Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 7

JinGa being cool, or trying to be! Heehee.

Episode 7

Aw such a tease, after all that heart-stopping gaze, this is what they have to say to each other:

TB: Are you ok?
JY: I'm fine. You?
TB: I'm fine too. But you're .... heavier than you look.

Muahaha. Serves me right for expecting more. It's a letdown romantically but it's also kinda funny in a sweet way that I am smiling all the same. He insisted on carrying her somemore but they stop for a break on a bench after a while. He tells her she's kinda cute when she's drunk and that she should only get drunk when he's around. Omo, that's already a confession! Too bad Jiyoon is too drunk to catch his meaning. She does registers that he's blushing, but he claims he's been drinking (says who?!). Then, she starts saying that it's unlikely he likes her (romantically, but boy is she wrong). So now he gets all worried and starts explaining how her encouragements always lifts him up. And the inebriated Jiyoon starts chanting her encouragements.

Too bad they're interrupted by her phone - it's Addie. Taebaek looks positively crushed but he does pass the phone to her. Through her drunken mutterings, Addie also learns that Taebaek is by her side. But before he can find out more the phone drops and when he calls again, it's unreachable.

Taebaek sends her home where her anxious aunt is waiting. She is disappointed to find it's only Taebaek(as opposed to the fine Addie) and even reprimands him for getting her drunk. Aw, that's mean. What's with the double standard. And this coming from the people ill-treated by Chairman Baek. I didn't expect aunt to be so mean.

Someone else gets the cold shoulder that night. Addie receives an unexpectedly visitor - it's Ahri here to update him on CheGo Food. He's cold and reminds her that she should not mix business and personal matters. Yikes, that must have stung. She duly reports about the Vice President being the real decision maker in CheGo and takes her leave. Ouch.

At home, Taebaek is still thinking of Jiyoon and being silly about it. Soran teases him about Jiyoon which immediately gets grandma's attention. He denies they are dating, but added "yet" under his breath. Teehee. Grandma also asks about his commercial but he says the previous one has been dropped and that he's making a new one on CheGo ramyun.

JinGa takes his sweet time and comes out with a new outlook for himself....which wins approval from no one. LOL. Only Taebaek is being supportive and praises his new look. They set off for CheGo Food.

Seems like they're not the only one. The GS Ad gang is also heading there. Jiyoon smiles when she receives a text (asking about her gaster) from Taebaek which prompted Addie into asking who she was drinking with. Wrong question. Hah. It's Ahri of course. She replies his text (she's fine, just embarrassed) and he grins like a lovesick fool.

It's a pool of confusion at CheGo when both teams face each other. GS Ad is here on the President's offer but GRC is here on Vice President's offer. It's gets better when the Chairman announces that the deal goes to GS Ad only for the Vice to show up moments later and announces that the deal goes to GRC.

The bickering spouses decide to take their fight in the hallways. However they are so loud that everyone in the room can hear their private discussions. LOL. Moments later, they return to the room and announce the final decision. The commercial will be undertaken by BOTH companies. Love the loud "Ow" in the background music. LOL. Talk about a bombshell.

Ahri and Addie are still discussing about the unlikely alliance when they bump into Hwang and AhRi's ex supervisor. Addie finds himself on the defensive as Hwang criticizes his current blip. Ahri stops him by pointing out his pretty tie. It's a brand from the rival company of the one they are representing so she's insinuating that Hwang might be involved in some under-the-table dealings, which judging from his response is not far off the mark.

The GS Ad gang laughs at the "ridiculous" and largely unimpressive resumes of the staff of GRC, with Lee only highlighting JinGa as their worthy opponent. Jiyoon feels upset, but smiles a small smile when Ahri reminds everyone not to underestimate Taebaek who was in charge of the homeless ad and online video for 100 years.

It's not a happy place at GRC as well. Miss Kong and Hatsan are threatening to leave if they join GS Ad. They've been in the red recently because they've neglecting their normal signboard/pamphlet businesses in favour of commercials. With no pay and a possible humiliation before the big boys, Kong doesn't feel like sticking around anymore. Conflicted, JinGa says he'll think it over. Fortunately, Yichan is fully onboard daddy's ship and promises to convince them to stay.

Jiyoon asks to meet Taebaek, keen to learn about GRC's response to the proposal to join their company for the project. Taebaek admits it's a tough decision, but Jiyoon is determined to convince him it's the right move. She tells him to live up to his ad genius claim and challenge himself. She conducts a simple test - telling Hyera (a girl who works at the same place as granny) Taebaek is about to climb the Everest. She's like that's fine and all but please consider his granny and stop attempting weird stuffs. Conclusion, his image is thus : Challenge. Unnecessary. Man. Suffice to say, he rises to the challenge.

A final vote of 3 (Taebaek, YiChan and JingGa) against 2 (Kong, Hatsan) means they have reached the decision to enter GS Ad and show them what they've got. Yiiipppee.

Addie joins daddy Kang for a drink. Kang tells him the bosses will sack them if he fails to deliver what he promises - to find the 200 billion business before the season ends. Addie seems confident enough. Next daddy warns him to be wary of JinGa. Addie is unperturbed. He definitely looks like he is scheming something.

The GRC gang don their best clothes and make this dramatic entrance in to GS Ad. After the requisite glare offs between the two gang (exception being Taebaek and Jiyoon), they politely exchange pleasantries and a handshake with which Taebaek makes a loud reminder that this is a COLLABORATION. JinGa is keen to meet Daddy Kang who along with other higher ranked representatives are already monitoring the scene.

 It's immediately apparent that the two don't share an amiable relationship. Far from it, since it seems that Kang had betrayed him once. JinGa warns him against backstabbing him again, because this time he'd make sure Kang surrender his comfy representative position.

Meanwhile, Ahri brings the rest of the gang on a simple tour around the place. They are impressed at the complete and sophisticated facilities like the hillbillies they are, earning smirks and eyerolls from Ahri. Alone, Ahri admits his colleagues are unexpectedly "different" but sportingly (really?) encourages him. Of course it won't be easy since they would be looking for excuses to throw the GRC gang out. Taebaek is aware of that and relishes the challenge.

A little random but Addie meets up with Chairman Baek who tells him about his plans to takeover GS Ad. Also he's curious if Addie feels anything more for Jiyoon. Addie admits indirectly. daddy approves of him?

The first meeting is chaired by Addie who demands a concept ready within the week. The brainstorming session begins but both teams are already in disagreement. GRC favors a more people's approach while GS Ad wants to repackage ramyun into something more classy. And for some reason, Addie decides to seek Jiyoon's opinion, putting her in a tight position. She tries to satisfy both by suggesting a combination of both concepts. Hah. Coming from Jiyoon, Taebaek is more receptive to consider her points. However, he is still adamant that classy packaging would raise the price beyond the limit of the everyday man. Jiyoon argues the need to strike a balance between both, introducing the term "positioning" which clearly sounds foreign to the ad outsiders.

Taebaek insists a good commercial comes from the real says his boss, JinGa. That statement raises eyebrows because it was clearly a famous quote by someone important in the ad industry. Crap. Lee starts insulting JinGa, then Yichan immediately defends dad. Then practically all hell breaks loose as the teams attack each other, verbally I mean. Heh. This is fun. Muahahaha. JinGa frowns but Addie is surprisingly calm about this. He finally calls for order and a short break.

JinGa tries to sort things out with Lee, going all humble and apologizing for his past mistreatment. He just wants her to give his team a break but she bemoans their lack of qualification. He agrees they don't have fancy qualifications, but in terms of ramyun, they are probably Harvard level. Teehee. She points out that it's hardly relevant, in a more sarcastic analogy of course. Then, they start bringing up past misgivings - and it's a round 2 fight! LOL. The teams break up the fight while Ahri watches from the sidelines. She sees more reason to worry when a passing Hwang makes a jab at the ruckus.

She voices her worries but Addie is already aware of it. His intention is for JinGa and gang to withdraw themselves, on their own will.

Time for some bonding session then. Over a bbq meal, Ahri takes the lead and tries to encourage the two teams to make peace with each other. JinGa happily follows her lead and do the same. It doesn't go smoothly because Shin PD starts criticizing the GRC gang, everything from their lack of knowledge over commercials to belittling their skills. Emotions run high when even Taebaek loses his cool and it's a round 3 fight when Addie decides to show himself.

When everyone is calmer, Addie suggests that they work as two teams since working together is out of the question. Each team will come up with their own proposal and CheGo Food would have the final say. JinGa is hesitant. Addie insults their competency in a roundabout way, prompting Taebaek to agree to the proposition. Hmm...everyone else looks worried. Maybe splitting up will put the GRC gang at a disadvantage? Looking at Ahri's smug smile, I smell a trap. And it sure is, because now the deal goes like this. The one who loses out on the idea has to back out from the commercial entirely. It's winners take all! Sheesh, not the time for pride Taebaek! It's too late since Addie takes JinGa's indecision as a yes and the two teams officially splits. Darn it.

Clocking Jiyoon's disappointed expression, Taebaek realizes belatedly he might have done something wrong. He's sorry for being willful but he's not going to sit back an let them trample on his pride. Problem is, it's not just his pride at stake here. Sigh. After digesting their initial uneasiness, the gang rallies together. JinGa is worried they might not be selected. Taebaek admits he is not confident as well, but he'd throw everything he's got into this.

The GS gang is out for drinks where they relishes the opportunity to crush the other team, but Lee warns them JinGa is no small potato. Jiyoon is missing since she'd excused herself back to the office and the guys wonder about her relationship with Taebaek. They sense something between the two.

Well, she is currently expressing her disappointment at Taebaek's decision. She offers to help him convince Addie for another chance but he declines. She's clearly upset this time and says he's acting like a rebellious teenager - he's being self-centered and inconsiderate. Now he's upset because she doesn't understand him but she stands by her opinion. Addie calls and she's got to go. I swear he always calls her at the right time.

Jiyoon and Addie are perusing documents in his office when she notices a newspaper clippings about the three person ad team in charge of CheGo's previous commercial. She tries to put in a good word and hints subtly that it might be more meaningful to produce the commercial together. Addie is more forthright and ask if she's worried for Taebaek. She denies and he lets the matter drop. Then he starts telling her how he admires Won MiSook, the copywriter (her mum). Gah...that's cheating but it works and Jiyoon is all smiles again, happy that her mum is highly regarded.

Meanwhile, also working late is Taebaek who's stuffing his face with ramyun trying to come up with an idea.

With Ahri's resources, Addie tracks down Manager Lee who's on good terms with both President and Vice President at CheGo Food. An offer of 1% of their earnings is enough to get Manager Lee talking.

Other GS Ad gang are not idling also. They conduct a market survey in the office. When one of them complains of the smell, Team Leader Lee highlights one of the rules of being an Ad person - you must always LOVE your product.

GRC gang are in the room facing plates of fresh seafood where JinGa is keen to apply his theory that the human five senses will trigger ideas. Hihi. The session is cut short by Ahri's ex supervisor who complains of the smell and orders them to throw them away. Taebaek's own market survey ends badly too. He gets thrown out for disturbing other customers.

It's already the day before the deadline but our GRC gang still idea-less. JinGa is ready to give up as well, especially after noting the confident faces of the other team. Taebaek goes to cook himself his thirtieth ramyun for the day? and meets Jiyoon. She disapproves of his extreme methods which seems to border on the masochistic. He explains that for someone like him, his body and perseverance are his only advantage.

Addie interrupts them again. He's even cordial and offers some tips, which sounded really hollow since Taebaek knows what he's really after. Addie asks Jiyoon if she's getting off and offers to send her. Taebaeks bows his head and keeps silent while Jiyoon looks conflicted. Ahri is also going home when she sees Jiyoon joining Addie, reluctantly.

Addie asks that Jiyoon accompanies him for dinner but she looks a little distracted the entire time. He asks if she's worried about Taebaek. She admits as much so he probes a little deeper. Why does she care so much for his welfare if they're not even dating. She explains she wishes Taebaek well and cares for him out of friendship. Addie wants that same kind of care from her.

Ahri joins Taebaek at the table. She offers to help him find another job but he insists he's still got a chance. Ahri is knows for a fact, the probability of Taebaek winning the challenge is zero. She tells him how she used to think he's really cool this way. But now she thinks deviating so far from realism is unsafe. After sharing more cold hard facts about the unforgiving ad industry which Taebaek pointedly ignores, she asks if he's interested in Jiyoon. From her point of view, she sincerely wants them to be happy together, because she wants Addie for herself. Woohoo.

Addie confesses to a surprised Jiyoon.

Meanwhile Taebaek ponders Ahri's advice. He's not in a good position to protect the woman he likes at his state. So if he doesn't wanna risk losing her as he did Go Bok-hee, he should accept her offer. Which is????

Jiyoon bids an awkward goodbye to Addie and takes a walk by herself, thinking about Addie's confession.

JinGa returns to the office and finds Taebaek writhing on the floor, nigh unconscious. He piggybacks him out for help.

As JinGa loads him into the ambulance, Jiyoon who has somehow wandered back to the company sees them.

People, it's Ramyun overload!!!


  1. thanks for recapping this drama! :)

  2. man.......... Who would have thought a drama about advertising would be so fun to watch..... thanks for the recaps....

  3. Thanks for the recap! I am continuing to enjoy this drama -- while the plot seems to be somewhat spinning around in circles like a dog chasing it's tail, the professional side of the story, where Lee Tae Baek earns his ad man stripes, continues to blossom. Back to the main love plot. We all know that Baek Ji Yoon wuvs Tae Baek, she just won't admit it to herself. Addie though, needs to work on his sincerity when it comes to confessing. He seems too cool. I would think a bit of embarrassment or blushing would work to set Ji Yoon at ease. The way he goes about it probably has Ah Ri's radar going off -- what does Addie want with Ji Yoon, she's just a random intern . . .

    1. haha, I agree about the sincerity of his confession, it just sounded cold and business-like, which is consistent with his personality. He hasn't lost his cool much but I'd love to see him blush too! haha

    2. This is Brian -
      Thanks for your reply --
      It seems that Addie confesses the same way he does business, with a poker face. If I was someone who worked under him or someone who was trying to undermine him like Director Hwang, I would be worried. You never know what Addie is thinking, or what evil plot he has in store for you. His plots to gain power against Hwang are quite unexpected for Hwang and catch him quite by surprise. Unfortunately for Tae baek and GRC, they get to be used as the stalking horse too often in Addie's game of power and ambition.

    3. I think Jiyoon is wary too, which is probably part of the reason she hasn't accepted him (though the greater reason would be her heart belongs to another). I think initially he wasn't aiming for more power, he's just against Hwang's meddling in his territory or undermining his authority...because his ambition doesn't rest at GS Ad. But now that he learns Chairman Baek wants to take over GS Ad,he'd want to strengthen his position in the company to help his "father-in-law"

    4. All I can say, after watching eps 9 and 10, is that you're right right right! I wouldn't say the story is predictable, but at least what you wrote turns out to be true for the most part. As I continue to watch this drama, I don't understand why it has such low ratings. The acting and the story continue to be strong. The bonding between the main characters is starting to meld and you can really understand where they're coming from.

      Is it because there's no major bloodshed like a Sageuk? Or maybe not enough makjang elements like OMG -- we're lovers and siblings as well as we both have a deadly disease!! I like these lighthearted dramas that are well-done without the use of silly coincidences. Anyway, I hope the ratings improve because this is a really nice little drama.

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