Recap (text only): I love Lee Tae-ri Episode 9

Mummy's boy drinks coffee now.

Episode 9

It’s a pretty chaste and short kiss, after which Tae-ri asks for Min-soo to stay. And Min-soo assures her he won’t leave and hugs a teary-eyed Tae-ri. Whilst the new lovers embrace, the Sun Clock is still glowing rhythmically. The two of them walk hand-in-hand back to the 1st floor. Min-soo asks worriedly if the Clock has fully been restored. Tae-ri happily informs him that it is, and offers to go check it out. Min-soo would rather not. He would rather focus on her now. He gives her an affectionate peck on the forehead which is witnessed by Seung-jae. 

Displeased but undeterred, he marches resolutely to them. He asks for a private chat with Tae-ri who refuses to comply. Then he gets all worked up and grabs her arm roughly, demanding that she listens to what he has to say. It has to be today, the things that she needs to know. Is she not curious? Why he acted the way he did? Too bad for him, she reiterates that she’s not the least interested. She’s only interested in the now. A speechless Seung-jae watches them leave dejectedly.

Min-soo escorts her back home and wishes her a good night sleep.  He kisses her hand lovingly, and calls her by her name. Tae-ri smiles in pleasant surprise at his affectionate address and waves him off happily.

Min-soo is hardly able to suppress his glee, thinking back to the kiss on his drive home. He suddenly thinks of something and makes a U-turn. Meanwhile, Tae-ri is basking in the giddiness of her new found love, giggling to herself in bed. Her handphone rings and it’s a text from Min-soo, who’s parked right outside her home.
MS: Have you slept?
TR: Not yet. Have you reached home?
MS: Yes. Why haven’t you slept?
TR: I don’t feel really sleepy today.
MS: I will be protecting you. So don’t worry and go to sleep. If we want to meet up earlier tomorrow, you’re going to have to sleep earlier tonight.
TR: OK, I will. In future, when we’re together, just call me Tae-ri.
MS: Sleep well, Tae-ri ah…

Tae-ri hangs up with a silly smile while Min-soo gives his handphone a loud kiss. LOL. OK, they are really so cute. I almost forget she’s 28 years old. 

The next morning, Tae-ri takes extra care in her looks, even winking at her own reflection in her good mood. She steps out of the house, surprised to find Min-soo sleeping in the car.

As he drives her to work, she’s concerned if he’s tired. He insists that he’s fine and blabbers about the nice weather and how good she looks, still struggling to call her by her name only. She agrees with him and suggests that they do something different for the day to commemorate the change in their relationship. Tae-ri instructs him to turn right.

Meanwhile, the loser of the love triangle, Seung-jae fondly goes through old photos, love letters and mementos from his past relationship with Tae-ri. He comes across a building plan drawing of some sort and comes to a decision. In the next scene, he tenders his resignation letter to VP. VP sighs heavily and tells Seung-jae not to feel too guilty. It’s always been beyond his ability to stop Tae-ri and handle the construction of Time Park anyway. He only needed Seung-jae to antagonize Tae-ri. Ugh…mean ol’ man. Seung-jae declares he will not be part of VP’s schemes any longer but VP astutely guesses that Tae-ri has totally abandoned him. Ouch! VP mocks that without his help, Seung-jae can’t win her over.  Seung-jae insists he can. Smiling derisively at his conviction, VP dismisses him : “See you again, Seung-jae ah…” Double ouch! He’s confident Seung-jae will come crawling back to him.

Out of sight, in the privacy of his car, Seung-jae loosens his tie in frustration. He receives a call which informs him that Min-soo has another lady. Gulps. The real Min-soo?!

Min-soo and Tae-ri are enjoying their first date spooning each other ice-cream and take a photograph as remembrance. While Tae-ri admires the photo, Min-soo glances speculatively at a small hand mirror with Minnie Mouse design. Min-soo is proving to be quite a ladies’ man – initiating the hand-holding, giving her gifts and uttering sweet nothings. LOL. It’s kinda cheesy but hey, he’s pretty good for a 14 year old.

MS: It (the mirror) represents me…A mirror to prove how pretty and cute Tae-ri is. When you’re upset, think of it as me. That way, Tae-ri would be the most blissful woman in the world. (See! It’s darn corny right!? LOL)

Then again, who cares? She digs it.

Elsewhere, amidst snacks and empty soju bottles, Coach wakes up to find Hong-sil sleeping at his side. Woo-hoo. What happened? Coach scrambles up acting like a ravished victim, waking Hong-sil in the process. LOL. Hong-sil freaks out, muttering that “she doesn’t know anything” repeatedly. Coach thinks that should be his line. Heh. A panicked Hong-sil is almost in tears now, wailing that her life is ruined.  

A calmer Coach tries to make sense of the situation. He’s not the kind of person who’d devote his body to a woman without any emotional connection. He cannot recall anything and tries to ask the wailing Hong-sil if she could. She just continues crying, wailing that her socks were removed. Muahaha. That’s it? 

In a press conference, Tae-ri announces that the Sun Clock is restored and efforts are being made to preserve the national treasure. At the end of her announcement, she cheekily reflects the light at Min-soo using her mirror, blinding him for a moment. Min-soo directs a chiding look at her but Secretary Hong is looking rather warily at him. His handphone rings – it’s Coach.

Coach rushes over to check on him, surprised that he still hasn’t reverted back to Eun-dong. Min-soo admits that he didn’t do it. He thinks it’s the right thing to remain as who he is now. He wants to be Tae-ri’s Polaris. A determined Coach runs to Tae-ri’s room, ready to spill the beans on everything. Min-soo follows close behind, trying to stop him. Just as Coach is about to divulge his true identity – Tae-ri suddenly declares that she knows! Huh?

Tae-ri explains that she knows that Min-soo is innocent and child-like and that Coach has suffered much trying to raise him well. She thanks him for his efforts yesterday and for attending her birthday party. A speechless Coach could only nod modestly at her praise. Tae-ri plans to repay his kindness. She instructs Secretary Hong to find a suitable position for him at the museum, as befitting his status as an ex Asian Games Gold Medalist. Hihi. Coach shakes her hand respectfully, all other thoughts escaping his mind for the moment. Hah.

A man is updating Seung-jae of the existence of a girl who’s very close to Min-soo. They’ve been an item since their University days and are no different from a husband and wife. She was looking for Min-soo at one point, but is currently missing as well. And she’s also acquainted with Coach. Seung-jae wants her found and instructs the guy to investigate further, and fast.

Hong-sil is distracted at dance practice, disturbed by scary images of evil-laughing Coach. Soon-sim calls for a halt impatiently and she explains that she’s been having strange hallucinations. The girls think she might be unwell due to extreme dieting and offers her a snack. Soon-sim thinks that there is more to it –she didn’t come back to the hostel the night before, she’s late for practice and she smells of alcohol – is she dating? One of the girls (whose name I still haven’t caught) suspects that it’s Min-soo who rescued her the other day from Soon-sim. Soon-sim asks menacingly if she’s dating Min-soo. Panicked, Hong-sil inadvertently reveals that she’s not the one dating Min-soo. Oh uh…Who then?

Tae-ri tells Min-soo he doesn’t have to drive her every day. Min-soo is more than willing – his brother told him that a man being his woman’s feet is the basic thing to do. Tae-ri thinks that Coach is a nice person and the two brothers closely resemble each other. Min-soo agrees with her, somewhat uncomfortable with the lie. Tae-ri feels that their parents should be so glad with two handsome and kind sons. At the mention of his parents, Min-so says regretfully that he’s caused much worry to them. Tae-ri reassures him that his parents are sure to stand by him and support him. In his heart, Min-soo misses his mum.

In fact, he goes back to home right away, even admitting outright that he’s missed mum. He applies hand cream for her, claiming it’s a gift from Eun-dong. Eun-dong thinks mum’s hands are the gentlest and warmest in the world even though they’re rough. Eun-dong contacted Coach and revealed that he’s doing fine and wants her to cease worrying over him. He’s going through a special kind of experience that even money can’t buy. Mum couldn’t help worrying and asks if Eun-dong will come home. Min-soo assures her Eun-dong will be back and advices her to believe in her son. 

Min-soo hugs an inconsolable Mum and whispers “I love you”. LOL. Mum pulls back and looks at him questioningly. Min-soo quickly explains that it’s what Eun-dong wanted him to say as well.

Meanwhile, Soon-sim is singing a sad love song, looking like she’s moping. She stops abruptly, unable to believe that Min-soo is dating Tae-ri. LOL. That’s more like her. She wonders at her depressed feeling and the possibility that she’s fallen for Min-soo alarms her. Manager-nim shows up, uneasy at her sudden summon. She wants him to find out Tae-ri’s schedule. She wants to ascertain something.

Seung-jae is busy drawing plans, still unsure what they are now.

Coach is fretting over his expensive suit and wonders at his luck. Why is he being tempted with money at every turn? LOL. Still, he couldn’t help anticipating his new job and the presumably large pay. Will he get a million a year? His thoughts are interrupted by the return of the subdued Min-soo.

Coach is surprised that Min-soo went home. Min-soo reveals that he told mum he will return soon and Coach berates him for not sharing his plan sooner. Then he wouldn’t have spent so much on the expensive suit for the new job. Min-soo wonders if mum would believe what’s happened to him. Or for that fact, would Tae-ri? Coach catches his informal use of her name and muses that they’ve gotten much more intimate. Coach is uneasy with this development and suggests that he hugs Tae-ri before the clock, but Min-soo refuses. Coach concedes that they may love each other very much but the problem remains that he’s lying to her. Min-soo’s solution? Make it real then. His current self is also him and he wants to stay at her side with this body. Coach sighs heavily as Min-soo’s handphone beeps. It’s Tae-ri texting that she misses him. Coach watches open-mouthed as Min-soo kisses her text in reply. Muahahah.

Tae-ri receives a text but it’s not from Min-soo. It’s that same application asking for your wishes. Tae-ri switches off the phone without responding. Phew.

Mum happily applies the hand cream but thinking back to Min-soo’s words, she frowns in confusion. Those words sounded eerily like the way Eun-dong would phrase them.

At work, Tae-ri is not satisfied with the proposals regarding promotion of the traditional experience project. She wants more innovative ideas.

Just then, Seung-jae shows up with an architecture model, which I assume is the one he’s been working on lately. It’s a design of a memorial hall for the Sun Clock, just like he once promised if she ever takes over the museum. Tae-ri is wary of his ulterior motive but Seung-jae informs her he’s quitted the Group and gave up everything. Everything but this. Tae-ri is not interested even as he reminds her that he’d promised to build her the memorial hall even though they’re separated. Tae-ri doesn’t think much of his honor, due to his backstabbing tendency. Seung-jae insists that he’s doing this as much for her as for himself. After this, there are no longer unfulfilled promises between them.

Seung-jae bumps into Min-soo on his way out and mocks that he’s looking mighty well recently. Min-soo boasts that he’s so blissfully well that time just flies. Unperturbed, Seung-jae tells him to enjoy himself while it lasts leaving Min-soo a little puzzled. As Seung-jae walks away, Secretary Hong beckons to him.

Secretary Hong asks about the nature of his relationship with Tae-ri, to which he answers “ing”, meaning in the process. She warns him to step away if he intends to fools around but Min-soo replies that he’s serious. He’s confident of it and pledges to treat Tae-ri well and not make her cry. Secretary Hong is not impressed with his child-like conviction. Instead, she wants him to make himself useful to Tae-ri. She wants him to come up with something innovative for the traditional experience program. Hah. Work delegation? Hihi. Anyway, Min-soo is more than eager to prove his worth.

Tae-ri is on her way somewhere when she bumps into Min-soo. He addresses her formally (coz they’re at work) and asks where she’s going. She hesitated a little before telling him she’s going out for a Curators’ meeting. He asks shyly to meet up after work at the museum, because he’s on duty today. Then, he kisses a surprised Tae-ri on the cheek before moving away.

Tae-ri is at a beauty parlor, for some facial treatment, allegedly good for youthful appearance. LOL. Soon-sim slips into the room after the beautician left, teasing her for making the extra efforts in maintaining youth. Understandable since she got herself a younger man. Tae-ri is surprised Soon-sim knows her whereabouts. Soon-sim admits to have checked her schedule since she wants to discuss something in secret with her – Hwang Min-soo. Tae-ri explains maintaining good looks is a woman’s responsibility, it’s not for Min-soo.  Soon-sim is like whatever.

So Tae-ri asks her for the reason she’s picking a fight with her. Soon-sim admits outright she likes Min-soo. Tae-ri mocks that she’s finally got better taste in men now. Well, that is beside the point. Soon-sim wants to break the nightmarish curse – all the men she likes are flocking to Tae-ri’s side. Seung-jae knew Tae-ri first so she’s got no argument with that. But Min-soo is hers – she wants to make him her man. Tae-ri admires her confidence but thinks she’s got no case. Min-soo is her Polaris – unchanging 365 days in the year.

Seung-jae recalls the investigator’s words and calls up Coach. Oh uh.

Meanwhile, Min-soo is hard at work, still racking his brain to come up with a good proposal, which is how Tae-ri finds him a moment later. She watches him quietly from afar until he finally notices her presence. He notes that she’s looking different – her face glows and her skin looks silky smooth. Tae-ri is pleased her “efforts” are noticeable but explains that “Curators’ meeting” can make the skin glow. LOL. Sweet Min-soo also adds that she’s looking much younger too, at which Tae-ri says that she’s going to attend the “meeting” regularly from now on. LMAO.

Min-soo wants to finish his proposal first then he’ll send her home. Tae-ri wants to discuss something with him. Soon-sim?

Across town, Seung-jae finds Coach at the stall he works at. He chucks the soju aside and goes straight to the point. Min-soo used to have a woman right? A woman no different than a wife. Coach warns him to stay clear of his brother but that’s like telling a fish not to swim. Seung-jae is determined to get to the root of the matter. His brother must be pretty perverted to be involved with a woman like that. (Duh? Living with a gf is perverted??! I thought you grew up in Italy?) A money-minded elder brother and a womanizer younger brother – were their parents too busy with the horse stables to bring up them properly? (ouch, that’s a cheap shot). Coach grabs his lapels in anger while a defiant Seung-jae stares right back.

Tae-ri shows Seung-jae’s design to Min-soo, asking for an opinion on what she should do. Min-soo takes her hands and asks if she’s wavering. Tae-ri replies that she’s not because she has Min-soo. In that case, Min-soo wants her to accept it, since it’s a gift for her. But before that, she must hand over Seung-jae to him, so he can make sure Seung-jae is not up to some hanky-panky.  Min-soo surprises Tae-ri by inviting her for coffee since she knows he’s not fond of it. However, Min-soo wants to try it now. Since they’ve already started dating, he wants to show that he’s changed a little too. (As in grown up a little? Then again, since when is drinking coffee equivalent to a grown up? I don’t drink coffee!)

TR: Things uttered when drinking will disappear the next day just like the morning dew but the conversation over coffee will linger.

He buys an instant coffee, thinking that it’s no longer bitter to him. Jeez, love does that too? LOL. He finds the Sun pendant necklace in his pocket and it glows. Curiously, there’s some more light coming from the direction of the clock? Tae-ri realizes that she’s forgotten to inform Min-soo she can’t take coffee with sugar at this hour. She wants to call him but her handphone shuts itself off. As she heads off to find Min-soo, her phone lights up again with the wish application.

Min-soo is before the Sun Clock, thanking it for enabling the change. He’s very happy now just being Tae-ri’s man. Tae-ri finds him and approaches him slowly. Oh uh, she’s gonna backhug him now?!!!! The Sun-Clock glows brightly……….


So the hug has happened! What's next? Seung-jae switched tactics but he's still devious instead of sympathetic. I could not for the life of me feel anything for the poor man. Soon-sim plans to fight for her oppa again. So it's girl vs woman round 2. Fight! I find it interesting that the writer highlighted Tae-ri's insecurity about her age even though she's supposedly only 3 years older than Min-soo. What would she do if she realizes he's half her age? No treatment in the world would make her look a teenager again.

P/S: I sure am glad the writer is considering a loveline between Coach and Hong-sil. The two of them are beyond adorable together.


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