Mini-recap (text only): I Love Lee Tae-ri Episode 11

The three musketeers are back!

Episode 11

Soon-sim kisses Min-soo realllly hard…and that small delay in pushing her away is probably critical because Tae-ri never saw him pushing her away and walks off dejectedly. Soon-sim is disappointed with his reaction or lack of. Min-soo is upset with her self-centredness and tells her clearly that he does not like her. In fact he hates how she’s forcing her feelings on him. Soon-sim asks if it’s because of Tae-ri. Min-soo declares he only likes Tae-ri and shrugs her hand off. Soon-sim finds that hard to swallow and vows to win over Tae-ri.

Tae-ri receives a call which informs her that the guests have made it safely back to their hotel. Teary-eyed, she asks to be picked up immediately. Meanwhile Min –soo makes his way back home but finds Tae-ri gone. He asks Mum for some Changpo water, still keen on fulfilling his promise to wash her hair. Mum goes off to get him some and he notices the trinket Tae-ri left behind.

Before he goes off, mum stops him with a message for Eun-dong, in case he calls again. Mum is well and just wants him home safely. She believes in her son and will be awaiting his return. Min-soo holds her hands comfortingly and promises to relay the message.

Min-soo shows up at Tae-ri’s place and she reluctantly opens the door for him. Tae-ri could not bring herself to confront him about the kiss and gives monosyllabic answers to his questions. Min-soo senses that she’s angry and demands to know why. Didn’t he promise to wash her hair? Tae-ri lashes out at him, “Is this the time for washing hair?”

A moment later, she’s applying medication on his burnt hand. Min-soo tries to explain something but Tae-ri cuts him off. Her disappointment in him today will not go away until his wound fully heals. She sends him on his way but Min-soo stops her. He returns the trinket to her complete with the reassurance that she’s the only one that he wants to give it too but an irresponsive Tae-ri worry him.

Soon-sim is having a sleepless night, wondering about Min-soo’s surprising knowledge of her scar. That is supposed to be a secret between her and Eun-dong. Her mutterings wake granny who chides her for not sleeping. Soon-sim asks granny if she’s not attractive. Granny reassures her she’s plenty attractive. Soon-sim admits to have been rejected by Min-soo today. Even so, she thinks she’s really fallen for him. Granny backs her to go get him, since she’s pretty fond of Min-soo herself. Soon-sim hugs granny gratefully.

Seung-jae leaves a voice message for Miss Jung Soo-ji, the woman involved with the real Min-soo, requesting to meet her regarding Min-soo. A guest shows up – it’s Secretary Kang from the Group, who promises to help him in secret. Seung-jae wants him to investigate Coach. He’s looking for a woman and he might know where she is.

Tae-ri is counting sheep, obviously having trouble sleeping as well. Images of Min-soo and Soon-sim kissing continues to haunt her even as she tries to reason that it’s just an Italian greeting. But it’s Korea here and he should have prevented that! LOL. So she did see Soon-sim initiating the kiss but she’s just upset he didn’t “protect” himself properly. 

Coach stares at the calendar which marks the day the training camp ends. Min-soo returns home and Coach gripes that he’s supposed to have reverted back by this time according to their initial plan. Min-soo tells him nonchalantly that a second chance will present itself if the heart wishes for it hard enough. Coach knows Min-soo is hardly interested in that. Min-soo collapses in bed, too tired from the day’s events to answer him. Coach comments that he’s looking more and more like a stressed out working class man.

Granny is making bento, as part of operation win over Min-soo. A man will be bored of a pretty face by 3 days but not of a woman with good cooking skills. Granny even offers a tip – she is to feed Min-soo the food, then his heart will return to her. Soon-sim is impressed.

The kids are back from training. Coach waits for Tae-gi and Soo-bin, delighted to see them. The kids immediately ask for Eun-dong and if Coach actually kidnapped him. Coach explains stutteringly that Eun-dong ran away from home. He wants them to keep it a secret though since Eun-dong will be back soon. From afar, Secretary Kang watches Coach’s every move.

Tae-ri finds a tip on how to maintain a noona-dongsaeng love relationship in a magazine. It reads that the woman must sometimes regard the man’s mistake as a cute tantrum and leave it as such. The more she’s angry, the more the man loses confidence until he eventually withdraws from her like a frightened child. Tae-ri is determined to follow the tip.

Coach is whining about his miserable fate when he recognizes that he’s being followed by Seung-jae’s secretary. Coach tries to call Min-soo but he’s not answering. He calls someone else to pick him up and starts packing. Is he like gonna run away?

Well, Min-soo is busy setting up breakfast for Tae-ri. It seems like it’s an Italian thing to make up after a fight by having breakfast together. Min-soo apologizes for yesterday, understanding why she’s angry. Tae-ri explains she’s not angry, only disappointed in his overly gentleman ways. Min-soo promises to reserve his gentleman manners only for her in future. He takes a bite of the baguette and offers it to her, bread in mouth. LOL. Tae-ri pulls the baguette from his mouth and hits his lips with it. She’s not in the mood now. His lips need to be punished! LMAO. She admits to have seen him and Soon-sim in the park but denies being petty. Either way, his lips need to do some self-reflection. LOL. Min-soo senses that she’s forgiven him and agrees with a smile.

The person Coach called turns out to be Hong-sil. Coach tells her he’s being stalked and asks to use her car. Hong-sil wonders why he treats her so. Coach says he doesn’t know why but he could only think of her when he’s at wit’s end. Hong-sil gripes that he couldn’t even remember anything. Coach promises to find that particular memory slowly. He needs a place to hide for now. She’s an artist so she should have some idea how to hide him. Hong-sil has no idea how. Coach tells her to figure it out somehow and let him know. For now, he tells her to get off the car. LOL.

Min-soo and Tae-ri has reconciled and chatting happily in her office. When Secretary Hong knocks on the door, they immediately assume a more business-like attitude. Hah. Secretary Hong opines that they should be focusing on promotional activities for the museum now instead of initiating some other new projects. What about a live talk show? Tae-ri is hesitant but Min-soo enthuses that it’s a brilliant idea to promote the museum. Somewhat convinced, she tells Hong to arrange her schedule and Min-soo to analyze the contents of the show. Min-soo’s phone rings and he excuses himself. Alone, Tae-ri asks for the photograph she had Hong prepared – it’s Eun-Dong! Tae-ri is still trying to decide how to find him. Hong advises her to try one of those tv programs which focuses on finding runaways.

Min-soo is bundled into the car by an anxious Coach and they drive off just as Soon-sim arrives at the Museum, bento in hand. In the car, Coach updates him on how Seung-jae had him followed. The plan now is for him to hide at his parents’ place.

Soon-sim shows up before Tae-ri looking for Min-soo. Tae-ri asks if she made an appointment with Min-soo. Soon-sim admits that she hasn’t, since she plans to surprise him with a homemade bento from granny. Tae-ri explains that he’s out on business but Soon-sim plans to wait for him right here! Wow, the nerve of this girl. Well, Tae-ri is no pushover too. She unzips the bento and starts digging in – she eating them is equivalent to Min-soo eating them. Soon-sim could only watch, speechless. LOL.

Coach dumps Min-soo off at his parents, but Min-soo grumbles that he can’t exactly stay there just like that. Tae-gi and Soo-bin comes by and Min-soo is like all excited to see them. The boys keep silent uncomfortably and Min-soo realizes belatedly that they wouldn’t know who he is. The boys are here to find Eun-dong’s mum. An elated Min-soo decides to join them.

 Tae-ri finishes the bento and praises granny’s cooking skills. The food smells and tastes good and she also feels her ulterior motive. Soon-sim mocks her Dae Jang-geum like taste buds – how could she have felt granny’s motive? Tae-ri could tell that granny love her lots. Soon-sim boasts that she grew up on granny’s love. Tae-ri couldn’t tell. Why would a child who grew up with so much love uses such underhanded methods to seduce a man? Soon-sim doesn’t mind, as long as Min-soo is hers. As gratitude for the food, Tae-ri offers a piece of advice.

TR: A woman needs to preserve a certain amount of pride.
SS: I knew that.
TR: I don’t think you do. Right now you’re just offering yourself to Min-soo in a one-sided affair.
SS: What would you know!?
TR: There’s one thing I’m certain of – you will not win me or any other woman for that matter with those embarrassing methods. And if you maintain this way until you’re 28 years old, you’d be like a broken umbrella – an unloved and lonely woman.

Soon-sim stands up in frustration. Tae-ri notes her bandages and advises her not to bug Min-soo anymore. Not forgetting her manners, she wants her to tell grandma that her food tasted great. Woo-hoo. Strike 2!

Mum is busy consoling the crying boys. Min-soo gets upset because he thinks mum will be even more upset at this point by all the crying. Mum is fine and explains that the boys are good friends with Eun-dong. She finally notes his curious presence and asks why he’s here. Min-soo stammers that he was in the area for business and decided to drop by.

Coach is also trying to reach Soo-ji and leaves a voice message requesting that she contacts him asap.

The boys find it weird that Eun-dong would run away from home. Min-soo assures them that Eun-dong is fine but Soo-bin wants to get his dad to help find Eun-dong. He doesn’t really believe Coach or Min-soo all that much. His dad is friends with the Chief of Police who would surely investigate the matter thoroughly. Panicked, Min-soo reveals that Eun-dong is in a secret relationship at the moment. The boys are intrigued, especially when Min-soo explains that the beautiful lady love is 14 years older. The boys are in awe with Eun-dong’s prowess. Eun-dong loves the lady so they must help him by keeping silent about it. Eun-dong would introduce the woman to them later. The boys agree, completely in awe.

Tae-ri is surprised to find Min-soo sleeping in the museum when she comes by in the weekend. Min-soo explains that he stayed up preparing for her interview. Tae-ri offers to send him home but he tells her that he can’t go home at the moment because of some trouble regarding his brother. And where is his brother now?
Amidst scattered snacks and empty soju bottles, Coach and Hong-sil is lying asleep together again as a handphone beeps continuously on the floor. They both wake up at the same time. Coach clamps his hand over her mouth immediately before she screams and pleads for her not to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember what happened”. LOL. She wails desperately. What happened? Didn’t he say he wanted to sleep there? Coach remembers he was trying to find the lost memories over beer. Hong-sil remembers that much, but what happened next?

Flashback. The two of them were seriously downing lots and lots of beer. And in her drunken state, Hong-sil actually kissed him. And coach reciprocated by carrying her around. End of flashback. The two try to swat away the memories, which are only returning in bits and pieces. Their phones both ring. Tae-ri is looking for her and Min-soo for Coach. It’s hilarious how they try to pretend they’re not together.

Tae-ri is busy cooking, though she’s obviously not very good. She refuses Min-soo’s help, insisting on cooking herself for Min-soo’s brother. Min-soo smiles indulgently but wonders why she had invited Hong-sil as well. Tae-ri smiles mischievously – she’s planning to pair them up. LOL.

Hong-sil and Coach are heading to Tae-ri’s place at the moment. Coach wonders why they both called at the same time. Hong-sil muses that they must love each other very much. That does not please Coach at all who reminds her that they must break those two up. Coach asks Hong-sil what kind of men Tae-ri dislikes. She tells him that Tae-ri dislikes incompetent and competitive guys.

They arrive to find Min-soo and Tae-ri making dinner together in a lovey-dovey way. Coach drags Min-soo aside, berating him for being here when he had warned him explicitly to stay home. Min-soo explains that Tae-ri prepared the dinner especially for Coach so he must finish everything regardless of the taste. Coach asks exasperatedly if he truly likes her so much, which Min-soo admits to. Coach refuses to give his word, declaring ominously that his plan is already in action.

Tae-ri is slicing the cucumber slowly when Coach proposes a competition. Cucumber slicing competition.  Min-soo is no match to the expert Coach whose hands are barely visible as he slices the cucumber with ease. He wins and hugs an equally elated Hong-sil. Then he taunts Tae-ri – isn’t his brother incompetent? Tae-ri is pleased with their interaction and declares that she doesn’t mind. Min-soo pinches her cheek affectionately while a confused Coach and Hong-sil looks on. Muahaha. 

Tae-ri’s spaghetti must not have tasted well because everyone is looking rather forced. Hihi. Tae-ri explains that she heard about Coach’s troubles from Min-soo and offers to find him a place to stay. Min-soo would not have her buy him a place or something like that. So Tae-ri proposes that the brothers stay at her place. It’s been so long since she had a meal like this at home and she really loves the family-like atmosphere. She’s thankful to him for taking care of Min-soo and treating her like a close family. She might not be perfect but she pledges to treat him like a family as well. Her earnestness leaves Coach speechless and moved. 

Meanwhile, Seung-jae is having a lonely takeaway meal by himself. Jung Soo-ji calls and informs him that she’ll be returning to Korea shortly. Seung-jae asks to meet up.

After dinner, Min-soo wants to rehearse the interview with her. Tae-ri admits her fear of live shows. She’s afraid of the people waiting to see her embarrass herself, afraid of the host asking probing questions to uncover her secrets, afraid of the helpless situation she’s rendered in. It’s difficult for her. Min-soo tells her she must overcome all that and he would help her. To start he invites her for a dance and during the dance he asks her questions as a host would.

MS: Today we have with us the Curator of DaeDong Museum. How are you?
TR: Nice to meet you.
MS: What does the Museum mean to you?
TR: It represents my past, my present and my future. Just like a lover, always by my side.
MS: Now then may I ask a personal question? Do I have a place in your present and future?
TR: Yes. There should be. Can a guest ask questions too?
MS: Of course!
TR: There’s a woman always wanting to get close to my man, what should I do?
MS: Emm…you don’t have to worry. Even if everyone says no, you just have to believe in him. Can you do that?
TR: Sure.
MS: At the broadcast tomorrow, be sure to maintain as beautiful and composed as you are right now. Are you confident?

Tae-ri nods her head happily as they dance some more.

On the broadcast day, Min-soo is right there providing emotional support while Tae-ri is interviewed. The host, An Hye-kyung starts off by introducing Tae-ri’s background. An’s first questions are innocent enough, asking about the Sun Clock and its restoration process and Tae-ri handles them comfortably. Then An starts asking about the period when she resigned as Curator. Was it related to a family feud regarding the matter of inheritance? Tae-ri denies that and insists that she’s walking her own path now. An asks if her current path involves romance? Tae-ri smiles in answer. An then asks if she could share something about him. Tae-ri glances at Min-soo and says that he gave her back her lost birthdays. Not long ago, he confessed to her but she still hasn’t given him a reply. And she would like to do that through the program: “I feel the same as you do”.

Seung-jae sees the broadcast with a troubled expression. Miss Jung shows up though, and demands to know where Min-soo is. Oh uh.

Another unhappy person would be Soon-sim who’s still seething over Tae-ri’s comments about her being a broken umbrella. She considers all her attributes, trying to single out her advantages over Tae-ri. Money, looks and body – she doesn’t exactly have the upper hand. But there’re still factors in her favor – youth and fans!

She immediately organizes a meeting with her fan club. And in between her crocodile tears, she confessed that she’s in love with somebody who’s snatched by somebody else. Oh my lordy, is she trying to invoke sympathy from her fans in order to exercise some really scary fan power to intimidate Tae-ri?

The interview ends pretty smoothly but at the ending, Tae-ri whips out a photo of Eun-dong and explains that she’s looking for a teenager – 14 year old Geum Eun-dong who dreams of becoming a swimmer. He’s also the first friend in Korea who held her hands when she was at her lowest point. Tae-ri thinks that he’s feeling lost as is the norm among teenagers his age. She pleads for his return to the people who loves him. Min-soo looks conflicted by her plea but forces a smile when she wraps up the shoot.

Meanwhile, Seung-jae and Soo-ji is in the parking lot of the broadcast station. Seung-jae sees Min-soo and Tae-ri walking out hand in hand and confronts Min-soo, claiming that his real girlfriend is here to meet him.


I actually don’t think this ex-girlfriend would cause much problem, especially since this Min-soo is not that Min-soo so as a cliffhanger, it doesn’t quite pack any punch. The preview is more ominous though with Soon-sim’s fans in action and Soon-sim finally figuring out that Min-soo is Eun-dong. By the way, am loving Coach and Hong-sil pairing so damn much. LOL.


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