Recap (text only) : I Love Lee Tae-ri Episode 1

*This is a repost of the recaps...without screencaps, hopefully the DMCA stay off my back this time. I apologize if the recaps are confusing. Usually I use the screencaps to save me from descriptive narrations.

I checked out the first episodes of some of the new premiering dramas and while I was not significantly drawn to any of them (I totally blame QHIM for that!), I thought I'd share a short introduction on the lesser publicized (compared to AGD and Dr.Jin anyway) drama from tvN which is taking over from the Wedding Scheme Mon-Tues slot.

Episode 1

Geun Eun-Deong is just a normal 14 year old boy, hanging out with his friends - with adorable noona crushes. ( that Ma-roo oppa from Can You Hear My Heart? ). The episode begins with the boys helping specky with a cute love declaration to the noona of his heart. Awww....

Eun-dong already has someone in his heart, a girl idol. Teenage crush? 

On the way back from the successful love declaration, Eun-dong is mildly captivated by a depressed-looking pretty woman.

Eun-dong is a promising swimming sensation who enjoys a close relationship with his coach, Hwang Min-gook (Jang Seo-won).

He buys a small gold ring with the sale of the gold medal he won - intended as a gift for his girl.

ED: This ring is made from my history. It represents my entire swimming history. Made from the medal I won. The person who receives it should be very touched. 

Cornered by bullies as soon as he leaves the jewelry shop, Eun-dong swallows the ring as a last resort - daring them to take it from him now. Heh and ewwwwww.

Eun-dong's mum, Oh Mi-ja (Jang Yeong-nam) and dad, Geum-san (Im-ho) are a bickering couple with Oh being the dominant and responsible one, while hubby Geum-san appears to be a loafer. Even Grandfather, Geum Ha-sa (Lee Moon-soo) is a little wary of his daughter-in-law's temper. Hah. 

Apparently, Eun-dong is to be engaged to someone because of a family promise. Mum is not too happy but there's nothing she could do. Mum loves Eun-dong lots and thinks he could do no wrong. Eun-dong comes looking for food the better to aid digestion so that erm...he could poo-poo the ring out. Dad asks about his medal and he lies that he's donated it to the school. He slips off while his parents bicker again...

Mum later finds Eun-dong in his room, err...busy. In any case, Eun-dong gets his ring back. Still

A grandma drags a reluctant Ha Soon-sim (Jubi), the girl idol from a practice session for an important engagement.

More like her engagement ceremony! So she is Eun-dong's bride. And it's obvious Eun-dong likes her very much while she could care less. Which is understandable given the fact that she is 7 years older!!!!

Soon-sim fakes a tummy-ache mid-ceremony. Once they are left alone, Soon-sim begs Eun-dong to help her. She needs to be somewhere important. In exchange, she'll kiss him on the lips. Naive little Eun-dong agrees readily.

Elsewhere, CLS Group's president has passed away and his granddaughter Lee-Tae-ri has returned from Milan, Italy where she was being groomed as the next successor. Aside from becoming the largest shareholder in CLS Group, she has also engineered the return of a 200 year old national treasure - an antiquated clock.

Eun-dong happily sends Soon-sim to a Dae Dong Museum where she is due for a performance. That same museum is actually owned by Tae-ri. She loses her pendant (which seems like a miniature version of the huge antique clock) when she is mobbed by fans of Soon-sim's girl group which is later picked up by Eun-dong.

Tae-ri is surprised a Manager who hasn't even met her has managed to prepare her speech for the opening ceremony and calls for him. She's even more surprised to find him a familiar face, but one she has no intention of seeing. Manager Choi Seung-jae (Yang Jin-woo) is oblivious to her insults, reminding her calmly of her priorities. But Tae-ri doesn't give a damn and insists that he stays out of her sight.

Tae-ri wanders to the exhibition room where the giant antique clock is being displayed and reminisces about her past. She used to date Seung-jae but for whatever reason he left her. Wanna bet it's a case of noble idiocy? LOL. Anyway, Tae-ri finally realizes her pendant is missing...

Meanwhile, Seung-jae wants the girl idol group, AppleHead to perform during the opening ceremony. Soon-sim as leader of her group expresses dissatisfaction about the change in order of the performance.

In the bathroom, a giddy Eun-dong is full of anticipation for his promised kiss. When he wanted to clean his teeth with the toothpaste, a blob of it drops onto his pants.

As if that is not enough, he bumps into someone on his way out of the bathroom and gets splashed by a  cup of water. In his pause, he catches a glimpse of Soon-sim, followed by Seung-jae. Well, what do you know, turns out Soon-sim is on familiar terms with Seung-jae. She calls him oppa and goes all aegyo with him. And she kisses him much to the surprise of Seung-jae and a quietly watching Eun-dong.

Seung-jae obviously has no feelings for her and turns all cold even when she threatens to quit the entertainment circle for him. He couldn't care less even if she dies. But poor Eun-dong is heartbroken watching his girl kiss another man and declare undying love to him.

Nevertheless, he runs after a sad Soon-sim but loses sight of her. Instead he ends up in the exhibition room where Tae-ri is. With his eyes blurred from tears, he mistakes Tae-ri for Soon-sim and backhugs her...

ED: Don't cry...I will protect you...because you are my girl.

Tae-ri turns around in surprise, even more when she finds that it's a young boy. Taking in his dirty clothes, she thinks he's a runaway and chides him for entering a restricted area. She notices her tear-stained face, all curious. Eun-dong admits he's brokenhearted, because the girl he likes, loves another. Tae-ri thinks he's much too young to be distraught over unrequited love.

ED: Even a 14 year old has a beating heart and feels sad, mad or hurt. When I think of that person, it feels as though a cricket has entered my heart keeps crying. How can you expect me to ignore all that?

Cue cricket sounds. LOL.

TR: Then just enjoy it. In any case, life is just a continuation of regrets.

The performance is about to begin, and the girls are worried because Soon-sim is nowhere to be found. Will she follow through on her threat? Suddenly the mysterious antique clock seems to have been activated and the electricity goes out as dark ominous clouds creep across the sky...

The automated locking mechanism is activated by the electricity cut and the museum descends in darkness. Eun-dong urges a frightened Tae-ri to hold on to him while something strange is happening to the antique clock. Just as suddenly, the ominous clouds recede and the electricity is restored immediately.

The opening ceremony continues as Soon-sim finally makes an appearance. Guess it's career for her after all.

When it's bright again, Tae-ri moves away from Eun-dong. Eun-dong tries to clean up the toothpaste stains on the hem of her dress which was transferred during their hug.

Seung-jae finally finds them. He's not pleased to see Eun-dong whom he thinks has trespassed into restricted grounds and orders the guards to escort him out. Well, Eun-dong is not exactly polite or apologetic either since Seung-jae is his rival and all.

Tae-ri defends Eun-dong and claims that he'd protected her. She offers him her name card, which she rarely offers to anyone, and tells him to seek her out if he needs help. And so Eun-dong finally learns her name, which is given by her parents because she was born in Italy. (Much like the Beckhams do with their kids' names I guess LOL).

TR: 'Life is an adventure, Love is a promise'. Etch this into your heart. This way, you'll grow up to be a good man...who'd never hurt a woman, but always protect them.

It's pretty clear that it's a barbed reference to Seung-jae but Eun-dong beams happily at her advise.

At home, the men are trying to protect poor Eun-dong from his mum's wrath. Mum is convinced that Eun-dong is also not satisfied with Soon-sim, which is the reason he took off. But Eun-dong refused to have mum badmouthing Soon-sim. Mum is disappointed that Eun-dong is talking back at her despite her well-meaning intention.

Eun-dong has already regretted his harsh words. And feels even worse after dad's gentle admonishment and reminder that mum always has his best interest in heart.

Eun-dong delivers his swimming fees and mum's specially made kimchi to coach. Then the two has a heart to heart talk by the pool - coach drinks beer and he drinks... milk. LOL. Eun-dong confides in his coach about his love problems, wallowing in misery and self pity which eventually leads to him performing a handstand - the better to stop the tears from flowing out. Hmmm...I swear I saw this same trick somewhere (Taiwan version of Hanayori Dango - Meteor Garden!)

Coach tells him to make a wish to this application on his phone and forget about his troubles and goes to take a leak. Eun-dong makes a wish to protect his love...but feels disappointed when nothing happens. Hah. But did nothing happened? The wheels on the giant clock moves...

Meanwhile, Tae-ri finally pays proper respects to her grandfather. She hasn't been able to because of the constant stream of visitors. She was feeling lost after her return, since her last memory of Korea was when she was 14 years old. She confides how she'd like to have a friend, a true friend who would hold her hands warmly.

Early morning. Eun-dong drops by Soon-sim's place announcing that he's going away for training. Soon-sim barely responds and her indifference irks him even more. He asks brokenheartedly why she'd agreed to be his bride if she plans to ignore him but she just treats him as she would a little kid throwing a tantrum.

Eun-dong pleads that she holds on to him. No one else would understand her better than him. Basically he's begging her to love him back but even after all his heartfelt pleas, she just doesn't take him seriously.

Eun-dong makes another stop at the pool, telling his coach to time him - he wants another go at breaking his own record before he leaves. He strips down to his swimming trunks and leaps into the pool before his coach could hardly respond.

As Eun-dong makes his return lap, the clock moves again and he transforms into an older version of himself (Kim Ki-bum). Coach wonders at his surprising speed but he practically collapse in a faint when he sees Eun-dong elevates himself from the pool - all choco abs and killer smile. (OOOOooo!)

And totally nekkid!!! (swimming trunks are in the pool)

Eun-dong finally sees himself reflected in the mirrors and freaks out. He wraps a towel around himself and tries to rouse the coach who is so spooked he tries to crawl away (hah!) only to have Eun-dong grabbing his legs. He attacks Eun-dong accusing him of harming the real Eun-dong but the grown-up Eun-dong easily fends him off.

Coach finally surrenders and begs for his life. LOL. A frustrated Eun-dong loses hold on the towel and coach is again exposed to Eun-dong in all his nekkid glory. Muahahahha.


First thing to strike me is the resemblance of the child actor to Kim Ki-bum. That said, I think the kid is doing a marvelous job as young Eun-dong. He's so cute and earnestly winsome it's easy to see where his appeal comes from. His early interactions with Tae-ri gives off such a strong noona-dongsaeng vibe that I worry about the chemistry once the romance kick in. Granted, it's the more adult Kim Ki-bum who will be taking over, but really with his baby faced looks....paired with Park Ye-jin's more mature air....Hmmm.... I'm not going to write them off this early yet, but hopefully they can somehow make it work.

As most of us are aware, the premise of this story is pretty similar to the upcoming Big written by the Hong sisters and starring Gong-yoo and Lee Min-jung (which I am certain to watch!). But at least for Big, I can foresee a happy ending because it's actually more like the swapping of souls. This, I cannot imagine how they'd have the OTP (if indeed they are...) be together. If it hasn't already been touted as a fantasy-romance drama, I would have thought the two might becomes kindred spirits and help each other discover true love or something like that, Disney-style. Well, I'd be sticking around for a while unless the story throws me off big time but not sure about the recaps as always. Especially since I'm already devoted to QHIM.

By the way, I'm tickled to see Jang Young-nam and Lee Moon-su acting as  grandfather and daughter-in-law again! I loved them in the movie Hello Ghost !

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