Recap (text only): I love Lee Tae-ri Episode 10

Shameless Soon-sim strikes!

Episode 10

Tae-ri backhugs Min-soo and the Clock starts to glow. Tae-ri must have overheard him talking to himself because she thanks him and tells him how happy she is to be his woman. Min-soo continues to look conflicted as she asks for a promise - never to change what they have. He turns around and she hugs him again, oblivious to his shell-shocked state. Min-soo thinks to himself, “I don’t want to change, but it seems I’d have to…because you hugged me.”

Min-soo’s problems are endless. Coach is in a conundrum as well. In his conversation with Seung-jae, Coach had pleaded for more time to keep Min-soo away from Tae-ri, to which Seung-jae assumes he’s admitting that Min-soo has another woman. Seung-jae tells him to stop Min-soo if he can, before Seung-jae does so himself. Coach gives him a good punch for that sarcastic remark.

Min-soo walks in on the deep-thinking Coach. Both of them looking depressed, trying to break the bad news to each other. Min-soo blurts out first that Tae-ri hugged him. Coach hugs him in relief! That’s good news to him. Then he analyzes the situation. At this rate, Min-soo would revert back to his Eun-dong the next morning!

Meanwhile, Tae-ri berates herself for thinking of Min-soo so much that she’s neglecting her work. Even though she had the youth massage, she must not let her brain turn simple. As a curator, she must be rational and smart! Her hand phone beeps and it’s that damn wish application again. She closes her eyes and….makes a wish?! Oh uh.

Min-soo plans to let Tae-ri witness his physical change. Coach thinks he’s nuts. He’s better off disappearing quietly from her life than freaking her out. Min-soo refuses to vanish just like that. He doesn’t want to break up with her, and particularly not like that. She’d be so hurt if he leaves without a word. Tae-ri is special. She might freak out initially but she might come to accept it eventually. Coach thinks he’s being naïve and scoffs at his plan, or rather his lack of one. So what’s next after she learns his true identity? Min-soo doesn’t know – he’ll think about it when that moment comes. He slams the door on the way out.

Min-soo drives himself to Tae-ri’s place and hugs her tightly without any preamble. 

“I missed you! If I don’t see you now I might never get to see you again! […] I promise you that I would stay by your side no matter what happens. My eyes see only you. My lips only speak of you.”

Surprised by his sudden declaration, she wonders if something is wrong. He assures her that nothing is wrong, nothing will be wrong.

Lying side by side on the bed, Min-soo says that he’s given it much thought and thinks that Tae-ri is more suited to younger men. Tae-ri agrees that she realizes that age doesn’t matter after she met him. Then how much of an age gap can she accept? Tae-ri’s not sure but thinks their gap is just right. Min-soo says to her in his heart: “There is a 14 years difference between us. The me lying right next to you now is 14 year old Eun-dong.” Turning towards her, he asks another question – what would she like to do most if tonight is their last moments together? Tae-ri is curious about his weird question. He explains that he just wanted to cherish her to the best of his ability treating everyday as their last day together. Tae-ri smiles and closes her eyes. She wants to sleep? Meanwhile, Min-soo is trying to figure out what to do for her on their last night together, wondering if such a thing exists.

While Tae-ri sleeps peacefully, Min-soo makes a voice recording with her hand phone.

“Tae-ri, listen carefully. From this moment, I’m going to tell you about my true identity. Tonight may be the last time I meet you in this form…or it might not be so…and I hope it isn’t so. However, I am…a 14 year old child. I don’t know why this happened to me but I think it’s because of you. Initially I respected this Tae-ri woman very much…I feared her…felt burdened. But now I’m grateful to you for changing me into this form. No matter if I’m 14 or 25 years old, my heart will not change. Lee Tae-ri shi, I love you…”

Morning comes. The wish application on Tae-ri’s phone beeps: “You wish has been granted!” Tae-ri is awake and sighs at her pile of unfinished work. She psyches herself to begin immediately and manages to get like…three documents signed. Heh. Then, she decides she needs another peek of a sleeping Min-soo before she continues.  

Meanwhile, a not-really-sleeping Min-soo hides himself beneath the blanket, wary of her reaction on seeing his true self. Tae-ri finally manages to drag the blanket away and gasps in surprise, “Mammamia… Unbelieveable! The first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning is ……….you, Hwang Min-soo!”  Min-soo clocks her reaction, baffled that he hasn’t reverted back to Eun-dong. In answer, Tae-ri tells him to get ready for work cheerily.

Tae-ri checks on a still puzzled Min-soo and helps him button up the shirt she had someone brought over. Moved, Min-soo hugs her.

MS: It’s your fault. You made me like this.
TR: What are you saying?
MS: Lee Tae-ri, I’m saying you’re my destiny.

Tae-ri reads nothing more from his words and hurries him to get ready for work.

They are received by Secretary Hong at the museum. Min-soo excuses himself when Coach calls. He meets up with Coach who’s about to tear his hair out when he finds that he STILL hasn’t revert back to Eun-dong. Min-soo tells him that the hug wasn’t it. Coach is going nuts. So what can they do now? Min-soo tells him calmly that there’s no way for him to change back. He’s decided to accept his current form, believing that he’s destined to live with this identity. Coach finally tells him that Seung-jae is looking for the real Min-soo! Min-soo’s eyes widen in surprise. Not so cool after all heh? LOL.

Seung-jae shows up at the museum with his proposal for the Sun Clock Memorial Hall, which is but a formality since Tae-ri has already decided to accept his design. She notes his cut lip and scoffs at him getting into fights. She offers a friendly reminder – stay away from doing unfamiliar stuffs, he’d only get himself hurt in the end. He tells her not to say all that stuff – he might waver too. (Ok….so now he’s taking the high road and pretending not to be over her, all the while plotting to get Min-soo away from her! Well, retreat is a decent tactic as well I suppose).

Seung-jae bumps into Min-soo and Coach. He gives a not so subtle reminder of Coach’s promise. An annoyed Min-soo wants him to come at him like a man, instead of getting to him through another person. Seung-jae is not bothered with his challenge. It remains to be seen if Min-soo is as “man” as he claims. Coach is nigh freaking out, but Min-soo excuses himself. He’s late for a meeting.

At the meeting, Secretary Hong reports preparations to unveil the Sun Clock now that restorations are complete. Promotional activities are also underway. Tae-ri hails everyone’s efforts and welcomes further advertisements and promotional activities. Min-soo watches a confident Tae-ri and thinks to himself that she’s her woman. Coach’s warning about Seung-jae looking for the real Min-soo distracts him so much that he almost does not hear Tae-ri’s request for him to present his proposal on the traditional experience project.

He takes the podium and begins awkwardly. His concept is “Life is an adventure, Love is a promise”. Foreign visitors curious about their museum will be keen on hands-on experience, for example having them experience a Korean Summer Festival. That way, they will be exposed to Korean traditional food coupled with warm memories. Tae-ri seems quite receptive to his idea and plans to test it out on her friends from the Milan Museum who would be here a few days later.

Coach bursts in on Hong-sil who’s not too happy with his presence. Coach claims melodramatically that the situation is dire now. Hong-sil maintains she knows nothing. Coach shouts at her, “Na Hong-sil! Are you a child? How can you claim to know nothing all the time?” Hong-sil is stunned into silence. Coach clears his throat and cross their hands as if to form an alliance (I’m getting Running Man vibes heh). They’re a team now. Their task? To break up Tae-ri and Min-soo.

The idea appeals to Hong-sil who asks for his plan. They need to set up a plan to make Tae-ri dump Min-soo. If they don’t succeed, he’ll announce to the world that Hong-sil of AppleHead is his woman. Muahahaha, you’re just hoping for your plan to fail then! He’s even come up with a name for their alliance – Fallen Angels. He’s “fallen” whereas she’s the “angel”. Muahaha. Well, that’s pretty apt!

Their alliance settled, Hong-sil asks if he remembers the events of that night. Coach shushes her. Would he be here if he remembered? He’s pretty disappointed himself. Whether it was a good or bad memory, at the very least he should have some impression. But he feels nothing looking at her. He apologizes and leaves an upset Hong-sil.

Tae-ri is feeling rather hungry after a day at work. She couldn’t resist weighing herself and is alarmed to find that she’s gained weight.  She quickly steps off the weighing machine when she hears a knock on her door.  It’s Min-soo, checking if she’s ready to go. She is but he’s got to settle something first so he’ll wait for her outside.

He bumps into Coach who’s been waiting for him, surprised that he’s still around here. Min-soo finds no reason to avoid Seung-jae. Coach warns that he’ll get everyone in trouble if he continues to be stubborn. Min-soo insists he’s got no choice. He doesn’t know the way to revert back to his old self and he’s got a woman he’s gotta take care of now. He can’t be crying like a child. Coach wants him to break it off with Tae-ri immediately. Min-soo refuses. Tae-ri is all he has now. And no matter what happens in future, he’ll meet his fate head on.

Min-soo brings Tae-ri to a roadside stall. It’s her first visit to such places. Min-soo comes here occasionally because his brother is fond of the place. He likes it here because he feels relaxed and the absence of music makes it easier to concentrate on listening to others talk. Well, is there something he’d like to say to her? He wants to bring her closer to his world.

MS: This soju is a confession.  The first time I’m telling you how I really feel about you inside. The first time I met Tae-ri, I wanted to earn more money, the better to support you. And I really, really want to become a cool and handsome guy who would match you. The following confession is the first I have ever made – I love you!

And to end a pretty perfect confession, he leans over and kisses her. Aww…what a player. LOL.

A few days later, Eun-dong’s parents welcome Tae-ri and her foreign guests to their traditional abode. Their first welcoming gesture is to hit them lightly over the shoulders with a bunch of dried flowers. Min-soo explains that during the Dano Festival, the gesture is to ward away bad luck. Mum muses at Min-soo’s choice of word. He was using the word “our home” which sounds weird to her. Grandfather welcomes Tae-ri and her guests and Dad starts explaining about the Dano Festival : Water boiled with Sweet Flag (Chang Po) is used to wash the hair and bathe, also fermented to make alcoholic drink. Mum invites everyone to change into traditional clothes.

Meanwhile, Soon-sim is again asking Manager for Tae-ri’s schedule. Manager is curious about her unnatural interest but Soon-sim convinces him that she’s only making efforts to suck up to her. Life as an idol is not impermanent - she’s just making sure she’s got the right support.  She learns that she’s visiting Eun-dong’s house at the moment…and smirks after a moment of thought. She’s up to something….

Mum helps Tae-ri with her hanbok and praises that she looks good in them. Tae-ri asks about her missing son. Mum thinks he should be doing well. Her mother’s intuition tells her that he’s not far away. Tae-ri sympathizes with her and pledges to help her find Eun-dong. (You sure?)

Meanwhile, grandfather distributes trinkets made from some sort of plant roots (Iris roots?). Dad explains that the guys will gift this to the woman they like after the hair washing ceremony. It’s like rubberstamping their property. Heh. The ladies make their entrance and the guys are like “wow”! Particularly Min-soo on seeing a demure looking Tae-ri, The moment is sort of spoiled by Soon-sim’s uninvited presence.

Mum pulls her aside, still pissed at her for being the reason Eun-dong’s left home. Soon-sim explains she’s here on granny’s orders. Since it’s Dano, Mum can’t exactly send her away so she warns Soon-sim to stay out of trouble, particularly stay away from Min-soo. Soon-sim prods her intentionally – is she mad because she still wants Soon-sim for her Eun-dong? LOL. She’s using reverse psychology. It’s clear that Mum doesn’t want her for Eun-dong, and that’s how she feels too. So Mum can’t exactly be mad she’s fraternizing with other men. Her shameless confession aside, she’s achieved what she wants and excuses herself to change into hanbok too.

Soon-sim shows herself before Tae-ri and Min-soo and boasts that their family is so close knitted that they’ve been spending the festival together for the past 30 years. Min-soo mutters under his breath about the ridiculousness of that. Tae-ri introduces Soon-sim aka Heart to her Italian guests who happen to be her fans. Soon-sim takes the opportunity to join them, offering to make their experience a memorable one. She links her arm possessively around Min-soo and another guest and offers to pose for photo taking. Tae-ri slips away quietly. Min-soo tries to struggle free but he can’t without seeming rude to other guests.

Tae-ri calms herself with the Minnie Mirror, reassuring herself that Soon-sim does not pose any threat at all. Speak of the devil. Soon-sim comes into the room to change. She does not hide her intention before Tae-ri at all, admitting that she’s here to fight for Min-soo. Tae-ri remarks that it does not seem like the appropriate place to execute her so-called plan. Oh but it is. Has she not heard of how Chun Hyang seduces Mong Rong over Dano festival? Chun Hyang attracted the attention of Mong Rong because she was relentless. (Really? Gosh there’s so many version of the Legend of Chun Hyang I’m not sure which is true anymore…).

Dad demonstrates washing the sheets with Chang Po. In the old days, the men can only go to the place where the women wash clothes on Dano Day for some loving. Tae-ri asks on behalf of her friends why it has to be there. Min-soo interrupts, “It’s probably because they can’t bear having their women work so hard. That way, they can bond with each other while helping with the washing.” Dad declares he’s right! (Realllly???) Min-soo is invited to demonstrate the washing process. Min-soo steps into the basin and signals to Tae-ri to join him. Before she can, Soon-sim interrupts and requests to try it. She then proceeds to remove her hanbok with elaborate grace and chucks them at Tae-ri. She joins an uneasy Min-soo in the basin. Not content with glue-ing herself to Min-soo, she even requests that Tae-ri get more water.

Seething with jealousy, Tae-ri starts to fill a ceramic container with water, all the while berating herself for not acting fast enough and lacking the ability for aegyo. More activities are carried out – hitting the dough with this giant wooden hammer and boiling more changpo grass. Soons-im tries to glue herself to Min-soo again. As he struggles to keep away from her meddling hands, the hot water splashes on her hand. Min-soo checks on Soon-sim worriedly, even pushing away the concerned Tae-ri in the process. Soon-sim refuses to go to the hospital so Min-soo drags Soon-sim to the room for a closer inspection of her wound. Tae-ri is ignored in the chaos.

Soon-sim refuses to be examined. Min-soo chides her for continuously trying to create a rift between him and Tae-ri. He wants to apply medication for her but she refuses, sending him away. Actually she’s refusing to remove her bracelet. He does not understand her stubbornness and she shouts that he doesn’t understand her. Flash to a memory of their younger days, where Soon-sim is about to jump from a building. Eun-dong grabs her at the last minute but she cut her wrist in the process. End of flashback.

MS: Yes, I might not understand but one thing for sure - the bracelet would never be able to hide your wound forever.

Soon-sim is confused. How could he have known about her scar? Who is he? She stops resisting as he pulls her hand to administer treatment.

Tae-ri has been waiting alone quietly for Min-soo. He eventually joins her on the steps. She asks about Soon-sim first, who seems to be fine. Then she bandages his hand, which was her only concern. He apologizes for causing her worry. She wants no second time – she does not want to feel like a helpless woman who could only watch while he gets hurt again.  She tells him to send Soon-sim home, making a small concession since she did managed to entertain her friends today.

After the last of her friends have left, Min-soo offers to drive Tae-ri as well since Soon-sim lives nearby. Tae-ri does not feel like travelling in threes. Min-soo takes out the trinket from earlier and gives it to her, as proof that she’s his woman (according to tradition). He wants her to wait here for him. He promises to be back to wash her hair (with the Changpo water).

Soon-sim gazes at Min-soo in adulation despite his orders to sit proper properly. Annoyed, Min-soo stops the car and tells her to get off.( Oh? Have they reached?) Soon-sim initially refuses to get off, insisting that she’s a patient. But she catches sight of something and gets out anyway, while a worried Min-soo has no choice but to follow suit. Poor Tae-ri is still waiting for him to return.

Seung-jae receives news that the woman related to Min-soo is found.

Soon-sim makes her way to a swing. She shares with Min-soo how Eun-dong sincerely confessed to her when he was 7 years old with some toy ring, wanting to marry her. That is hardly news to Min-sum cum Eun-dong who tells her to cut the crap and leave with him. Soon-sim ignores him and starts to swing herself, standing. An annoyed Min-soo threatens to leave her by herself. As he walks away, Soon-sim declares that she finally understands Eun-don’s feelings. He stops in his track.

Meanwhile, Tae-ri has also walked to the park, where her car is parked. Soon-sim describes how she had made light of Eun-dong’s proposal, whose feelings she now understands. Soon-sim makes her own confession – she wants to be his lover. If she’s with him, she is certain she’d be as happy talking on the phone or meeting up. Will he accept her? An overwhelmed Min-soo tries to explain that he’s already got Tae-ri but Soon-sim shuts him up effectively by sealing his mouth with a kiss – which of course is the sight Tae-ri sees!


Oh he didn’t switch back! Me thinks it must have something to do with Tae-ri’s wish. Wow I guess a lot of stuffs have to be in place for him to make the switch again. But I guess this buys him some more time to spend with Tae-ri though I’m not really sure if it’s happy times or angsty times. Seung-jae is closing in on him with that other woman and Soon-sim is coming on so strong that the more restrained Tae-ri hardly stands a chance. Of course, there’s the fallen angel alliance trying to break them up as well. LOL.  

I’m really really curious to see how Soon-sim would react when she learns that the Min-soo oppa she loves now is the same Eun-dong she had scorned. That’s be a kick!


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