus. Who is Jesus? Well, there's a religion called Christianity. Ok, will check on it. Hee-jin is already frowning but Boong-do is not done. Why is it that words are written horizontally instead of vertically, and the pages are flipped from right to left? (Hanja is written from up to down, and the pages are turned from the back to the front in the old days). Hee-jin finally grumbles out loud about his endless questions especially since it's late tells him to rest instead. Boong-do is eager to familiarize himself with everything, he can't be bothering her all the time. Not that it bothers her in the least. :P

As he drones on and on about needing months before he masters everything, Hee-jin gripes to herself about her scholar boyfriend - Does he intend to study in the library every day?! (LOL. Well, that's what you get for dating a geek. Talk about misplaced priorities. Books over smooches?) Hee-jin's patience is further stretched when he asks her about the neckties next. No, she doesn't know if there is a specific reason guys wear neckties. They just do! LOL.

Boong-do continues to puzzle over the function of neckties before Hee-jin brightens up and says excitedly that she knows the function of neckties! (Oh dear. LOL. It's another round of Hee-jin's special lessons.) Especially since she insists that it can't be explained in words and offers to meet him immediately. Oh gawd, it's hilariously adorable how she immediately hangs up brimming with enthusiasm leaving a confused Boong-do hanging on the other end. Muahahaha.

Hee-jin tiptoes out of her house and practically runs the rest of the way to Boong-do's place which is a mere 5 minutes away, claiming that the journey is fast even though she took her own sweet time. Buahahaha. She brags about how much effort she spend securing such a nice house for him and Boong-do is wise not to contradict her alleged good taste.

Back to the neckties, she boasts adorably of being gracious, cuz you know, she came all the way here to enlighten him on the function of a tie. Well, he's not that curious. She motions him over and begins explaining...

HJ: In the old days, the wife puts this on the husband when he goes to work.

Hee-jin loops the tie over his neck…

HJ: So, just stand still like this. And the wife will help the hubby put this on every morning. As you tie this…that’s it! You’ll lock gazes like this, then you’ll get the feel…then –

Hee-jin pulls him down with the tie and kisses him on the lips, then between blushes and giggles, explains that it’s the true function of a necktie. Buahahaha…OMG she’s so unabashed that I feel embarrassed for her. LOL. She belatedly realizes that Boong-do does not appear to be surprised at all and wonders if he already knew that.

BD: Everytime I hear you speak, it feels like everything in this world exist only for kissing. (Busted! ROFL). What a licentious world!
HJ: So it seems, I didn’t know that. Are you saying you don’t like it?
BD: Why won’t I? I like licentious. (Pfffffffft!!!! BD how far you’ve fallen….)
HJ: What else you want to know? Anything else you’re curious about?  What about that garment steamer? Are you curious? Shall I tell you?
BD: Of course I’m curious. Are you gonna explain that in relation to kissing too? (Muahahaha…I’m dying of laughter here. Oh and BD with his upright nobleman posture dragged around by Hee-jin with a necktie – I almost fall of my chair laughing.)

Meanwhile, Jo wakes up when the alarm goes off at 3am (good grief, that early?) but finds Hee-jin missing again.

Hee-jin is cuddled comfortably on Boong-do’s shoulders getting a quick shuteye as Boong-do reads. He reminds her gently that it’s time for her to leave but she wants to stay a little longer. Boong-do notices her smiling in her sleep, to which she explains, “I’m amazed by the fact that we can meet in just 5 minutes. Don’t you think so too? Every time we met, you had to travel through 300 years, but in future we can meet in just 5 minutes. It’s hard to believe. Just 5 minutes. Let’s go on a date tomorrow. I finish at three. You can do your studying in the morning, but the rest of the time you must accompany me. I hate model student. Remember that…”

Hee-jin is in high spirits after work as she prepares to meet Boong-do. She declines an offer to join the rest for a meal. Jo remarks disapprovingly that she’s going for a date again. Hee-jin insists she never had a proper date with him before. What about last night? That was only to teach him something. Heh. Jo gives her a stern warning not to get recognized and more importantly – to behave! LOL. No one knows her better.

Boong-do waits for Hee-jin in a café, in a white shirt complete with a tie! Hee-jin wonders where he learned to wear a tie. Well, he had to learn by himself since his teacher (re:Hee-jin) is prone to funny teachings. Haha.

The waitress is here with the menu and she offers to order for him, something not as strong-flavored. But he had already ordered – mushroom cream fettuccini. He has no idea what he ordered but it’s not like he’ll die eating it. Oh you’re so gonna regret that!

A moment later, he looks like he’s close to dying. LOL. But his pride would not allow him to admit it. And he continues to maintain that his expression is such because he was too overwhelmed by the delicious food.Hahaha. Hee-jin reminds him that if he wants to travel overseas he’s gonna have to get used to these food. Again and again, he insists the food tastes good no matter how Hee-jin prods him.

Hee-jin is amused at his stubbornness but takes pity on him and offers him a taste of her pasta. One bite and he immediately switches their plates. Muahahahaha. Why so cute!!!

Hee-jin clamps her legs over his and continues to feed him, eventually progressing to slurping the spaghetti from two ends, ‘Lady and the Tramp’-style. Boong-do knows what she’s angling for and shyly leans in a quick peck as he slurps the noodle. Sqqqqqqquuuuuueeeee, oh gawd oh gawd…so damn sweet!!!!!!!!!

 Hee-jin wants another and he duly obliges. To top it off, he declares – “Let’s eat this everyday in future”. DAEBAK! LOL. I’m smiling so hard my muscles ache.

After dinner, they walk hand -in-hand to the park. Hee-jin informs him that her shooting will be done in a month so they can go for their overseas trip then. Thing is, they have the time and money now, but Boong-do’s lack of identification is a big problem. Boong-do assures her he’s got it covered. That book he’s been reading? Identification forging technique! Hee-jin is worried he’s turning into a criminal, but it’s not like he has a choice. Without identification, he can’t survive here.

Boong-do points to the cotton-candy stall and asks if it’s delicious. Hee-jin reminds him of his previous experience and warns that the cotton candy is super spicy! But Boong-do observes that it can’t be since everyone looks happy eating it. Well, they just look like that because it’s too spicy, not unlike a certain someone. LOL. Boong-do offers to get one, but Hee-jin wants three since she’s a big fan of spicy. Heh. 

As Boong-do waits in line, Hee-jin stares at the Seoul Tower, already deciding the venue of her next date.
But suddenly Boong-do vanishes in thin air, his smile fades as he realizes he has warped to the middle of the woods. (What in the world just happen?!!!)

Hee-jin scans the place for the missing Boong-do.

As Boong-do tries to get his bearings, the amulet floats down from the sky! That same amulet!

Hee-jin gets worried when she can’t find him anywhere. And when she calls, the number she dialed does not exist.

Boong-do retrieves the amulet and tries calling from his handphone, which doesn’t work at all. He leaps for cover when he hears voices. He looks in confusion as two Joseon-garbed peasants pass by. Worse, the amulet in his hand gradually turns grey.

Hee-jin tries the number again, with the same result.

Jo is amazed Hee-jin is calling her in the middle of her date.  Oh, so she doesn’t forget Boong-do this time? Hee-jin tells her to look for the amulet, but it’s not there. Hee-jin crumples to the floor as the fact that he’s gone finally sinks in.

Boong-do is still trying to make sense of the situation and recalls what Yoon-wol told him about the Master monk’s words. (I knew it…boohoo). He remembers that Yoon-wol has returned to Seryungak and immediately makes a move.

Now all dressed in black and hidden under a hat, he searches the Seryungak discreetly for Yoon-wol. Eventually he ends up in a room with blood smeared - walls and more blood on the floor. He follows the blood trail and finds a hair pin. More urgency as he finds a blood-stained ribbon next. The trail finally ends with a lifeless Yoon-wol, with her neck cut. (Oh no!!)

Boong-do removes his hat and kneels down beside her, calling her name softly. But she’s dead and Boong-do cries. T.T

Flashback –it’s Ja-soo! In Seryungak with a foul mood. He recognizes Yoon-wol who is passing by with her gayageum and tails her back to the room. He hates that she’s living shamelessly now that Min-am is dead. He blames her for everything. A frightened Yoon-wol tries to warn him off. He unsheathes his sword and dares her to scream. She warns him of the repercussions of getting caught, but he just kills her in one slice. Then he drags her to where she is found by Boong-do.

Boong-do tenderly puts the pin back in her hair. At the sight of her blood in his hands, he rises immediately with new resolve –revenge!

He asks a servant for sword-wielding guests. He finds Ja-soo and his gang just as they were planning to leave; his jaw clenching as he takes in Ja-soo’s bloodied hands. Boong-do unveils himself. Ja-soo overcomes his initial surprise, more than happy to see him alive – so he could kill him with his own hands.

Boong-do and Ja-soo engages in an intense sword fight, from within the room to the walkways where Ja-soo draws the first blood. After exchanging several strokes, Ja-soo cuts Boong-do again. Oh no!!!!! Ja-soo directs his sword at the disadvantaged Boong-do, who blocks with his own. A wild-eyed Boong-do suddenly retracts his sword, allowing Ja-soo’s to cut down on his shoulder. His suicidal move surprises Ja-soo, even more when Boong-do grabs Ja-soo’s sword with his bare hands and then flings his own at Ja-soo.

It misses and Boong-do is like a crazed wounded animal as he marches forward fearlessly, unarmed!
As Ja-soo’s sword pierces through his clothes (missing his heart by inches), Boong-do pins Ja-soo against the pillar and then cuts his throat with the sword he flung previously in anguish. Ja-soo now dead, he collapses slowly to his knees. Holy moly! That was one nail-biting fight. Very very well done! But what happens now? 

In the present, Hee-jin is still pacing worriedly in the now empty park, ignoring Jo’s call. As the night wears on, her anxiety gradually turns to despair. And ugh my heartbreaks.

A much calmer but distraught Boong-do seeks out Yeong-myeong who is surprised to find him alive. He breaks the bad news that Yoon-wol is dead and asks that he arranges for Yoon-wol to be brought to the temple where she could rest in peace. He couldn’t do it himself because he could not be seen.

Next morning, all the bodies in Seryungak have been cordoned off by the constables. No one knew the killer, only that he was looking for a Gisaeng named Yoon-wol, who's also discovered dead.

Yeong-meong advises him to leave asap because the government troops are hunting for him. Boong-do understands that he must leave - if he is captured, his supposedly dead identity will lead to another bloody massacre. But he's not sure if he's able to - the amulet turned grey the moment Yoon-wol died.

Hee-jin is back at the park again, tearing up as she remembers their last outing here and desperately trying to convince herself that Boong-do will return.

Meanwhile, Boong-do returns to the spot where he reappeared, where he hid his modern clothes. He suits up again and remembers his conversation with Yeong-myeong. Boong-do explains how he'd warped back to Joseon without any warning and worries about someone who'll be searching for him day in day out. (T.T)
He wonders if the same principle will work again - life in the face of absolute death. Oh dear, what if it doesn't work? Will actually die this time?

He tucks the amulet inside his clothes and raises the sword to his neck. A nervous Boong-do closes his eye for a moment but moves to slit his own throat determinedly.

Whoosh. He warped!!!!! He warped!!! I was so worried back there. At the sounds of children laughing, he scans his surroundings, drops his sword in relief (oh he can totally sell it again!) and checks his handphone which immediately comes to life.

 Hee-jin's phone rings and she picks up eagerly.

HJ: Where are you?
BD: I’m sorry I frightened you. Where are you?
HJ: At the park.
BD: Park? (He immediately checks and sees her from his vantage point)
HJ: What exactly happened? How could you disappear even though the amulet is with me? Where did you go?
BD: Something came up. There is some problem with the amulet.
HJ: What problem?

Just then Hee-jin spots him walking towards her, somewhat relieved.
BD: Don’t tell me you have been waiting for me here all these time?
HJ: Where else should I have waited? You disappeared from here.
BD: Are you crying? Why? (Because of you! Sob sob)

Boong-do glances down to the amulet which is fast turning black. Realizing what it means, he quickly reaches out to her, but he’s much too far and warps back before Hee-jin could react. (OMG. Are you really doing this to them? That’s cruel!)

Hee-jin drops her phone in shock while Boong-do glances around and finds himself back in Joseon. 
Looking at the blackened amulet, the cruel truth finally hits him and he collapses to the ground in despair. In a split screen, a tearful Hee-jin is looking for him in panic. Tears fall as Boong-do realizes the finality of their separation. Two miserable souls in two different eras. ( I’m out of tears already. Sob Sob.)

Boong-do is going away, partly to escape from the guards, partly to find master monk, who just might be his last hope. Yeong-myeong tells him to take care.

At present, a furious Jo goes looking for Hee-jin who’s at Boong-do’s house, curled up in a ball. Jo demands that she speaks to her. She’s been acting real weird ever since she started dating Boong-do. A few days ago, she was still humming happily to herself. But now all she does is coops herself in this house or sit in the park. What is wrong? Is she having depression? Hee-jin just cries silently. Jo thinks it’s Boong-do’s fault. Just wait till he comes back.

Hee-jin finally speaks and it breaks my heart to hear her say, “I think I may never get to see him again…” She thinks it may have been their last meeting, which confuses Jo who thinks that Boong-do is away on work. She couldn’t accept that as their last meeting and continues to sob as she hugs a clueless Jo. Jo may not understand her sorrow but Hee-jin’s heart wrenching cries are enough to melt away Jo’s exasperation and she cries along with her. (I can’t see my screen t.t)

In Joseon, a subdued Boong-do continues to ride, hardly resting, in search of the master monk.
One month later, a still morose Hee-jin passes by Dong-min in a building without noticing him at all. Dong-min sighs at the sight of Hee-jin, a shadow of herself.

Meanwhile, Boong-do has finally made it to the temple, looking all worn out. A monk regretfully informs him that the master monk he seeks has already passed away last month. (What the hell?) Boong-do staggers back in shock, speechless.

He lies on the ground staring at the skies, overcome by a sense of hopelessness. As he thinks of a crying Hee-jin, tears of his own falls. He lies still for the longest time, as day turns to night. Boong-do takes out the amulet and recalls what he told the monk.

BD: The amulet was once split into half. At the time, everything in that world reverted back to its starting point. Back to a time I do not exist. Except for her, everyone else had forgotten my existence. So I’m curious, what would happen if I were to burn this amulet? This time, would she also forget me? There is someone waiting for my return with an uneasy heart, yet I have no way to return. If there is, I would have done it even if it takes 1 year or 10 years. But I have no idea how to get there. If she continues to wait for me, despairing over me, I’d rather she forgets me.

Back to him alone, fiddling with the amulet, “If I burn this, would all your memories disappear?”

In the next scene, we have Boong-do writing a letter. It reads:

“This is a letter for you, as well as a letter to me. 

I might forget that I’d ever written this letter or this letter might disappear as well. But if I’m not around, I am writing this in hope that you would not live your life in sorrow, continuously missing someone. When I receive this amulet by chance, I was curious about its cause and effect. Initially, I had thought that the effect is to realize my once obstacle-ridden dream. 

Later, I thought it was to continue our fate. Much later, I thought it was to live another life in another era. But now I finally understand;  cause is me surviving, effect is me losing everything I have. 

My future, my honor, my values, the people who belonged to me…and even you. In exchange for life, one would have to sacrifice everything. This is actually very obvious. I was a fool to believe that I could achieve both. How much more must I lose before I’ve repaid my dues? That I may see you again, I now understand this is also an extravagant wish. Memory. Our memory. Our memory. Memory – that would be the last of my dues. 

 What would happen now, I have no idea. Would we forget each other and live on or live our entire lives tortured by memories? […] My last wish is to retain my memories of you. In a life without aims, if even these memories are gone – it would be hell. As for you…as for you, if ever you have the opportunity to read this letter, I wish you’d never know who this letter is addressed to.”

An inconsolable Hee-jin returns home, soaked and shivering. As she cries before the mirror, Boong-do has completed the letter, folds it neatly and raises the amulet to the candle.

The amulet burns…


These two faces - they haunt me. I'm dehydrated from all the crying and I fear I'm too anxious to watch/recap the next episode for me to be able to come up with objective thoughts. Will be back for part II. Pressing play as I type this. T.T


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      And yes, this might be the most emotional draining episode in QIHM. But was a tad bit disappointed with E16.

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