Mini-recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 6

Taebaek : "I didn't realize applying medication can be so embarrassing".

Episode 6

As Taebaek sets out to stop Chairman Nam, Jiyoon also receives confirmation that Nam is selling the company. Nam jr is at the door and looks a little stunned at dad's arrival. Ok somebody is going to stop him in time right? TaeBaek is thrown out for barging in and misses out on seeing Jiyoon going into the company. Nam jr tells TaeBaek it's impossible to make it to the chairman's office, but Taebaek asks for the rooftop. Again?!

Jiyoon introduces herself reluctantly as Baek HyunJin to request a meeting with Baek. Nam stops short of signing the contract when TaeBaek knocks on the window, dangling in the air, floors above ground. Jiyoon storms into the room as well but is surprised to see Taebaek who tries to gain entry into the room. He is pulled up forcibly by the security but still has time to worry about Jiyoon's safety.

Jiyoon tells Nam not to sign but no one's more persuasive than Nam jr. Jr is moved into action after seeing strangers like Taebaek risking their lives for the company while he as the son does nothing. He vows to return to the company and help dad out. Nam sr finally agrees.

Baek reminds Nam it won't be easy salvaging the company. Nam accepts that his company may go bust, but his flask is sure to last 100years even if his company does not. And that makes it a meaningful life. Looking at Jiyoon with gratitude, he commends Baek for raising a good daughter.

Alone, Baek reprimands Jiyoon for being stubborn and opposing him. Jiyoon would rather he be a respectable father if not a good father. He doesn't understand how he's in the wrong given how he can provide for a million by sacrificing a hundred. Jiyoon tells him that is why he will always be chairman in her eyes and not a father. Baek says their father-daughter relationship is not something she can refute. Jiyoon agrees and tells him that she's ashamed of him. Upset, he tells her to get out. As parting words, she tells him how mum used to think dad is pitiful. Too bad she doesn't share the sentiment.

Ahri updates Addie about the online clip on Nam which is receiving much attention. The gang at GRC are also basking in the glow of their successful clip with no one the wiser about Taebaek's current situation. Taebaek is arrested for trespassing and only Jiyoon and the Nams are there to offer support. The police advises them to achieve settlement with BK Group which might have been easier had Jiyoon not just fought with dad.

Baek himself is upset that Jiyoon hasn't called. He is however curious about TaeBaek. He asks to meet Addie. Addie braces himself for his displeasure over his failings regarding the 100years company but even he could not have known that Baek would request that he fires her daughter (he admitted to that as well) instead. After a moment of hesitation, he suggests that it's a better idea to keep her at the company than have her join some random and small company (like GRC?). Baek is unsure of his motive but admits that it's a good idea. As for the CI position, he is still considering...

Addie returns home to find dad waiting for him, eager to know the outcome of his meeting with Baek. Addie remarks that dad is an extremist, implying that it led mum to depression. Dad defends himself by saying that depression is treatable. Since she divorced him and migrated to US with Addie, she should've lived well. Addie loses his temper and shouts that mum needed a guardian but instead of dad, he was mum's guardian since he was 14 years old. Dad shouts back that he hasn't had it easy as well, working hard for their living expenses and hospital bills. Addie is bitter as he retorts that what they needed wasn't money, they needed him to be there for them. Dad was the reason mum's depression got worse even after she remarried.

Dad asks if he's back for revenge then? Addie harbours no such thoughts. Working under dad is only a stepping stone for his ultimate target is; to join BK Group - CI( a combined media platform of news, programming, movies, ads). Dad thinks it's impossible because that position is reserved for royalty - metaphorically family only. But that's exactly what Addie has in mind - to become part of the "royal" family.

Taebaek is released after BK Group withdraw their charges. He finds Jiyoon waiting outside and gives her his jacket. Jiyoon is immediately concerned about his wounds but he's more worried about Nam. Smiling, she assures him that Nam didn't sign the contract. He asks about her presence and she lies that she was there on official business. Still ignorant of the truth, he chides her rashness (look who's talking?). She could've been fired for that. Anyway, she fumbles  her bag and comes up with a medication she used for cracked lips. He's like huh? But she says it won't kill him. Heh.

As she applies the ointment, he remarks that it's unexpectedly embarrassing. She holds him still and says he's like an errant child she couldn't help fussing over. Pleased, he tells her to continue fussing over him if she worries so much. He calls himself her oppa and offers to send her home. Heh.

On the bus ride home, he admits to feeling upset because she kept him in the dark over the BK ad thingy. If the situation was reversed, he would've betrayed GRC for her because they are...comrades. Hah. Was that really what you were gonna say? Anyway, Jiyoon starts yawning. She's tired and wants a quick shut eye. Taebaek is to wake her when they reach her stop.

Taebaek starts telling her about his thoughts during his prison stint. He was thinking about the times they spent together. In fact, he'd rather she joins them. He can negotiate with JinGa regarding her pay but insurance would be a problem. Then again, he would protect her from harm so that would be redundant. He speaks for a while before finally noticing that Jiyoon's asleep. Then as she droops off he rests her head on his shoulder.

The next morning, Jiyoon's gets scolded by Team Leader Lee for running off on her own the previous day and neglecting her duties. Even Addie is unexpectedly harsh with her, which earns shock looks all around.

Baek's manager reports that public opinion is in Nam's favour so it's not a good time for the takeover. Baek asks his opinion on Addie. He says Addie could be useful in their plans to takeover GS Ad. Oh? They are planning that too?

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in GRC has changed somewhat. Taebaek returns to find JinGa in an upbeat mood, all set to join the big guys in the ad world. Unfortunately, his plans may have to take a backseat because the Nams have decided not to proceed with the CF. There is some trouble with the homeless' project and the CF will have to be postponed. JinGa takes the news badly - he's like super duper disappointed. Aw.

That's not all. The inquiries for business have suddenly stopped too. And it breaks my heart to see the hope in JinGa extinguished after a certain "false alarm" call. He sulks off. Taebaek wants to go after him but YiCha grabs him back.

We soon learn the reason for the abrupt changes. JinGa had a bad reputation in the ad industry. There was an incident where he exposed the flaw in his client's product. And that is a great taboo in the ad industry. No company would trust him after that incident. Oh dear.

Hwang again picks on Addie during board meeting. Addie promises to make up for the 250 billion in lost profit within the season. That or one of them have to pack their bags.

Now that dad is aware of Addie's plan to approach Baek's daughter, he urges him to speed things up. Addie wants dad to introduce him to the Chairman of CheGo Food, for whom he made an Ad for years ago. He's heard that the company is about to launch a new product.

JinGa visits an old friend and learns that after all those years, the ad industry is still unforgiving as ever. Frustrated, he turns to the bottles and lashes out at his son when he tries to stop him.

Meanwhile, Addie has stepped up his game. Ahri watches from the shadows as he asks Jiyoon out.... for rock climbing lessons.  Initially Jiyoon's worried and tells him to follow her lead. But it's obvious he's doing mighty fine for a newbie even though they used a body double for his scenes. Hah. He must have done his homework because I refuse to believe that he shares the same hobby. Hihi. In fact, Jiyoon is the one who slips and needs his help. doesn't quite make sense. I thought she was a pro at this?

Addie sends her home after their de-stressing rock climbing session. Aunt sees them and teases her about him. She denies any romantic entanglements. Well, her mouth says no but her heart might indicate otherwise because when she recalls their time together, she smiles to herself. When aunt teases her about that, she concedes that she finds him cool today.

Taebaek finds JinGa asleep. He whispers in encouragment him and promises to help him get back into the ad industry. A voice rings out, "Who says you can do that?" It's YiChan.

They relocate outside and YiCha tells him to leave. It's been trouble everyday ever since Taebaek came. When JinGa was kicked out of the ad industry, he drowned his sorrows in the bottles everyday. Even mum left because of that. After they started making ad boards, they'd been happy. And now Taebaek is gonna drag him back to that other world. He won't have Taebaek disrupt the peace they have now.

Taebaek has been wondering why the legendary MaJinGa is rotting in such a place. He blames Yichan for that. He should be the one to leave. Does he truly believe JinGa is happy leaving the ad industry? He left because YiChan didn't like it. He left because he wanted to hide his sorrows from YiChan. YiChan is the reason he gave up his dream. Taebaek thinks JinGa was at his best working on the pacemaker CF. So, YiChan should give in and grant dad the freedom to chase his dreams.

There are interrupted by JinGa who's awakened by their shouts. JinGa tells Taebaek about the incident that led to his downfall. He knew there was dangerous content in the milk powder product they were advertising and couldn't ignore his conscience. Thanks to that, he lost everything. He tells Taebaek not to stick to him anymore, there's nothing he can teach him when he can't even make an ad. The shortcut to success is to follow the steps of a successful person.

Taebaek tells JinGa to follow him instead if he wants to recover. Until JinGa's wound heals, he will carry him and become his legs. In return, JinGa would be his eyes. Aw...that sounds pretty cool. In fact, he even offers to piggy back JinGa, in the literal sense. JinGa kicks his butt (heh) but there's no denying he's moved.

A happier JinGa flips through his old portfolio and finds an old newspaper clipping. It contains a picture of himself, Jiyoon's mum and Addie's dad - the trio in charge of CheGo Food Ad. And he smiles...widely.

Next morning, Taebaek arrives for work and finds JinGa all dressed up, all revved up to find an ad deal. YiChan has accepted dad's decision and adds on his trademark cap. Aww..Taebaek smirks approvingly. Heh.

In the truck, JinGa explains how he made the CF for CheGo's ramyun. In fact, even when he was receiving flak for the milk formula fiasco, they had approach him for an ad. At the time, he refused because he was low on confidence. But now he's ready.

However, they may be too late because Addie and Ahri are already sealing the deal with CheGo's President, who seems like a lecherous sort.

They bump into JinGa and Taebaek on their way out. They exchange barbs about their respective ads but Addie touches a sore point when he brings up JinGa's tainted reputation. And as they leave, he delivers the final blow by announcing that they have already secured the CheGo Ad deal which he assumes is what they are after as well.

 JinGa is not too concerned yet because they have one more chance. CheGo is run by a pair of husband and wife. Husband is the President and wife is the Vice. All decisions must go through both to be valid. So as long as the Vice vetoes the GS Ad deal, they have a chance.

JinGa and Taebaek joins Lady Choi in a kendo session. She hears them out but is not too keen since JinGa has been out of touch for quite some time. JinGa tells her about President Choi striking a deal with Director Kang's GS Ad. She sighs and changes her stance. They are to come up with a marketing plan. She will decide and contact them.

Later, JinGa explains how Lady Choi has a bone to pick with Director Kang. Kang was the one who introduced President Choi to a model who later becomes his mistress. In fact, JinGa is suddenly serious and adds that Kang was the one who cause his downfall too. Oh?

Addie wants Ahri to keep an eye on the contract. There's no guarantee until they sign the contract and the encounter with Taebaek must have made him uneasy. Ahri wants to say more but Jiyoon enters the room. Ahri rolls her eyes as she notes that he's much more gentle when he's dealing with Jiyoon.

Later, Ahri asks Jiyoon out for a drink. She pretends to be concerned of Taebaek and tells Jiyoon to support him. Jiyoon denies they are anything more than friends. Ahri admits she doesn't have many friends and asks that Jiyoon becomes her drink buddy.

When Jiyoon is deep in her cups, she tells Ahri drunkenly that her first impression of her is that she's really pretty. On the other hand, Ahri admits that she viewed her as a potential competitor. And her motto is to crushed her competition early. Oh dear, run girl. An oblivious Jiyoon excuses herself to the toilet. Her phone rings -it's Taebaek and Ahri receives the call. I know what you're plotting...

A moment later, Taebaek arrives to find Jiyoon unconscious. He coldly maintains his distance even as Ahri tries to downplay the animosity between them. Well, she did tell him to pretend they are strangers. She suddenly plays nice and advises him not to antagonize Addie so much. He'd only hurt himself in the process. For all his icy replies, he still cares for her and asks if she's fine. She tells him she's fine and leaves him with Jiyoon.

He inches closer to Jiyoon and for a moment I thought he was gonna kiss her. Instead, he shouts for her to wake up. Hah.

He escorts her home but she could hardly walk. She falls and scratches herself but refuses to be piggybacked. Exasperated, Taebaek piggybacks her forcibly. But she struggles so much that they both fall to the ground. And stares at each other!


I'm not sure about everyone else, but I'm kinda digging this drama. Admittedly, it's not so much of a crack that I can't wait to see it first hand every week (explains the late recaps) but whenever I get to it, I always end up smiling after watching. Being a workplace drama, the repetitive theme of "showdown of the week" is inevitable but I love seeing how they triumph or fail because I just love these guys. And by these guys I mean the TaeBaek and JingGa combo. I love how as the master, JinGa continues to teach/guide TaeBaek but at the same time TaeBaek's overflowing confidence (lord knows where those come from) and passion finally drives JinGa out of his rot. And it helps that both actors are great!

Chairman Nam is also winning my heart with his turn as the miser with the heart of gold. All gruff on the outside but soft like a marshmallow on the inside. His story with his son is kinda lame but I appreciate it more just because of him. And I think he has more chemistry with TaeBaek as his son than that guy who's supposed to be his son. Heh. But the part where the employees run up to junior with their life stories? That was really funny.

Similarly, I love how TaeBaek and Jiyoon progress slowly from friends to something more closer (that grey area between friends and lovers). It's a little early for either to truly recognize that their feelings for each other might have exceeded that of a normal friend, so I totally get why Jiyoon is responding more to Addie's advances. Even though he is her superior, the way he approaches her leaves no doubt that he's interested and Jiyoon can totally sense that. That said, I find it amusing that Jo Hyun-jae is getting all the love in this love square even though JinGoo is more like the lead. Of course, TaeBaek seems to be coming around on his own too, so I guess the angst is nigh.

The last episode also shows a bit more of the motivation behind Addie's decision to tackle Jiyoon. It paints him in a little more sympathetic light but I still don't get how JHJ's character is that much different from all other second male leads. Same goes for Ahri, who's pretty much reduced to "sidekick" status in the last two episodes. And her attempt to bungle Addie's attempt to seduce Jiyoon is as typical as second female leads go. Now can someone tell me how are they different from all the second leads in dramaland to warrant the designation of equal main leads? Well, we're only at episode 6 currently, so I guess there are plenty of time for twists and such.

p/s: On a shallow note, Yichan looks uncannily like JYJ's JaeJoong. Doncha think?


  1. Bah posting as anonymous because I can't get AIM to work. Anyway, keep up the great work with the recaps -- I learn a lot from your recaps that aren't conveyed by the subs.

  2. hi, I am enjoying the drama too. I agree about how stereotype the characters are. but also I enjoying the development between the two leads .and yeah the first time I saw Yichan i was like, is that my jaejoong? how come I never heard of it? so its not him, but look like him.

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