Mini-recap (text only) I Love Lee Tae-ri Episode 12


Episode 12

As expected, when Miss Jung joins Seung-jae in confronting Min-soo, neither knows each other. Well, in theory, she knows the real Min-soo but as we know, he ain’t the real deal. Both Seung-jae and Jung are disappointed for different reasons of course. Tae-ri warns Seung-jae not to try something like this again. She’s had enough of his underhanded tactics.

During the car ride, Min-soo is worried about the subdued -looking Tae-ri. She’s miffed with Seung-jae for spoiling the mood but she couldn’t help re-confirming that Min-soo does not know Jung. Her uneasiness stems from something her grandpa used to say : To gain something, you must first lose something. Min-soo holds her hand and reassures her that she won’t lose him.

Seung-jae anxiously tries to confirm if Jung is acquainted with Min-soo. She denies that “Eun-dong” is Min-soo. But more curiously, she also denies knowing Ming-gook (Coach) after being shown his photograph.

Coach is eating ramyun alone outside some convenience store when he receives a text from Jung. “Oppa, you were right. It wasn’t Min-soo. And I did what you wanted me to do too”. Flash back. Jung had in fact contacted Coach previously and he had told her that someone (Seung-jae) might bring her to meet someone who isn’t Min-soo. One trouble settled, Coach makes a call to Min-soo.

Meanwhile, Manager is still trying to come to terms with the “bomb” Soon-sim unleashed at the fan meeting. She assures him that AppleHeads would not be threatened no matter what “bomb” she threw.

Oh it seems that Coach has accepted Tae-ri’s offer to put up at her place for a few days. As the two settled in bed that night, Coach asks worriedly about what transpired during their confrontation with Jung and Seung-jae. Min-soo explains what he already knew – Jung claims he’s not the Min-soo she knows. Seung-jae remains suspicious but said nothing at the time. Coach is still worried and running out of ideas. At this point, they’ve only got two choices – one is to revert him back to Eun-dong, or two, he is to becomes his real brother. Seung-jae can do nothing about that and before he gives up totally, they shall bunk in at Tae-ri’s.

Min-soo asks about his real brother (Oh yeah, I’ve been real curious about that too!). Coach says that his brother is off somewhere on a trip. When will he be back? Coach answers vaguely that he would be back when he’s done with his trip. Min-soo tells Coach about Tae-ri’s confession today. But he’s not too happy because the confession was directed to “Hwang Min-soo” and he’s not him. He asks about the real Min-soo. How’s he like? He’s a cool fellow who’d be responsible for his woman but he loves travelling so much that he’s pretty selfish at the moment. Min-soo muses if it is really possible for him to assume Coach’s brother’s identity. Is that even feasible?

Min-soo wakes up the next morning to a notification message on his phone. Oh dear, Soon-sim’s plan is in action. It’s all over the news. He stops Tae-ri from checking the internet by rushing her to work – the earlier they work, the earlier they get off and the earlier they could date! Heh. She could not say no to that…
 As they get out from the car in front of the museum, a bunch of young school kids throw water balloons at Tae-ri and warns her not to make Heart cry. Min-soo chases after them while Secretary Hong fusses over the confused Tae-ri. Min-soo manages to catch hold of two of the kids and tries to get to the bottom of the matter. He’s almost stunned speechless to learn that they are referring to Tae-ri as a witch who snatched Heart’s boyfriend. He tries to get them punished by the school but they manage to escape his clutches.

Meanwhile, Tae-ri also learns the reason for the attack. She’s “Lady L” who had allegedly stole Heart’s boyfriend in the news. And those kids are probably acting out of their adulation for Heart. Secretary Hong advises her to stay away from Min-soo for a while before things escalate out of control. Tae-ri does not agree, thinking that it’s just a child’s prank. Min-soo overhears the conversation and walks away, deep in thought. He calls up Soon-sim who’s in the hospital. Apparently she was too emotionally overwrought the day before. Ack.*shakes head*.

 She’s interrupted by Hong-sil who barges in demanding to know why she’s picking on Tae-ri. Soon-sim asks if Hong-sil has lost her mind. Hong-sil insists that Soon-sim should be calling her “unni” since she’s actually seven years older. Soon-sim: “Is that something to be proud of? If that is so, why aren’t you disclosing that to the fans and then apologize?” For once, Hong-sil doesn’t cower and back off at her threats. Yeah, she’d rather disclose her age and be a common person than be bullied by a rude girl like her as a singer. Atta girl. Gosh. What’s gotten into Hong-sil? She grew some backbone overnight? I guess her protectiveness of Tae-ri finally allows her to conquer her timid nature. Either that, or Coach worked some of his mojo on her. Heh.

Tae-ri receives a package containing threatening messages with mutilated photographs of her. She’s surprised by the extremes the fans will go and Secretary Hong is so worried she plans on cancelling all Tae-ri’s schedules today. Tae-ri refuses to cancel her schedules.

Soon-sim is enjoying herself reading about Tae-ri being identified as the lady who stole her boyfriend when Min-soo shows up. He drags the unrepentant Soon-sim to the rooftop and climbs over the railings. 

MS: “You still remember this right? When you stood at this same place, when I saved you? What you were feeling then?” 

Soon-sim: What are you saying? (hey, you just admited to being Eun-dong!).

Min-soo: “Weren’t you lonely when you attended the audition just to find the parents who dumped you? That was why you wanted to kill yourself! And yet you are doing this now! Did you become a singer just so you could use your fans to harm another person?

SS: “Don’t you know this is because of you? It’s because you refused me! That’s why –“

MS: “Do you think I’d accept you if you do this? The more you do this, the more I hate you.”

SS: “Then why are you here now? Why did you suddenly appear before me and make me waver? As though you know me so well, what’s with all that? Who the heck are you?”

MS:” Stop that. Eun-dong would be upset if he sees you this way.”

SS: “No. I will continue to do this…until I know the reason why I like you.”

Yikes, bad move Eun-dong!

Coach is earning his keep by cleaning the house when a distraught Hong-sil shows up with a luggage in tow. She doesn’t know why she’s here but he’s the only person she could think of at her most desperate hours. Coach wonders why a big star like her would think of him. Instead of answering, Hong-sil hugs him seeking comfort. She wails that she’s having a tough time. She doesn’t understand why people keep picking on Tae-ri. Tae-ri is so pitiful that it’s driving her nuts. Coach pulls her in a hug claiming that he’s going crazy because she’s hurting.

Hong-sil continues to wail about Tae-ri and how helpless she feels being unable to help Tae-ri who’s very important to her. Coach tries to calm her down and instructs her to zip it. When she shows no sign of responding, he swoops in for a kiss, effectively silencing her!! Mammamia!!

 Tae-ri’s schedule is being cancelled by the Culture Minister who’s wary of her current scandal anyway so she decides to pay him a visit herself. She’s appalled to find her car vandalized. Min-soo has just returned and offers to send her. Unbeknownst to them, some paparazzi are snapping photos of them.

Tae-ri is feeling rather down. She admits to being more affected than she thought she would be. She anticipates all these kids visiting her museum in future so being a target of their pranks and slander makes her feel something akin to being betrayed. Min-soo tries to comfort her but spots some reporters on their tail. He tells Tae-ri to drive off before staying behind to confront them. He snatches the camera, removes the SD card and pops it into his mouth. Muahaha, he wanna eat ‘em?

Tae-ri sees a poster of Heart on the van beside her car and thinks of something. She calls Secretary Hong and tells her to prepare some information. She’ll return to the museum shortly. 

Seung-jae is drinking by himself when he’s joined by a senior(sunbae). Sigh, I ought to know, he just won’t give up! Senior is a reporter who frequently interviews a group of mountain trekkers. Senior promises to help him find this young trekker- Hwang Min-soo, 88-er, through his juniors.

Min-soo takes a breather in the park and overhears two schoolgirls gossiping about Tae-ri being the reason that Heart is hospitalized. He checks the online forums and finds more criticizing comments. Well, since they’re using such childish methods….

Tae-ri hasn’t been idle too. She’s been scouring the net for Soon-sim’s news. And that’s not all; she had Secretary Hong compile information on Soon-sim. She’s curious about the girl who’s been causing her so much trouble.

Min-soo is at the internet café, waiting impatiently for Soon-bin and Tae-gi to log in. As soon as Soo-bin logs in, Min-soo immediately messages him as Eun-dong. Soon, even Tae-gi joins in as they catch up a little with Eun-dong.  Eun-dong needs their help – he wants them to log in the museum’s forum and leave favorable comments until the nasty comments stop. When they ask why, he reminds them of their motto: Friendship needs no explanation! LOL.

Min-soo leaves a comment of his own. He beseeches the fans not to get overemotional. Heart suffered a lot to be the singer she is today, so fans should take care not to paint her as someone who would abuse her position to harm another woman. Aha! Reverse psychology.

Meanwhile, Hong-sil and Coach are also sitting before a laptop. LOL. The whole world is online! Hong-sil nods to Coach that she would not regret it and Coach starts composing a message. The message basically explains (in fancier wordings) that Hong-sil is not 20 years old but in truth a 27 year old. She thanks the fans for their love and apologizes for hiding her true age. She’s relieved to have finally disclosed this fact and pledges to take responsibility by quitting the group. Hong-sil stops Coach at that – does she really have to quit the group? Well if she wants to help Tae-ri, that much is needed. As they fight over the laptop, the message is accidentally deleted. Coach wants to punish her for wasting his hard “creative” work by soliciting a kiss but is refused by Hong-sil. LOL. They’re already this close?

Min-soo watches the forum closely and smiles in relief when he finds more benign comments. Tae-ri calls and he runs over to the museum where she’s waiting for him right before the Sun clock. They both noticed each other’s rumpled clothes and both admitted to have been busy with work that they haven’t been home. Tae-ri wants to tell him something before the clock. She’s been thinking about it and decides that she doesn’t regret her confession the other day. She would have done it again because he’s important to her. Min-soo smiles but doesn’t understand the need for her to say this before the clock. Didn’t he once say that the clock was the reason they met? He hugs her with a huge smile. Tae-ri wants him to accompany her somewhere so that she’d be re-energized again.

Soon-sim and Manager also read Min-soo’s message which was written in Eun-dong’s position as Head of the Western Region of her fan club. Since the message can only be posted by the person himself, Soon-sim wants the Manager to track down who posted it and from where - it’s Eun-dong!

Tae-ri is at the hospital, accompanied by a band of reporters. She visits Soon-sim and inquires about her health. Soon-sim is on her best attitude and asks about the reporters Tae-ri brought. Tae-ri is keen on solving the misunderstanding between them which has led to the unfavorable rumors online. As her sponsor, she does not wish Heart to be embroiled in such scandalous rumors. Moreover, the childish pranks by her fans have made a dent to Heart’s image and she would have none of that. In fact, the reporters have misunderstood that Heart was manipulating her young fans for such pranks. As a well-loved idol, she had allegedly manipulated her fans for personal love games. Such misunderstanding will not be tolerated. Soon-sim agrees that it’s a misunderstanding – she cherishes her fans very much. Forced into a corner, she reluctantly admits that the rumors were baseless. Tae-ri tells the reporter to report accordingly. Muahaha. Strike 3! Tae-ri wins again.

Once alone, Soon-sim starts crying in frustration. Tae-ri coolly hands over a tissue and explains herself. She’s been researching AppleHead’s Heart and what she fears most –to lose her image and ignored by fans. Let this be a lesson to them both – she better understands the heart of teenagers while Soon-sim better understands her precious fans. Soon-sim gives her the evil stare and Tae-ri responds by pretending to poke her eyes. She’s much too young to shoot dirty looks with those innocent eyes.LOL. And she never wants to be referred to as Miss L again – next time, just call her Hawng Min-soo’s woman Lee Tae-ri. Pfft!!!  Tae-ri saunters out regally while Soon-sim weeps in defeat. Lol.

Coach and Hong-sil has been waiting for them at home and feels relieved to hear that Tae-ri is fine. Coach informs them how he’s been lying low at home when he saw reporters lurking outside the house. Stay at home and do what? Hihi. Coach explains vaguely that he’s been in hell’s fire and back. He’d almost concocted a first rate news. Tae-ri notices in delight the table of food which Coach and Hong-sil have prepared. Coach wants to contribute something in appreciation of her generosity in allowing him to stay.

Later that night, Min-soo is curious about something. Coach refuses to comment on Hong-sil until he’s got it sorted out but that’s not what Min-soo is curious about. Heh. Anyway, Min-soo is curious about Coach’s brother and wonders what he must do to become his real brother. Tae-ri’s troubles make him realize how helpless he is. He believes he can better be of help if he’s a real 25 year old adult. Even though he can’t exactly fabricate false documents, he wants to be more like the real Min-soo. Isn’t the real Min-soo a really cool guy who takes care of his woman? 

Coach gripes that the process is not important since his brother never did hold on to his promise and broken up with Jung. Min-soo believes that his brother might have some inevitable excuse and Jung appears to be waiting for him. She looks convinced that she’d meet the real Min-soo again even though they’re currently separated. Min-soo wonders how he can make his woman have the same conviction. Coach: “Promise. A promise between two people to meet and fall in love again.” Min-soo recalls the ring he made out of the gold from all his medals. He fingered the ring hung around his neck contemplatively.

The headlines are out in which Heart has explained that Tae-ri is not the Miss L in the rumors. Soon-sim grabs her head dejectedly, claiming a headache. Granny anxiously offers her medication. Soon-sim receives a call from the manager who manages to trace the post to an internet café. Soon-sim tells a surprised granny that Eun-dong has appeared.

She later checks the cctv footage of the internet café and finds *gasp* Min-soo! Flashes of his previous conversations about her suicide attempt and the scar on her wrist appear and she finally pieces the puzzles together in disbelief. Hwang Min-soo is Eun-dong!

Well our dear Eun-dong cum Min-soo is currently busy preparing for a proposal with Coach’s help. Coach feels he is over doing it for someone who might vanish any moment. Min-soo wants to make her a promise – even though he doesn’t know when he’ll be back but he wants her to wait for him. Coach worries that it’s too fast and reminds him that Seung-jae is still investigating him. 

Soon-sim has snuck into the museum and hides herself when she finds the two walking down the walkway. Min-soo thanks Coach for helping out but Coach still finds it hard to swallow that a 14 year old is proposing to someone so much older. Min-soo and Coach are speaking freely about his real identity as Eun-dong, unaware that Soon-sim is listening in. Min-soo wonders if Tae-ri would be happy with the proposal. Coach is confident she will be, provided she is unaware that he’s a kid who has grown up overnight. Soon-sim clamps her mouth in shock. Haha. Well, that’s pretty convenient. She learns everything through their conversation!

Meanwhile, Seung-jae also receives a fax from his senior which is a report that says that the real Min-soo is missing in a trekking expedition.

Soon-sim is still trying to digest the fact that Min-soo is Eun-dong but memories of all their previous encounters only further solidify that fact plus the realization that she might have pushed him away from her life forever. She finds him standing before the Sun Clock but unlike before, she sees him as Eun-dong now. She calls out to him – to Eun-dong. He turns around in surprise, silent. 

She approaches him slowly. Soon-sim: “It’s you! You are Eun-dong right?” Tae-ri has also arrived and calls out to him, but she calls him Hwang Min-soo though.

Dun dun dun dun! The moment of truth? 


Wow, the cat is finally out of the bag and interestingly it's Soon-sim who's found out first. Would knowing that Min-soo is Eun-dong reinforced her feelings for him? So she doesn't like him when he's 14 but likes him when he's in a 25 year old body?

Funnily, Seung-jae was the one digging hard at Min-soo/ Eun-dong's secret and yet he's still a step behind in uncovering the truth. He does shed some light over the mysterious real Min-soo and I get how Eun-dong has been able to assume that identity without creating much fuss. The ending is already out I know and I apologize for my slower recapping pace. Truth be told, I find the show just okay in a non-addictive sort of way. It has its charms but I don't think it's a not-to-be-missed sort of drama. 

Still I will be recapping to the end for anyone who's still interested.  :P


  1. Thanks for continuing to recap this series! I stopped watching it a while ago but I'm still reading the recaps as I am still curious as to how everything will unfold. Hong Sil and Coach were such an unexpected couple- but so cute! I also love how tae ri constantly one ups soon sim episode after episode. it's awesome how consistently strong and intelligent her character is- not to mention fitting for her position as the head of the museum.

  2. Simple Thanks with significant meaning in your heart to made your effort appreciated. You recap may attract people reading the recap first then watch it to feel more understand the story. There are people who read the synopsis or recap first then watch the series when the recap or synopsis itself made a person curious and watch it. Honestly the reason I watch this series because the synopsis. However reading recap and watching give different atmosphere. As long you wisely write the recap with your own insight, outstanding tone, clever notice about the scene and your own writing style the people will start watch I Love Lee Tae Ri until the end.

  3. thank you so much for your recaps. even though the subs are out now i still read them because i remember when it was all i had LOL. i saw the ending and wasn't very happy. the story would've had much potential if they kept tae ri and min soo friendly!

  4. Oh that's nice. Good to hear it is fully subbed. If there is one thing I learn during recappings, every drama has its fans. :)