Recap: Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek Episode 12

No such thing as secrets in dramaland.

Episode 12

JinGa telling Jiyoon she must leave Giant comes as no surprise to her but Taebaek is left further confused when both tells him to leave so they can discuss alone.

Jiyoon confirms that she is Baek's daughter and that stirs a memory as JinGa quickly identifies her as Won MiSook's daughter. Still that doesn't explain her current situation. Jiyoon explains her feelings towards dad and how she prefers to live as Won's daughter. JinGa knew that Won lived alone because her daughter was taken away from her. Even though he understands her resolve, Baek would never leave her alone. Furthermore, there is Taebaek to consider. Jiyoon promises to tell him the truth once they ride over this rough patch.

Everyone is curious why Taebaek came back alone and when Miss Kong brings up the man who came for them, Taebaek belatedly remembers the secretary was Jiyoon's supposedly family friend. JinGa and Jiyoon returns and he covers for her by concocting a story about BK Ad trying to recruit them - which he rejected.

Taebaek wants to speak to Jiyoon alone. He asks if she's related to BK group in some way. She apologizes but asks that he leaves the matter alone, she'll tell him when the company does better. He believes that there shouldn't be anything she can't tell him - no matter what it is, he will be there for her. She asks for his trust and patience. Eventually he agrees to wait, even though it's not in his nature to be patient. Touched by his show of maturity, she pecks him on the cheek. Aww.. And it's so cute that he says the wait is worth it now. Hehe.

Jiyoon starts worrying about dad's threat, which suddenly feels more real now that she's got much to lose. JinGa is also in a somber mood as he recalls his previous conversation with Baek. Baek offers him two options - Jiyoon to leave Giant or everyone else to end up jobless.

Addie is suprised to find Daddy Kang in Baek's company. Baek is planning for an engagement ceremony  for Addie and Jiyoon, which is why Kang's presence is required. REALLY? You'd go that far? Force your daughter down the altar? Jeez. I have no words for you. At least Addie thinks Baek is being rash since at the moment, Jiyoon would surely disagree. Kang rebuffs him for being rude, having already grasped the situation at hand and dancing to Baek's tune.

Later, Addie confronts dad for making the decision without consulting him and accuses him of accepting something from Baek. But Kang is past that, no longer harbouring any ambitions of his own. He only have Addie's interest at heart and advises him to do as Baek says.

At Giant, JinGa announces that Soran has quit. And for once, he is honest about the company's financy difficulties. He won't be able to pay everyone's salary next month. In fact, the company might not make it by next month. Everyone else is more upbeat, willing to go all out for this last month, so that there would be no regrets. JinGa respects everyone wishes and the guys are pumped up once again.

JinGa and Lee are having no luck convincing some old mates to offer them ads. Taebaek also hits a wall. Out of the blue, Jiyoon finds a client and quickly gathers the rest. Their client is Global Korean Cuisine and they want some posters to promote korean cuisine. Their main theme is beef soup. Too bad the deadline for application has ended. The guy in charge is impatient with their incessant badgering and accidentally knocks over Jiyoon's file. Fortunately he feels bad about it and actually listens as Jiyoon tries to introduce their portfolio. Their Everest stairs ad being particularly outstanding, he agrees to accept their apllication.

Now comes the tough part. Up till now, there are 51 applications and only five will be selected. That already sounds tough but there's more. Addie is invited as the judge for the competition and upon Ahri's advice, he decides to accept. Ahri also mentions the part about Giant Ad being one of the participants. Crap.

The guys at Giant rejoice at the news and so the brainstorming session begins. Due to their financial constraint, everyone can only take a pitiful sip of the beef soup. Taebaek wonders about the theme and expresses his concern on the news about some restaurants misusing food additives.

Next stop, a reputable restaurant for more first hand experience. They order two bowls instead of four but when the owner serves them four, Jiyoon offers to pay. But that only earns JinGa some harsh words and whackings from the eccentric granny owner, since it reflects badly if the employee has to fork up her own money.

The food is heavenly so they sneak into the kitchen to check out the ingredients. Granny catches them in the act and kicks them out. Jiyoon wants to stick around because she feels like she might get some inspiration here. JinGa who bore the brunt of granny's anger (granny only whacked him...heh) leaves the lovebirds in charge here while he and Lee will try another shop.

Jiyoon manages to win over granny with her sincerity. As soon as they sense granny softening, Taebaek takes her lead and offers his service around the restaurant too. Taebaek gets the dishes while Jiyoon cleans up.

Baek is worried because Addie is more proud than ambitious and wonders if it's a good idea to entrust Media to him. Mr Secretary advises him to wait and see since Addie is unrivalled in the industry. Baek thinks it's better to deal with Taebaek before the engagement and tasks Secretary to handle it.

Taebaek is worried that Jiyoon is overworking herself. She waves him away and continues serving the customers. But she bumps into a customer and drops the hot bowls. Taebaek helps out and notices that she's burned herself. Granny takes over by instructing the two closest customers to help with the cleaning. Everyone is like her grandchildren in the restaurant...LOL. She bosses the place like the Queen Mother. Granny orders Jiyoon and Taebaek to follow her to have her wound treated.

Granny shoves a traditional medicine cream at them which is good for the burns. Granny notes Taebaek's concern for Jiyoon and praises him before Jiyoon. She says he looks manly and reliable. Muahaha, now granny is shipping them together just like us. LOL. And before she leaves, she warns them not to attempt anything "naughty" in her room. ROFL.

Jiyoon wants to apply the meds herself but Taebaek insists on doing it since she did the honours during the time at the police station.

TB: But Jiyoon, you'll need to remove the ring.
JY: (Looks at the ring and shakes her head). I don't want to. Just apply the meds. (Sooo  sweet :))
TB: I won't remove the ring too. No matter what difficulties are ahead, I promise never to remove it. So, can you must promise me that too?
Granny (epic interruption!): Why are you still in there? If you wanna kiss, just do it quickly. If you wanna caress her, be done with it and get out here. The guests are here...

Taebaek wants her to rest but Jiyoon stubbornly wants to continue. She doesn't wanna miss out on "it" (idea). More epic and very loud grumblings from granny and they are out there again. There is a couple of foreign customers and they are so familiar with granny that they call her "mum". Granny explains that she sort of take on the role for these lonely workers who're so far away from home and constantly on the bullying end from their bosses. She takes care of them like a mother. She tells Jiyoon and Taebaek that all these are korean cuisine ads and she's the "preacher".

Jiyoon gets "it" this time! Her concept is "Mother's soup". The secret to beef soup is a mother's love. They've got what they came for but they're not done with granny yet.

Granny is fitted in a pretty hanbok and has her pictures taken. Everyone is having fun but JinGa looks on worriedly, and not without reason.

Secretary has made his move. He approaches Ahri to do the dirty work. Ahri wants to refuse but secretary nim implies that he would approach Addie if she refuses. And with Addie's pride, there's bound to be friction between him and Baek. He leaves her to sort out the details. And Shin PD is her chosen one.

The posters are duly printed with the help of JinGa's old mate. During the evaluation session, Addie concurs with another judge that Giant's idea is good but that is before he noticed that the company is giant. So, what would he do?

Everyone at Giant Ad waits with biting nails to hear the results.  JinGa lied that they were passed over and Jiyoon almost cried because of that. Aww...

The team meets with the head judge - which is of course dear Addie. Addie reads the surprise on their face, especially so because he'd actually chosen their proposal. He also notes that Jiyoon's been avoiding his calls and asks to speak to her in private later. But there is a setback - they are being accused of  plagiarism! Everyone is angry and disappointed, with Jiyoon especially disillusioned. Taebaek, the ignorant one, is staring daggers at Addie. You've got the wrong guy!

It's Shin PD.....with the help of the people at the printing company, both of whom feels troubled with what they did. Arg...

The Giant team tries to figure out what went wrong. After some checking, Lee finds out that that ad came out just one day prior to theirs. Other suspicious points to consider include a rep from BK being on the judging panel and the fact that Korean Cuisine is backed by BK. Miss Kong adds that the owner of the place insists on the rent or they will be thrown out. It's like an avalanche of troubles.

Taebaek thinks it's better to confront the ones accusing them of plagiarism. It's that other guy working for Shin PD...and I thought both are from the printing company. Guy must  have overcame his troubled conscience because he's denying it to the end. When Jiyoon asks if BK's behind this, he panics a little but stuck to his story.

Taebaek thinks Addie is the cuprit but Jiyoon stops him from confronting Addie. She wants to do this. And the way she keeps pushing him away and keeping secrets from him is driving Taebaek nuts. For once I understand Taebaek's frustrations. She's been appealing to him to trust her yet she's unwilling to trust him with her secrets. In fairness, Taebaek isn't doubting her. He just doesn't trust BK(or Addie) and the fact that she insists on facing them alone while being all secretive is kind of hard for him to swallow.

Addie asks Ahri's opinion and both agree that Taebaek isn't the kind of person to plagiarise another's work. Addie wants Ahri to investigate the matter and find out the truth (the truth is right before your eyes!).

Jiyoon is here to meet Addie. Everyone stares and Shin PD looks especially shifty. Jiyoon expresses her suspicion that THEIR idea is being plagiarised by......Addie! Addie is stumped especially since he would have no reason to do that. Jiyoon believes otherwise - Addie would be BK's president. Didn't he already know she is Baek HyunJin?

Ahri is busy instructing Shin to erase all evidence of their part in the plagiarism when Shin alerts her to the fact that Jiyoon is in the office meeting Addie right now.

Jiyoon explains that upon seeing him promoted to Rep when BK tookover GS, she already suspected that he knew of her identity. Addie admits trying to approach her earlier because of her identity. However, somewhere along the line, he was truly attracted to her. And right now, he is sincere in his feelings for her. Jiyoon accepts that his feelings are sincere but her heart belongs to another. Addie still believes she will have a change of heart, just like he did. And once again he denies any part in the plagiarism matter.

Ahri interrupts them and Jiyoon takes her leave. Addie again reminds Jiyoon to leave Giant, for her own sake and Taebaek's.  Ahri is curious why Jiyoon is here. Addie replies that she thought he was the culprit.

Jiyoon is reminded of dad's warning and ignores Taebaek's call.

Lee heads over to the printing company to find Chairman Park, pretending to be working for BK too. Through her skillful act and manipulation, the cautious Park finally loosens up and asks worriedly if there is any problem with the swap. Voila! Caught! Park admits to receiving orders from ShinPD and since Shin is unlikely to act on his own, they deduce that Addie is behind this. It's weird how I keep shouting at them - it's NOT Addie!

It seems they are disqualified from the competition with the awards ceremony scheduled for tonight. Taebaek seems to be plotting something - I'm just worried it'll backfire on them.

Baek is satisfied that Giant is dealt another mortal blow which would surely put them out of business. Jiyoon calls and asks to meet up. They arrange to meet at the awards ceremony, where dad plans to get them engaged! Gasp* Can he even do that?!

Baek shows up as Addie is presenting the awards. Jiyoon is on her way. Baek is disappointed that Giant was almost picked as winners if not for the plagiarism scandal. Baek is pretty disappointed that he was so "fair". Baek used to think that Addie is like him but now he feels that Addie has become more like Jiyoon. And dear Addie attributes the changes to falling in love with Jiyoon.

Jiyoon arrives and exchanges surprised looks with Addie. Jiyoon wants a change of venue but Baek insists that Addie follows since he's got something to discuss with both. Jiyoon would prefer to speak alone with him first since she is likely irritate him. Addie offers to leave them alone.

Meanwhile Taebaek is heading over with a heretofore unknown plan.

Jiyoon appeals to dad to stop with the sabotaging acts. He will only drive her further away from him this way. Baek thinks being a dad is not about choosing a path his children wants but choosing a path best for his children. Dad tells her to leave Giant and prepares to get engaged to Addie. He's already discussed the matter with Addie's dad.

Taebaek finds Addie who's waiting outside the door while Jiyoon speaks with her dad. Taebaek accuses Addie of framing them through Shin PD. And just then he overhears Jiyoon arguing with dad over her engagement. He opens the door to confirm his suspicion and that's that. No more secrets.


Arg. I didn't want him to learn of her identity this way. All episode I've been willing Jiyoon to tell him herself. Sure it'd still sting but at least he'd be reassured by her trust and confidence in him. As it stands, I feel kind of bad for Taebaek who's been behaving really well for the last couple of episodes. I like Jiyoon's character, really, except her decision to keep her identity a secret for as long as she had. So far, she's been really competent and smart (finally figuring out that Addie knows her real identity) and clear about her own feelings. Which is kind of sad for Addie ( well as sad as I'm supposed to be given his lack of passion/sincerity) because we just know where her heart lies and it's not gonna change like Addie's did.

Speaking of whom, I think it's a good thing when I start defending the previous "antagonist". LOL. Let's hope he has another change of heart so that dear Ahri doesn't have to look so constipated all the time. Though I do believe it's kind of out of character for Ahri to do things behind Addie's back. She's been pretty forthright to him on everything from her feelings to her faked resume, I'd assume she'd just discuss Secretary's threats with Addie. Then again, perhaps she's also noted the change in him as did Baek. Now I wonder if this "new" Addie is a little dimmer. He was astute about Baek's nature early on when he started dealing with him, surely he'd realize that Baek's not the type to tolerate his sudden change of policy. A few more missteps and he could be kicked out of the picture himself.

Now I thought that poster gig is Giant's last chance to stay in business. Does this means they're going out of business now? Jeez, someone please give these guys a break. They've been toiling episode after episode with barely a thing to show for their hard work. Ok, now I'm ready for tomorrow's episode.


  1. Ah.... when will Jiyoon get a new hairdo?

  2. Thanks for the recap maymay--

    Oh my goodness! This episode was torture because it took so long for Ji Yoon's reveal. It also completed the murdering of the Giant company. One small thing, I think the soup is chicken soup -- at least at one point on the poster I thought I saw the words ginseng chicken soup on it -- but I'm not a major expert and it's not important to the plot.

    Anyway, back to the show -- Chairman Baek is pretty darn ballsy in what he's doing -- his daughter is already estranged AND now he's going to try to force to her marry someone she doesn't even love. We already know she's 28 years old, and ROK is not a country where you can force an arranged marriage on someone who is already of age. Even Addie knows it, since he apparently lived in the United States for awhile, LOL -- having lived in the states since well, all my life, I find that hard to believe, but that's besides the point.

    I also agree with you regarding Giant. What can they possibly do now? They have no money to hire lawyers to fight the plagiarism count, and they have no money coming in from ads or fliers, and here we've grown to like this ragtag group of go-getters. While they're not the brightest bunch in town, it always is nice to see people have some success. But being crushed by squashed like a bug (and a very tiny bug at that) time after time has got to be depressing.

    One wonders why Chairman Baek is being so hardcore about his daughter marrying Addie and getting a job with BK. I am not sure about the background story, although I have been paying attention. I believe he has previous sons or daughters already in place. It would be nice if they told us that due to their malfeasance or plain ol' lack of ability, they aren't on daddy's list to run the empire once he retires (or more likely keels over from a stroke), and that Ji Yoon is his last hope, which he of course in his usual flair doing a bad job of convincing her to join him.

    Ahh, and now the important things -- Jiyoon and a new hairdo -- probably not for awhile. Maybe Taebaek will get a new one -- or Addie, I can only wonder how much hair product is needed to hold up the hair like that.

  3. The soup is more accurately known as Seolleongtang - a Korean broth tang (soup) made from ox bones (mostly leg bones), brisket and other cuts. You would have seen the words about the ginseng chicken soup too but that is the ad which Giant had allegedly plagiarized. Different soup same concept, hence the plagiarism accusation.

    I think dad must really have some sort of god complex because there is no way he can actually force Jiyoon of her age to marry someone in this day and age, threats or otherwise. A period drama it's somewhat illogical.

    LOL at the mention of Jiyoon's hairstyle. I don't have a problem with it though it is queer that she always has it in a ponytail no matter when and where...just leaving it down would be a change in itself. But really...kudos to your guys for bringing that up. Important details like that always escapes me *chuckle*

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