Recap: Queen In-hyun's Man Episode 16 (Final)

It’s the last episode! And I’m watching this with so much dread and anticipation? Wait, that’s contradictory right?

Episode 16 (Final)

1 year later. Jo is busy packing up stuffs when Hee-jin calls and warns her not to throw away her mugs. Jo never saw her use it but she explains that she’s been saving it for when they move house. If she throws it away, she’ll be really angry. Jo gets the idea and hangs up before she can say more. (Boong-do’s mugs?)

An uneasy Hee-jin wonders if she should go home and check. The hairdresser asks if she’s moving house. She is - her first house! Hairdresser thinks she must be earning lots since she saw her in many CFs in the past year. But Hee-jin insists the CF pays weren’t that big. (Boong-do’s money?)

Hee-jin receives a call from the director of the The new Jang Hee-bin drama asking her for a favor. A fellow colleague from the education department insists of having Hee-jin do the narration for his program. Director-nim even resorts to flattery – the program couldn’t be made without her. Heh. Our dear Hee-jin is ever so kind.

Hee-jin is curious why they want her to do this. The PD explains that theirs is a program on history review which focuses on forgotten characters of history and their next special is on Queen In-hyun’s Man. There is a little known rumor that Queen In-hyun has a lover. It was never covered in Hee-jin’s drama and being such a minor incident, usually ignored. Even the annals have but one mention of it. However, an interesting additional record was found last month.

A restless Hee-jin starts to flip the narration script in the car.

1694. The 20th year of Suk-jong’s reign. In the May records of the annals, there is an interesting topic. Rumor has it that government official Kim Boong-do regularly shows up at the then-deposed Queen’s residence to offer close protection.

Kim Boong-do? The name does not ring a bell to Hee-jin and she’s never heard it in her drama. (She’s forgotten him after all!!!!!)

Jo returns home all tired to find Hee-jin still engrossed with the script. Jo thinks it’s a waste of time but Hee-jin thinks it’s pretty interesting since it’s Queen In-hyun’s man instead of Jang Hee-bin’s man. But isn’t Queen In-hyun’s man – King Suk-jong? Hee-jin starts to read out the script for Jo’s benefit.

At the time, there is a minister’s son named Kim Boong-do. He is Queen In-hyun’s man. During the period she was deposed, she fell in love with this man and King Suk-jong found out about it. King Suk-jong had him captured and he was killed during interrogation. However, it was only known that he was framed after his death. Alas, he died because of baseless rumors.

Then it starts getting interesting. The records clearly says that he’s dead but they are records proving he’s alive…found not long ago. Last month, the descendant of Minister Nam Gyu-man unveiled a memo written by Minister Nam which records his meeting with a living Kim Boong-do. Nam Gyu-man met Kim by chance on one of his inspection visits to the borders, the same Kim Boong-do who is supposed to have been dead for a year at the time.

Flashback shows Nam literally bumping into Boong-do on the streets. He grabs hold of him, thinking that he looks familiar. Before he can get a better look, Boong-do struggles free and runs for it. Nam orders the guard to find him, but Boong-do manages to elude capture and slips back into his room where he immediately starts to pack. 

The guards eventually find his room after providing descriptions of him – tall with short hair. Apparently, he’s only been renting the place for the past 5 days. The guards demand that he follows them back to meet Minister Nam. Boong-do sighs heavily but runs off again at the last minute.

The guards report that Boong-do has escaped without saying a word. And they only found a book in his room. Nam flips open the book, noting that it’s not a book read by ordinary peasants. Within the book, he finds…*gasp*…Boong-do’s letter. He recognizes Boong-do’s handwriting which confuses him even more, since Boong-do is supposed to dead.

Boong-do is already galloping away on a horse. And it’s terribly sad as he lets the horse decide where they should go next.

Minister Nam returns to the palace and duly reports the finding from his inspection. But he also brings up his curious meeting of a man who resembles Boong-do not only in face and physique, but also in handwriting and essay style. He almost thought he was seeing the dead Boong-do but when he ordered him captured, the man disappeared. Unperturbed, the King asks if he looks any worse for wear. Smiling to himself, King says that he is indebted to Boong-do. Their conversation is interrupted but the King reminds him not to bring up the matter again.

Minister Nam writes about it though, in his memo, diary-style. He doesn’t know the details of Boong-do’s relationship with the King but one thing is clear – he’s alive. And to keep that a secret, he’s been living like a nomad at the borders. Because Nam knows that Boong-do’s sacrifice is essential to keep the peace in court, he feels sorry for his exhausting lifestyle. Nevertheless, the fact that he’s alive needs to remain a secret forever.

Hee-jin is still up, a little tipsy, reading the script. She’s feeling sorry for Kim Boong-do. The fact that the King only sent him to the borders instead of having him killed meant that he never had an affair with the Queen, it was only a one-sided love. A nobleman of birth, a top scholar at 19 years old and highly regarded by the King – why did he have to fall for the Queen? He’s totally ruined his life because of a woman. Jo rolls her eyes at her fixation with a historical figure.

Cut to Boong-do in Joseon. He’s taking a drink when a couple shows up behind him. He passes the scoop to him politely and leaves. The man thinks he’s familiar and after a moment remembers! Huh? Who’s this?

A monk approaches Boong-do as he tends to his horse. It’s that monk from a year ago. He asks what Boong-do is doing here, especially since he’s supposed to be hunted. Boong-do explains that Joseon is not as big as he thinks after all, since he ends up back here after a year of wandering. Monk asks if he’s not tired of running. He is – but the funny thing is, running has become his only reason to live. If he does not run, he’d have no idea how to live out each day. Monk thinks it’s better to receive punishment if he’s sinned. Boong-do agrees, but in his situation, he’d be committing a greater sin if he allows himself to be captured.

Boong-do is just about to excuse himself when that man from earlier brought guards. Drats! Boong-do runs for it but finds himself surrounded. The guards are arresting him for murder. Ja-soo’s I supposed. When the guards approach him to tie him up, Boong-do puts up a fight and manages to grab hold of a weapon. Instead of pressing his advantage, he takes in the frightened faces of the visitors and the guards and…surrenders? Why??? Conscience stopping him from taking more lives?

Cut the studio recording of Queen In-hyun’s man. Hee-jin narrates first, describing the memo recording Minister Nam’s chance meeting with Boong-do and his subsequent conversation with the King. Also released is a letter by Kim Boong-do dated June 1674, written a month after his death, in which his deep love for an unnamed woman and his despair at their separation is evident. Scholars have deduced that the unnamed woman is likely to be Queen In-hyun.

Cue. The elder man next to Hee-jin reads the contents of the letter. Hee-jin continues to narrate: A man wishing for the woman he loves to forget him. She must have existed somewhere beyond his reach. Does he still retain that memory? At least it appears that he hasn’t forgotten these. In several other short writings, he recorded some events related to that woman. End of part I. End of recording. Hee-jin stares at the screen, where someone is acting out the part of Boong-do.

The door opens. There is surprise guest for Hee-jin…it’s Han-dong-min. (Don’t tell me they’re dating again!) Dong-min marvels at her varied jobs, she’s even doing documentaries now. Hee-jin explains it’s just a favor for Director Yang. Anyway, what’s he doing here? He’s supposed to be overseas for a shoot. Dong-min perks up eagerly, thinking that she misses him. (Oh thank god they’re not dating). Fact is his news is all over the internet, she didn’t exactly go searching for it.

They’re not dating, but he’s definitely interested. He wants to date her, since she’s not attached, he’s lonely and she’s lonely, why not? (Oh gawd….please don’t say yes HJ). He was dating a girl from an idol group who is ten years younger, but she’s much too immature. No matter what, he insists that there’s no one better than Hee-jin and pours on the aegyo charm. Hee-jin tells him not to pester her and go for another girl. She singles out Na-jung who is walking by, commenting that they are a match made in heaven.

The mischievous Dong-min calls out to Na-jung and repeats what Hee-jin said. Na-jung smirks and a shocked Hee-jin shakes her head. Han-dong admits he’s not that fond of her but if she’s willing, he’ll date her. He’s been too lonely lately he doesn’t have the energy to be picky. Oh you douchebag. A speechless Na-jung forms an unmistakable cross with her arms. Heh. Hee-jin wonders when he’ll grow up but the unrepentant Dong-min quips that he doesn’t want to.

Chun-soo arrives to remind Dong-min he’s due next. Dong-min leaves but pledges to call her tomorrow. He’s such a rogue but I’m at least glad that she’s not accepting him again.

Chun-soo retraces his steps and asks Hee-jin discreetly if Jo is available. Pfft. Hee-jin is surprised by his question and asks why. Chun-soo explains sheepishly that he’s feeling lonely. LOL. Like artist, like manager? Hee-jin tells him that Jo already has someone she’s interested in.

 Jo grumbles about Chun-soo calling her up late at night and of the two (Dong-min and Chun-soo) taking advantage of their soft nature. Hee-jin agrees wholeheartedly. But she laughs and asks Hee-jin eagerly what she told Chun-soo. (Omo, she’s interested!) Hee-jin repeats what she told Chun-soo. Jo is pretty surprised – she ain’t got no man. Well it’s only a ruse, to stop Chun-soo from pestering her. Jo is disappointed but she couldn’t admit it. LOL. She mutters under her breath that Hee-jin is not being any help at all. The she lashes out at Hee-jin when she tells the driver to hurry up – it’s her fault for accepting this job. Yikes, angry Jo is scary. Heh.

The next shoot brings her back to the palace. Hee-jin recalls nostalgically how she used to spend days here filming for the drama. It’s been a year since then. She glances around and the scene transitions to Boong-do being led here in Joseon.

He looks around in fondness at the place he used to frequent while the guard scoffs at his lie – he couldn’t have stepped foot in the palace. Boong-do notices Minister Nam in the distance and turns around in panic.

The shooting starts and Hee-jin begins her commentary as she walks along the pavement …towards Boong-do in a superimposed scene. The crossing of path is highlighted by juxtaposed scenes as well as colored and black-and-white scenes. As they stand close, with their backs towards each other, the colors start to fade in and out as if the boundaries between the two different times are blurred. Hee-jin feels uneasy and looks around confusedly. She attempts to continue, but tears start falling of their own accord.

The director yells for a cut, asking if she’s alright. Hee-jin can’t explain her tears, she doesn’t understand it herself. She continues to stare into space while we see Boong-do being led away by the guards. His interrogation is set for tomorrow. The director approaches her, checking on her. She explains that sand got in her eyes and request for a re-shoot. She looks around uncomprehendingly, confused by her emotions.

Boong-do is being imprisoned in Uigeumbu, where he’s told he’ll be interrogated by Officer Yoon due to the severe nature of his crime. Yoon would be the officer he worked with on Ja-soo’s case, for sure he’d be recognized. Boong-do recalls his promise to the King to never appear on these soils again. He stares at the ceiling contemplatively. An escape?

Hee-jin receives a call from Jo while she’s driving. Jo heard she cried doing the opening for the program and worries about her. Hee-jin assures her she’s fine. She doesn’t know why she cried either. The tears just fell suddenly. Of a sudden, she just felt unbearably sad. She’s a little down now and feels like downing some soju. They make plans to drink up at home. Again, Hee-jin is feeling queasy and uneasy. She tries to distract herself by turning up the volume.

Boong-do opens the package returned to him – it’s the suit and handphone. He picks up the tie and starts knotting it, smiling as he remembers Hee-jin’s version of the necktie’s function. T.T OMG He’s not gonna hang himself right? Oh but he is! He loops the tie over the beam and tightens the knot.

In the present, there’s thunder and lightning followed by heavy rain. Hee-jin wonders why it rains so often and cranks up the volume of her radio somemore.

Boong-do slowly loops the tie over his neck and Hee-jin starts crying again, her heart hurting. Boong-do releases his grip and kicks away the barrel supporting his weight. Hee-jin is sobbing hard now, still unsure of why she’s crying. Oh gawd, this is so painful to watch. She cries harder and harder, and suddenly images flash across her eyes. She remembers keying in “player” but she doesn’t remember what or who is it. She remembers a number and dials it. In Joseon, Boong-do’s handphone comes alive and rings!!!!!!!! 

But Boong-do’s feet are still dangling in air. Hee-jin starts sucking in deep breaths as though she’s having difficulty breathing. She drops the ringing phone and climbs out of the car into the rain, hyperventilating. Suddenly, all the memories come flooding back to her, but the memories bring more hurt as she realizes what she truly lost.

Hee-jin shows up at the studio, drenched, surprising the director of the documentary. She wants the see the recording of Queen In-hyun’s man. He teaches her the control buttons and leaves her alone. The recording begins with her commentary. She forwards the recording to the part with the letter. This time, she knows the letter is addressed to her! As she listens to the letter’s narration, the camera pans to her handphone in the car, still connected, before returning to a sobbing Hee-jin in the studio.

The door opens and Hee-jin apologizes. A voice asks, “If you’re calling me, why aren’t you answering?” Hee-jin turns around in shock! It’s Boong-do, all suited up at the door. Am I dreaming?????? Hee-jin is still too stunned to respond.

BD: I’m been looking for you. Didn’t you call me? Half an hour ago.

Flashback. As Boong-do slowly loses his consciousness, his ringing handphone finally penetrates his clouded consciousness. He struggles and wriggles, swinging to the bars of the prison cell for support. The ties finally loosen and he falls to the ground in a thud, coughing hard. He answers the phone and whoosh, he warps to the present!!!!!!!!!!

But by then, Hee-jin has dropped her phone in the car and walked out in the rain. Boong-do opens his eyes and finds himself in Seoul again. He laughs heartily and says hello repeatedly into the phone. Urging “the prettiest girl on earth” to answer.

Back to the studio, Boong-do asks if Hee-jin plans to remain stupefied. Since she’d summoned a properly living him here, she should take responsibility. Hee-jin finally speaks, instructing him to close the door and he obliges. Then she tells him to come to her side and tears up again as he does. 

She approaches him cautiously, eyes unblinking as though afraid he’d disappear, hand outstretched as she reaches out to cradle his face, her relief palpable as her hand touches his face.

HJ: It’s real. You’re alive...[…] How have you been living…this past year?
BD: I wandered all over the eight islands (of Joseon) and found many lovers. One year passed in a blink of an eye.
HJ: You’re bluffing. The evidence is right here (the letter on screen).

Boong-do asks in feigned ignorance what it is. Hee-jin is in no mood for light banter now and turns his attention back to her.

HJ: What happened? Where’s the amulet?
BD: The amulet has been burned.
HJ: Then how did you come here?
BD: Didn’t I say you summoned me here?
HJ: Me?
BD: You…

He cradles her face with both hands, his thumb tenderly wiping away her falling tears. He closes his eyes in affirmation, much like what he did during their reunion at the red carpet and she returns the gesture in kind, in silent comprehension.

BD: The use of a necktie…I miss the function of a necktie that you taught me. I almost used it for other purpose.
HJ: Are you saying you missed the function of a necktie?
BD: I’ve missed it to death.

Hee-jin lifts his tie, asking if this is what he is referring to. She pulls him a little closer and he covers the rest of the distance by holding her face in a kiss.

HJ(in narration):
A chance meeting beginning in the gap of time, that fate has already ended one year ago. The ‘us’ now didn’t meet because of a mysterious amulet wrote by the master monk but linked by our very own memory as well as our second destined fate. From this moment on, I am his savior. And the price for that is he has to stay by my side forever.

Boong-do abruptly paused mid-kiss, staring at the screen.

BD: But why is my letter still around? How?
HJ: Minister Nam kept this in his possession. Last month, his descendants officially disclosed it.
BD: How can they disclose someone else’s private letter?! It has to be destroyed.
HJ: That letter is now in the museum. Now, you definitely can’t destroy it. Unless the museum collapses.

Boong-do scoffs, mutters that he’s going crazy (the exact word Hee-jin told him in their first meeting!) She laughs and he smiles, then resumes kissing her.

The camera pans slowly to the screen where their embracing silhouettes are projected along the title page of Queen In-hyun’s Man.

The screen shows a speechless Jo who feels absurd over his sudden reappearance as Hee-jin’s boyfriend. And for the THIRD time, she proceeds to interrogate him with the exact questions and responses. Muhahahaha. Some things just don’t change! He burst out laughing at the question regarding his tiled-house, then offers the rest of the answers without being asked while Jo sighs at how perfect he is.

The end!


For a last episode, I'm a little underwhelmed. Except for the last 20 minutes or so, it feels like they decided to show the epilogue first while my impatient self kept waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the resolution of their conundrum.

Even when I knew Hee-jin has forgotten him, I didn’t lose hope. But when Boong-do decides to hang himself, I was beside myself with worry. Surely that can’t be the only solution. Only when Hee-jin regains her memories that I started to relax. This drama sure loves to tease us. Even when the door opens, I didn’t think it could be Boong-do, but it is – and I’m glad.

But what happened to the opening sequence? I was surprised they never did include that. I’m not saying that I am dissatisfied with how the story unfolded but I did expect that scene to crop out at some point, especially since it packed quite a dramatic punch in the first episode. And Boong-do warping to the present through the handphone, that was a surprising twist. What dictates which items allow them to time-travel? Yoon-wol’s fervent prayers and sincerity imbued the amulet with warping powers, so does that mean Hee-jin’s longing and love infuse the handphone with supernatural powers as well? Because I’m soooo grateful that HJ and BD get to be together, I think I shan’t look too deeply into this puzzle. Because for the longest time, I too wondered if it is remotely possible. I just wished they came up with something more believable.

I think it’s amusing that while side characters like Na-jung, Dong-min and Jo (soo-kyung) never had much character growth (Dong-min is particular), they maintain the same personality, consistently. Jo had me in stitches for her third interrogation with Boong-do. Muahaha. Anyway, in the end, they are what they are, and they complement the story nicely because I don’t think it’ll take a genius like Boong-do to figure out that this is their story – Hee-jin and Boong-do’s love story. There are no annoying third parties (Dong-min don’t really count), no parental objections, no silly misunderstandings, no denial of their feelings; all the elements that is present in every other k-drama. Even the cliché threads of amnesia and noble idiocy are handled brilliantly (E15).

I have to admit this episode feels a little anti-climatic compared to the brilliantly heartbreaking E15 but it gave me a happy ending and I can’t begrudge it for that. Though I did hope to see more of Boong-do in the present world, maybe even a montage of him going to Florence or something, but alas, time is too short and we get some hot hot kisses instead.

I am happy to see Ji Hyun-woo and Yoo In-na giving such a wonderful performance in their first lead roles and I’d definitely be on the lookout for their future projects. Now that my addiction to QIHM has ended, I need to find me some other crack to fill this empty heart T.T


  1. thankyou so much for your hardwork since episode 1 till now<33
    i really appreciate it !
    *QIHM's fan hugs ^^!*


  3. thanks so much. great job! your recaps got me addicted to QIHM.... thanks thanks

  4. thank you for all the recaps of this drama.
    I think the handphone twist is a sophisticated yet clever one. Unlike the amulet that enables a gap of time, the handphone acts as an agent for a different kind of timeslip - a channel between the present and the past. When BD hung himeself in the cell, it was his last ddesperate thoughts of HJ that finally awoke her memories; and HJ's memories created the time channel. Remember the first flash of the memory? The handphone, which now is reactivated from its time-frozen status and becomes the receptor at the other end of the time channel. When BD clicks to answer HJ's call, the magic happens.

    1. Love the way you described it! =)

    2. And I guess even if the handphone didm't work, the necktie would do the same job ^^

    3. Actually I thought their "meeting" at the palace in the day (during her documentary shoot) was the catalyst. For a moment there was a blurring of boundaries perhaps brought forth by their strong connection with each other. It's like the meeting of souls and you can clearly see how Hee-jin was affected when they crossed path. It was only then her tears came unbidden and she started feeling melancholic.

      And when BD hangs himself, the connection intensifies so much that her memories return and with it her longing and grief. Perhaps that connection was what powered the handphones. After all, in Boong-do's previous near-death experience, Hee-jin had similarly "felt" it.

    4. Necktie a time-travelling device?


    5. I definitely agree with all theories and explanations given above. One thing I would like to add is the non-surprising element of the use of the cell phone. Don't get me wrong, the cell phone was the last thing I thought of that brings the two together. And it is weird to use a cell phone in place of the amulet, but if you think about it, BD received cellular service in the earlier episodes when he picked up HJ's phone and took it back to Joseon (while HJ had his amulet). So making use of a cell phone isn't random. =D All-in-all, this is now my favorite drama of all time! I miss it so much.

  5. Reideen: Thank you soooo MUCH! It's my nr 1 drama now!
    The leads were perfect. Throught their acting you feel the love of HJ and BD!

  6. Am I the only one disappointed that Boong Do did not have his father's sword with him to pawn for a 3rd time? lol...

    1. That would be hilarious!

      Alas, he was in prison when he warped.

  7. Such a great drama ♥

  8. Actually, I don't think BoongDo's final time warp was achieved through the cell phone. I think his attempt to kill himself is what did it. He wanted to leave his native world and go to another world permanently, but it could not be done while his connections to Joseon remained; he had to give up all of his connections -- his wealth, his honor, his loved ones, one by one -- until he had lost everything and the only thing that remained was his life. Once he gave that up too, the time-warp connection was automatically established and that's why HeeJin's phone call came though. Just my two cents.

    1. OMG that is genius. One of the best explanation.. Yay i was trying so hard to think of a theory that would leave me truly satisfied with the ending and you ... Just wowed me. Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

    2. was thinking along those lines as well. been keeping up with the recaps of QIM and started marathoning it. the cell phone going through and boong-do making it back to modern seoul bothered most ppl and was seen as not as believable, but after QIM ending, it came to mind how that ending really was plausible. if you think about it:
      -boong-do and heejin met and was separated bc of the power of the talisman. now that the talisman is gone and both are suffering from its wrath/curse (though heejin is unaware bc her memories are gone), in the end, they were able to overcome/beat the power of the talisman

      -the talisman's power was that boong-do lives when he dies. even w/o the talisman, the only thing left is boong-do's life and when he tries to kill himself, heejin remembers him (and has the feeling of unease again from ep 13 when she fainted)and tries calling him. boong-do choosing death and heejin calling, created the miracle that allowed them to meet again

      -man proposes, god disposes. boong-do chose to end his life, and in doing so, heejin remembers him and calls him, allowing the path to return to modern seoul to happen

      bc of the talisman, heejin is always left waiting for boong-do to return. this time she called for him, allowing him to come back. their meeting is inevitable, even w/ fate trying to get in the way

      -love conquers all
      *and how i love jo asking boong-do and getting all happy about how he's rich and went to sungkwankun for the 3rd time :-D

    3. Here's my own interpretation about the phone-time-leap:

      A gap in time was created as their memories intertwined – both of them remembering each other at the same moment under the same sky but in different times. Their memories were channelled through the phone – creating a link between the past and present – allowing Boong Do’s return.

      The decision to die. The event of dying. The element of phone, letter, tie, talisman and rain. The interwoven memories. The eternal love. These are the cause. The gap in time. The link between past and present. The transcending of time and space. These are the effect. And the ultimate conclusion is the beginning of their everlasting reunion.

  9. I'm also wondering a lot about the opening sequence. (I keep wondering how they wanted to put it again in the story).
    I was expecting him to jump over the walls with his horse to meet her while she was driving at the end. But it didn't happen at all. Disappointment about this.
    Maybe it was in an alternative script (one among the eight they have writen for QHIM?).
    To me, I would have loved to see this scene again from a different perspective. It would have been epic and also a nice reference to the first episode with the idea of modernity and history.
    The ending in the theater wasn't bad, after all they succeeded to do a nice reference to the ad transition animation and QHIM also started with the idea of filming at the beginning. But I keep wondering how would have been the alternative endings, if they have indeed written several scripts.

    1. Yes, I couldn't agree more. I kept waiting...and waited some more for that beginning scene to somehow fit near the end. I even remembered the color of their clothes in the beginning scene so I can catch it when it is replayed near the end! However, I'm not disappointed about this portion. If you think about it, as dramatic a beginning as that scene was, imagine if it was replayed toward the end. That would mean BD is STILL time traveling. He isn't permanently grounded in the modern time with HJ. Even though that scene expressed content and happiness, it would pain me to see that scene replay itself near the end of the storyline. It would keep me in doubt whether BD will ever find a way to stay with HJ in the modern time.

      One thing I miss as a part of the end is a scene of the two buildling a family life with each other. But I'm still satisfied because we did get those scenes in the earlier episodes when BD had a house and everything. Also, there were other scenes like HJ's cooking scene, the two biking, etc. There are enough cute scenes for fans to further build and imagine their happiness in the future/life together.

  10. love conquers the battery life of the handphone.. LOL

    1. To address you query about the phone’s battery, here’s my take: The phone didn’t work in Joseon. Boong Do couldn’t even turn it on. If you don’t use your phone or your phone is turned off, even if you leave it for a year, THERE WILL STILL BE BATTERY LIFE LEFT. Cause: Boong Do’s phone cannot turn on or work. Effect: There is battery for when it starts working again!. In short, the phone was in a suspended/frozen state while in past joseon.

      If you might be also wondering how the phone’s signal reached Joseon from 300 years ago? Here is my view: I think it has something to do with their memories that they share together. Their interwoven memories created a gap in time, linking the past and present, and consequently enabled the phone to receive signal.

  11. thank you god that this drama have a good ending! thank you thank you thank you!

  12. Yeah, the fact that the opening sequence turned out to be meaningless irks me a bit. I like when dramas go back to the beginning and show us how it got from there to here.
    For example, in What's Up (loved your recaps of What's Up by the way) the opening sequence of the first episode foreshadowed what was coming in the series, and it was the opening sequence in the final episode also. I would have really liked if Queen In Hyun's Man would have done the same.
    But, all in all, it was a great show. Thanks for your recaps :)

  13. Awesome. Just awesome.